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Get 10% Cashback Every Saturday in December (Max $30 Back Per Transaction) Using Tap & Pay @ Zip


There seems to be a lot of confusion based on the comments so let me try and clarify how this works:

  1. Sign up to Zip Pay. Not Zip Money. You can use the 'Related Offers' at the bottom of this description for new signup options. Note that you must provide your email address or phone number if you want a referral, there’s no referral link and you can’t be referred without that info!
  2. Download the Apple or Android app and sign in with your details. You will need a smartphone with NFC.
  3. Go to the "Cards" tab within the Zip app. Click on Add to Apple Wallet (or Google Wallet if using android).
  4. Go to any store that accepts tap & go on credit/debit cards. Do not ask if they accept Zip Payment as this is a separate payment method.
  5. Purchase anything (any gift cards, services, goods, literally anything) and checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay by tapping your digital Zip card on Saturday. Do not spend more than $300 in one transaction if you want to maximise your benefit as you won't get 10% back above $300!
  6. You should see the rewards balance reflected under "Rewards" within the "Your Zip" tab of the app immediately.
  7. Once you have reached $30 in credit, click on the redeem button to apply the credit to your account.
  8. Pay off your Zip account by linking a credit card to earn points and defer payment (The screen says debit card but many have confirmed credit cards to work as well - Amex will not work). It takes 3 days for processing payments to finalise and you cannot make additional payments sooner than that.
Things to note:
  • Applying for a Zip account will trigger a credit check.
  • Redeemable once you've reached $30 in credit (I.e. Min spend $300)
  • Rewards balance will continue accruing even if you don't redeem $30.
  • There's no daily limit. The only limit is your credit limit.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay don't have a $100 tap and pay limit like normal cards. The limit is unlimited since you biometrically authenticate yourself at the time of payment.
  • You cannot prepay your zip account via BPAY so that it goes into credit. I contacted Zip and they informed me that since they’re not a bank they’re not allowed to hold deposits. If you prepay your account you will be breaching their T&Cs and your account may get blocked. It will take a few days to unblock. Do so at your own risk, some have reported success while others have confirmed they got blocked.
  • You cannot make payments online.
  • Max $30 back per transaction.
  • Excludes Westfield gift cards purchased from Westfield
  • On days other than Saturday, you can still earn 3% or 5% cash back that will accrue towards your rewards balance.
  • Within a twenty-four (24) hour period, you (a) are limited to redeeming your Reward Goal eight (8) times, and (b) will not earn any further credit back if you spend $4,000 or more.
  • 10% back on Super Saturdays will override all other cashback offers with lower % back.
  • By end of 8 January 2021, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled.
Other giftcards worth considering Store Normal discount New discount
Woolworths giftcards Woolworths ~5% 10%
Coles giftcards Coles ~4% 10%
Costco giftcards Costco 0% 10%
$100 Aldi giftcard Aldi 0% 9.5%
$100 7/11 giftcard 7/11 0% 10%
$500 EFTPOS giftcard and Only 1 Visa giftcard - Variable Load* Woolworths -1.6% 8.6%
$100 Amazon giftcard AusPost/711/BP/ United/Freedom/Newslink ~5% 10%
$100 giftcards (Only via Prezzee app paying with Apple Pay - At your own risk) Prezzee 0% 10%

*$7.95 purchase fee on activation. Benefit is maximised when you purchase a $500 giftcard + $7.95 fee (pay via split payment of $300 and then $207.95). If you purchase less than this your discount will be less.

12/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Him/Her/Teen/Google giftcards Woolworths 10% 19% $100 card for $81
$20 Netflix giftcard** Coles 25% 35% $20 Netflix card for $13
$50 Swap Celebration giftcard** Coles 10% 20% $50 Swap card for $40
$100 Her giftcard** Coles 5% 15% $100 Her card for $85
iTunes giftcard*** Big W 15% 23.5% $100 iTunes card for $76.5
Nintendo eShop Big W 10% 19% $60 card for $48.6

**Flybuys account required. Only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).
***Price beat at officeworks to get this at 27.325% off, or $72.68 for $100

19/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
$50 Netflix giftcard** Woolworths 10% 20% $50 Netflix card for $40

** Everyday rewards required. (Possibly) only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).

26/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Kogan Mobile BOGOF plans Kogan Mobile 50% 55-57% Use AmEx offer and combine with giftcards to get between 56.3% and 56.6% off. If no AmEx offer, then you can get ~54.8% off if using just giftcards (in lots of $50) provided that you can split the cost of the plan with someone else. Use classifieds if interested in sharing.
JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day sales JB Hi-Fi - - -

Related Offers:

$15 Zip Credit ($50 Min Spend, New Customer)
5% Cashback (up to $30) When you Tap and Zip (Minimum Spent for Period $600) - Targeted
3% Cashback (up to $30) When You Tap and Zip (Minimum Spend for Period $1000)
Referral Randomiser Below ($10 for referrer & referee)

Referral Links

Referral: random (350)

$10 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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        • If you had maxed out your limit on Saturday, I would say OK. Otherwise, you should max out your limit by spending on cash cards that can be used on other days.

          I would safely say that most people did not max out their limit (limit wasted).

  • Do you all reckon the 10% will be available on Boxing Day, given it falls on Saturday?

    • I would have thought so. Why wouldn't it - still a trading day?

    • 10% will be available on Boxing day, as it's written in 10% off T&Cs.

  • Does anyone know if Apple Pay works at Costco?

    • +1

      Yes, tried on last Saturday

      • Thanks heaps for the response!

  • +2

    Just a warning for those who want to buy TCN card, unless you want to use it right away, you should re-consider doing business with such dodgy company which trying everyway to retain your cash with every possible excuse. It has been clearly reflected from their management at the start, changing T&C in the last minute, and now even want to assist with 5 cards.

    Firstly as the issuer it is not right to limit the number of cards they should fix up with problem on their end especially this is the gift card which limit has never been stated as per shop or per day and you can be given gift cards from anyone. We should have file a class action case against this dodgy company.

    This company should be boycotted with all their dodgy practices.

    Hi There!
    Thanks for your enquiry.
    Due to your support, the Coles promotion has been an overwhelming success.
    However, because of the increased volume our customer service team has been a little busy. If you are still waiting for a response, we will bet back to you shortly….
    Please note, due to the promotional limit of 5 cards per person we can only assist each customer with 5 cards.
    Thanks again for your support and patience and we look forward to getting in touch with you soon.
    The Card Network Team

  • +2

    Those who bought TCN Restaurant card can get it refunded because of the change in T&C and many restaurants that can't be used by that card.

    • Is it confirmed that we can get it refunded?

      • I can confirm YES! Just send them an email.

    • I have bought 5*$50 restaurants card, I couldn’t use any of it. Even I went to the restaurant listed on their website. So disappointed with this rubbish company..

  • How do I pay off my balance? Do I have to wait until transactions are no longer pending?

    • yes, wait until no longer pending then you can pay it off via linked card or bpay.

      • I'm trying advance payment but it's saying that the balance of $20 is still due on 1st week of January? Does it mean advance payment will not replenish balance until 3 January?

  • +4

    So no deals for gift cards this week…?

    • +1

      None in the supermarket catalogues

  • +1

    You can still get up to 13% on some til mid week? I'm not sure when everything ends.

    Otherwise, Saturday will still yield 10% across any gift cards you can find which is pretty good for eBay, and Amazon these days.

    • Target (KIDS only) and Woolies sale is until Tuesday 15/12
      Edit - Target sale is valid till 16-Dec

      • Kids, still = JB HiFi.

        I think that's what I bought last week, 13% better than 10%>

        • Yes Kids has JB. It also has H&M so for me that's an added advantage.

  • So if you bought on Sat then by Wed at the latest you should be able to pay it all off so you will be eligible by Saturday once again?
    Also, do you earn points for paying Zippay by credit card?

    • Yes,

      Make sure your card doesn't treat it as cash advance

  • Does anyone know how difficult it is using split payments with gift cards when your balance is running low? I want to get some Coles express gift cards but don't want to hold up the line.

    • +3

      The Coles gift card systems is pretty good. If you put through a higher amount that is remaining, the system declines the transaction and the actual remaining balance comes up for use. The PIN is required again to process the transaction. This usually takes 20 - 30 seconds to put through, which you can then ask to pay any remaining balance onto a second gift card or another form of payment.

  • I tried paying my bills (water, council, etc.) at Australia Post, but the Eftpos machine requires me to "insert me card". I think it might due to the person in charge not setting up the transaction correctly (i.e. selecting savings instead of credit). Will try again this Saturday.

    • I paid my AGL bills at Australia Post.

      Zip Tap got declined the first time and the guy asked me if I wanted to pay by "Visa".
      Then I tapped again and the payment got through.

      Specifically ask for paying by "Visa", if the biller doesn't accept "Visa", the operator will tell you immediately.

      • -1

        I'll be paying bills this weekend at Australia Post.

        Utilities are generally known quantities and unavoidable, so I'll probably pay 1 year ahead.

        I will considering prepaying my Zip account to ensure I have some extra funds available.

        • -1

          You can't prepay Zip Pay.

          You can only pay the billed amounts.

          • -1

            @NinongSmart: I'll just correct you.

            The terms and conditions indicate that a Zip Pay account should not be in credit, but it does contemplate such a scenario. I'll let you have a read of those for your reference.

            It is not possible to pay more than is owing via the app or website which, I presume, is what you are referring to. However, a BPAY payment can be made for any amount, the effect of which may be to place the account in credit.

              • +1

                @NinongSmart: Except that you can BPAY any amount you feel like. Generally this would put your account into credit; not entirely clear what ZIP does if you BPAY through enough to put your account in credit. I've seen it mentioned a few times, but haven't seen anyone confirm the outcome.

                • +2

                  @ely: I just overpaid with BPAY and can confirm that it increases the limit.

                  • @leiiv: Yep, it has to. There's nowhere else for the funds to go.

                    I also used BPAY to test out how long it takes,

                    Payment made Monday (prior to daily cut-off), payment received today. That is, two working days.

                    I'd love to know what Zip did with the funds yesterday. There's no good reason for a BPAY payment to take two working days.

                    • +1

                      @YesPleaseThankYou: Totally agree, no reason why BPAY payments shouldn't be there earlier.

                      I made my BPAY payment yesterday (Wednesday) around 11am. I took the risk knowing that it might not be there by Saturday - which some previous comments seems to suggest. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but there is no reason it shouldn't take that long.

                      • +1

                        @eltito: Based on my experience, you'll see the funds there tomorrow.

                        My guess is that Zip hasn't automated/integrated the BPAY feed it gets from its financial institution.

                        A few complaints to AFCA about payments being applied late might fix that! (Mind you, I would never deliberately pay so late so as to put myself in that situation.)

  • -1

    Any deals on gift cards on this Saturday? If not, I will get some alive lobsters/mud crabs/abalones from seafood shop.

    • I saw someone comment that there was nothing in the Coles / Woolies catalogues. I checked and also couldn't find any.

      Maybe something will pop up over the next few days. Here's hoping!

  • Anyone know why eftpos Max $500 value (perfect giftcard ) should be considered when
    Only 1 visa also have max $500 value and give benefit of "using as credit card for online transaction"
    I could be wrong but eftpos can't be used online, whereas visa can.

    • It may be not easy to check balance for Only 1 VISA now. This card has no PIN (may be hard to use instore sometimes).

      • Does Perfect Giftcard has a purchase fee?

      • Got it, @Neoika.
        You're right, on certain value, in store purchase - the machine will ask for a PIN.

        Options are:
        * Only 1 visa
        - useful for online purchase
        - useful for purchase in store (under certain amount, <$150?)

        • Eftpos
        • useful for in store purchase (has PIN)
        • not useful for online

        @yanlianglee, perfect gift card has $7.95 fee, as outlined by op post.

      • Update: Balance check is straightforward for variable one. No register required. There are several similar sites.


  • So has anyone tested this with online purchases? E.g., may this work if I just buy something directly of amazon.com.au using zip?

    • +1

      It works if the website supports ApplePay and you use Safari on iOS. Amazon doesn't support this.

    • Paying with Zip does not count toward this deal, you must pay with the Zip issued Visa card via Apple/Google Pay

  • How do you generate a VISA card using the app and not a Mastercard?

    Mastercard seems to not be accepted using GooglePay, mentions online only purchases

    • It should be a VISA by default.

  • +2

    Funny how fast one's mood can change after checking the Woolies/Coles catalogues on Monday and finding no gift card deals

  • Not much chop this week vs last week . Hopefully a 19% late arrival comes .

  • +1

    No love for 7-11 Gift cards? surely Helicopter lock in + 10% off Fuel is high up there in the OZB community.

    • Uber drivers or other delivery guys would like that one for their arsenal .
      Great thinking .
      Might be good for a few hundred for me but can't justify $1500 with my lack of driving too far :)

  • Can someone advise me.

    I have $12 bonus in my zip already. If I buy a $300 gift card on Saturday will I get the full $30 back? Or should I try to spend $180 so my bonus reaches the $30. Then continue to buy gift cards in $300 increments?

    • +2

      You will get the full $30 back. It becomes $42 and you can redeem $30.

    • +1

      It's not the $300 increments that matter, it's the $30 redemptions that are key.

      In my opinion, that $30 minimum redemption should only have applied to the first redemption, as the threshold of the promotion had been met.

      My guess is that Zip didn't envisaged being 'OzBargained'.

      • -3

        as the threshold of the promotion had been met

        Really then how come its still going strong !

        It's not the $300 increments that matter

        Actually its vital to spend exactly $300 if in my bracket of $1500 to get the max of $150 .

        Tks for your input MrKnowAll

        • You have misinterpreted. I could have been clearer.

          When I said, 'the threshold of the promotion had been met', I was referring to the $30 target spend. I was not referring to Zip's internal budgets (if any), as you seem to think.

          Really then how come its still going strong !

          We don't know that it is still going strong, as the terms indicated that the promotion can be withdrawn at anytime. We will all need to check the status of the promotion on Saturday. I know I will be!

          Actually its vital to spend exactly $300

          No, it is not. In order to reach the $30 promotional target, the spend can be made up of multiple smaller amounts.

  • How are people buying $300 gift cards? Isn’t tap and go limited to $200 at a time?

    • +2

      Not when using apple pay or google pay

    • +1

      One of two ways:

      • Firstly, you can split payment.
      • Secondly, if your phone supports biometric authentication for the card purchase, and the merchant has an updated terminal, then there is no tap limit (just the limit of your account).
      • +1

        Thank you!

        I assume I should just ask to try Apple Pay for $300 and if it fails it’s probably merchant device end issue, and split the payment up.

        • +1

          Yep. It seems to me that many merchants have the 'modern' terminals (and/or firmware).

          At worst, you could be asked for the PIN. Make sure you have set your Zip Pay card PIN in the app and it won't be a problem.

  • Do you have to redeem each time you reach $30?

    If I go and buy 2x worth of $300 gift cards (2x transactions), will it give me $60 rewards and then I can redeem the full $60?

    Or do I have to:

    1. Tap and pay $300 worth of gift cards
    2. Redeem $30
    3. Tap and pay another $300 worth of gift cards
    4. Redeem the second $30

    Also, if I want to buy JB Hifi gift cards, do I need to do it in store, or will it work if I go to JB website to buy and use Apple Pay at checkout?

    • Please read description, 2nd point bolded under things to note and 4th point

      • I did - but it doesn't address my question.

        You mention to redeem once the rewards reach $30.

        But "MUST* you redeem the $30 before you can get more cashback?

        As in - can the rewards bucket only fill to a max of $30, then you need to empty it, then earn another $30, then empty and so on and so forth?

        In my above example - Can I buy 2x $300 gift cards and earn $60 rewards and then redeem the $60?

        Or do I need to buy 1x $300 gift card, then redeem the first $30 reeward (i.e. empty the bucket) then buy the 2nd $300 gift card, and then redeem the 2nd $30?


        Rewards balance will continue accruing even if you don't redeem $30.

        I guess reading into this, it means that I don't have to redeem every time I top up to $30, but does it allow me to redeem $60 all in one go?

        • +1

          Can I buy 2x $300 gift cards and earn $60 rewards and then redeem the $60?

          Yes, in multiples of $30. Accordingly, you'll need to make two $30 redemptions.

    • Just to add to the above, the rewards do go over $30 so you probably don't need to redeem between each transaction (though there is no harm in doing so). My rewards balance was ~$14 and after I bought a $300 gift card, my rewards balance went to ~$44 at which point I was able to redeem the $30 cashback and I now have ~$14 in my rewards balance again!

  • Is it true that if I purchase $300 worth at one store, then immediately after purchase another $100 at that store, I will only get the cashback for the first transaction?

    Is the cashback only applied once per store per day?

    • Did you read the terms and conditions of the promotion?

    • Not in my experience - I did 3 transactions in a row at WW last Saturday and all showed up eventually along with the rebate.

  • +1

    Where do we find eBay gift cards? I'm happy to buy a few at 10% off Saturday

    In-regards to the $30, can we cash that out to our bank or you have to spend it via Zip?

    By end of 8 January 2021, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled

    What's this mean? If we have under $30, we lose it. If we have over $30, it stays in credit?

    • +1

      Not sure re the ebay cards, but the $30 is credited onto your zip account, so essentially it's reducing what you owe by $30.

      My understanding is that any credit left after that date will be wiped out totally if not claimed, no matter if it's over or under the $30 amount.

      Given you can only claim in $30 blocks, it pretty much means you want to be on or just over the $30 amount to claim before the 8th.

      • +1

        Ok, I redeemed $60 and it deducted it from what I owe.

        I have $7.50 now, so I basically have to buy $225 gift cards Saturday to hit $30
        I doubt anywhere does $25 gift cards were

        I can then redeem that $30 and it'll deduct it from what I owe.

        Works out ok! Thanks

        • You can go to Coles and get a Coles-Myer giftcard and request $25 be applied onto it. I did this last week (for $30) to reach the threshold.

    • +1

      I got my eBay cards at Coles last weekend (and need to get more this Saturday). They're not eBay specific though - they were the "Swap Celebration" cards - basically it's just a piece of cardboard with a number on it, you go to their website, enter the number, then use that to purchase an eBay code which is instantly emailed to you. I bought $300 worth - they were activated virtually instantly.


    • Woolworths has them

  • On Saturday I did this and it went through fine. Today I tried to do it and I was declined. Do we have to add zip to google pay each time?

    • +1

      No, I added once and have been using for a few weeks.

  • +1

    Guys I just added a debit card to account to make extra payments. Very weird my account is on hold. I tried to call but currently closed. I’ll Call them tomorrow.

    • +1

      My account has just been put on hold, out of the blue without any account action today, will have to call tomorrow.

    • Had been in a same situation. You'll be asked to verify card repayment by replying with reference code starting with PP+numbers. Have it ready bf calling.

      • PP as in PayPal?

        • Sorry, just P+numbers.

          Check you repayment record in your credit/debit card and you'll know it.

          • @Neoika: Thank You, I just went through my statement and got all the details from my repayments, hopefully can clear this up first thing tomorrow.

            • @running on empty: Mmm when I called they said to email back the code which I did, but account is still on hold ?

              • @fozzie: Edit sorted but needs to be done by email. Had to call to speed things up

                • @fozzie: I've called them and emailed, was told they needed to escalate to accounts and have not heard back since this morning, I will be calling again soon

                  • @running on empty: Yes. I had to call them a few times, but was done eventually.

                    • @fozzie: How do you know your account is on hold, or do you only find out when you try to make a transaction and it fails?

    • My account was on hold & I have asked the bank to reverse the BPay payment I made, how many days will Zip need to unlock the account ?

      • Took about a day. I had to call though to speed it up

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