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Google Search Alternative

If Google search disappear tomorrow, what's your alternative search engine?

Donate Brand New Disposable Face Mask

Hi All Where can I donate my over supplied brand new disposable face masks?


Etiquette When Gumtree Buyer and Seller Meet

I am selling a tickets for $90 on Gumtree and planning to meet the buyer in the crowded public place. Do I ask the buyer to give me the money first before he/she inspect the tickets. How do you …

Does Anyone Know COVID Clinic in Sydney (Govt or Private) That Do Saliva Test Instead of Nasal Swab

Does Anyone Know Covid Clinic in Sydney (Govt or Private) That Do Saliva Test Instead of Nasal Swab. I don't mind paying. Even better if covid clinic can take urine or poo 💩 sample (nsw …

Trolls on Social Media

Hi My friend told me yesterday that he has a fake FB account (the reason for Fake acct so he wont end up in FB jail on his real account). He wrote mean comments (not defamatory) on current news …

Has Anyone Had Covid-19 Antibodies Test in Sydney?

Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get covid-19 Antibodies test in Sydney that is bulk billed. The Antibodies test is a finger prick blood test that will confirm if you have immunity to …

Can You Turn Right? Please Provide Reason

Can You Turn Right? Please provide reason why Are you able to dodge the fine?

When OzBargain Will Create an App?

Hi All Just a feedback if Oz bargain will create an app for Android and ios

Travel Insurance Need Recommendations

I will be traveling to Japan in 3 weeks time for 10 days With lots of horror story of people who didn't not have enough travel insurance coverage for medical evacuation, can I please have …

Win $387,000 from HQ Trivia

closed Win $387,000 from HQ Trivia

  • Prize pool $387,000.00
  • International
  • App
  • Survey/Questionnaire

Should I Go into Mining Business?

Hi I am interested in join the rest of the population in mining the Crypto currency. Has anyone done it? What would be the best advise you can give me as a newbie with zero computer …

Win $15000 on HQ Trivia at 1pm Today

closed Win $15000 on HQ Trivia at 1pm Today

  • Prize pool $15,000.00
  • International
  • App
  • Account/Membership

Moved into Newly Purchased House, Who Is The Owner of Old Contents?

A friend of mine purchase a home and once everything settled, and them moving in, anything that left behind in the house (tools, painting, even found coins buried in the garden) Who is now the …

Selling Video Footage to Media, Legal or Illegal and How Much

Hi Does anyone know how much do you get for selling newsworthy footage to the media (eg channel 9 ) I understand it will be depend on the footage, just an approx I am thinking of career change …


Thinking of Going Back to Vodafone

I was with Vodafone years ago and change to other provider because of bad network coverage. I am thinking of going back because vodafone have a good deal however not sure if vodafone has make …


Airtasker and Insurance for injuries

Hi I was quoted $7500 to repaint whole 3 bedroom townhouse including ceiling and garage )with professional painter (just labor,not including the paint). If I place my job on Airtasker, I could get …

Vitamins and Oils

I spend hundreds of $ every year purchasing vitamins for general health. I purchase fish oil, multivitamin, antioxidant, probiotic, magnesium, iron, vitamin B, vitamin K, turmeric tablet, …

LASIK Surgery Recommendation

Hi I need recommendation for good lasik surgery in Sydney to correct eye sight for long distance and short distance. For those people who has done it, is it a waste of money, do you need to still …