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My Book Live Duo 8TB $319.99 Delivered (20% off Storewide) @ WD Store


thanks to scotty deal and wfdTamar
I found way to get this NAS for $319.99 delivered

1- you need to click in this link

2- just click back and click in this link http://store.westerndigital.com/store/wdau/en_AU/DisplayAcce...

3- add the item into the cart you will notice they give you $80 discount (20%)

note if this doesnt work from the first time you need to clear your browser history and cache

proof http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/81226/24591/screen_shot...

not sure if this applies to other items

I tried couple of items and it works!

PLEASE GUYS to help each other post any items (with the links) you think its great buy!

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        • Here is the highest speed I get from my synology DS213j
          Upload 4mb/s
          Download 10mb/s

        • pretty useless over WiFi… cancel your order. Get yourself the network through power point gadgets and enjoy the fast speed of transfer through copper.

        • +1

          May I ask which powerline are you using? I have a netgear 500mbps powerline but the speed is way slower than from wireless AC connection.

        • well if you have 2nd thoughts id be glad to buy it off you

      • Just get a long ethernet cable and plug it into your network

  • Thanks op! Just bought one!
    Thumbs up

  • What are the Transfer speeds like? Better then usb 3.0 via ethernet?

    • +1


      The speeds are bad. This isn't marketed for speed or functionality, but size.

      Max write speeds have been said to be around the ~50MB/s mark, however unless your router supports gigabit ethernet then you will be stuck with 100Mb/s speed on their router for a top write speed of less than 10 MB/s.


      • 50MB/s isn't too bad. On Gbe max is about 100MB/s on the the best soho NAS anyway.

        • I think the speeds are fast for the price (8TB at 50MB/s for ~$320 is bloody awesome), but pretty bad in terms of multi drive NAS solutions.

          It's just I also have networked RAID boxes (Areca NAS) that get read speeds of ~450 MB/s and write speeds of up to 200 MB/s, which is why I called ~50 bad, but it costs an arm and a leg.

        • @c0balt:
          I assume you're getting those awesome speed over USB3 or disk to disk, not over a Gbe network.

        • +1


          10Gb/s fibre ethernet, but the RAIDs are connected to the server via esata.

  • +10

    Damn you OZB!!!!!
    Sony A7, and now this!

    Need a Migoreng deal so that i can eat now.

  • Does anyone know if it comes with an AU or Universal plug? Or will this be US?

    • +1

      its from their AU store so definitely will come with Au plug. bit not sure if it comes with another plugs.

      • How long is the cable?

        • I dont have this hard drive yet, but my other WD hard drives the AC cable around 1.5m and the USB cable around 1m

        • @msmhw:
          Thanking you

      • +3

        Well that sealed the deal.. Will definately be in trouble when I get home.

    • Should be AU - the link in the original post was for the AU store.

      I have bought single WD external drives before - and they came with convertable power packs which include slide on pins for AU, UK and US sockets.

  • Bouth one - thanks heaps OP

    But unable to find any info if I can cast media files to my TV using Plex or any other apps…

    • +1

      No Plex, you can still read those videos which your tv supports(MKV I suppose).

      • do you know if I can use it to stream videos to my laptop or tablet without downloading the video? and which format the video should be?

        • +1

          Yes you definitely can. Since you are streaming videos to your laptop, any format will be ok. If you are going to watch them on your tv, you should check the supported video formats of your TV.(Because TV does not do transcode)

    • I'd Say XBMC would be the best way to stream media from it, and to be blunt XBMC is better and more fully featured than 99% of the solutions out there, and runs PLEX as a plugin if necessary. This is what I plan on doing with it. Plex transcoding on a wireless home network to TV is a little silly… but transcoding out to mobile devices is fantastic. XBMC for wired, Plex for the rest. I'm unsure if plex can read from the NAS (unlikely) but in that case I'll just leave some of the media I want on my PLEX pc for transcoding out

      • XBMC is great. I run it on almost all my devices except the apple TV 3. still waiting for the jailbreak….

  • I bought one. Thanks.

  • Bought one too… Thanks OP!!!! an awesome price…

  • Black magic, sweet post, another 8TB thanks OP

  • -1

    Is it possible to mount this as a windows share/samba??

    • In the network section:

      " Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers will automatically find your My Book Live Duo in seconds."

      So, I guess its a yes.

      • In That case, XBMC can be utilised

  • +1

    Just order one and strip it and use it as ZFS :)

  • +1

    Is it possible to un-RAID this and just use it as two seperate NAS drives?

    • Yes - by default its configured as spanned mode (uses both drives, no mirror)
      You have to manually re-configure it for Raid1 mode

      Source: http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/western_digital/my_book...

      • But, isn't RAID1 for redundancy? I am not very computer literate but I assume RAID1 will halve the (8GB) capacity to 4GB.

      • Sorry, should've been clearer. I mean as completely separate volumes, each 4TB.

        • It seems possible to convert later from raid or non raid.
          page 78.

        • I read through the PDF user manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705065.pdf) and it sounds like (Pg71) it's either RAID1 (Maximum Protection) or RAID0 (Maximim Capacity) so there's no way to un-RAID it. Which kind of sucks, since you can't use it like a HDD Dock and stick any pre-formatted drive in it, you have to use one that's set up correctly. And also means you can't take out the drives and use a dock to read it's contents if the enclosure thing every die.

        • +1

          The page there allows selection between "Maximum capacity (spanning)" or "Maximum protection" (RAID 1). I didn't want spanning, but got my answer, thanks!

          Oh and thanks to OP and friends for an awesome deal.

        • @Obake: Oh I see, I thought Raid 0 is like Unraid, but you actually mean to see it as two different drives…

          I'm new to raid, cant we unplug a raid 1 and read it in windows? Even with some software?

          How about raid 0?

        • @morini:

          I was asking myself the same question…
          But it does not look like it can be configured as two single drives…
          Which is bad IMHO.

        • It does do JBOD.

    • What you mean is JBOD, and yes it can be configured that way.

      "My Book Duo ships preconfigured in RAID 0 for maximum performance and capacity with the options of choosing RAID 1 for ultimate data protection or JBOD to use the drives individually."


  • Snapped! I hope it's not pricing error or marketing denial like RaboDirect iPad Mini.

    The dilemma now is should I RAID 1 it or should I not…
    I don't yet need 8tb, a 4 should be enough, but one day I might…

    • Then buy 2 :P

  • Great Combination thanks guys.

  • God damnit OZBargain! I just bought 2! I will be in a deep Sh$t when I got home.

  • I tried so hard to resist, but couldn't, bought the 6 TB.

  • Also found, for those going more upmarket.

    Thunderbolt Duo 8TB $640

    Thunderbolt Duo 4TB $320

  • +2

    Really doesn't get great reviews based on speed (over wifi especially) and stability which are the key factors for me wanting one. Shame really as I just talked myself out of the N54L due to the fact I would want to spend in excess of $1k, by the time I set up a good 8tb NAS. The I got excited about this about but can't pull the trigger with this many bad reviews. Arrrggghhh…

  • +7

    I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this

    • +1

      me too me too me too….. itchy trigger finger….

  • Bought a 6TB, not really sure why… Already have excess hard drives. Might just throw some backups on them and put them away.

  • Just ordered one. Just hope the item comes in perfect order.

    I was just thinking to my self.

    How much would a dual HDD NAS box cost of this type without any HDD.

  • just notice My Cloud Mirror 6TB for AU$439.99

    its $598 on JB hi fi

    not sure if its worth to pay more for it but it has 2x USB 3.0 and come with the red drives, also there are good reviews about it.

  • Hmmmm very tempting. Already have 16TB sitting in my Microserver, but may get one of these to backup the Microserver…

    • +1

      Anddddd bought. Decided to try it out for the personal cloud feature lol

  • Thanks msmhw (and Scotty for the original post). And yes, I will also be in trouble when I get home!

  • Bought 1 x 8tb
    I will most likely pull the drives out and put them in my N54L :)

  • +1

    This is so tempting, but at the same time scary, given the horror reports people have given about these things.

  • bought one. thanks OP ! broke now :(

  • Just bought, the payment went to Digital River. Then got a confirmation email through hotmail and it had a popup warning, saying "be careful, this sender failed our fraud detection test." Email came from [email protected]

    Anyone have this? Should it be a concern?

    • +1

      perhaps, pay with Paypal, then you're protected.

  • too bad i only use 2.5 size HDDs……….

  • amazing deal, got one

  • price too good. bought one just now. worked. thanks

  • Snapped one up - quick change to RAID 1 and then all my media can sit on this bad boy, and a backup of my work also. Can't complain for this price!

  • Tearing it up, I ate a bite of this deal. Got one…

  • +2

    Wow thanks very much OP!!! I've been on the market for a thunderbolt drive for backups for a few weeks.
    $239.99 for a My Book VelociRaptor Duo is a great bargain.

    • I went for this deal instead too - nice one

    • This is a better deal. Thx

  • Bought on half hour ago. I have looked for a bargain NAS for a while. Finally I got one. That is amazing price. 8TB for $319.99. Although CPU of MBL is slower than Mycloud, I think that is good enough for personal home NAS. And it does same thing as Mycloud.

    Does anyone know if MBL has energy saving function? Do we have to leave it power on all the time.

  • +1

    Bit worried about this 8TB thingy heating up like a lot of the Amazon Reviews, seems a lot of them heated up & crashed a lot.

    Also, when connected via a Gigabyte connection, what speeds should expect? And what speeds would you expect for it to be connected to a a Gigabyte port on a AC Wifi router which is then connected via AC Wifi to my iMac?

  • Dont really need it but its cheap and u can never have enough storage


    This is the best tech deal since the HP Micro Server deal a few years ago…. and one of those pay now without thinking too long deals. Credit card was already coming out of wallet even before I finished reading deal!

    Unreal offer, and thanks for posting detailed instructions OP.


  • Thanks OP you're a legend

  • +2

    Damnit, I just cancelled my order. Too many red flags.

    Oh well, 1 additional available unit for another Ozbargainer.

  • +5

    arrggghhhhhhhhhhh sometimes it's good to be poor…I am so close to buying one…I can't wait until this thing reads as expired so I don't have to think about it more…come on run out of stock already!

    • +1

      I can add 100 units to my cart and still says Stock Available so may be a while before this expires.

  • I've never setup a NAS or personal cloud…would this be a good unit for a novice. I will be mainly using it to backup all music, movies and streaming over wifi.

  • I keep getting Payment Authorisation Failed tried paypal and creditcard

  • Wow - great price - thanks for the post! Now I have one of these to go with my two N40L microservers. Basically getting the housing unit for the price of the bare drives alone!


  • Can anyone tell me if this can act as 8TB storage? I don't want to use the data protection function that backs up the data on 1 drive to another effectively cutting the storage to 4TB…

    • Yes you can just configure it as RAID 0, and stripe data across both drives (to get 8TB)

    • Yes, it can.

      • Out of the box is it set up this way?

        • RAID 0 is out of the box. Do a quick search on Google is not that hard…

        • @brick007123:
          Looking at the review I thought it was JBOD rather than raid 0, with raid 1 option.

    • Their site says the two drives are spanned so you get 8TB but you have the option of Raid 1 (4TB)

  • I hate ozbargain. Always make me spend money!!! :D

  • I should not take credit card with me… Going to take out the disks for n54l bought yesterday…

  • Just bought a My Book Live Duo 6 TB Thanks

  • +2

    AWESOME DEAL! Thanks mate!

    Getting NBN installed and this will definitely come in handy! ;)

  • Are these any good, I want one for storing high quality media and streaming throughout the house using plex?

  • It seems like most of the bad reviews on amazon are from mac users.

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