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  • +1

    Sony 65" X9000H for 1346 delivered (also from sony seconds)


  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Hisense 65” Series Q8 ULED 4K TV 65Q8 $1269 + Delivery @ Power Land eBay
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    Coupon Code: PPSS100

    $30 cheaper than same deal previously from Power Land ebay - I just got one - says delivery for Melbourne is July 5th

    • Sorry - $27 cheaper than last deal!

    • Fantastic TV - I've had this for a few months now and it continues to blow me away - rich blacks due to local dimming, very bright screen so no issues using it during the day with curtains open.

      Also, standard sound from the built in speakers/sound bar whilst won't hold up against external are very decent for built in speakers - not tinny at all.

  • Merged from [EBay Plus]DJI MAVIC AIR 2S fly more combo AU stock $1795 (should have $1795 on afterpay)
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    Coupon Code: AFTPY15

    Add the item to the cart apply the ebay plus 5% discount to bring the amount down under $2000.

    Once the amount is under $2000 choose AfterPay as the payment method apply the AFTPY15 code to get total $300 discount on the listed price. ( it will say it can apply only one voucher at a time select Afterpay discount)

    Final price $1795

    Original Coupon Deal

  • Merged from [AfterPay] Synology DS1621+ (6 Bay) $1,273.73 / Synology DS920+ (4 Bay) $755.65 Delivered @ shallothead eBay
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    Coupon Code: AFTPY15

    Original Coupon Deal

    Synology DS1621+ 6 Bay NAS Quad Core 2.2GHz 0TB 4GB Home Storage

    4 Bay Synology DiskStation DS920+ Diskless NAS Unit

    been keeping an eye on this, altough not the cheapest it has been

    • Not a bad price.
      Now to find some deals on HDDs to go with it.

    • +1

      Be very cautious of this seller. I bought an expensive new monitor (Dell U2720Q) from this seller, the item was not new and was in fact refurbished and sold to me as a "new" item. The sale was actually fulfilled by Futu Online - the delivery slip / tax invoice was Futu letterhead - when I rang ebay they checked and advised me that shallothead was in fact another account linked to Futu and that they were one and the same. The box the "new" monitor arrived in had been previously opened and the item was poorly repacked. There was an old delivery slip still attached to the box partly covered by the new delivery slip addressed to me, I could see the tracking number on the old delivery slip and entered it into a few package tracking websites, which revealed that a week or so before I placed my order the item had travelled from Minchinbury to Alexandria. Dell has a service centre in Minchinbury, and Futu has a warehouse/dispatch centre in Alexandria. I then entered the service tag printed on the monitor and on the packaging into the Dell service website and discovered that the warranty on this item was commenced a couple of months before I placed my order. I rang Dell to investigate and the item came up as refurbished. I had this exact same thing happen a couple of months earlier when I bought the same model monitor from Futu, so these Futu crooks stung me twice. Why did I not buy direct from Dell you might ask? I needed a reasonably priced colour accurate monitor and the U2720Q was my choice, but had been out of stock for months at Dell Australia who advised it would be at least 6 months until they had more stock, however Dell advised me to shop around as some resellers still had new ones in stock and so I bought the "new" items from the different eBay stores a couple of months apart on 20% off sales, which were good deals if the items were new as they were advertised to be. Be wary of Futu/shallothead as in my experience they brazenly advertise and sell items as "brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging" when they are refurbished items. Both times I got a full refund but Futu wasn't very co-operative with the refund process so both times I had to involve eBay for help with returns/refunds - eBay were really great in helping out with this. The whole process however was slow and time consuming, and nobody likes being ripped off, especially twice a couple of months apart by the same seller using different names. I left an eBay review for both sellers summarising the rip-off to warn other people, the Futu review is still up however the shallothead review I left disappeared from eBay within a few days.

      • Strange. I've bought plenty of items from both of them over the past few years and never had any problems like that. Wonder what happened there.

  • Breville The Dual Boiler Coffee Machine BES920BSS AU STOCK $738.65 with AfterPay (Coupon AFTPY15). Only one available

  • Merged from Coleman Northstar Instant Up 10p Lighted for $679.15 delivered @Tentworld EBay.
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    Coupon Code: AFTPY15

    Have been eyeing this tent for like a year. Always has pretty much been $799.
    With current afterpay deal, it's $679.15 (saving $119. 85.

    I have a older Coleman 10p tent, but this is a much preferable version with the instant up poles, darkroom fly cover, and bonus LED light strips across the roof of all the rooms.

    Original Coupon Deal

    • Good Price OP. I have this tent and a very nice tent for what it is. Easily worth the $$ if someone in the market.

      • Agreed. Great tent and an amazing price.

  • Merged from [Afterpay] Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro $203.15 Delivered @ cheap_stylus eBay
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    Coupon Code: AFTPY15

    I've been looking to buy these and this is the cheapest they've been in a while.
    All three colors seem to be available, i grabbed myself the violet ones
    Not sure if Aussie stock or grey import

    Original Coupon Deal

    • Damn now cheaper than AKG N400

  • Merged from Bosch 10KG Front Load Washing Machine Series 6 WAU28490AU $998 Delivered (or $959 if you add a $11 item) @ Bing Lee eBay
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    Coupon Code: PPSS100

    Original eBay $10 off $100-$499, $50 off $500-$999, $100 off $1000+ Coupon Deal

    If you buy the washing machine on its own, it'll be $998 delivered. However, if you add the whole cart (before delivery) to $1000, you'll get the $100 off discount instead. So it'll end up $959 instead. I've tested it with items from both Bing Lee and non-Bing Lee stores (Wireless1), and they both worked.

    It is Chinese made, but if you are after a 10kg Bosch front loader, there isn't much choice. Either this one, or the German made WAX32M41AU ($1574 at Appliances Online, no stock until end of June, or $1599 at e&s if you are in Victoria), or WAX32K41AU (same as WAX32M41AU but with WiFi function, and that'll kick the price up to $1999 if you are in Victoria, or $2133 elsewhere).

    The delivery includes Bing Lee's Full Service Delivery: https://www.binglee.com.au/help/delivery-services

    Bosch's official product page: https://www.bosch-home.com.au/productlist/washers-dryers/was...

    EDIT: Just realised the quantity doesn't meet the posting guidelines. Feel free to move into the Insufficient Quantity thread Mods.

    • +2

      No post to Qld…

      • +5

        I see Bing Lee, I keep scrolling… :(

    • I've got this. Wish I got the 9kg German made one instead.

      • can you explain why? will be in the market soon for a front loader washing machine and doing research for when the time comes

        • +1

          It's a fine washing machine.
          Buttons feel cheap compared to my old cheaper samsung.

          My thought process is, in hindsight,

          Since I bought the 9kg heat pump dryer, theres no reason for the extra 1kg in the front loader.
          It would be similar price to lose 1kg in the washer but upgrade to german made series 8.

          The better quality is pretty evident in the series 8 dryer compared to the 10kg washer.
          Just hinges, light, glass etc.

        • +1


          I've got that 9kg model. Read that discussion. Not all 9kg Bosch models have all the features. Also check the actual drum capacity. Very important in case you're planning to wash doonas.

          If you want a Bosch appliance:
          1. Get a German made model - the additional price for German quality engineering and build is worth every dollar!
          2. Carefully review every feature you need and then select the model
          3. Not all models of Bosch appliances (e.g. washing machines) are sold at every store. i.e. Bosch have e.g. HN or GG exclusive models! This means you can't negotiate on price (I know it as I've tried)

          In case of washing machines, get a Serie 8 or above if you want German made.

        • So - seeing the two other replies to yours - in case of Bosch washers, people's mind replace wording "better model" with "German-made", because it happens that the German models are, apparently made in Germany.

          When somebody says "get the German one", they say "get the Series 8", so the more expensive, upper-shelf, more advanced model.

          Series 4 or 6 available in Australia are usually made in… non-German countries.

          • +1

            @pizzaguy: I apologise, I have reworded 'german made' to 'series 8' as I was using those terms interchangebly.

            Point being, the 9kg series 8 can be bought for not much more than the 10kg front loader.
            As the owner of the 10kg washer and a series 8 dryer, I believe build quality is more important over 1kg capacity.
            Especially since the dryer is the limiting factor with a capacity at 9kg.

            • @teacherer: Now, I appreciate that!

              Also, I see I replaced that too typing "it happens that the German models are, apparently made in Germany". (facepalm)

            • @teacherer: I don't see how you can correlate the kg rating of a washer and dryer.

              The kg rating of a washer is the dry weight of the laundry you are feeding it. While the kg rating of a dryer is the wet weight.

              So while a washer's dry rating is 9kg, at the end of the wash, the weight of the laundry is going to be more than 9kg.

        • Just want to add my 2c
          I just bought this washing machine. Ultimately I couldn't justify the $200 extra it was going to cost for the 9kg cheapest German made model. This model holds 5L more volume which I rated more importantly. Didn't really notice a distinct difference in build quality in store. When I bought a dishwasher I went the German made model because they had a stainless steel mould inside whilst the Turkish made versions had a plastic mould which many people reported left the smell of plastic through their house for several months after washing their dishes. But I couldn't see that deal breaker with washing machines, Bosch don't back up the price premium with additional warranty.

      • 100% get the German made one. I have the 9kg German one and it is fantastic! Bought it approximately 12months ago and haven't looked back. I think I paid about $1,100 with gift cards/discounts at the time.

    • I bought 2 of these last year, i can confirm touch flat button is sometimes non responsive. I prefer the bulging out traditional buttons.

      Hope these will last me at least 5 years.

      Plus 10kg….doesnt seems like 10kg but more of a half of it if you want to wash your cloths clean instead of stuffing all the cloths in full.

      • +1

        Read this post for actual capacities across different models:

        • +1

          Scott should have open an OzbargainProductOpedia…

          Everything you want to know about consumer products with real owner feedback….

          We can save money and stop buying crappy products so that we can decrease landfills.

          Coming Soon…🤣

      • Yeah the touch is very annoying

    • any deals on dryers ?

  • Merged from Crankbrothers Mallet 3 Pedals $155.96 or $159.96 @ Cecil Walker Cycles (eBay Store)
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    Coupon Code: PFYS20 EOFY22

    Crankbrothers Mallet 3 Pedals

    Already a discounted price compared to other bike stores, even better with the current eBay discount.

    Crank Brothers - Pedal - Mallet 3 - Dual material pedal dh/race with inner needle bearin and investment cast steel wings. Adjustable pins for custom traction control.
    Weight: 435grams per pair.
    Platform: two piece aluminum + composite.
    Wings: investment cast steel.
    Spring: 300 series stainless steel.
    Spindle: forged scm435 chromoly steel.
    Inner bearing: needle.
    Outer bearing: cartridge.
    Traction pins: 8mm adjustable.
    Release angle: 15° to 20°.
    Cleat: premium brass cleats included.

    Original Coupon Deal

  • +1
    Merged from [eBay Plus] Bose QC35 II $233.22 + Free Shipping
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    Coupon Code: PFYS20 EOFY22

    Original Coupon Deal

    Never really posted a deal so sorry if badly formatted.

    $233.22 if Ebay Plus ($239.20 without) + free shipping. Cheaper than even the refurbished ones posted recently.

    • Nice deal op (think this is the cheapest the QC35 have been, or at least I remember), and very good formatting! 👍

  • Merged from LEGO® 21056 Architecture Taj Mahal $116.21 [Free delivery Ebay plus] @ MyHobbies Ebay store
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    Coupon Code: EOFY22

    Hi Guys my first time time posting. Looks like new Lego Architecture series Taj Mahal is on good price on MyHobbies Ebay store. Quick search on BrickHawk confirmed this is the cheapest price so far on this newly released set. Only 3 more available at the time pf posting this.

  • +1
    Merged from Reolink 8CH NVR 4K Home Security System Person/Vehicle Detection RLK8-820D4-A $655.19 Delivered @ Reolink eBay
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    Coupon Code: PFYS20 PEOFY22

    Original Coupon Deal

    Great deal and best ever price on the PoE camera with additional 4% off with Suncorp gift card

    • how does this compare to Amazon prime day sale?

      • +8

        What's tomorrows Powerball numbers

        • +2

          13 15 22 42 53 2 35 16

      • What's tomorrows covid numbers

        • 🍩 🍩

        • 4 borders SLAMMING shut, followed by 3 restrictions EASING, over 2 people infected with a NEW STRAIN.


    • lol.
      Fair point.
      quick google search says " up to 30% off"
      doesn't specify what tho.

      I got a set of D800's for five hundred and something and super happy with them.

      need to get some for the in-law's.

    • You should list the specific model in the title.

      This link is for the 820D4 but the other kits are on their store too

    • Been looking at the 16ch domed. Any reason to go bullet vs domed?

      I would probably mix a few later on of either type bit the domed look cleaner under a ceiling to me.

      Anyone know about remote access? I was watching videos and can view via cloud but also VPN in 8 don’t have a home server (yet) so for now it’s only Cloud to view on app?

      Realise these don’t work with Google/ Siri and not required for me. Just want an easy to setup POE camera system with no maintenance. Saw blue iris and while I could do it I don’t want to.

      • I have Bullets and domes.
        the bullets have a wider viewing angle which is better for the front/back door.
        the domes look better/ cleaner in my opinion but are better suited for a driveway or where u need a narrow view and better distance.

        The app is awesome and seemless on my Samsung galaxy. I dont use Google/Siri.

        • Awesome to hear.

          Was looking at arlo last year when family got them but too many concerns going wifi for me.

          • @FreshPrinceofKP: I had alro pro 2 and for rid of them when I couldn't even make out the rego of a car parked in my driveway and my camera is on the garage.

            I highly recommend these

        • +2

          the bullets have a wider viewing angle which is better for the front/back door.

          No true both have the same FOV H:87 V:44

          Its exactly the same in every aspect except its body. Dome is the way to go. Looks much cleaner especially under eves and it also reduced the potential for spiderwebs since they prefer to build on bullets

      • Remote access via reolink app.
        App syncs with your NVR via a QR code.
        NVR requires Ethernet access (USB wifi adapter not supported)
        Software is fairly basic and more designed as a plug and play solution.
        Having said that it’s hard to beat in terms of bang for the buck.

      • Depends on what your attaching them too. I have bullets because my place is 2 story and I have mine attached just over half way up the walls. Low enough for maintenance with a ladder but too high for a casual try and rip the camera off the wall.
        Domes wouldn't have worked so well for me.

        • I have it attached between the levels too some were fine mounted directed to the wall as it gave me the angle I still wanted. The other I used a hik wall mount

    • anyone tried out Neolink in a docker?



      Neolink is a small program that acts as a proxy between Reolink IP cameras and normal RTSP clients. Certain cameras, such as the Reolink B800, do not implement ONVIF or RTSP, but instead use a proprietary "Baichuan" protocol only compatible with their apps and NVRs (any camera that uses "port 9000" will likely be using this protocol). Neolink allows you to use NVR software such as Shinobi or Blue Iris to receive video from these cameras instead. The Reolink NVR is not required, and the cameras are unmodified. Your NVR software connects to Neolink, which forwards the video stream from the camera.

      The Neolink project is not affiliated with Reolink in any way; everything it does has been reverse engineered.

      • Not required for this system. These are the updated AI 810/20s which have onvif

  • Merged from Samsung HW-Q950A/XY 11.1.4Ch Home Theatre Soundbar $1199 + Delivery @ Powerland eBay
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: PPSS100

    This beats Good Guys Commercial pricing of $1,253.

    Difference between this deal and the deal I posted earlier re Q900A @ $884.95 is ~$315 and the best price for the rear satellites as a separate buy is $350.

    I also believe the speakers sold with Q950A fire differently (i.e. they are also side firing speakers).

    I wouldn't hesitate in buying the Q950A if had space for the rear speakers. Unfortunately, I don't.

    • I have an long front lounge (5.8L x 2.8W) with a wall mounted TV. I've been under the assumption rear wall mounted speakers in this home theater setup would be the way to go. Would this fit the bill? Anything else to compare with? I think 1k is around the mark.

      • +1

        Absolutely the way to go. This is the king of soundbars IMO @ 11.1.4. Usually compared with Sonos ARC.

        On paper, it has the better features compared with Sonos. In saying that, I can't provide any comments on the Sonos arc, as I've never used it before…. you won't regret the Q950A.

        Consider going the Q900A if you don't need the rear speakers.

        • Stupid question but there's no drama in having a Samsung sound setup with a Sony TV?

          • +1

            @GeneralKey: Should be fine. It should be compatible with any brand of TV as it's just an HDMI connection

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Creality3D Ender 6 $623 Delivered @ vicmall eBay
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    Coupon Code: PFYS20 PEOFY22

    Original Coupon Deal

    Best price I have seen, I purchased last week locally for $680

    • mate why pay this much for v-slot/belt driven when there's an all-linear rails printer with a larger print volume at almost the same price?!

      • mate why post this much for when you could post a link for less text?!

        • my comments linking other/better alternatives got removed for that before… not sure what the rule is exactly. Anyway search the sapphire plus, there's a local retailer in QLD but free shipping.

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming ITX motherboard $179.36 Delivered

    Saw this while browsing through some stores. 2 left in stock so didn't bother posting on deals.

    Have this board myself and has most features i would ever need, including on board usb c and usb c header.


  • Merged from Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (6GB/128GB, WiFi, 11'', T870, AU Stock) - Mystic Silver $694.97 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay
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    Coupon Code: PFYS20 PEOFY22

    Processor Model Qualcomm SDM865+
    Storage Capacity 128 GB
    Features Expandable Memory, Accelerometer, Fingerprint Scanner, Built-In Rear Camera, Built-In Front Camera
    Display Type LTPS TFT
    Dimensions 165.3 x 253.8 x 6.3 mm
    Series Samsung Galaxy Tab
    Screen Size 11 in
    Type Tablet
    Connectivity Bluetooth, USB-C
    Colour Silver
    Processor Octa Core
    Operating System Android
    Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1600
    RAM Size 6 GB
    Processor Speed 3.09 GHz
    Internet Connectivity Wi-Fi
    Manufacturer Colour Mystic Silver

    Original Coupon Deal

    • +1

      Sadly, this is what the S7+ should be priced at on sale… but uhh yeah… for some reason, no?

      A bit steep considering what should be around the corner with the S8, and next year's tablets using ARMv9, Cortex X2 and Samsung 4nm.

    • Just hold unless you need a last min tax deduction

    • iPad 8 is $649; are they having a laugh?

      • This is significantly more powerful better spec'd than a regular 8th gen iPad.

      • Plus $200 for a pencil, that's if it can even work with an iPad 8

    • Thanks op . But I'm looking for a bargain on the s7+ model

    • Been around this price for a bit, need deals on plus for the OLED screen.

      These guys have the plus in stock but pricing way higher than other places so even with the 22% off it's not that great of a price.

  • +1

    [eBay Plus] SodaStream Source Element White - Delivered Express $92.82
    Use Code PEOFY22

    The Soda Stream Source Element White, designed by renowned European designer Yves Behar, is a slick and elegant addition to your kitchen, allowing you to create homemade sparkling water and flavoured carbonated beverages in seconds.

    Powered by a refillable CO2 Cylinder, Source's responsive touch system allows you to create three levels of fizz, clearly visible on an LED display, while a new Snap-Lock mechanism makes the system quick, simple and easy to use.

    Designed in the USA
    Crafted from in satin finish pewter
    Slick and elegant addition to your kitchen
    Allows you to create homemade sparkling water
    Powered by a refillable CO2 Cylinder
    Presented in a Soda Stream box

    Set Includes:
    1 x PET bottle
    1 x Cylinder - makes 60 bottles of sparkling water

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Razer Blade 15 15.6-Inch i7-10750H/16GB/512GB SSD/RTX 3070 8GB Gaming Laptop $2,359.20 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay
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    Coupon Code: MICRO20

    Original Coupon Deal

    My first post…

    Razer Blade 15 Base QHD - i7-10750H / 16GB / 512GB / RTX 3070 - AU after the 20% discount, its $2,359.20.

  • Merged from [Afterpay] AOC Gaming Monitor 24G2 23.8" 24" FHD LCD LED 144hz Freesync $191.25 Delivered @ Gg.tech365 eBay
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    Coupon Code: PAYAFT15

    One of the best budget 1080p 144Hz IPS gaming monitor. Similar to this previous deal with lower price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611200


    Original Coupon Deal

    • +2

      I can definitely vouch for this monitor, have been using it as a daily driver for a couple of months after getting it from Umart for $249. This is worthwhile for anyone who wants to game at 144Hz without putting too much stress on your GPU. I'm currently using the display settings suggested by rtings.com and it has worked well for me so much.

    • The 27" is around the same price atm, actually even cheaper. I'd still go with the 24" though for the better PPI (have it myself as a secondary).

    • @OP It'd be better to have Harris Technology as the seller and link to it instead (same price) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184383048242 gg.tech have insufficient stock.

      • not sure how the afterpay deal works, but does that afterpay code work with that monitor from Harris Tech?

  • Merged from [eBay Plus] Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera - Ice Blue $50 (Click & Collect Only) @ Myer eBay
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    The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant camera is a fun and easy-to-use camera that produces great instant photos on a budget. Produce stunning and vibrant photos with the easy to use, feature-packed Instax Mini 9 camera.

    For those wanting to produce stunning and vibrant instant photos with an easy to use camera. Perfect for beginners.

    Key features
    • Simple operation for instant pictures.
    • Check your framing with the selfie mirror next to the lens.
    • Close-up shooting, up to 35 cm away, with the lens attachment.
    • High-key mode allows you to take pictures with a softer impression.
    • Automatically determines the best brightness for taking a picture.
    • Picture size - 62 x 46mm
    • Built-in-flash & optical viewfinder

    In the Box
    • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant camera
    • Close-up lens attachment
    • 2x AA Batteries
    • Strap

    One year limited manufacturer warranty

    Product Model - 87003

    Mod: Stock only found at Chadstone VIC from a search of 20 or so postcodes.

    • In store pickup only.

      • +1

        That rules out most of NSW

  • Merged from [Afterpay] MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 3x OC GDDR6 Video Card $1435.65 + Delivery @ gg.tech365 via eBay
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    Coupon Code: PAYAFT15

    First post for me
    saw this on ebay qualified for AFTERPAY, not buying it myself but those looking for GPU with current shortage
    SIMILAR DEAL MSI 3070 GAMING VENTUS : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402552219919?_trkparms=aid%3D111...

    Original Coupon Deal

    • +1

      still a bit dear

    • +1

      This is the ventus model not the gaming trio x. Price is still ridiculous though.

  • +2
    Merged from Sony KD75X9000H (Seconds^) 75" KD-75X9000H Full Array LED 4K Android TV $1994.05 with ebay plus code $2099 without code
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: PLUS5MWV5JDBKSQM

    Just come across this deal on ebay. 3 still available.

  • Merged from [Factory Seconds] Sony Full Array LED 4K TVs: KD55X9000H $1179, KD65X9000H $1496, KD75X9000H $2099 Delivered @ Sony eBay
    Go to Deal

    Sony have just release a bunch of Seconds^ Full Array LED TVs today.
    These TVs are usually popular and go quickly.

    Even cheaper if you have the eBay 5% discount code offer
    It would have been nice if Sony released them during the AfterPay 15% promotion but they did not. But at the current prices they are still good value. E.g. The 65" 9000H is now cheaper than the last deal with code

    Also seconds KD55X9500H $1499
    And KD-65X9500H $1999

    Credit to arikim for spotting the 75" 9000H first

    • What's a second tv

      • Sony factory refurbished, usually near new condition. Have 12 months warranty.

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