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Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV - Q80T 75" QA75Q80TA $2,888, Q80T 85" QA85Q80TA $4,488, Q60T 75" QA75Q60TA $1,888 @ JB Hi-Fi

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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          Yes, though in store no limit, online limited to 5

          • @cycloneaussie: I used 30 gift cards online in a single transaction at JBHifi recently?

      • Coles says limit 5 cards per customer. Im looking to buy a 2800 tv i wanted to get as much discounted gc as i can. :(

    • Dont know if it plans on changing, but i just went through the process to try buying some of the Him cards (wasnt going to of course) … get to the checkout and it says GC balance cant exceed $360 lol … so good luck with that

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    Any sale on 65" variants?

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      Find some and let us know please

      • https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/samsung-65-inch-...

        cheapest I've seen currently, although I did see it for ~$2448 just last month so I'm hoping it drops closer to $2k this week!

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          Q70T for 65" has been $1700 less than a month ago. I hope it drops a bit more

          • @azngamer: Yeah, looks like everyone jacked their prices up after those sales.

            Hopefully there’s some deals for Q70T 65”

        • Biggest issue with quoting Appliancesonline TV prices is that they simply don't have stock of some TVs in most states due to supply issues.

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    Not bad if this it what JB HI are calling now i reckon some of the competitors will do better

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      Perhaps. Perhaps not.

      Getting the TV want at the price you want is a heck of lot better than getting the price you want for a TV you can't get because of supply issues.

      Do a ring around of leading retailers and see if they have stock on hand would seem a smart thing to do.

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    What's the best TV for when there's sunlight glare?

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      I think you will prefer a QLED over an OLED in these circumstances. I've seen both in rooms with glare and definitely prefer QLED.

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        Thanks, saving me a ton of cash!

        • Make sure you're getting a model with good glossy anti glare coating though. Makes a big difference. I can play games and stuff with direct sun on my tv, dust shows up more than any reflections :P

    • QLED. And the 95T has the best glare protection of the lot….at a price.

    • I want to know that as well..

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    I have the Q80T 55" and it's fantastic, works with PS5 and can display in [email protected] through 1 HDMI port (#4). Out of the box config is bang tidy. I was deciding between this, the Sony XH900 and the LG CX. Sony's dodgy [email protected] put me off, LG was too pricey, this bad boy met me half way and is a BANGER!

    • Except you paid more than the Sony for a far worse brand whilst the Sony only needed a software update. Its coming up to Christmas, you'd rather not hurry software programmer and just let them release something thats done right.

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        Fair opinion, but the Sony was dodgy from the get go. It's was released in a "beta" stage with promised HDMI 2.1 only coming after a later update and now yet another update to have proper [email protected] Speaking of releasing things right, they should have just released the TV right from the get go. The Samsung is a far better TV: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-q80t-vs-sony...

        • You made a good decision. Sony retroactively removed the 'upcoming' VRR and ALLM features from their website. We bought the TV in October and are now eligible for a refund for the TV because when we we questioned Sony, they couldn't explain why those features have been removed from the website.

          The 4k120 looked horrible too and I don't have faith that they will fix it properly anytime soon. We will never trust features coming in a future update again.

      • I dont think i agree with the far worse brand comment… Maybe many moons ago yes but not anymore.. Probably at a point now that its personal preference more than quality.

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        South Korea makes most top tier tvs these days dude

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      Great to hear. I’m deciding between the X9000H or the Q80T 65”. Whichever goes on the best sale.

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        I’m in the exact same boat.

        • If you find either on sale please let me know. Which one are you leaning towards?

          • @jallen89: Ooh hard choices

          • @jallen89: Leaning toward Sony. However happy to get whatever is cheaper on the day. Don’t think you can go wrong with either

            • @swxfty: If you're thinking of Sony for gaming, I'd stay away. They can't get 4k120 right (Samsung already have) and have retroactively removed previously advertised features that were meant to come in a future update (VRR and ALLM which are also working in the Samsung).

        • See new comment about the X900H damaged box models on eBay. I’m got the 65” for $1900 shipped with 3% off code PLUS3.

  • Great deal

  • Noticed hisense 65S8 is 1045 as per JB Hi-Fi catalogue. Might bite the bullet. Any ways of reducing this price even further? Like certain credit cards/discounted gift cards/memberships?

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      Yep check the coles gift card deal

      • Thanks heaps!

      • do you have to buy it at $100 intervals e.g. 20 gc for 2k or can you just load $2k in the one go

    • Any downside to the Hisense 65s8 vs the Samsung's in this deal (besides screen size)? Is it a good deal?

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    Any smaller sizes? Don't want 75 inches in the bedroom

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      What's wrong with 75 inches in the bedroom?

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        Too bic

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          Not what she said..

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        Easy tiger!

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    Does JB Hifi allow you to place a deposit? So I can secure stock Wed AM and then come back with 45 gift cards?

  • This TV has Google Assistant.

    How would it work if there is a Google Home Max right next to it?

    • From experience with another TV, not very well. But it might just be that my TV has a poor implementation, I would imagine a much more polished experience with this range from Samsung.

    • Have a google nest mini right next to my Q80T and no issues whatsoever - I use voice commands to increase / lower volume - switch of off. Haven’t explored much as got the TV a few weeks back

  • Does anyone who has a recent Samsung know if these support CEC power off?

    I used to have an old Samsung which supported CEC power on but not power off, so I couldn't turn it off with Google Home, which is incredibly annoying (even with a smart switch as workaround). Not the only TV I've seen that does this too (had a Kogan do the same thing), which makes me really nervous about buying new TVs, since it's hard to test in the showroom or find out about online.

    • My q70r(2019 version) would work so assume it would work on 2020 version

    • My Q80T can be switched off via google mini - I dont think I can turn it ON -

  • Buy on Wednesday or wait till Friday to see if better prices appear? Any thoughts? JB probably will be all sold by Friday.

    • With prices like this I am expecting stock to be sold out very quickly unless they have a huge amount of stock on hand.

  • I think only q70t and above have hdmi2.1(for 4k 120 fps support)

  • Do samsung tvs still show ads?

    • Yes but there are workarounds

    • +1

      The ad is a small icon at the bottom - I don’t mind it at all now as it doesn’t really do anything and you don’t see it if you don’t go in the menu although I was a bit surprised when it initially showed up - I think a 12-18 months back

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    Fingers crossed for the 65" models going on sale as well. 75" is just too big for my father in laws lounge room

  • So which tv brand is 'best'? Which is better out of Sony vs Samsung? And which to model (either brand) is best in value, newest tech, bang for your buck?

    I need a new tv (old one broke 2 days ago) and I'm clueless when it comes to these things. I'd use the tv for at least 10years. I watch in a room that is both light and dark (depending on time of day) with reflections, since it'd be facing the window. I use the to for watching tv shows, Netflix, YouTube and some games.

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    Thanks OP!! Just in time as i'm after a TV for the house I just bought will move in Jan 2021.
    75 inch Q60 for $1888 will do. If only the 85 inch Q80 was a tad cheaper I would have gotten that. But 75 inch will do the job!!

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    Giving me 48hrs to decide between the 75” q80t and 75” x9000h is not very helpful! These decisions are best made on an impulsive whim. The next two days are going to be hell in my head.

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      same question now

  • +4

    Thanks OP. I just went in to JB in malaga WA and mentioned the price. He looked up this tread, asked the manager and said he could do the deal today. So now I'm the owner of a 85" TV!!

    • JB salespeople checking Ozbargain wow. Well done mate

    • Just send you a message pls check

  • Interesting, i bought the Q80R last year, and was looking at this newer Q80T and it's got slightly worse ratings. https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-q80r-vs-sams...

    • +1

      The 2020 Samsungs stepped down with the model numbers so the Q80T is equivalent to a 2019 Q70R.

      • Oh wow sneaky thanks, i had no idea thanks. That changes things. I was going to move the 2019 Q80R from bedroom to lounge room, and then get the 2020 75" Q80T for the bedroom.

        So now i need a Q90 to be similar to last years Q80

        Edit: Makes things hard to compare, it seems even the 2020 Q95 TV isnt as good as the 2019 Q80. Crazy to think last years TV's were better then this years.

  • +1

    I have the Q80T 75" and use it strictly as a computer monitor for productivity work (not gaming or watching tv).
    I can get 4K resolution at 120hz with my MacBookPro 2017.
    The fonts are crisp and the wireless mouse/keyboard are not laggy at all.

    • +3

      I find that hard to believe lol. Let me guess - you're going to claim tax deductions on the tv?

  • Has anyone got the Hisense S5? Was interested in the 70 inch for 1195

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    I went onto JB Hi-Fi's website to see where the 75" Q80T was in stock but couldn't find any store near me that was stocking it.

    I was looking at comboing the TV purchase with the Coles gift card trick, but now I'm worried that if I buy the gift cards I might be shit out of luck when I actually get to the store.

    Would I be better off buying it online then or if I go to a store would I still be able to pick one up?


    • +2

      I'm in the same boat. Suggest everyone look at in store stock - severely limited. Got to figure out if the GCs can be used online for the full purchase price, or a limit in how many you can use.

      • I've heard that only five cards can be used online, which isn't that big a saving then…

        • This isn't true. I recently used 30 cards on JB in a single transaction.

          • @AaronR: 30 gift cards online or instore?

    • Surely if you go in store they will order you one wouldn't they? Or does the catalogue say limited stock?

      • Right at the top it says 'while stocks last'

        • +2

          I just called my local store, they said as long as the take the payment on that day, they will try and get delivery from another store, then if there is no stock they will just order with the supplier. Just as long as payment is made, they will order the TV at the discounted price. Also confirmed there is no limited to how many gift cards can be used.

  • is there anyone know if Dolby vision and atmos available on Q60T?

    • Samsung TVs don't have Dolby Vision/Atmos

  • Does anyone know if JB would provide further in-store discounts or are ticketed prices final?

    • I think that depends on your negotiation skills. In the end, if you go during a free period (i.e. their rep don't get called away after 10 minutes), then it is possible.

      It's usually the busy stores that don't really give that much off advertised prices, based on my experience.

  • I wonder if I can get HN to price match this, and get $100 gift card back for the 75" Q80, which puts it on their 60 month installment plan.

    • Nice idea but I would say they won't be offering you the interest free option if they price match as it actually costs them margin to offer the interest free. Especially as the JB price on the 75Q80T is amazing price.

  • Oh man, i just paid the AMEX off!

  • +2

    is the Q80T really worth the 1k price increase over the Q60T?

    • I wanna know the same.

    • One is proper shit, the other is decent”ish”. Up to you whether that justifies the $1000 extra

      • Do u mean Q60T is shit?

  • Is there a way to afterpay this ?

    • ask your bank for a credit card

  • I love Samsung's initiative for the TV stand, breaking from the mold, but id wait for micro led, or pray oleds are cheaper next year, maybe praying isn't enough.

  • Q80T 75" QA75Q80TA or SONY - KD-85X8000H - 85?

  • Anybody confident that HN (or other retailers) will match JB on the Q80t 75"? Seems stock is low based on online and would possibly need to line up tomorrow morning to get any sort of stock.

  • You kidding me?

    I went to the store and the dude said this model wouldn't have deals.
    It is the fewest models with HDMI 2.1. Both models have:

    HDMI 2.1 Port 4
    eArc Port 3

    Part of me wanna update my 2018 QLED Q7FN 65" but the other half knows that this is the first HDMI 2.1 models and 2021 we should have HDMI 2.1 more stable, bigger TVs, etc.

    The previous year, 55" was the thing I believe with 65" being the up
    This year 65" is the thing, with 75" being the up
    Next year I expect 75" to be standard so better deals, with 85" getting cheaper, more and better models.

    I will let this pass and get ready for next year.

    • +1

      Well, I read into it, and apparently it all depends on what panel they used to cut it (8.5g vs 10.5g).

      With LG not going into 10.5 until 2025 now, hence QLED not having a competitor price wise, pricing for newer models shouldn't be dipping too much I would think.

      I don't know.

      • +1

        @sh4hp I would go further than that.

        By 2023 Samsung is releasing the best of both worlds: QLED + OLED = QNED

        It has the so-known brightness of a QLED panel and the black-black of an OLED panel without the burn-in screen. On top of that Samsung is the only one ready for mass production. Samsung does not believe OLED is the future for TV because of the hardware issue.

        LG on other hand is investing in QD-OLED but it is not ready for mass production like Samsung.

        What I am trying to say is, if you invest too much into a TV this year, you will get yourself forced to stay with limited technology to make the money you spent worth.

        I have a 2018 QLED, first model, and the black-black on a 2020 is way closer to an OLED and better than mine

        This year was the birthday of HDMI 2.1 and 4K 120+Hz panels, the TVs next year should be way better, better performance than 2020 models.

        No less important, you will be good for a few years. No HDMI changes, no Hz changes, no 8K enough to justify one. A 2020 model will force you another update down the track because first models are never 100% what they were supposed to be, etc.

  • +1

    Box damaged Sony X9000Hs are on sale on Sony eBay (got a 55" for $1499).

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