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Looking for a Microphone with an Inbuilt Recorder

I've been looking (without success) for a hand-held microphone in the traditional "ice-cream cone" shape, that has an inbuilt audio recorder. It should preferably have a removable …

28 Degrees Card

28 Degrees -- Changes to Shoppers Protection Insurance

Just got an email warning of pending changes to the 28 Degrees shoppers/price protection policy on my card. Thinking it was going to be changed for the worse, and wondering how I was going to get …

TivoHD - You Can Continue Using Them in Australia and NZ

This information was lifted from another post because the title talked of the shutdown. It deserves to be its own topic. There is a way to continue using the devices using a community run …


Vodafone - Anywhere Selling Discounted Prepay Data Vouchers at the Moment?

My annual longlife prepay data only is about to expire for my pocket wifi in the next couple of days. Is there anywhere at the moment that is selling discounted vouchers? I don't feel like …

OzBargain "Legend" Status

While trawling through the list of badges one can earn here on OzBargain, I notice there isn't one for being a Legend1. We have many entities here who are generally known to all through fame or …

Comment voting; what if they are equal?

Occasionally I come across a posting in a thread that looks waaay to good or controversial not to have attracted any votes. However upon looking at the votes, I see that there are in fact many votes …

Disabling Notification Feature on Main Page

Is there a way to disable the notification feature — the bell icon that appears in the top bar of the menu bar — that tells me that I have unread messages etc? I'm subscribed to …


[April Fools] Kogan Becomes a Bricks and Mortar Retailer!

This announcement is a little late but I would have thought by now somebody would have posted it in the forums. Kogan have announced that they are officially a bricks and mortar retailer. This …


What is the best discount on iTunes cards?

I am aware that iTunes cards are discounted from time to time, but I wanted to know what is the best discount on them? Is half-price a thing? I've seen $40 for a $50 card which seems OK, but …


IKEA has a sense of humour

Following on from their recent [Hot Malm](http://www.hotmalm.com/) "porn site", Ikea have offered some suggestions to re-design the Lodge for the winner of the upcoming election http://www.ikea.com/ms

AutoPager extension stopped working for OzBargain?

I've been using the AutoPager extension for Firefox as per this post http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/67886. It worked incredibly well until recently I noticed it was no longer working on OzBargain.

Dropping zeros from quoted prices

Can somebody explain to me why it seems to be acceptable today to express a price as say $3.4 instead of $3.40?

RASPBERRY PI USER GUIDE - cheap printed book or ebook wanted.

Anyone know where I can buy a cheap copy of the above-mentioned book, either as a hard copy or as an ebook? Thanks.

Wanted: cheap front end alignment, Melbourne inner/northern suburbs

I tried negotiating a tight turn in a car park the other day and I seem to have knocked the wheel rim on a tall kerb rather than just scuffing the tyre.


Are PayPal's new terms and conditions a ripoff?

I just received notification of a change in PayPals terms and conditions.

Legitimate or spam?

I received two emails today offering a free Pizza Hut pizza, and another offering a free $5 Big W gift card.

"Popularity threshold" for deals to be promoted to front page

Is there a way to tell what the threshold of votes is, so that a deal gets promoted to the front page? I generally visit the front page a few times a day, and sometimes I see a new deal with …

Why didn't the Staples deals make the listing in "Top Deals" ?

I didn't see any of the Staples code deals in the Top Deals column despite getting over 300 votes each. Is that a bug? I know it is old now but I never saw them there.

Nested reply threads to posts

Is there any way to reply to a reply of a reply of a post? I find that if there are more than 2 existing replies there is no reply link after the last one. It makes it hard to continue a …