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If PS4 Pro White $270 is a good deal?

Only one controller , wonder if it still a good deal as I thinking to get one . If white vale bit more ?

Why Are Many People Selling A New PS5 Disc Console Online?

I can see many private seller sell them for only $750, how they can make profit as retailer are actually selling same price?

PS4 Pro or Slim

I m now want to buy a second hand . Both price 270. Ps4 pro white or PS4 slim 1 tb tsumoi edition . I should go for pro , right ? Or 250 slim black no normal controller but with motion controller …

Is a Refurbished iPhone Ok to Buy or Not?

Many mobile shop sell iPhone refurnished in a really cheap price , and those looks very new , however it only have 3 months warranty. Anyone have purchased them before ?

Any Lol Player Can Duo with Me?

play rank….im Gold 2 long time back..took a few years break and now back to lol. im bronze now..can carry nearly everygame but can't win …anyone can join me?

Any Website Have Some Daily Poll etc. to Earn Point?

To earn point to redeem gift card etc . Thanks

eBay Kitchen Tap Safe? would like to buy above, it mentioned is watermark. price very cheap, but if those in Bunning($199) are really better quality than …

Nissin instant noodles

I’m in Sydney , anyone know where to get them? My local area now price go up a lot . Thanks

Electricity NSW Deal?

I’m currently with AGL on a 32% discount but the plan will finish end April. I read online it seem dodo electricity cheaper than current rate which offered by AGL. Anyone have any opinion which …


Need to Buy Nintendo eShop US

Hi, i need to buy a nintendo eshop US card but my credit card failed. I managed to get some amazon gift card (5 dollars and 3 dollards, etc) and tried to use them in to buy a 10 dollars …

In Grafton NSW, BMW E90 320i Needs Help (Showing "Engine Fault, Reduced Power")

Just drive to here in the Saturday morning, once back and start car, it show "engine fault, reduced power". But car still can drive as normal, give it a break and wait till night, now …

Free Hadoop Online?

want to try and write some program(e.g. java,etc) to connect to HDFS and streaming the files. is there any free online instance so we can use it to develop our application? thANKS.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Easter Show Where to Get Cheapest Ticket

The cheapest I can find us adult 35 and child 23. Please advise

Where to Get Dyson Airwrap?

Price is now up from 699 to 799, where should we purchase it from now? The cheapest I can find is only 5% off. Thanks

Unclogging a Bathroom Drain?

how to Unclogging a Bathroom Drain? we have 2 bathroom upstair and now if we used both of the bathroom the same time, the water may leak out somewhere from one of the bathroom floor. and when use one …

Any Skype Gift Card Offer Now?

any skype gift card offer now? need to renew my subscription by next week. thanks.

Iphone7 128GB, Phone Only

iphone7 128GB, phone only, where should i purchase from? thanks a lot. storage updated

Anyone Play League of Legends TW Server?

anyone play League of Legends TW server? want to find someone to play rank game together in tw server. Im silver 1 in OCE server. thanks.

League of Legends

League of Legends up Tier

I have friends help people up tier. but each division they charge for at least 40. If you need their services , please contact me. For ranked rewards, you need to reach the tier before 8 …

Logitechrewards No Response anyone have tried their rewards b4? they said once u submit the form they will send u the rewards within 2 days, myself and i failed to receive anything for more …

Any Good SONY BRAVIA TV iPhone Apps Remote?

any good SONY BRAVIA TV iphone apps remote? i download the sonymote, that sucks, always not work. anyone have some good apps for this TV? any apps which allow to use the iphone keyboard to type as …

Cairns Trip, Do We Really Need to Join Tour?

my brother and his friends(4 ppl) will visit Australia (mid feb) and he thinking to travel to cairns he want to do Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon Cairns and diving. is 2 days enough? do he need to join …

Any Optus $30 Sim Starter Pack Deal Now?

any optus $30 sim starter pack deal now? have purchased one in coles and paid 5 dollar only. want to get one more before mid Feb.

Any Good iPhone 6S Offer?

any good iphone6S offer? want to get one this month thank a lot.

Bunnings Warehouse

Any Discount Bunnings Gift Card Offer?

Any Discount Bunnings Gift Card Offer? i need around 100. thanks a lot.

Any Recent Offers For Buying Best Restaurant Gift Card ?

any offer recently for buying best restaurant gift card? i am thinking to visit aria circular quay restaurant next month. thanks.


Change a Optus Stand Sim to Nano

get a standard 30 optus sim card pack from coles(they don't have nano), called customer services and they said i can get it replace by a nano sim by visit any optus yes store but then hursvile …


Port My Vodafone Number to Optus

im currently on vodafone sim only plan, i want to port my vodafone number to the optus new sim card. how long it normally takes?


Optus 30 SIM card can buy riot point?

optus 30 sim card can buy riot point? currently on sale 5 dollar only.

Best Way to Purchase Visa Prepaid Card?

best way to purchase visa prepaid card to avoid fee? post office will charge around 5 dollar. how about woolworth? anyone know? thanks.

Any Ways to Buy Riolt Point (Oce) Using Bitcoin?

any ways to buy riolt point (oce) using bitcoin? i want to credit my lol account. thanks. thanks.

Woolworths Gift Cards

Wish Gift Card Discount?

beside entertainment book offer, where i can get discount wish gift card ?

Any cheap sydney to Fiji return ticket early August ?

Any cheap sydney to Fiji return ticket early August ?

Any Good Sim Only Plan?

I with vodafone (hot for vodafone plan), 10 dollar plan with 20 dollar credit and 10 dollar 1G data pack. Last month they said my plan no longer can add data so i temporary switch to monthly plan 27 …

League of Legends

League of Legends failed to refer friends

League of Legends failed to refer friends. I have more than 5 refers and they all reach lv 10, but there are nothing show on my account. I have emailed the support and they replied "Thank you …

Any good deals for naked wine or cellemaster?

any good deals for naked wine or cellemaster? i have purchased from naked wine before by joing as angel and receive total 15 wines for around $50 only. just wonder if anyone have similar offer and …

League of Legends - any apps or survey can earn riot points?

League of Legends, any apps or survey can earn riot points?

Game League of Legends - is there any where can earn free Riot points?

League of Legends , Riot points for Oceania Game lol, is there any where can earn free Riot points ? thanks.