This was posted 2 years 8 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 / $10 / $5 / 30% off (No Min Spend) - Pickup Orders Only @ Uber Eats


Only works for pickup orders currently.

Greetings everyone, decided to go for a hunt for some other promotions after seeing the $10 off 3 orders and found these :)

$15 off (No Min Spend) using PICKUP15 Valid until 31/12/2019.
$10 off (No Min Spend) using PICKUP10 Valid until 31/12/2019.
$5 off (No Min Spend) using PICKUP5 thanks to r0xz. Valid until 31/12/2019.
30% Off pickup. Max $30 discount using PICKUP30 Valid until 31/12/2019 thanks to r0xz

Tested and working on both delivery and pickup orders.

As always, enjoy!

Codes stopped working at 8:30pm for delivery orders
Confirm Pick up orders now work in VIC, NSW and QLD

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +2

    works.. thanks OP.

    • +5

      So how does pickup work? Do you eat in the restaraunt? I dont get it isnt the uber business about delivery/transportation? So how does it work if you go to a restaraunt and get the food yourself? Does it make me a uber eats driver driving myself to the food? Do i need a driver account or ABN?

      • +11

        I think it's just a way to give uber a huge cut of the food bill for doing absolutely nothing! Or put another way its just a way to make food more expensive in the long run.

        • +2

          Any one know the pickup commission %?

        • +2

          Yea ture. What is the difference between this and calling the restarsunt and ordering pickup?

          • +1

            @Bryanalves: Why do people like online ordering?
            Good for knowing what you ordered and the final price. Not having to talk to someone on the phone. Coupon codes. Etc etc

        • +6

          How do you set it to pickup?

      • +2

        It's 'Restaurant' 😒

  • +4

    Now to hold them for when I need something or greed them both tonight if they might cancel them?

    • +10

      Definitely greed.

    • +5

      Greed for sure

      • +2

        Yeah I’m torn. The $15 free shows up in my Uber eats front page with expiry date next year but I’m sure they’ll cancel it early.

        • I just tried to place an order but the code automatically disappeared .. a system glitch? And now it's not even under my promotions anymore. That's too bad.

          • @DisabledUser273024: Yeah sounds like a glitch. Mines still under promotions tab. Maybe contact Uber support.

      • +2

        I would say gluttony ;)

    • I preordered lunch for tomorrow. Surely they cant cancel it if its ordered.

      • How do you pre order?

        • When you order change it from ASAP to Schedule a time and then choose when you want it delivered.

      • +2

        why preordered when you can eat for a dollar?

    • Hope you greeded them because they are cancelled now!

      • +7

        Yeah got all 6x orders in, that will teach them for FINALLY targeting me.

  • +38

    PICKUP30 - 30% Off pickup. Max $30 discount. Valid till 31/12/2019
    PICKUP50 - targeted
    PICKUP70 - targeted

  • Thank you, I added both.

  • Wow. Both seemed to work.

  • +1

    Wow, works for a change. Better order now or you'll miss out. I got a bento box on the way for $7 :)

    • -3

      Why order now? They are valid for the whole 2019

      • +2

        Because it's supposed to be for pickup and we'd like to get in before they fix it.

      • +2

        Codes will not be valid tomorrow (at least for delivery), mark my words.

        • +1

          It’s not working now for delivery

        • +1


  • +5

    Wait how come all four worked for me? Do they all stay on the account??

    That’s pickup 5, 10, 15 and 30.

    • Same story here all worked for me and yes they all stay on the account until they expire which for me is Jan 1, 2020 or basically until new years!! Woo 🎉

      • You've got to be kidding if you think they'll last until then. They'll be lucky to last until tomorrow.

        • Well in my area blue mountains NSW we don't have uber eats so I can only use it when I see family in western Sydney or decide to take a 1 hour train minimum into "Sydney".

          So for me they might last awhile.

          All we got here is menulog and like less than 10 total restaurants with only maybe 4 or 5 that deliver most days it is 3.. Yeah

          • @AlienC: Ahhh yeah, but I reckon they'll kill the promotion code once they figure it out.
            That sucks.
            Here (Hills District) there's enough orders that you can get free delivery with select restaurants (sharing a delivery driver) on Uber Eats.

    • Yep. Until they expire.

    • +1

      Yup and you can apply them to orders individually.

  • +7

    Phvck me a code that finally works!

  • +1

    awesome!! thanks

    got a large boba from the alley for a dollar with PICKUP10.

  • Thanks works

  • Fish and chips on the way for $3. Excellent!

    Interestingly, it doesn't seem to let me add any others once I have used one. So consider adding them all to your account before you order anything.

  • +3

    Tried PICKUP30 and that worked as well

    • 30% off though for max of $30

  • Get it quick before they remove it

  • Legend. Thanks heaps.

  • Thank OP

  • +2

    worked for me what?!?! first time ever

  • +1

    Pickup30 works

  • +2

    Order this quick, looking at the terms of the code its meant to be for first time pickup orders only but its currently working for all users and orders

  • Worked. Great find.

  • +4

    PICKUP 5,10,15 and 30 worked for me. So happy right now!

  • Use it or lose it!

  • Can they make us pay in full after we order?

    • +1

      I've paid via PayPal. I'll dispute it if they charge.

      Screenshotting receipt might be a smart idea.

      • I have Uber credit.

        That's not an option for me if they try to back charge.

  • Awesome post OP!

  • woo nice nice!

  • +2

    Though you can add all the codes, I believe only one will be allowed, because terms says first time pick up user only.. Can someone confirm?

    • +1

      I was typing this up earlier before my vpn decided to disconnect me lol.

      I believe that is correct though.

  • Tyvm OP,

    All three worked for me

    In details it says that this is for first time Uber eats pick up order, so assume if you use one of these coupons the others won't work afterwards?

    • +8

      nah i used the $15 and $10 both in separate orders

      one order for the beverage, other for the meal haha

      • :o they will most likely fix that, as it's meant to work that way.

      • I did get the message "if you have multiple orders and only one credit will be applied to whichever delivers first". Should be all good though, as I used different codes.

  • +2

    I've got a wrap being delivered as well as chips + drink. Two separate orders. Paid zilch for both.

    Doesn't look like you need to use pick up 😂

  • All my 'free delivery' next 5 min stores have stayed the same for past half hour. Wish they would refresh, I need to spend the $10 on dessert :P

  • Cheers Doweyy. Excellent find

  • +2

    Hmm, haven't used much uber eats but just noticed that prices at some places are higher through the app then in person to buy, even if I select pick up.

    • Yeah they seem to raise the prices to cover the menulog fees that are around 30% I have heard…

  • where do you put in the promo code?

    • +1

      On the app go to the far right icon (the person) and click promotions.
      Or you can also enter it during checkout.

      • +1

        thanks , got some indian for $10 !

  • +1

    Has UberEats removed promotions (that have been added) from accounts before?

    • Yes they have I believe. I'd make hay while the sun shines. Use it or lose it.

    • I had an Uber pool discount code that I used for Uber eats a week or so after I redeemed it awhile ago

  • -1

    cant see where to enter promo?

    • +1

      On the app go to the far right icon (the person) and click promotions.
      Or you can also enter it during checkout.

  • Used, order is on the way, thanks OP! Done this a few times and they do NOT chargeback fyi

  • +1

    Working just ordered for delivery. Free Subway my way :)

  • Is the discount applied to the total, including delivery? or excludes delivery

    • +1

      Total, including delivery.

    • +1

      looks like total

  • Thank You!!!!!!

  • +3

    Already had dinner, so I'm ordering curries to put in the freezer.

    • Brilliant idea. Lunch or dinner tomorrow sorted :D

  • +1

    Awesome! Thanks OP. Just placed 2 orders using PICKUP15. Both worked.

    • 2 accounts?

    • oh can we redeem the same code more than once?

  • Targeted??

    • +5

      Nah, go for your life while it lasts ahaha

  • Free food woot :D

  • Any tips on what sort of take-out freezes best?

    • +1

      Soups, Curries or stir fries. Anything that has a lot of moisture to make microwave reheating easy

  • Not targeted for once. Seriously WTF!! Very nice. Thanks OP. I’m no longer an Uber Eats coupon code virgin.

  • +4

    Someone going to get in trouble tomorrow at the Uber office!

  • PickUp5 is for USA only, needs deleting from the list.

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