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Air BNB Massive Timewasters

I needed to book last minute accommodation for someone, I searched a few sites nothing was suitable. I found the perfect one at midnight last night on airBNB and contacted the host who luckily and …

Club membership benefits

Hi All, I am trying to compile a list of all the benefits of becoming a member in certain clubs. E.g Most give you something for your birthday whether its a free drink or a pair of socks, and others …


McDonalds Shopper Docket

I went to Swansea Mcdonalds last Saturday (2nd) big thanks to Tightarse (what a lot of time and effort you put into that wonderful post) The buy one get one …

[NSW] Free Manproof Air Freshener for Car (MyPlates Initiative)

expired [NSW] Free Manproof Air Freshener for Car (MyPlates Initiative)

What is the best electricity offer?

my electricity company have broken the contract so I now can start fresh elsewhere or renew. I am trying to see what the best offers and rates are (NSW)so please let me know what you think is …

Get a Free Greeting Card Kit

expired Get a Free Greeting Card Kit

McMuffin and Hash Brown $3 NOT IN WA

expired McMuffin and Hash Brown $3 NOT IN WA

KFC Australia

KFC TV ad about kids - $10 for 10 wicked wings & nuggets?

I heard some ad but I missed most of it. It started by saying something about unlike a tv you don't need one plugged into every room. I think it said $10 for 10 wicked wings and 10 nuggets for …

Does anyone think this is a bargain?

I'm not sure whether to post as a bargain? I'll get opinions first. To celebrate your upcoming january birthday, our gift especially for you is a FREE Woolworths Fresh Chocolate, Caramel …

Our Deal

OurDeal Roadside Assistance Package - Bargain or not?

OurDeal have a roadside assistance package. ~~Really sorry I cant post link from my phone.~~

Cupcake Delivery

I missed my partners birthday and i would like to send him some cupcakes.


Where are the cheap Vodafone data packs coming from?

where are the cheap vodafone data packs coming from?

Free Nuts

expired Free Nuts

Free Sunday Telegraph at Bunnings Tuggerah Maybe All?

expired Free Sunday Telegraph at Bunnings Tuggerah Maybe All?

Problems with group purchase websites and their vouchers

kwaker wrote: I see alot of people complaining about being rorted. I have had problems in the past too.

what is the best internet plan?

im looking to change internet providers as team telco changed companies to 2easytelco and they have done nothing but try to scam me. at current i have sent through a complaint to the ombudsman …