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HP TouchPad @ Harvey Norman 16GB - $98 32GB - $148 from 2PM


As per The Australian


Called my local HN but they don't know anything about it yet

Hope it's true…

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    SpamBrodening, I lol'd

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      a new word to add to the ozbargain lexicon

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    For those that want to go down the shipping from US route, here's what I just did.

    Went to shipito.com and signed up for an individual package thing. Cost me $8.50 and it gives you the choice of 5 addresses or so. I then went to Barnes and Noble, created an account, purchased the tablet, entered in one of the addresses shipito gave me and paid.

    Now I wait for the package to get to shipito's warehouse, at which point they'll email me and I can choose my shipping method (USPS, etc.)

    Not too bad if you ask me.


    $101.50 for the TouchPad
    $5.95 Shipping to the Shipito warehouse
    $9.50 Tax for California
    $8.50 for the Shipito warehouse.

    Then the shipping fees to AU. I'm guessing, total, ~$160 AUD or so.

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      if B&N aren't actually sold out. they are slow at updating stock levels apparently.

      • Yeah I hope not. I ordered 3 individually, so we'll see. Just got a confirmation email from them for one of the orders, so here's hoping.

      • this is true and also not true, just read some tweets stating they do have stock coming in from warehouse as well as those that have been in production orders but have not shipped in from the factory, fingers crossed baby!

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      ComGateway's (HopShopGo) service may be worse but their shipping rates are cheaper. Just FYI so we have more options.

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      i did this too… hopefully b+n won't run out

    • same here, juz ordered 2 from B&N with hopshopgo
      when will they update it?

      • when B&N update your shipping? kinda obvious :/

    • my consolidation package only just left shipito :(

  • I wonder if people still have lined up to buy them if its rrp was $98

    • Gone when launched, I bet my head.

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      i'd say so. for the hardware, $98 is a steal. the software is another story.. but I've never seen webOS in action..

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      its costs HP $300 in parts.

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        • this is really weird, i don't believe the company only mark up the price $100 above their cost price for electronic device like this.

      • I reckon it's in theory only. Like they can get the parts much cheaper (long-term relationship…) so the original cost may be lower. I don't believe the cost is round 300-330 either. If so HP would only have had 4-50 bucks mark-up sth (factoring cost such as ads, marketing…).

        • Its probably true. Make minimal profit on the hardware and make the real profit from app and games. Most game consoles operated this way.
          Apple make truckloads from itunes.

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    Anywhere else sells touchpad and will pricematch? Does anywhere else even sell the touchpad at all except for HN and HP online store?

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      I think only those two. Here's hoping the aussie online store offers at these prices.

      Edit: According to this person on WP, if there is still stock in Aus, it would be sold at HN.


      Dammit, I missed the GalTab for 299, then the MyTab for 99 twice and now this!

      Maybe I wasn't meant to have a tablet :'(

      • +8

        You saved $496. Had you bought all those 3 ($299 + $99 + $98 = $496)

        • +3

          Nah, I might have stopped at the first one.

          Or I might have bought the MyTab twice, so $595 saved :)

  • will pay 130 for one! :D anyone keen?

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    Brant, Buying things you found on OzBargain then reselling back to the community at an overinflated price so you can profit is not on. Use eBay or Gumtree. Brodening

    • +1

      pathetic effort on Brant's part. And here is the same person who tried to rely on the goodwill of fellow ozbargainers too:

      "Saw this one early, but couldn't download because I was at work. Anyone generous enough that you could offer one working game? I just need something new to play. :)"


      • Exactly, the way ozbargain will go down is if selfish people ruin the whole site

  • If these are discontinued, do we still get support for them? What about os updates and such? =S

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      no and no

      • Omgggggg, thanks Ozbargain. I was sucked into another impulse deal again…=S I really hope you are joking. =O

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      please don't bother with extended warranty, I doubt in a few years time HP guys will know anything about fixing your hardware LOL

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    eBay Australia listings…. will do doubt grow rapidly tonight.

    Starting at $350 for the 32GB….


    • +11

      No doubt it will grow rapidly tonight. I have a feeling the ebay scalpers might be disappointed. I really wanted to buy one of these for $100-150 but I have absolutely no interest at all in buying it for any price above $200.

      I think many of us on this post who were not able to get a touchpad feel the same way. At the $300~ mark I would much rather spend the extra money to get an android tablet.

      • Just wait til they get desperate and sell them at this price.

      • +1

        yeap, these sellers should be shot on sight :)

        at $300 mark, you are reaching transformer/iconia territory and those are definitely better tablets to have.

        at $200 mark, it better be a 32gb model.

        the bids are ridiculous, suddenly they are all willing to fork out 300+ dollars for a discontinued product… its like fighting anger (that they couldn't get one at the store sale) by using more money.

    • +5

      ebay buyers used to be smart, unfortunately ebay has become too popular and the amount of people willing to bid on these is out of hand

      • so true. i wonder if there would be the same rush to buy one today if the 16gb model was sold at $330 instead of $99 at stores, let alone ebay.

        • -1

          Considering the RRP was $499 even at $330 it would have been considered a steal no? Maybe not line up..but I think they would still have sold heaps!

      • +1

        With 330 bucks I would go for the Transformer on Amazon. 50 bucks more and would save you heaps.

        • i'd probably do the same myself. waiting for the new galaxy tab though to see if that is any good

  • Can anyone recommend a nice cheap cover for these? the one they were selling for 30 bucks was too expensive for me :)

    • +2

      just wait a few days for the fire sale to happen, maybe $1.99 :D

    • Oh, I had a spare Ipad cover lying around. And it fits. After a little squeeze…=)

  • -1

    Wait bit longer, the price always drop more :)

    • +1

      Price can only drop if there is stock….. =P

  • +21

    To all Ozbargainers who scored one, good for you! To all the low life Harvey Norman staff who hoarded for themselves and neglected to enforce the one only rule, shame on you.

  • This is what I don't get. Why doesn't HP just sell these things for $200/each? That way everyone can have a taste of the pie, and HP gets 2x the revenue as they would be able to sell them all within days. HP FAIL.

    • +1

      Because they cost $300 to manufacture! Common sense?

      • $200 - $300 = -$100
        $100 - $300 = -$200

        Common sense?

        • your sarcasm detector is broken - here you can have mine - only $100

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    They are making a android OS they annonced the dev team recently so that should be a up for who ever got one .

  • +3

    I think the smarter eBay scalpers are bargaining on Android being ported. That would up the ante quite a lot. though, I'm pretty sure they are just doing the usual brodening, like with the HP microservers.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if MegaBuy pulled some strings and got few pallets of TouchPads to broden. LOL if they show up here posting a "bargain" for like $300, like they did with the MicroServers.

  • Ta-Da…..

    people now selling them on ebay :)


    • Really? I really can't see anyone who would buy one of these discontinued tablets for that much. U are better off spending 150 more and get an ipad 2 16 gb, WITH SUPPORT and OS UPDATES. =)

  • +2

    Looks like TouchDroid is on the way. So give it about 1 month, we may see honeycomb on it!

    • The OzBargain that keeps on giving, now that'd take the cake for bargain of 2011.

      • +1

        it's gona be Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb..

        The folks at Rootzwiki have started Touchdroid, a project that aims at running Android on the HP Touchpad. At the moment, the plan is to use Gingerbread (Android 2.3) as Honeycomb‘s code (Android 3.0) is not yet available to the public. There’s no telling how long the project will take, or if it will be successful at all, but booting Android will be the most important step (obviously).

        • isnt gingerbread for phones?

        • nope, the hope lies in ICS - read Open Source. It's not very far off but Gingerbread will be a good start to get the drivers running, BUT THERE WILL BE OBSTACLES.

  • +7

    If you feel like pissing off those eBay scalpers, everyone spam them with a $98 best offer. I've seen a few with 30+ declined offers.

    • Unfortunately it will be set to automatic decline (if not now, it will after a few come through), then the seller won't even know they're happening.

    • A better thing would be to offer $1 million. Then not pay. LOL.

      • Then you will have a strike.

  • HP App Catalog is going to die which is going to make the touchpad useless.

    • -1

      Most people know that. Almost all people who brought this is betting that the community ports honeycomb to it, which makes it the CHEAPEST dual core honeycomb tablet! It can be done as newest release of honeycome supports Qualcom Dualcore CPU

    • +5

      It would still work as a:
      - browser
      - digital photo frame
      - media player
      - e-reader
      - music player (plug it into speakers, can even stream online radio)
      - flash game player

      and then hopefully android turns out half decent on it.

  • anyone know if wollongong area still available? WARRAWONG? Nowra? MOSS VALE?

  • +2

    if you bought 2 x 32GB using your amex at hn, then you got another $50 off via rebate from amex promotion

    • +1

      SWEET! Forgot all about this, glad I spent over $250 today :)

    • +10

      I think people love the price rather than the tablets.. lol.. it is Ozbargain after all.

  • Woo hoo. Got one. Thanks for the headsup OP. I called up at 2pm and reserved one. Floor staff seemed pretty miffed, as they were saying that they weren't allowed to grab one, even for family.

    • +2

      lol, so thats why most of them seemed pissy on the phone and seemed in a bad mood when you went in today!

    • +1

      Apple's staff say the same. Do you believe it?

      • I guess it would range from manager to manager.

    • quit, walk over, pick one up, go through checkout.

      it's a win win, you dont have to work for gerry and you make a profit.

  • +13

    Had a busy day at work and haven't checked ozbargain all day. And /this/ happens. Damn you, cruel world!

    • +6

      Thats what you get for working.

      • +2

        Can I get a job at ozbargain?

  • Scored a 32GB Tablet! Can't work out how to get videos on it to work.

    • same here, can anyone help?

    • +10

      take all the guts out, remove the back and hold it up to your monitor

      • how ironic. =P

        • +3

          To get video to work you need to have them coded to MPEG-4/H.264/H.263 and then you use 'photos and video' app. It won't play AVI straight out of the box. I hate having to encode stuff…

        • replying to Third_Gear…

          then thats like Apples iOS which is really annoying.

          though obviously cheaper than iOS products!

          note to all try using HandBrake if your a Mac person. I find UI useful and very good when converting .AVI to .mp4

        • ozAzn - there is a work around which is awesome. Use Kalemsoft. Directions on how to use it were posted by ryang. Allows you to do drag and drop of your normal avi files and play them. No encoding!!!! Page 10 of comments.

  • ugh, so I can't create an account, anyone else having this problem?

    Oh and thanks for the post, got myself a 32gig, the HN here was very very strict about only selling 1 per, I would have bought 3 (and not to re-sell…well not for more than I paid as they would have gone to family if I decided I couldn't use 3 ; D )

    • +2

      keep trying! mine worked after about 5 goes!

  • Barnes and Noble still listing 16GB for US$101.95. Can use forwarder such as COMgateway.com to onship to OZ.

    I managed to place an order BUT have been reading reports on US websites (slickdeals etc) that BN are taking orders, giving confirmation then cancelling them.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Disappointed that I left it until 3pm to try and get one. :(

    • Sorry see my post still stock at some HN close of business today.

    • Didn't really matter. I was trying actively from 1.45pm

  • +1

    I kinda wish I got one now

  • Someone is making some money out of this. LOL


    • +3

      lol and he will be disappointing when nobody buys it and he has to pay the ebay fees….

      • +9

        bid is up to 250 already. never short of fools on ebay nowadays

        • +2

          plus the 25 postage….looking at close to 300 dollar mark.
          whoever bought this is not thinking straight…
          spend extra 50….go for a Iconia or other tablet.

        • True. Spending that amount of money I would go an get the Iconia if desperately need a tablet. Or would better off for a netbook instead. Sad….

  • Any HN have official cases? GardenCity said they never got any :(

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