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  • Richlands QLD
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  • 111.9/litre

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There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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  • -1
    Merged from 7/11 Fuel @ Chadstone VIC $0.99c - 91 Unleaded [Fuel Lock App]
    Go to Deal

    Updated price in the area following competition between petrol stations. Lock it in while it's hot!

    • +1

      they also have nice $3.50 beef pies

    • +5

      Not really a bargain. Normal prices at the moment. Cheaper elsewhere in country.


      • Yeah, jetpack it over to Aspley QLD and lock in 93.9c

              • +2

                @Diverse: No. Its a gentle joke that's been going for years on Ozbargain. Fly over/hovercraft over/ helicopter over to x location with the 7 eleven lock in and modified app.
                That's OK, you probably just didn't know and are not a massive jerk…

                • +2

                  @the INFIDEL:

                  Others here refer to using a helicopter - so what's wrong with saying jetpack instead??

                  Both are annoying and lame in my opinion.

                  • +3

                    @Freighter: I am surprised anyone cares. It's just tiny, minor joke that has been used what, 50 times in this massive thread? Usually when people are happy to discover a new cheap price to lock in. Anyway, its not important..

    • +4

      Check your local metro servo’s. Chances they are even cheaper
      I’ve seen petrol as low as 78c and constantly around 87c

    • Same price at local 7-11 in Brisbane.

      • And cheapest 7-11 is also here @93.9c. Its always changing.

    • +5

      $0.99 is 99c is not $0.99c

    • +2

      If you're not jailbroken you can use 3u tools on windows or iFakeLocation from our good mate Master131 on either windows or mac.

      Note: For iFakeLocation I don't think it supports iOS ≥ 13.3 natively yet. Small workaround required as per here

  • 107.9 U98 Malaga WA

  • +1

    According to the app Middle Swan is $1.059 for 98 again.

  • U91 down to 91.9. Looks like with the latest oil movements we could see 85 cents in some time. Costco seems to already offer petrol around that price.

    • Wholesale price is dropping below 80c/L so surely it must happen soon.

    • -2

      The big producers cut a deal a few days ago to reduce supply and hopefully stabilise price. Get it while you can.

      • The price per barrel since the oil deal keeps slipping as it hasn't made a sizable dent on the glut.

    • +6

      Member Since
      4 hours 53 min ago

      Who are you exactly..?

      Screenshots show no ads, which is good I suppose.

      EDIT: Nevermind, there's ads in there, which is fine if it works

      It does work (I used a dummy account to test), but unsure who the creator of this app is.

      So a little suspicious who coded this.

      Did you make a portable version using Freighter's python code?

      • Hahahaha……and is now in the penalty box.

  • I’m finding something funny

    According to fuelwatch.wa.gov.au there is 91 fuel for just 87.9c in Butler WA.

    However, when I try to lock this in, it changes the name to Banksia and the price is much higher. 95 and 98 are cheaper than the 91 as it shows Butler and the correct prices

    Reckon this is a glitch with 7-11 or is there any way around it?

    • +3

      No I've noticed that for a while. Middle Swan had fuel for 88c for 91 last week but the app only let you lock in for 95.9. I think they're manually changing prices so people can't lock it in, because both petrolspy and the fuelwatch site showed the real price.

    • -1

      Very surprised I got a negative vote for this post

  • +6

    91+ unleaded 88.9c @Carrara, QLD

  • Off topic, but has anyone noticed their free coffee voucher disappear from the app? Happened to both my accounts which I've just realised. I did screenshot one of them and wonder if it's still valid…

    • That happened to me as well. I had one that was supposed expire in May I think and it just disappeared.

  • I'm having a problem that no matter what fuel type I select, and what fake GPS location I have, it searches the 5 cheapest around my fake GPS location then takes me back to Qld Silkstone? Not even close to home in Brisbane.
    Anyone else? So I basically have 6 results on my map. Using latest apk

    • -3
        • +7

          What's the bug? Was the last servo you set the location to Silkstone? If it was then that is where the app will search.
          Everytime you want to lock in you have to update your location.

          Is it a pain in the ass? Yep. Are my modifications free for the public? Yep. It would be exceptionally easy to update the code so it searches locally until you choose a store, I just have other projects I'm working on that are more exciting for me at the moment

          • @Freighter: sorry freighter - not a dig at your app mods, mock location is great and i've also donated using your donation app! i encourage others to download the app and donate to freighter too please!
            i haven't filled up there and don't remember setting the store to silkstone at all, but if i did then it's definitely not clear how to remove/change that. thanks for the explanation

            • @leeroys_dad: Did you lock in around there recently? Out of the 5 closest stores only West Ipswich is just as cheap so it may be jumping because of that.

              If someone can recommend a better way to upload my files where I don't need to constantly update my OP then I could update the app more often. Maybe a gist post with links?

              • -2

                @Freighter: What about a static Dropbox or Google drive folder with each app version added?

    • +1

      Had the same issue.
      1. Clear the app data
      2. Login
      3. Use the store finder
      4. Click your request store
      5. Click on the orange navigate open
      6. Go the lock tab

  • +10

    Not sure if it's of interest to anyone, but i've build a project_zero_three component for home assistant for those with smart homes :)


    I'll add notifications shortly as well, but currently you can see the price/location/name/etc.

  • +7

    U98 99.9c Allawah…sadly can't travel now when fuel is cheap.
    Credit: Project 3 zero.

    • Didn’t last long… :(

      • +1

        Check back here in 6-7 days, people will have unused vouchers.

        • +2

          *check the classifieds

        • -1

          Or wait and get lucky

  • -2

    E 10 79.9 at Allawah NSW

  • +2

    U91 79.5
    U98 97.5
    E10 77.5

    Ryde NSW 2112

    • +4

      Cheaper than yesterday. One door closed another one opens. 👌👌

    • +1

      & U95 91.9 @ WEst Ryde NSW.

    • E10 and U91 have gone up

  • -2

    Guys, i cant lock in a price anymore. It finds the cheapest price then when i go to lock it takes me back to the home screen.

    • +1

      How many times have you locked in in the last 24 hrs? It's a limit of 2 per device.

      • Im using my other account i created. I have 3 accounts 1 already locked with a price the other two are free.

        So after failed attempts my mate tried to lock in the price using one of my spare accounts and it worked on his app/phone.

        • +1

          1 device can only lock twice in 24 hours. It's based on device. If you want to lock the price for your third account using the same device, you have to wait for another 24 hours.

  • +3

    This will go down further as WTI May future contract for crude is sitting at -U$37.

  • -1

    Good work, but as others suggested, stores will not allow to scan this one. Also, Need a logout button as well. I logged in from above account, now not allowing me to signup. Will clear the cookies now.

  • +1

    My app worked 3 days ago, went into the station to pay for fuel and it start crashing and closing on me :(

    Deleted data and cache uninstalled and reinstalled and still force closes on me.

    Any ideas? any help will be much appreciated.

    • Working perefctly here on my and my wifes phones.

    • +2

      my apps are crashing too, even the ElevenMe app too. Not sure if related but it started after i updated the ElevenMe app

      • +1

        Mine crashing too
        Android 9, samsung a20

  • +1

    Just noticed 7-Eleven app on Nox is crashing when I try to lock a price. It has been working fine up till now. Anyone having this problem?

  • No app crashing here. Using iOS.

  • +1

    My app on my Android device is also crashing.

  • Good time to lock in fuel. Fuel cycles at their lowest points and price of oil has started heading up.

    • TGP has come up. The ultra cheap fuel from Ryde last week was a good get.

  • +7

    These app crashes, are they using my APK? If so, can someone send me a Catlog of the error(s)? Happy to assist by PM if needed.

  • +5

    Diesel 97.5 Ryde, NSW 2112

  • I had a 98 RON price locked that would expires tonight. I filled up this afternoon. The attendance scanned the app twice but both times the voucher was "not found".

    I got a paper receipt for the transaction but not sure if I should make a claim. The price locked was done interstate.

    • +8

      I’d make a claim. If the voucher wasn’t yet to expire. Don’t be concerned about your account, they won’t look in to it. Even if they did, you can get a new account easily.

  • -3

    Mine has stopped working. Can detect the price at the mock location, but when "lock fuel price" is tapped… it goes back to the "find my best local price" screen
    Worked fine this morning. anyone else having this problem?
    Have turned it off and on again… and reinstalled the app :)

    • +2

      Worked fine this morning. anyone else having this problem?

      Locked more than twice in twenty-four hours.

      Go grab a different android phone or just wait.

  • -2

    hi all, I have download the app on my samsung phone. My samsung phone has been formatted. So basically it is just this app. When I try to run the app, it allow me to find the nearest fuel location but all of a sudden it just crash and stop working.

  • +6

    Maddington South has
    78.9 for U91
    90.9 for U95
    96.9 for U98

    Decent price?

    • Quite decent. Locked in.

    • -3

      Yes, fuel prices would be rising soon.

  • Currently app would not lock price. Now can't sign in on either freighters or the official.

    • +5

      I can't lock in either, assume to be a 7 Eleven issue.
      Edit: Yes, now it says "System is down for maintenance."

      • I just locked no issues

  • -1

    Did they change it so you don't lock a specific amount in anymore?

    • +4

      Yep. Also no gift card credit required.

    • +2

      New record. That's a great price for 98.

      • +16

        83.5 now.

  • -1

    I'm unable to install Freighters app even after granting permissions. Anyone else having trouble installing?

    • Allow installation from unknown sources..?
      If it's a samsung phone there might be a security thing as well as a second step you need to "trust" the apk

      • I am using a motorola g7 power, I have allowed installation from unknown sources (sorry should have clarified, thats what I meant by granting permissions), but when I try to install the apk, it just tells me "App not installed" with no further options.

        • Can you try installing with ADB? It should tell you a better error message.

          Another user I helped wrote this:

          Which really puzzled me, because I definitely uninstalled it before hand…
          Until I did a bit of googling, then remembered that I had a 2nd installed copy insure Samsung Secure Folder.

          Maybe there's a Motorola version?

  • +1

    Nox method is broken for me, app crashes.

    cleared cache, uninstalled, updated etc

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