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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

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  • Richlands QLD
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  • 111.9/litre

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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    • Probably something to do with cache?

      Try a different browser.

  • +1

    This is probably a wild coincidence but I used 3utools to do a lock for the first time last night and today I had an unauorized transaction on my card. It was a card I barely use for anything but I have used it on my phone before.

    Just checking if this could be the source of the data breach, if it has happened to others using 3utools as well?

    • +1

      3utools + card …. Can't see how they are linked. Been using 3utools for a month now and am sure others are using it as well

      • Thanks for the reply, I have no idea how it could have happened, so thought I would post it on here in case it has happened to others. In many ways I'm glad it has not.

  • -2

    Could someone fuel lock P98 for me please?

    • +2

      PM me pls…I will be able to do it in an hour or so…

  • -1

    Just want to say that all you guys/girls doing fuel locks are absolute legends. Where I live the prices are clear ripoff's and this really helps.
    Was also wondering if someone could hook me up again with another U91 lock please? :)

    • +1

      PM me pls…I will be able to do it in an hour or so…

  • Curious, is there a reason why some requests are getting down voted? Is is against the rules or frown upon now?

    Genuine question based off observations.

    • +9

      Not sure there has been anything specific said about it, but at the very top of the page it says:

      Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests

      And for anyone that is subscribed to the thread for price reports, it gets a little old to constantly see lock requests.

  • Having problems with Itools4 and 3uTools Location. Getting the "Failed to unzip dependent components, please retry." Is anyone else having this problem too?

    • -1

      there are no support for IOS14 now… =(

      i hate apple…

      • +3

        3u tool just had an update , it’s now working again ~ problem solved!

        • brilliant! let me try that out. thank you!

  • Does screenshot still work? of this 'new' card barcode

    • Should do

    • Yes it does.

      • It worked. SMS'd screenshot from iPhone to Android.
        Wonder if barcode changes.. will keep an eye on it :)

  • -2

    Do iFakeLocation works well on ios 14?

    • -1

      No. Does not work - you would have seen if you read the last few pages and even 3 comments above you

      • it saying Itools4 and 3uTools. iFakeLocation different created my master

  • +16

    For all those using iFakeLocation in the past, it has been updated to v1.4.3; it should work for iOS14 now.

    • +1

      thanks a lot. works perfectly

      • @Master131 - I deleted my old one as it didnt work and reinstalled the newest version. It isn't working for me.

        How do I get it to update?

  • Has the app vanished from the google play store for anybody else?

    • Still there "my 7-eleven" vpn on?

    • It won't show if you don't have a compatible phone.

  • Merged from [QLD] Unleaded 91 Fuel $0.99/L @ 7-Eleven, Warana
    Go to Deal

    Managed to fuel lock 0.99/L price at 7 eleven Warana QLD. Might be useful for anyone around the area.

  • Would someone be able to lock in 98 for me?

    • +1

      Done mate…

  • Unleaded 91 Fuel $0.99/L @ 7-Eleven, Warana QLD

  • getting "unable to mount image" using latest 1.4.3 with iOS 14.0.1, is it due to the 0.1?

  • anyone having issues with login?

    having error when pressing the "Have an account? Sign in"

    • Yep me too

    • Same

    • Yeah, it’s the third time in the past week or so that it has been broken.

    • thanks y'all

    • I get the msg "our app is current undergoing some maintenance"

      • ok ~ I got the spilt slurpy ~ "somethings gone wrong"

        • Locked in today without issue.

          • @sween64: thanks ~ yea issue went away yesterday arvo :) I managed to lock too

  • Anyone getting an error on the final stage of the lock?

    Uh oh! Unable to lock in price. Please try again later. Error E03. (Code: DeviceCheckReject)

    • Locked in U98 no problems.

      • Hmm weird, three different accounts all with the same error. ios 14

        • I’m still using iOS 13.

          • @sween64: maybe that's why. i did download the new iFakeLocation (should be iOS 14 compatible since it was recently updated). deleted the app and reinstalled - still same error. created new account same thing. guess i'll rely on some kind OzBargainers for a bit while I figure what's going on.

  • +1

    I am able to lock for next 5 ozp msg me directly.
    E10, 91 & 95 only.
    Need log in I’d password


  • +12

    U98 105.9
    11-Seven Clarinda
    Clarinda VIC

    • +4

      PM me the details if you need a lock
      U98 only please!

      • You're going to be a very busy lad tonight, brace yourself for incoming messages.. haha

        • +2

          Done 4!

      • Done all locks!

  • Hi, I got the "Magisk + Smalli patcher w/ mock location" set up.
    Is there still a 24/hr 2 locks limit on a device?
    I locked 2 acc myself and a 3rd for a friend last time, that worked.
    But this time doesn't seem to work for the 3rd acc?
    Is there a way to lock 3rd acc on same device if the 2 acc limit still exisit?

    • +1

      I've locked 4 accounts in the past 24hrs on the same device, so I don't think that limit still exists.

      • thanks for the info, maybe i restart the thing and try again in that case.

      • Across 7 accounts I've locked in 8 times in the last 24 hours but I've just received an Error A01. (code: limitReached) error when I tried to do a lock.

        I'm not sure if that's because I'm trying for a 3rd lock in 24hrs on one of the accounts or if my device has been capped. Might have to make another burner account to test this.

        • +1

          I'm not sure if that's because I'm trying for a 3rd lock in 24hrs on one of the accounts or if my device has been capped. Might have to make another burner account to test this.

          If your device has been capped, assuming its a rooted phone, grab an android device ID changer (One by Silverlabs works fine), and test.

          Please report back on your findings, info like this is important in this thread.

          Though I have locked over 10 locks just then without issue.

          • @cwongtech: Just tried the ID changer but I'm having the same limitReached issue with locking for a third time in 24hrs on the account I'm trying. Going to try another account I guess.

          • +1

            @cwongtech: Just made another dummy account and it locked in fine. So I think there is no longer a limit on how many times you can lock for per device/device ID but there is still a 2 locks/24 hours limit for each account.

            • +1


              there is still a 2 locks/24 hours limit for each account.

              Interesting, thanks for testing and reporting your findings

              Locks per account makes sense but I guess with so many accounts on hand I would have never hit that limit on a specific account..

              Not hard to get around that limitation though (more dummy accounts!)

  • +19

    Can lock in 98 for peeps here too!

    • Messaged. +1 for you too. :)

    • PMed!

    • PM'ed!

    • PM sent! Thanks

    • +3

      Locked y'all!

    • Can you tell me how this works

      • Private message me or anyone offering to do the fuel lock your login details.

  • +1

    Clarinda Vic - U98 - $1.05

    • -4

      We know

  • Does anyone have an account I can borrow to try testing the locking limit? See my comment here

    • +4

      Create a new account

      Use trashmail (with GMAIL as the target account) to make as many redirecting emails as you want (free user limits apply, 25 I think? just delete used ones and make new ones)

      • +1

        Are the 25 user limits for Gmail or other trashmails?

        • +4

          They're referring to the https://trashmail.com/ service which limits to 25 "fake" email addresses for a free user. You can delete your old aliases to make new ones though. Has nothing to do with gmail specifically.

          • +5

            @Agret: Trashmail no longer works with hotmail/outlook accounts as your main/receiving email, thus use gmail for it