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Gran Turismo Sport $29, 20% off Blu-Ray, Google Home $149, PS VR + Camera + 2 Games $349, PS4 500GB $269 + More @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi 4 Day Sale 24th-27th November

Gran Turismo Sport $29,
20% off Blu-Ray Also see here
Google Home $149,
PlayStation VR + Camera + Skyrim VR + PS Worlds $349
PlayStation 4 500GB Console $269
Xbox One S 500GB + minecraft pack and 3 months live gold $259
Call of Duty: WWII $59 $54
Destiny 2 $49
NFS payback $59
Wolfenstein II $59
Assassins Creed Origins $59
South Park $59
Project Cars 2 $59
Fifa 18 $59
NBA 2K18 $59
Forza 7 $49
iPad 32gb Wi-Fi $399 (Currently a better deal at Officeworks eBay $377.45)
Bose quiet comfort 25 $299
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (64GB) - $999
Some double ups in prices from Big W and Target I know but gives another option for purchase

Related deals: Big W Gaming Event, Target Gaming Event & EB Games Gaming Deals & Nintendo Switch Console - Grey or Neon - $399 JB Hi-Fi Edit: Playstation 4 Pro 1TB + 5 Games $454.05, Xbox One S 500GB + 4 Games $256, Xbox One X 1TB + 2 Games $589 [email protected] EB Games eBay

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • +48

    Gran Turismo Sport $29!

    This is all out War!

    • +31

      It will be free soon enough at this rate lol

      • +16

        haha ye lets hold out for another 4hrs…EB will have a fun time price matching everybody

        • The price goes down by 3 dollars each time, so EB will have them for, say, 26?

        • +57

          @lklk901: not likely with eb it will be closer to $126

        • Why four hours?

        • +1

          And some parent out there will buy it from them for their little precious.

        • +4

          I spoke to my friend who works at eb, he said that eb will be having a big sale Friday, and that he doesnt know what deals are coming, but it will probably be announced midnight on Friday morning.
          He also mentioned, stores will be opening earlier (8am for his store) and that it will most likely be sold out before midday, but should be plenty of stock if in at 8am

        • +6

          Liar. You don't have friends.

      • @doweey
        Well if you consider the cost of a normal PS4 controller, the game is basically free.


    • Haha this is insane!!!

      • Almost as insane as crash bandicoot trilogy deal

      • -1


    • +11

      Just a note, it appears you get the bundle discount on the GT Sport Game + Controller Bundle.

      The normal bundle deal is $129 (the controller is $40 extra on top of the game), but with the discounted game cost, is comes to $69 for the bundle.

      It is a bit of a wild ride through checkout what the final cost is going to be, but I paid via paypay and got the bundle for the $69 in the end.

      • Great find mate! Although my wallet hates you… haha :)

      • Awesome find, I had just bought the game itself, went back and swapped it for this deal!

  • +36

    Need me some Nintendo deals!

    • amen

    • +1

    • We need em

    • Doesn’t look like any this time around

    • +5

      There are never good Nintendo deals.

    • Waiting waiting

    • +1. Waiting for Mario Kart 8 deluxe to drop in price

      • It hasn't actually dropped in price. People must still be buying it.

    • I get the feels that the manufacturers offer the discount not the retailer, profit to be made up on microtransactions perhaps?

    • Can the switch act as a normal android or mobile tablet device.


      • web browsing
      • email
      • music player
      • media player
      • some social media apps
      • android functionality ?

      I guess what I'm asking is is it good or can it replace a modern day tablet and play Nintendo games?

      • It can’t do any of these things.

        • Ok damn. Thanks.

  • don't know about the others but for this 2

    iPad 32gb wifi $399
    Bose quiet comfort 25 $299

    i dont c any bargains, op i would say.

  • Is there a game with that PS4?

  • -3

    (profanity) hell, PSVR is getting competitive ayy. Still a wee bit cheaper when I got the Big W FF10 deal, but (profanity), this is good shit.

    • (profanity)

    • +10

      (profanity) heaps sick ayyy bro good shit ayy (profanity)

    • +2

      (Profanity) username checks out.

    • +7

      watch yo profamity

  • Awwww snap, that GT Sport

  • +1

    [double post, sorry]

  • Hoping to see QC II 35 for $400 so I can use my $200 voucher.

    • How did you get $200 voucher ?

      • +2

        signed up to telstra mobile through jb

      • Think it was from those Telstra plan sign up bonuses

    • Does anyone know why QC I is sold no where anymore?

  • +1

    Any Nintendo deals by any chance?

    • +5

      None in this catalogue unfortunately

      • +1

        Thanks a lot.

        This is the 3rd sale posted and no Nintendo Switch deals…

        • +3

          I guess they don't have to since the switch seems to be doing better than Microsoft and Sony

      • got a pic of the catalogue?

  • +5

    PS4 Pro…

  • I'm guessing PS4 Pros are in short supply with no bundles going. Oh well.

    • +1

      Sony/retailers probably don't think it needs to be discounted much, if at all because it's competing with the One X for sales now, and the Pro is already the much cheaper console, which makes it more attractive already. That'd be my bet anyway.

      • Doesn't explain why over the last few months they've had discount and bundles yet now with Xmas approaching and Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals out (like this one) there's no bundles or decent discounts. Competition has increased; its shopping season. There should be better and more deals, not no deals.

        • +1

          Difference between now and and a few months ago when there were deals, is that the One X has now come on the market. Sony were in sales overdrive a few months ago to push the 'best' 4K console before it wasn't anymore. Microsoft forced Sony to play their sales hand earlier than Christmas, and now because One X is out and more expensive, Sony don't see the same incentive to give retailers a price relax. It's already the cheapest 4K console on the market, even at full price. You might not like it, but it makes sense to me.

        • @BradH13:
          Makes no sense. When you have no competition you can charge what you like and put little effort in. When you have new competition that's when you start discounting and running bundles etc to fight for market share.

        • @BradH13:
          Also its not a 4k console. Its mostly a 1440p console (sometimes 1080p, sometimes 1600p, sometimes 1800p, sometimes 2160p but mostly 1440p) which uses fancy up-scaling to display at 4k.
          The Xbox One X has ~50% more GPU horse-power, hence why it can actually render most games at true native 4k, thus justifying its price-premium. Put simply, its the superior product without even factoring in 4k Blueray.

          Not to mention its now a year old. All consoles get discounted rapidly as time goes by. There must be a parts shortage.

        • +4

          4K checkerboarding has zero noticeable difference to native 4K at living room distance.

          It's not just "4K upscaling". One S does that and it looks terrible. Checkerboarding is advance.

          Also, One X also isn't native 4K on alot of the enhanced titles. Most titles employ dynamic resolution which scales depending on GPU load, same as PS4 Pro. One X just stays at its targets more consistently.

          You still don't understand Sony's logic. They didn't have competition, sure; but they sure as hell knew competition was coming. What? Do you think they didn't take that into consideration when cutting price and upping marketing? More important to get a jump on competition before hand, than battle something head on just as it's new.

        • +3

          @Viper8: We both feel the same about each other. I didn't neg btw. I know you're gone, but I never said they're stopping competition. What I'm saying is PS4 Pro is already cheaper, and that is their plan for competing. You'll find there's no One X bundles either. They're enthusiast consoles anyway. I feel the general Christmas crowd will go for the much cheaper base models anyway.

    • Not in short supply at all, check out this EBGAMES bundle -

  • +4

    Get those ultimate teens gift cards at Woolworths ($50 gc for 1000 woolies points) with cashrewards ewish cards for maximum ozbargain street cred


    • +5

      What does this mean in regular speaky speaky? :P

    • What's the point unless you want the extra points,as you cant use the points when it turns into credit to reduce the gift card.
      I already tried this last week in several places and your not able to use everyday rewards credit towards paying for gift cards which sucks.
      You should be able to spend that credit as you like as you earned them buy buying loads from woolworths etc.

      • Woolworths don't really profit from gift cards anywhere near what they do on groceries etc. So it's not in their interests to use points on them.
        Need to transfer to Qantas points then buy cards, which loses points value.

      • er, I am not sure why you think you can't use them to pay for gift cards. you get every day points (bonus, extra, whatever) and every 2k points it becomes $10. The $10 can be applied to anything, including gift cards.

        I bought an apple iTunes gift card the other day (when they had 15% off) and it also then applied $10 off that shop (from everyday rewards conversion).

        Besides, even if it didn't apply to gift cards (which it does) - you still end up taking $10 off your regular shopping in any case..

        • I already tried this last week in 3 stores wanted to use a $10 credit i had in my rewards account to make the gift card cheaper scanned gift card followed by rewards card but total was still same.
          Asked girl said you cant use on gift cards,tried and check out as did not work at self checkout.
          But girl at checkout said dont think it works scanned gift card then rewards card and again never worked.
          I happen to be in another woolworths and thought i try there same again.
          But just decided to buy card anyway as had already purchased a egift card and used that and gained the extra 1000 points but my main reason for this and grab more was to try and gain as much off cards using the points/credit i had got.
          But since it dont work i never bothered.

        • @bwatt72:

          Wow, that sucks (for your experience i mean). I totally understand where you're coming from. Perhaps it's a blanket exception that Wooworths rewards credit/savings can't be applied on gift cards (or egiftcards specifically?)

          Still odd as I was pretty sure it was applied to mine but then I was buying an iTunes card and a couple of other things I needed anyway so perhaps that was applied against the 'other things'.

          Woolworths still has enough stuff at a price I'm happy with to continue to want to get the bonus/extra cards.

          e.g. buying a JBhifi card at woolies that gets me 2k or 4k points ? worth it because i'll use the $10/20 next time I'm shopping at woolies anyway..

        • @jason andrade:

          I tried buying also with an item that made no difference i still had to pay full price.
          Yes all good on the points but i prefer to get a % off a card. It happened once with ultimate teens probably was ultimate kids at time at coles but not sure if there has been another or its all about points these days.
          Flybuys is a different matter once that hits $10 i can use that to buy gift card or at target etc i believe.

        • @bwatt72:

          The only reason I can think about why you can't apply $$ that converts from your everyday rewards is if the purchase is under $30.. and I'm not sure even then. I know Coles Flybuys works on purchases as long as it's over $10 - I've found myself putting $0.20 onto a credit card occasionally at Coles as the remainder of my purchase..

          It might also not apply to tobacco/alcohol etc.. as I know it doesn't offer to take $10 when i buy at BWS.

        • @jason andrade:

          Well it was a $50 ultimate teen card so i would have thought that was enough to qualify for the $10 off.
          But in saying woolworths makes nothing from the gift card or do they?
          It just be interesting to know if this was a one off or if all future everyday rewards credits cant be used towards gift cards.

  • 3 months of love gold. Sounds nasty

  • +1

    Why GT Sport soo cheap? This another prologue to GT7?

    • +2

      As I've said in two other threads today, bundled games never hold value too quick as people trade them in and then a lot more 2nd hand copies floating about leads to a lower new retail market.

      • -5

        You can not make claims like that without proof

        What other threads have you posted this information in?

        • +5

          Not sure what your problem is or why the attitude.
          I could go through every game bundled with consoles and check their sales price drops afterwards, but because you asked so nicely I'm not going to bother.
          I know it's true though, have, been buying, playing and trading games for a long time.
          They wanted a reason, I just gave one.

        • +6

          @linton: don't you love the weird angst though? He's going to find out where you wrote it in other threads and call the internet police.

          Bundled games always sell dirt cheap.

    • No it's a full game but as Linton said it's bundled alot so there's alot of used copies on the market.

    • +1

      I was going to trade it in, but value was poor. I played them all in the past, but was turned off by the 'online' nature of this one. Glad I didn't trade it in, I love it.

    • It's pretty much a Prologue to GT7 (Nov 2019), but not as cut-down as before.
      However, its cheap because in terms of "value" its lower, especially when in 3 months the market will be flooded with used copies from the bundles.

      Forza Motorsport seems to be the king of "driving simulator" this generation, not sure what PolyPhony has been doing all these years. Which is a shame that its not available on PS4, also the PC port is based on Microsoft's UWP half-optimised DX12 build. So the graphics are quite limited, whereas the Xbox One and the Scorpio can run it as well as the console's hardware can push it.

      But in terms of "fun" I don't think either are that good… something like Horizon 3, Dirt 4, Mario Kart 8 are more fun… or even the likes of F1 2017, NFS Pay(toWin)Back, and Asphalt 8 caters more towards that demography.

      • Why does it take them so long to make GT? Everyone will lose interest and just play mario kart lol

        • +6

          It's a platform defining game.
          Firstly, they wait a couple years for the console to mature in terms of software.
          Secondly, they try to build the game up from the ground up, so that takes some time/effort/people.
          Then, they also try to ad some new elements or play styles.
          Next, theres the tracks which have slight changes over the years, and the cars themselves, which are now new models, variants, with different acceleration, cornering, braking, sound, and designs.
          And finally, there's the legal department… there was a good reason you couldn't drive Ferrari's in almost all GT games.

          So its a mammoth task.
          And each time, they're starting from scratch… they use the Prologue/Sport models to dip their toes in.
          Hence, why there's a big difference in visuals from GT3 to GT4 Prologue, but very little difference between GT4 Prologue and GT4.

          Console / Prologue / Full-Game
          PS1, Gran Turismo, GT 2
          PS1, Nil, Nil
          PS2, Nil, GT3 ASpec
          PS2, GT4 Prologue, GT4
          PS3, GT5 Prologue, GT5
          PS3, Nil, GT6
          PS4, GT Sport, GT7
          PS4, Nil, Nil
          …I think Polyphony will release a full-game in November 2019 for the PS4 Pro (and PS4) which will be Gran Turismo 7.

          However, they won't make another title of GT for the PS4, the GT7 will be the last.
          It's because SONY is set to release the PS5 in November, in either 2019 or 2020. That means it will be unveiled on that same year, in either Feb or May. I think Sony will unveil it later, in May, so that their competitors have less means to adjust to the product. And in terms of releasing? I think it will be pushed forward to 2019 instead, just to beat the Xbox One X, and possibly match/beat the Xbox Two. And in another reason, we will have the 125th Olympics in 2020, in SONY's hometown of Tokyo, Japan. Which means sponsoring and advertisement opportunities for the PS5. So I think SONY is most likely to announce the PS5 in May 2019, and release in Nov 2019, and do second-round of heavy marketing in July 2020. At which point, it will "be time" to make a new Gran Turismo game, and Polyphony will now forgo the weaksauce PS4 Pro and instead focus on True 4K/60/VR with the PS5. And before you ask, no, it will not be powerful enough at this point for rendering photorealism graphics, even PC's probably won't be.

      • +2

        Thanks guys
        Think I’ll skip it as it seems it’s a online game only with little offline content ;(

        • Yea you can't even save if your not connected to the internet.

    • +1

      Yeah I don't really rate it. Truth be told I bought a PS4 pro and 4K tv mostly for this game and I'm not really liking it. Unless you have an online subscription (which I dont want) its extremely restricted. All you can do is the endless boring license tests, a few random arcade stages and 2 player couch. The car tuning (which is what has always attracted me) is really poor.

      In GT past I used to love saving up my money by grinding through the levels, buying that Skyline you were lusting after then outfitting it with turbos etc before tuning the suspension endlessly. This game I am like 1 hour in and already own a bunch of random supercars you just get gifted for doing license tests. There is no grinding which I like - you just get the prize.

      Also the graphics are stunning in the menu's but once your racing I can't really say Im that impressed.

  • I neeeeeed a cheap ps move twin pack for skyrim vr

    • -1

      Not according to reviews you don't :P

      It's apparently a bit of a mess to use them to control in this game.

      • Oh really? I actually haven't read any reviews. Although I was thinking it would be weird to move because theres no analogue sticks…

    • Should have got in on the old $7 pre owned moves while they had them at EB last year! One the better bargains I managed to snag due to this site

      • Yeah but I've heard so many stories of pre owned ones having terrible batteries or somesuch so i really just wanted to get a brand new pair.

        • Yeh I was worried about that but seem to have been lucky as mine hold charge really well.

        • +1

          Depending what they are worth i have some sitting here unused since ps3 days that i would part with. Originally i bought 4 coz I'm an idiot game & hardware collector. Used one for a couple of hours and that was that. You can pm me if interested

  • +1

    GTA V on PC?

  • +1

    Is this a good price for the PS4?

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