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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $799 4G/ $919.20 5G 128GB/ $999.20 5G 256GB (Extra 5% Discount if Transaction > $1000) @ Samsung EPP Store


Just announced Galaxy S20 FE available in 4G and 5G variants. Comments below note that the 4G variant comes with Exynos 990 processor, whilst the 5G variant comes with Snapdragon 865

Don't forget the $50 voucher when signing up for marketing email. Additionally Samsung EPP has a deal where you get extra 5% off at checkout if your cart has more than $1000 value. Might be good to get an accessory to get it to more than $1k (5% valid until Sep 30)

EPP Prices below
* 4G 128 GB Edition $799
* 5G 128 GB Edition $919.20
* 5G 256 GB Edition $999.20

Also available for Pre-order on the Samsung website and comes with pre-order bonus of Galaxy Buds Live. Prices below
* 4G 128 GB Edition $999
* 5G 128 GB Edition $1149
* 5G 256 GB Edition $1249

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  • +1

    How long is it taking for everyone to receive the $50 voucher? Keep refreshing and still no email :(

    • It did say it can take up to 48 hours, I'm waiting too. :(

    • I had one come in about 30 minutes

      • Atlas did you use a Gmail? Came through quick for the partner. Maybe I should try Gmail as well

        • Previously I did, and then I used a non Gmail one today

      • Interesting. I used 2 Gmail addresses not signed up to Samsung and still haven't received it. All good because I ended up using a free Samsung Care + code instead.

        • How do you get free samsung care code? Thanks

          • @Bargain-er: I think it was from signing up to an expression of interest list for the Samsung S20 FE before it was unveiled. I ended up getting the email with the code twice, but it's unique.

            • @kittymtd: Ah ok, thank you. If you don't use one of em can you please kindly pm me? Even tho I'm still tossing between the $50 off or samsung care. Thanks

    • get onto their chat… Mine never go through to hotmail emails.. so I went on their chat and got one in 5mins.

  • 6G Ram? I will pass, technically same deal as Pixel 4 XL but has better battery and +30hz screen.

  • +3

    I think buying outside of EPP is a better value.

    Trade in any phone with added $200 value on top promotion is on at the moment

    plus you get a free bud live

    128gb 5G $1149
    256gb 5G $1249

    Trade in my note 4 for $10 bonus $200 on top = $210
    Add in the $50 newsletter discount

    128gb $1149 -$210-$50 = $889 with free bud live
    256gb $1249 -$210-$50 = $989 with free bud live

    128gb 5G $919.20-$50=$869.20
    256gb 5G $999.20-$50=$949.20

    You will need to spend over 1k for the extra 5% off

    • +1

      Thanks for doing the calculations mate. FE looking pretty tempting

    • +1

      How do you get $200 value on top?

      nvm, just saw Get an extra $200 off when you trade up to the Galaxy S20 FE

    • +1

      I guess it depends as to whether you value your old handset more than $210. For me I prefer not having to deal with the earbuds (already have Sony).

    • +1

      Confirmed this is how it works. Ordered a 128GB 5G which retails for $1149 and trading in my old S8 which trades in for $120 + bonus $200 = $320.

      So my final cost came to $829.

      Samsung is also offering 50% off Samsung Care + which normally costs $249, but I received an email from Samsung with a code which discounts the full cost so I got 2 years of Samsung Care + for free.

      The phone also comes with a case in the box. Plus the free Buds Live.. Awesome deal.

      • how did you get the samsung care + email thing? Received one for note 20 for signing up for the unpacked but I didn't receive one for s20 fe, so i just thought they didn't have this promotion on this time.

        • Now that you mention the Note, I think I may have signed up to reveive more info about the S20 FE as I remember getting a notification about its upcoming release on my S8.

          • @kittymtd: Hey do you mind sharing the code?

            • @Colz97: PM'd but think the codes are unique.

              Edit: Yup, codes are unique. If anyone manages to get the email it's a decent deal. I'm still yet to receive the $50 discount to a second email so think their emailing is hit and miss.

      • found the same deal in my junk box :) , thanks

        But my samsung care only 50%, do you think its worth to purchase it ?

        • Did you input the code? I'm fairly certain they're doing 50% off all Samsung S20 FE pre-orders at the moment, as I had that by default when I added it to my cart reducing the cost to $124.50. Then once I put in the code from the email, the cost reduced to $0. Note they take the reduced cost off of the phone as they need the full Samsung Care Plus to show up in your cart.

          • @kittymtd: trying to trade in my S8 too, but not sure is it because of cracked screen , it take forever to for the software to load for quotation :(

            did you had the same problem ?

            • +1

              @taofufa: just tried the trade up app on my s8+ which also has a cracked screen and quoted $15. Took a minute or two for the final quotation to load

              • @choiyena: did you trade it for $15 !? lol , but you still get the bonus $200 right ?

                • +1

                  @taofufa: nah I haven't, thinking maybe i'd trade my Note 9 instead which quotes $380 plus the 200 which is $580. Wanting to wait a bit longer to see if i'll receive the samsung care+ email haha. Signed up for the unpacked and has always been subscribed to Samsung promotional emails but received no emails about the launch of s20 fe which is weird…

                  • @choiyena: Check your junk mail,

                    I got 50% off samsung care from my junk mail,

                    I still trying to pick between a) educatoin portal samsung s20FE 5G 128gb for $919 or B) public store - $949 with the bud life with optional 50% samsung care.

                    Might go with Option B and resell the bud life for maybe $200.

                    What you reckon

                  • @choiyena: just wondering how did you get $200 on top of your trade in? I got quoted for my note 9 128gb for $315 but no $200

                    • +1

                      @V13tbargain: Once you enter trade up ID it should show up as $515 discount. I'm trading in S10 128GB and initial quote was $405 but showed up as $605 once ID was entered.

                      • +1

                        @errorius: yes, comes up $808 for 5G 256gb version ($50 marketing bonus, my note 9 trade-in, 2 years samsung care+ at 50% off), pretty good

                  • @choiyena: how badly cracked was your note 9? was wondering whether the app picked up on your cracks in the picture?

                    my samsung s8 is pretty cracked on the corners, did the trade in app test and picked up one of the cracks and at the end said its not available for trade ins.

                    • @ttl: My S8+ had a crack/chip in the corner of the phone, wasn't particularly big and yea it did pick it up, that's why it was only worth $15. A good condition S8+ would be $125

            • +1

              @taofufa: The app was very slow I found too. My screen isn't cracked luckily!

              • @kittymtd: still only can get 50% off from sansung care, do you think it worth purchasing ?

                • @taofufa: Interesting. Guess it really depends on whether you tend to drop your phone. I have dropped this S8 a few times but never cracked anything due to the case on it I guess. I have dropped iPhones previously though and cracked the screen which sucked.

                  You still have to pay for swapping so consider that too. Much easier for me to choose with it being free, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered with 50% off.

      • i had a chat on the Samsung site yesterday and they said no case included with this phone tho?

        • If you look at what's included in the box on the product page, it has a picture of a case.

          • +1

            @kittymtd: yeah, that's what i thought at first too, but that one's for s20 and s20+ unfortunately :/ i asked them and they said the box includes "Data cable a to c travel adaptor (15w), Sim ejection pin, quick start guide, UV screen protector, unit box, and sleeve.

            So no case and no wired earphones :/

            • @choiyena: That's lame, I would've bought a case if I knew it didn't come with one. Let me see if I can still add one..

      • +1

        hey did you have any issues with the tradeup app detecting your buttons?

        Won't pick up my home button - even though it works… only gives me $15

        • No issue my end with buttons. I only have a S8 though so even with everything working perfectly I'm only getting $20, but it's the bonus $200 which makes it worth it. What phone do you have?

          • @kittymtd: S8 base model… my buttons work 100% - just the final detection of home button is inconclusive ~

            yea only getting $15 (got $85 last time I checked)

          • @kittymtd: but since yours is working perfectly alreayd - and only getting $20

            I thought yours was getting $120 + bonus $200 = $320

            • @blehgg: Sorry yes mine was $120, got confused! I'd suggest doing it again from scratch if it thinks your button isn't working.

      • when do you get the Trade ID?

        is it after all the supplying your own IDs and stuff?

        • Yup providing ID was the last step I think before getting the Trade ID. Also have to provide your address so they know where to send the return satchel to.

          • +1

            @kittymtd: thanks ~ yea ~ that ID part was sooo slow….

            I just ordered ~ same as you. Worked out the buttons - Power then Home… (there's no physical home.. so was throwing me off…)

            Gotta send device back by 14 days… if it comes on the 8th….

            • @blehgg: Yay glad it worked in the end! Yes we don't need to send it back until 14 days after we receive the new one. I haven't received the return satchel yet, not sure if that will come separately or with the S20 FE.

              • @kittymtd: From what I understand, we will only have to send in the phone, not any of the accessories. That means you can keep the charger, cable, earbuds, everything. See also point 4b on https://images.samsung.com/is/content/samsung/p5/au/tradeup/Terms-and-Conditions.pdf?$ORIGIN_PDF$

                • @Make it so: Awesome thanks for the confirmation! I received the S20 FE today but no Return satchel with it, so have asked them to resend. New phone seems to be working well and have transferred everything over.

    • NVM. I need a new pair of glasses

    • I have S8+ valued $150 by Tarde up app plus $200 makes the total $350. Though I have a box and covers and idea if its a best price or better sell outside Samsung?


      • Based on my quick eBay checks in recent days, that is a very decent price. I got offered "only" $95 for a pristine condition S8 without a scratch. Still accepted it, as I am not sure I'd get more than $120-$130 on eBay, if even that. Also, I think by trading up you do not have to return any accessories, so you can keep headphones, charger, type-c cable, etc., which may be worth some $10 as well.

    • Almost went for the education store ($749 for the FE 4G).
      But I see your comment and finally got the 4G + Buds Live for $739.
      Thank you. Saved me $200+

    • I am tempted to do this, as they offer $95 for my old S8. Here's my problem - it does not look like they can finalise the quotation until I wipe my gmail accounts off it, which would make it unusable. How can I do that if I don't receive the new phone until weeks later?

      • +1

        Hi, you just need to go to setting, remove all of your google account (you can always add them back), and choose the swipe option for phone unlock (no security - but you can always change it back to normal after getting the TradeUp ID). Once done, go back to the Trade Up app and continue to receive your Trade Up ID.

        The process is pretty troublesome to me. Had to upload my driver license + Medicare card + give them a lot of information.

        But it's worth it in the end.

        • Thanks. Went through with it and it was more painless than I thought.

    • Thanks for the tip. Initially I thought it would not be good value, until I checked eBay for what my S8 was worth. This turned out to be great value, and based on eBay prices for my old phone, I basically ended up with the earbuds for about $50. Of course I also used the newsletter signup.

      • My S8 has broken glass making it extremely hard to sell on eBay, gumtree…, they give me $10 plus the $200 bonus, i.e. $210 in total. Can't complain. haha

        • I got $95 plus the $200. I reckon $95 isn't far from its value on eBay. It's in perfect condition.

  • Best I can see on the Aus Govt store is $1008.57 for the 256GB model. Can't seem to get the $50 off marketing email discount.

    • Be sure to use a different email address that you haven't used before

    • I am an Aus Post employee. can i make Govt.Portal to shop this? How? Thanks

      • You need a .gov.au email address. I don’t think you have one with auspost?

  • -2

    Anyone got confirmation whether the S20 FE 5G 8GB/256GB model supports mmwave 5G or not ! Chat said yes but they said all S20 5G supports mmwave and they had their 2 min video training lol :D, welcome to modern day $2 an hour live chat customer service.

  • Also ordered 256GB Cloud Navy 5G for $928.88 with silicon case!

    • why it shows 980 on my end. i could not get 50 dollars off with 5%. Phone and case didn't exceed 1000 ???

  • very tempted to get but dont have EPP. is it still worth getting Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB for $1149?

    • Don't think so. S20+ 5G Exynos version was around $1100 not long ago.

  • +3

    What makes it a Fan Edition? Or does FE mean something else (like Frugal Edition) and Fan Edition is a nick name.
    I thought a Fan version would be an ultimate in everything, cpu , camera, screen etc.

    • Genuinely expected a 3.5mm jack when they called it a fan edition. It’s really just an S20e.

      • Has Samsun* called it Fan Edition, or just FE .. and it’s others that say Fan Edition?

  • Whats the difference between normal s20 5g and founders which one is better?

    • S20 5g if it has snapdragon which you can buy from other websites who sells US or hongkong model

  • For those wondering, I checked with chat and the S20 FE does not include wired headphones or a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor.
    The adaptor is $20, so if you are getting the 5G 256GB, it brings it to $1019.20 and 5% off that is $968.24.
    Use the $50 voucher and it is $918.24.

    • And they have the audacity to call it a fan edition! Does the regular version come with headphones and the adaptor?

  • +1

    If you want the Galaxy Bud Live, the public store ($1149) is actually cheaper than the EPP ($928 + $258 = $1185), which means adding $222 to EPP price gives you the GBL worth $319.
    Would like to know what you think :-)

    • +1

      I would go with public store and trade in a phone to get that $200 extra trade in value.

    • I think the more important question is - why would you want the Galaxy Buds Live? I'd be trying to offload them asap.

      • I actually really like them for my purposes. Use them for exercising including running and they don't move while still allowing me to hear my surroundings. I'll either give the second pair to my partner or sell it.

        ANC is crap though, I use my Bose QC35iis for anything non-exercise related.

      • +1

        You want them to sell them for $200-250. Its the same as getting it for $799 from EPP. The only difference is that $200 extra trade in value.

        Just paid $789 for the S20 FE after trading in iphone SE1 for $210 (including bonus value). I don't think I can offload this old phone for $210 anywhere else.

        • I did the sums for my situation. If I traded in my S8+ valued at $15, I would pay $984 for the 256gb model.

          Under EPP, I paid $929.

          I therefore need to sell the Buds Live for the value of my S8+ plus $55. I think I could still eBay My S8+ for $200, so I really can't see any gain to be made in my case.

          • @atlas: What 256gb model? U mean the 5G? (insert The5G covid joke here) I think that one's also 6GB/128GB mate.

            • @Penpinch: There's an 8gb RAM 256gb model only available in Navy in Australia and only at some retailers (Samsung Store and JB Hifi were the only ones I saw).

  • So this is just an overpriced S20 Lite.

  • I think still S20 5G is better then SE

    • +2

      There is no SE :-p

  • My bad means Samsung S20 FE

  • +1

    Education store is showing S20 4G FE 128GB for $999. Isn't it meant to be $799.

    • shows $799 to me

      • Weird. Will review on a computer.

    • showing $799 on mine too

  • A71 vs S20 Fe vs Pixel 4a?

    I think $619 vs $749 vs $599 on edu store with $50 off.

    Anyone looking at the same 3?

  • +1

    I can't seem to stack the 5%off and the voucher, it's either one or the other. Can someone tell me the process?

    Addit: the 5% applies but when the voucher is applied the 5% goes away.

    • +1

      Here's how I finally did it:
      Add phone
      Add voucher
      Add cover or whatever

      • Thanks @austrij! However still not working with that order either …

        • +1

          I've played around with the cart, as long as the original amount is >$1000, it seems to be automatically added, and it stays when you add the $50 off code.

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