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The Good Guys - Flash Sale - Up to 30% off TVs, Apple Computers, Headphones, Notebooks, Logitech & Cameras


Good Guys have a flash sale.

20% off LG TV's 55inch and above
15% off Samsung SUHD TV's
10% off Apple Mac computers
30% clearance notebooks
20% off headphones & Bluetooth Speakers
15% off Canon DSLR Camera's
30% off Logitech Accessories.

End's Midnight Sunday

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Any prices?

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    Can also get the Canon $200/$400 Cashback on certain cameras I believe

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    Good timing for price matching at HN with Amex offer.

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    The price of headphones is awful.

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      Agreed, especially when you realise the prices displayed are inclusive of the discount.

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    Dammit wish they had Bose headphones.

    • Yeah I missed out on the COTD QC35s :(

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      Dammit wish they had booze

    • Slightly O.T but look out for the new Sony's.. the reviews are just appearing and apparently rate them above the QC35's - just as good noise cancelling but much better sound quality. ~$400 tho

  • Do I buy canon 7d mark 2 now or wait for more sales! First world problems.

    Also wanting to get a tamron 150-600mm V2 lense if only GG sold them

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        OLED prices don't compare with LCD.

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          I never said they did, but that's still a fair amount of money. Especially considering that increased production of these over the next year(s) will substantially drop their cost.

        • @Lukian:

          I never said they did

          I never said you did.

          but that's still a fair amount of money.

          That's what I inferred from your 'only' comment and gave you an explanation for the relatively high price.

          Especially considering that increased production of these over the next year(s) will substantially drop their cost.

          Their price has already dropped quite a bit and will continue to do so.

    • I have been keeping my eye on the 55B6T for over a month now. I almost bought it during this 1-day JB Hi-Fi sale:

      But I have noticed that this model alarmingly keeps dropping in price and it's only been out for a few months!

      Price each month:

      24 Aug - $4239
      26 Sep - $3199
      17 Oct - $3196
      10 Nov - $2956

      Any idea why this model dropped $1283 in price over 2.5 months?

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    Change title to have percentage off for each category.

  • Good price on the Logitech UE Boom 2, $143.

    • It is. But personally I'd pony up an extra $50 for the Megaboom which is possible with eBay 20% off sales etc.

    • $135.85 if you get Officeworks to price beat.

  • Any suggestion on laptops?

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    Does anyone recall typical xmas/boxing day sale discount? Worth buying a 65" SUHD now or wait?

  • I was so excited, did my search for Joby Gorillapods only to find that they are discontinued stock. Good Guys!

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    Discussed in other TGG deals today…
    Logitech Bluetooth speakers
    Canon DSLR Camera

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    I know it can't 30%off apple computer.

  • No discount on the MX Master :(

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    flash sale my ass

    i checked the price on the samsung 55" KU6000 a few days ago and it was 1295, same as jb ($3 diff) (jb now owns gg's)

    now it's "part of the sale"

    sells for about 1kAUD in the US.

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      Bing Lee on ebay is selling for 1269 without any 'savings'.
      Waiting for an ebay 10-20% off if you are gunning for this TV.

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        true but i can't do bing lee cos SA. we don't have them here.

  • 10% of Apple computers or can include other Apple products too. Say Apple Watch?

    • Do not think they do. If they did, stocks for apple watch series at the moment are rare.

  • Crap, just bought a logitech speaker a day earlier. Haven't even picked them up yet, wonder if there is any chance to get good guys to refund me the difference.

    • Yes they will.

      • Seems like officeworks price matched the speaker. If they refuse, I can claim the 110% price back guarantee lol

  • Hp stream 11 for $209 or $184 with $25 voucher.

  • Officeworks appear to now have pricematched all the Logitech stuff, so no 5%. I got a K380 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, typing on it now :)

  • In the process of buying a new tv, was looking at the 55 inch lg 652t. Has anyone had any experience with it at all, I think it has HDR 10 but not entirely sure. Any other recommendations for around the same money?

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    That's alot of positive votes yet I don't know what the deals are..

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      You just mention the word Goodguys or Lenovo on ozbargin and you are guaranteed a minimum of 10 up votes

      • Not quite. With Lenovo it's more like:


  • Thanks OP. Just price matched the new Macbook Pro 256gb with Officeworks.

    Comes down to $1880

    • Did you need a copy of receipt or tax invoice from TGG purchase to pricematch from officeworks ? How does it work if the product is not listed on the website anymore. For example, 13.3 inch macbook pro retina display was selling for $1400. But now its not there on TGG website. I guess its out of stock. But anyway, does officework pricematch an out of stock item ? If yes what proof of price do we need from TGG since the item is not listed anymore.

      • Item needs to be in stock to price match

        • Wont a tax invoice or a receipt work as a proof of purchase from TGG ?

    • Is it this latest model with a touch bar?

      • No. Second latest. The one before the touchbar model.

        • Errr, the latest without the touch bar?

  • Is $1880 for the new MacBook Pro 256gb very good price?

    • Yes good price this soon since release.

  • Anyone bought the 13inch macbook pro model with retina display ? The one with 128GB memory. Can you please post the tax invoice to help me pricematch it with officeworks.
    It was selling at TGG for $1400.


  • Is $629 a good price for this laptop ?

    Negatives are that the screen is 1366×768 and 4G RAM , but it comes Intel Core i7-6500U Processor and 128GB SSD.

    The GG website does not list the specs,you will need to do a google search with the model number 80Q3008AAU .

  • Thanks OP, price matched a Canon camera at JB-HiFi!

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