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Australia Post

Does Paying with AmEx at Australia Post Still Earn Points?

I just paid a large Bupa Health insurance bill through their phone service with amex card, and just checking my Amex account online, it says "BUPA AUSTRALIA POST" in the pending charges …

Health Insurance Policy charged was Not The Same as Quoted

Hi, I am new to health insurance and today i took out a new policy with medibank online. And I have been charged a different amount on the credit card to what got quoted on the payment page. Also in …

Getting a refund for work boots?

Hi. I bought a pair of steel caps workboots about seven months ago and over this time, it has had some cracks/hole appear on the top surface at the point where the foot bends as you walk. At work, I …

American Express

Missed Amex card statement due on weekend

Hi. Firstly I have always paid my credit cards in full by bpay on or before the due date and paid it on the preceding Friday if the due date fell on a weekend. However, this time, my amex card …

Woolworths Rewards

Fuel Vouchers from Everyday Rewards Not Getting Redeemed

When I spent $30 or more at Woolworths and scan my everyday awards card I get a 4c off/L fuel voucher saved to the card. When I scanned the card at Caltex woolworths, I get 4c off and the fuel …

$10 AmEx Credit for $50 Spend at The Body Shop

expired $10 AmEx Credit for $50 Spend at The Body Shop

Bonus points offers by activating and loading on Qantas cash and Velocity global wallet

I have both of these cards from the qantas and virgin frequent flyer programs, but never used or activated them due to the high fees that they had. During this month I received offers via email from …


BIG W reduced 1 QFF point earned per $2 spent over $30 instore from july 10

Just recieved an email from everyday rewards that from july 10, you will only earn 1 point per $2 spent instore. Currently you earn 1 point per dollar spent instore. Points earn rate from Big W …

Claiming credit card annual fee as tax deduction?

Hi. I recently signed up with the nab and westpac balance transfer offers, and put the money into my ubank to earn some interest. Both cards have annual fees of $30 and $45 respectively. Would I be …


Myer One points from caltex slow or not accruing?

Hi guys. I am aware that some caltex service stations give you myer one points, and I swipe the card whenever I go. In the last three months or so, I've gone there several times, and swiped …

Getting a new AmEx card

Hi. I currently have a qantas amex dicovery card with a high limit and have had it since mid 2012. I'm currently looking at getting an velocity escape card also. I've recently applied for …


[Price Error] LaFamiglia Garlic Bread Pricing Error $0.04 at Coles Southlands (WA)

I went to coles Southlands (willetton, WA), and found the above garlic bread at $4 on the shelf. Paying at the checkout, it was only $0.04 so I got some more. Edit- there were still quite a few left …

Balance transfer when closing a credit card

Currently I have several credit cards, and considering to close my HSBC credit card, which I don't use anymore (no annual fee, no rewards, insurances, etc). If I call them and ask for a 0% …


Is it worth opening a dispute?

Hi. I bought a small item online about 6 weeks ago through Paypal on my Credit card, and haven't received it.

Lifeproof iPhone Cases 15% off with code

expired Lifeproof iPhone Cases 15% off with code

Subway Coupons (WA only)

expired Subway Coupons (WA only)