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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit (Includes Charger and 2.5ah Battery) $29 @ Bunnings [One Per Customer]


Note: Price online has increased to $79, but is being sold for $29 in store

$29 for cordless whipper snipper , 2.5ah battery and fast charger.

I've paired this with the $159 ozito battery mower and $29 jet blower and couldn't be happier with the product (considering the price)
knocked over my 150sqm backyard and 100sqm front yard.

Looks like Bunnings is matching Aldi's mower and whipper snipper kit.

Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit with rotating head $129
https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-grass-trimmer-kit_p3381086 (2.0AH battery, rotating head)

Mod Update 23/10: Available online again for Click and Collect.

Mod 29/10: Prong's review

Update: 06-Nov-2020 Expired (Price increased back to RRP)

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          Unless you have a 3D printer, I just print them :P

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            @rsop: Good one :D

    • +1

      Most likely

    • Most likely, I think you are better off using a spool feed line.

    • Yes, they'd most probably break

    • Thanks all, sounds like I'll stick to the old corded line trimmer I'm currently using.

    • yeah sounds like it, and if you're trimming next to a concrete path.

    • Only use this for grass and weeds, not against walls or brick edging.

    • Yes since they changed the colour from the burgundy to the red the blades have been garbage. Pos in my opinion

  • +1

    amazing deal! thanks op

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    Hi, Does it come with battery + fast charger?

    • “ This kit includes 18V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery providing cordless convenience, while a Compact Fast Charger is the quickest way to recharge your battery.”

    • +1

      Yes, it is a kit.
      I bought two, the blades are $13.98 and I've got the 2x4 amp blower so the batteries could be used for that.

      • I, too, bought 2 of these so that i can power the Ozito Jet Blower from a previous deal

  • +1

    Thanks OP, snapped one up. Great price for value. Granted this is the entry model, but at this price point worth it!

  • will this go down to $19 like the electric blower?

    • Probably not, the blower was a price war with Coles. This is matching Aldi.

      • +1

        God damn aldi, why aren't you cheaper haha.

        Pulled the trigger anyways since I gotta clean up the nature strip. Weird how push (manual) lawn mowers are priced at over $100 but this can be $29….

  • -3

    Bought 2 - one for the first 6 uses and the second for spares

    Should last 12 months altogether - Gotta love disposable non recyclable kit and the now legal >5km drive to Bunnings to pick them up

    Thanks OP!

    • +3

      War on Waste!

  • +1

    Lucky they are matching Aldi this way. I don't need a mower!
    Even with all the crap reviews this looks like it'll do the job for just maintaining the nature strip.

    Hopefully my local comes through with the goods (in VIC so been a couple of times now "they can't fulfil my order").

  • +2

    Still a good value even if you buy it just for the battery and charger….

  • +6

    I've been using this for about a year on a not-small backyard + front yard (1000m2 block) after having a normal corded line trimmer for 10 years before. Yeah it breaks the blades, but I usually take 2 or 3 spares with me in my pocket for doing the whole yard. Sometimes i'll only break one blade or none at all. You have to be more careful than one with a cord reel, but i bought 100 blades on ebay for $10 or something, which seems like its going to last a few years at this rate.
    Definitely worth it at $29 if you need one, especially considering the 2.5 battery (usually 25-30 on its own) and the fast charger being included.

  • -1

    Good luck finding any in stock…

    • +1

      Seems be have stock in various stores in VIC. Just picked up mine. Ordered was processed and ready for pickup in 3 hrs roughly.

  • +1

    I do not regret a lot, but truly regret getting this. It is just NOT strong enough. With trimmer, you trim not only the grass, sometimes you trim a bit of dirt, a bit of this and a bit of that. Save your money. Get a 82v vectra trimmer, works way better. If not, then just save the money. Not this, no.

    • +3

      Not even for a battery and charger kit?

      • +1

        I'm getting 2 just for the batteries and chargers, will try one of the trimmers and flog the other one off

    • Sell the main body for $25 and you'll get a battery free .

  • +3

    Got the skin only for this price earlier in the year.

    Light and easy to use.

    Haven't had a blade break yet (only edge of blade become thinner), but just use it on edges of lawn and garden bed to neaten up after mowing main lawn. If I go near rocks, pavers or other hard objects that make a noise then just pull back with it and blade is fine. If you're handy, have read about people working out ways to attach standard trimmer line to it.

    As long as you're not looking at really heavy usage, is pretty handy device. For the quick and easy jobs, much less hassle to just whip it out and get going, than using much more powerful corded Stihl that I have.

    With battery and charger thrown in is a bargain at this price. Long warranty, no quibble replacement or refund at ubiquitous Bunnings stores makes it worth a try, even if sitting on the fence :-).

  • +3

    I bought this kit for $69 a few months ago… Actually very satisfied with it - the hard plastic blade is much better than the trimmer lines I used before. Also it's pretty light weighted. Battery life is also much longer than what I needed.

  • +4

    Thanks OP! Got it just for the battery and charger! Will be returning the 2.0ah battery I bought under the $25 deal :)

    Might want to include the 'was' price in the title which is $79. Interestingly before the 10 September it was $125/$129 according to pricehipster.

    • how do you return the battery? you can't just return because of choice.

      • Sorry to clarify I bought two but only opened 1. Will be returning the unopened one.

      • Yes, you can.

        And "change of mind" is fine - or also let them know if faulty.

        For change of mind they are very flexible with length of time since purchase, they only need receipt for the price (or credit card stmt with time and date) and for item to be in a "resalable state" - i.e. with original packaging (taped-closed) AND item appearing unused.

        Bunnings have the best return policy - which is really in their own interest as well as needed for a hardware store if you're doing a job to repair something where you're not sure if you're going to need bolts of lengtt a, b, or c, until you get that piece disassembled, or get inside the roof or under the house etc. But many shoppers will end up never returning the two sizes that they didn't use - instead just adding them to their workshop supplies.

  • +1

    thanks OP, got one for battery and charger alone. All Newcastle stores showing stock.

  • +2

    Can't even buy the 2.5 AH battery on its own!

  • +1

    If you're looking to beat that $199 ALDI trimmer + mower deal Bunnings has the Ozito mower kit down $40 to $159 making the combo $188 :)


    • looks like the mower is all but out of stock.
      I grabbed a mower from Sunbury.
      was only 2 left.

      • +1

        I managed to snag one at Ringwood, Vic around 15 minutes ago so hopefully there are still a few more scattered around for people

    • I don't see how a mower can be any good with one 18V battery.
      My 2x 18V Ozito blower is nothing special and I'd expect a mower to require at least as much.
      A serious 34cc Husqvarna engine is 1.6 kW, mowers are commonly twice that.

      • For small lawns it is ok. I have this mower for a 30m^2 lawn.

  • +2

    Too good to miss!

  • How would this handled doing the edges of the lawn? Have a small backyard and the sides are a pain.

    • Just depends on your definition of 'pain'. I do my edges all the time (small nature strip) with no issues. You can also twist it and go around the edges in vertical mode if you prefer. As I said, I'm sure it's not as 'easy' as a proper edger or some higher end w snipper but I personally don't see it as being painful (relative)

      • Thanks gimme. You have answered my question. I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't work then I can always return it

    • I have about 100sqm of lawn and this is fine. Been using it for years.

      It's not the best but does the job.

      The ozito grey one is actually significantly better as it uses two blades instead of only one

  • Most of my garden edging is either wood or pavers, sounds like this would be a hassle and better off with an actual line trimmer?

  • These are fine for small edging work. The blades do snap pretty quickly if you are trimming up against a wall but I find it more than adequate for my needs. As with a previous comment, the blades can be bought cheap off ebay. This deal is a no brainer in my mind if you own other power xchange gear.

  • +4

    No brainer for me. Just the battery/charger/blades worth it. I know people say it's not great but I've been using it for years on my small patch and does the job.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I want to purchase a new battery and saw this! Good timing!

    • +1

      I've tried these types/ebay ones and they're not good. I'm all for cheaper alternatives BUT they're not worth it. Shorter/thinner/lighter and don't do the job as well.

    • +1

      Great find!

  • +5

    I have had one of these for a while. You probably go through about one blade for every 30 minutes use (more I guess if you use it up against bricks/walls). Sometimes the blades just fly off and you lose them. They cut through most grass, couch and so forth - not sure how it would go with more heavy duty brush or weeds though.

    A pack of 50 blades costs $25 at Bunnings and as others have mentioned there are ebay options. Based on the Bunnings site, the cheapest non Ozito trimmer with battery is $149 (Ryobi); so you can buy another 200 blades (300 - 400 hours of use) and still be better off. Not to mention that you would probably use 20c of trimmer cord in 30 minutes anyway.

    Definitely wouldnt get this for any heavy duty/extensive/regular work, but for trimming around the house every few weeks or touching up the driveway its a 'value for money' option if you arent too particular about your tools (or at least about your grass trimmer). If you are the kind of person who expects top quality tools that can power through anything, even that 1% of time when you come across it, dont get it. And if you already have a battery for another brand, the value proposition does change.

    If you can find one in stock

  • It does the job, I have one for a mid size garden. The refill packs are good and cheap. If you do have a lot of rocks or hard objects you will go through them fast.

  • +2

    Don't need it (already have one) but bought anyway.

    I've been using this for a couple of years and it's ok.
    I've never had a blade break but they do wear down over time.

    Worth buying for the battery and blades alone.

  • +1

    So for extra 4 dollars I can get a 2.5ah battery with spare Trimmer…..compare to just the discounted battery?

    • +1

      Plus you get a charger too

      • i might just get it for the extra charger and the extra stuff with it…..but i don;t need another line trimmer hmmm

        • +1

          Try and sell the line trimmer as skin only on gumtree. That's what I am planning to do.

  • I have this, and have had it for about 2 years and will be swapping it out for a brushless Ryobi as soon as I've used up all the blades…. I spend more time putting on new blades after they break away than edging my lawn and I've honestly had enough of it.

    Sure it is cheap and this is a good deal, but those blades just irk me way too much!

    • Not sure which one but I did own Ryobi line trimmer and it was a piece of crap. Line keeps getting stuck every min. $99 not worth it

  • -3

    My first motorised tool was an electric screwdriver from Ozito about 10 years ago. It would give me about 60 seconds of work. Which I thought was an industry standard.

    Now that I own lots of tools etc, I know that it isn't. I wouldn't buy one again. Staff in Bunnings even discourage buying their stuff.

    • +1

      People downvoting your comment without explaining it, so I will - the Ozito range (in particular PXC) has made giant strides in the last decade, and are very much a reliable option for a DIYer.

      • Glad to hear the new stuff is good. As I said in my original post, my only experience with their product was 10 years ago

    • +1

      Interesting. I moved away from the uber-expensive Bosch Blue range due to a few catastrophic failures… and I didn't even give it Tradie type abuse! Purposely went out of my way to replace as much as I could with Ozito PXC specifically to see how good/bad it was and apart from a few items (most have since had a refresh and the new models are much better) I find the Ozito PXC range more than enough for even someone like me performing large scale renovations to a 100+ year old workers cottage. I agree with XabiFernando above though, the PXC range is streets & highways ahead of the original Ozito stuff… by miles & miles.

  • These aren't great but do an ok job. It takes a long time to trim my edges when using this. I'm now in the market for a petrol trimmer as I want the grunt to do the job quick.

    At $29 this a great deal though as you get the battery and charger which can be used with other ozito tools.

    • Get the Ego from the Total Tools deal ;)

      • the $399 one?

        • +1

          Yeah. As good as battery powered gets and better than many petrol ones. Only downside with that deal is the battery is probably too big. Would be a lot lighter with the 2.5Ah and still have enough run time for most yards.

  • +8

    I am getting 2 of these to go with the Jet Blower skin for $29.
    The cheapest way to get a high power blower.

    • Must….resist…cracking….joke

    • Is the blower still available

      • Just found one myself but definitely more stores OOS than in stock

    • Did the same. Was after cheap cordless blower. Lucky found one as the blower was OOS nearly everywhere near me

      • Username checks out

    • +1

      That's exactly what I just did too :)

    • Anyone that's done this, what's the run time on the blower with 2.5Ah batteries?

    • any idea of the run runtime with 2*2.5 ah battery?

  • +2

    Thanks OP, i had one already in cart for $79 from before, glad i waited!

  • +1

    Thanks for the post!

    Just ordered one. As mentioned, it's a no brainier just for the battery and charger.

  • +6

    Thanks OP - purchased one.

    If you are not happy with the quality of the blades, you could try these cheap replacements from eBay

    They are more thicker and works well with my Bosch Cordless Trimmer (uses similar blades)

  • So tempted but what i really want is their actual line trimmer. :(

  • I already have one but bought for the battery and the extra blades. :).

    • how much for extra blades?
      any link?
      and how long a trimmer blade last in general?

      • Nah, I meant I bought this deal and can use the extra blades that comes with it as a bonus.

        The blades don't last very long, depends on how careful you are in avoiding other things than grass.

  • Bought this in the morning and came now to post the deal :p … Well done op. Yeah, its a great bargain even for the batt and charger itself… Purchased click and collect and waiting for the confirmation.

  • Does anyone use this with raised garden/edging & can comment? Like treated pine sleepers or pavers?

  • Does it worth buy 2 for the extra battery?

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