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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner $299 Delivered (SG) @ Shopmonk


Shopmonk has just launched its new website with an incredible first up promo. $61 less than this deal just a few weeks ago, and I believe the lowest yet on OzBargain. If shipping is anything like this deal, you should receive this in under a week. Product ships from Singapore. Just 100 in stock and ends Saturday 4pm, unless sold out prior. Enjoy :)

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  • Nice to be the first to comment. Is this a decent robot?

    • +2

      Yes. Very sophisticated tracking and mapping. Plans it's cleaning to avoid doubling up. Doesn't seem to do any random circles like other robots do.

      I don't have any carpet or pets so I can't vouch for it's suction strength.

      • Just got mind finally from Roboguy it's a great product.

  • Hope they fix the black carpet issue soon so I can get one for these

    • -1

      can't you put tape over the sensor?

    • oo this might be why its stops in my room can you explain the issue?

    • I think i read here on another post that there was an option to disable the sensor via the mobile app. May be wrong. Im holding off until this is confirmed. Looking to replace my roboking with same issue.

      • It's not currently a function of the app. I have sent feedback via the app requesting it, however.

    • I've heard about the issue with black carpet but I haven't notice any problems in this area. We have dark carpet (almost black) and it works fine on it. Also we have wooden floors in the kitchen with dark mats (again, almost black) just inside the back door and at the oven and it goes straight over these without hesitation.

  • Amazing price. Website is dying thou

  • +4

    Now, that is an insane price. I believe cheapest ever.

  • +5

    In retrospect I'm glad Roboguy forced me to get a paypal refund.

    I'll probably get this one before people get them from him.

    • +1

      Are we sure it's not Shopmonk, another great site brought to you by RoboGuy?

      • +1

        IP Address :

        IP Address :

    • Got mine from Roboguy? what was your issue he was very communicative yeah some shipping issues but he even delivered my accessories to my door haha

  • +3

    Looks like the site was registered a couple of months ago.

    No listed ABN.

    There's an ABN and business name in the whois: SYDNEY CLOUD SERVICE PTY. LTD., 98168567388. ABN/ACN registered in 2014. Registered for GST. No idea if this business is for the site or simply this is a hosting service that middle manned the domain name purchase.

    Been selling on eBay for under 12 months, 371 feedback, 100% positive.

    Possibly a good new seller. But risky. Buyer beware.

    My name's Dan Wilson. I run Iowa's largest wildlife preserve.

    • +8

      For what it's worth, I'll vouch for them. Bought a set of Bose QC35 from this deal and received them in 36 hours from Singapore. Incredible service and plenty of comments about the same from others. They also have an active rep on OzBargain. Previously just an eBay store, they launched this website today.

    • +5

      Is your name Don Wilson, or Dan Wilson?

    • +3

      I can vouch for them also, brilliant service!

  • Bought one. Thanks.

  • So I assume that there is no tax invoice to claim GST refund?

  • +2

    Bought one even I already have one, thanks.

    • +1

      You really suck 😜

  • +2

    Thanks TA. Great price.

  • +1

    site down?
    guess I will have to buy to commit on my comment earlier:

  • Bought one last week on other deal pretty good. Bought this too xmas gift covered!

  • +2

    Can't believe my Roomba 630 still runs after more 3 years plus and NEVER missed a beat, it runs every day, whole house. Kinda wish it would die today haha.

  • geez… 800+ clicks on 100 units

    why isn't sold out yet … come on !!! i only can resist for another hour before i bite it. OOS please!

    • No one can access the site to buy it.

      • It's working for me.

      • BS!!! i tried clicking all the way from 'buy it now' to create account till pay by paypal and it went through all at once. ARRGHHH!!!!

        I already got vax cordless stick vacuum and the bosch barrel from past ozb deals … all still in box.

  • Works fine for me…im wondering if i should buy one on the basis of security of it fking up and having issues replacing/refund

  • +2

    I bought one.

    No due diligence required at this price!

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought one.

  • +1

    Thanks TA bought one hope it lives upto expectations! ;P

  • +1

    Bought one :)

  • +1

    Thanks just bought another one… It does the job!

    • how??? How is site working for some of you?

  • TA are you sure they only have 100 units in stock? If so I doubt lots of us will not get the deal.

    • Just sold out…

  • Damn…
    They made me signing up then provide mob number then verifying code to be entered…

    It was sold out when I was checking out…

    Missed it

  • No more stock it seems. The Buy button is disabled as of 9:10PM AEST

  • +2

    Lol before long this is gonna be the everday ozbargainer's robot vacuum of choice, just like how eneloop was/is the everday ozbargainer's choice for batteries.

  • Anyone got one of these having any problems?

  • Is this bettter than Dyson eye?

    • yes, even better than irobot

  • +1

    Are these vacuums the new Eneloops?

  • The Xiaomi robovac is very good. 2.5HRS battery life is insane. It does seem to get stuck on a few things, like the IKEA bath rug ( http://www.ikea.com/aa/en/catalog/products/30203402/ ), since it drags the rug as it passes and just shutsdown. A heavy rug or one that doesn't have high pile would not have this issue… So now I have to replace the rug with something else. Besides the small issue, it is a really nice unit, however it would be good if you could have an IR to block areas where you don't want it to clean or program specific places on the map to avoid… Having to run a black magnetic line on the floor is really ugly, plus a trip hazard. Anyone know if the vac supports any type of IR units?

    It works well to pickup light dust, however after I left the unit running for an hour on carpet, I went over with my Dyson Absolute and it picked up a lot of dirt. It seems this is perfect unit for hard floors, but I wouldn't just use this as your "sole" vac for people with carpet. Overall, I'd give it an A- seeing as it is the perfect addon to a normal vacuum cleaner. Basically I run this every 2 days and once a week I use the normal vac for a deep clean.

  • +7

    Basically I run this every 2 days and once a week I use the normal vac for a deep clean.

    Still full vacuuming once a week doesn't sound like much of a time saving with the robot vac

  • Got one last night. But now I'm worried about warranty. Can someone please help? TIA

    • I'm assuming you'd have to ship it back to shopmonk (most likely at your own expense unless it dies within a short timeframe like a week) in Singapore and they'd fix/replacement it and send it back. Considering how heavy the vacuum is, it's probably not worth wanting to go through the hassle of warranty. I think there were a few deals at the $360 price range that were local stock.

      • +1

        Local stock? How can their be local stock when xiaomi doesn't sell anything in Australia.

        • I don't know if this was technically local Australian stock, but if there were any issues you could return it with their prepaid return label which is better than having to return to Singapore.

  • It's an amazing vacuum. I had the aldi unit ($200) prior to this and they are chalk and cheese.
    Set time to go off daily and we do a proper vac once a week. The house remains noticably cleaner until our cleaning day.. probably attribute a fair amount of our cleaning to owning a border collie.

  • +2

    Anyone know when this will be shipped?

  • +1

    Have been trying to call these guys for the last two hours - the line is engaged ever since….

  • Shipped last night. Should receive by end of next week.

    • Yeah, mine shipped last night, says should be here Monday

  • Mine is still processing. I am going overseas in 2 weeks, hoping to get it before that.

  • Just got mine! Ordered on the 11th August. Got dispatched on 17th August and delivered to my house today at 6pm. Was surprised that DHL delivers on a Sunday at 6pm :O

  • got mine today!

  • Got mine on Sunday through DHL, everything in mandarin including its robot voice prompts after plugging in with adapter
    Now does anyone know how to make this all work in English?
    I recall previous deals posted with English how to

    • just got mine, did you did you find a how too

    • +1

      In the Mi Home app under the device settings (top right hand corner 3 dots like this > … ) select voice pack and then select English.

  • Got mine delivered yesterday, yep everything is in chinese.

    Little goggle and here are the links to save people some time for the english versions of the manuals.

    MiJia Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    MiJia Robot Vacuum Cleaner Connecting

    As Haribodog mentioned above use the Mi Home app to change her over to english voice pack.

  • Over 10 days since ordered. No signs of it still. Hasn't even been dispatched yet. Not happy with the service so far.

  • Got mine yesterday - downloaded the app, updated firmware, installed voice pack, got the house vacuumed, very happy!
    Now to find the best place to source spare parts…..

    • taobao.com

      or the english version, alibaba

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