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Free Foxtel Now Box for Select Foxtel Now Customers


Full credit to walaj on Whirlpool.

Only available to selected Foxtel Now customers. Offer must be redeemed by 30 June 2021 or while stocks last. 12,000 boxes available. Foxtel Now box will be delivered within 15 business days to the nominated delivery address. Limited to one per customer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Should work with the 10 day trial, or the free month for Telstra postpaid customers:



Other random info:

  • Once the box is activated with a Foxtel Now account, you can log in with your satellite/cable Foxtel details if you have multiroom (or you can use WBMC mentioned below if you don't have multiroom)
  • Has inbuilt FTA tuner (which can now be used with the Live Channels app), Chromecast built-in, and Bluetooth remote
  • Has native Google Play apps for Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Stan, Optus Sport, and all five FTA channels, as well as Plex
  • Amazon Prime, Kayo, and Binge work, but have to be sideloaded or cast
  • WBMC can be sideloaded (it's a fork of Kodi; Kodi itself can't be loaded), and used with Matt Huismans add ons, including Foxtel Go:



  • Has Ethernet (100Mb), USB, microSD, and S/PDIF ports
  • You can't reorder the apps row
  • You can't reorder the FTA channels within the Live TV section
  • I couldn't get the Apple TV app working
  • You can get Amazon / Kayo / Binge / WBMC apks from the repository below:


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            • @RichardL: Actually 2pm 9/6 so fingers crossed. Need it for my gym tv

              • @R3XNebular: @R3XNebular - I did the order around the exact same time too.. pls post here when you do get the sms.. thanks.. ill do the same if i get one..

  • You don’t need a TV antenna to watch live FTA TV. I’ve been watching it through the FTA channel apps with no issues. Only downside I’ve found so far is no Kayo in the google store. I have a really old, cheap Foxtel Now subscription that’s not available anymore that doesn’t include sport.

    • +4

      Why so greedy?

  • 9/6 - 2pm - No SMS yet.

    • I ordered mine at 11.00am 9/06, got an SMS Yesterday at 3pm.

      • Noticed my profile had no address. Maybe that has slowed down the dispatch SMS?

      • Noticed my profile had no address. Maybe that has slowed down the dispatch SMS?

        • When you order the box, you needed to put your address in for the postage. It is separate from your profile. Might just be a huge backlog.

        • thanks just realised I had the same problem though I think I entered a delivery address for the box when I ordered

  • +1

    I just got mine in the mail. Ordered 9/06 1:30pm

  • Anyone knows whether the Foxtel now box work without a Foxtel now subscription?

    Because I will be cancelling the subscription as soon as I receive my box and bit worried whether it would be a must to have a subscription to use this device?

    As I read a comment from a user on youtube which read "Just bought this yesterday… Be warned… In order to finish setting up the device fresh from the box. You must sign up a Foxtel now account and to do so and it's mandatory to sign up for a paid subscription package and provide credit card details…

    There is no opting out of the 'Free Trial' as you're forced to select a paid package and provide payment details and phone number to validate the account!!!! Without doing this, you cannot complete the setup of the device. It will boot to a screen asking for your account login details every time and force you to do so.

    This is wildly anti-consumer as I didn't buy it from Foxtel. The non negotiable opt in requirements to create a log in to get to a home screen on the device is incredible anti-consumer and forces credit card details out of a user who has no intention of using the device for the Foxtel features."

    Appreciate your comments if anyone has an idea on this…

    • +1

      On the box it says:

      A Foxtel Now account is required to set up and access the box and a Foxtel Now subscription is required to watch Foxtel content.

      This could mean that a foxtel now account is required to initially setup the Foxtel Now Box, but a subscription isn't required to continue using the Foxtel Now Box.

      • Champion. Thanks you!

    • I have one. You need to login with a foxtel account to use the box, but the subscription doesn't need to be active. So you can go ahead and cancel it and it will still function as an android box, without the TV part.

      The other little tidbit which threw me was that you only get one free trial per box (I was planning to keep creating free trials using prepaid debit cards, and just use them one after the other)

  • Anyone know how to bypass the login to foxtel now screen when setting up Foxtel Now Box?

    • as a matter if interest, why would you need to i.e. as one can just use account or setup a new one (if req)?

      • That would be a very annoying process.

        • It's a once off process though is it not i.e. so it knows who you are. Once added, all is sorted?

        • You'll need to have a lot of patience to use this device. Get ready for random logouts, freezes, reboots, spinning circles, wifi disconnects, hdmi cec not working…

          • +2

            @jackofspade: Use? God no, this is for my large Display cabinet of Ozb freebies. Just need to make some space.

  • Got the box today but cant set it up - It says too many devices registered for a free trial even though I have none! What a flop

    • Remove your mobile phone device as one of the registered devices or you might have another device too remove (registers your mobile/pc etc automatically once you start using app on any of your devices or through a browser of device), through the app in settings somewhere I can't remember exactly how to remove registered devices but I had the same issue years back, (note: built-in chrome cast of Foxtel Now box is considered as another seperate device also)

      its just that there is a limit for the Foxtel Now subscription on how many devices you can have registered at one time and how you many you can have too view/use the app at one time

      • Yeah I tried that too. Have contacted Foxtel support and they say "The error message you are seeing is due to the device you are using to access Foxtel Now having previously had a free trial of the service" which is a joke given I received the device just today morning and got the error when trying to set it up.

        • Same error for me, even after clearing out all registered devices. Maybe we have been sent refurbished/returns. Can't complain due to them being free, but would be nice if they worked. I haven't bothered getting in contact with their support yet….

          • +1

            @PlasticSpaceman: Their support reset something and sorted it for me

            • @ajbee: Thanks for the head's up - I'll try that tomorrow. After some checking it appears that they block these boxes after the first time they are used on a trial to prevent people from gaming the system by continually using ten day trials. So confirms for me that at least our two devices were refurbs/returns - they probably just need to remove the boxes from the used list….

  • Sooo, I know it's free… But can someone explain to me what this can do that my Android TV with those apps can't do? I also have foxtel and just chromecast foxtel to my TV. I can't workout if I want this or not? Seems like it won't do anything more than what I already do and would just be a pain to have another remote and have to change sources. Am I missing anything?

    • +1

      No need to chromecast foxtel and you can watch free-to-air TV channels on it. Everything else is identical or better.

    • +1

      This also has Chromecast built in btw.

      • The chromecast built in (the Foxtel Now box) is considered as one device separately from the foxtel now box itself just incase anyonr runs into issue of too many devices registered

  • Mine just arrived.

    Ordered on the 9th June ~1pm.

  • Ordered mine on the 9th in arvo and still no sms. Email was received when I made the order. Seems odd nothing has happened yet.

    • +1

      Same. We are getting what we paid for.

  • +2

    I just got notification in the AusPost app that it's on its way. No text or email from Foxtel yet. Ordered around 1pm AWST.

    • Looks like I got my AusPost notification at the same time as you.

    • The text came through shortly after

  • Just got my notification :)

    • +5

      Time to cancel my subscription 😉

  • SMS received as well.

  • Cool so some of you are getting them sent out. Still nothing for me currently.

  • Cancelled my subscription, can't find a way to remove my card details though.

    • +1

      If you removed card details your $1 would not find its way back to you. then your box would be way too expensive compared to ours.

      • +4

        I don't think that's how temporary credit card hold charges work

      • +1

        It is just an authorisation hold, not a charge and refund.

  • For people still waiting for their SMS. I just got my SMS.
    I guess the wait is just due to backlog.

    • That's pretty late, they must be packing throughout the night lol

  • Ordered at 10:00am of 10-Jun, only got confirmation email. Nothing else yet.

  • I'm curious has anyone who ordered more then one received them or got shipping confirmation?

    • This guy on Whirlpool ordered two and received them.

      • I have,.. first arrived waiting for second one 👍

        • Did you get the second one finally ☺️ And how far apart did you order?

  • Received mine yesterday, thanks OP

  • +1

    Still waiting on sms.

  • Got one: thanks! Great timing as my ancient telstra tv died

  • +4

    Mine arrived today. Not sure how long it had been in storage, but the two alkaline batteries had leaked. Fortunately they were in a sealed plastic bag that caught most of it. Just mentioning it so anyone else who gets one - maybe put a fresh set in the remote rather than the ones included.

  • Can't install Kodi on it (tried both App store and apk file)
    Anyone got any suggestions?

    • +3

      Literally read the post :D
      Kodi can't be loaded, but a fork of Kodi can.

      • Feeling dumb now. Didn't know what WBMC means so didn't read the whole sentence lol

    • +1

      This kodi version works https://whrl.pl/Rf72rx

  • Is anyone else getting an "AS4042" error stating that you've "exceeded the allowable number of devices for a free trial"? The max is apparently five and I had tried it on three (four including my laptop) so it should have been ok, but tried removing all the registered devices via the website (including my browser which then logged me out), waited over an hour, but it made no difference….. can happily log on with a Vodafone TV, Nvidia Shield, and android mobile, but the Foxtel box just spits out that error message. Have done a quick search and have found a number of references to this issue (eg https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2410165), the resolution seems to be to contact support…..

    • Built-in chromecast is considered as one device of course everytime you log in from a different mobile/tablet device and pc that's another few devices, should be in settings somewhere of app were can see registered devices and delete what ones you dont need, I thought the limit was 2 or 3

      • Thanks. I think it was 2 or 3, then they upped it to five installations of the app but max of two concurrent users. From the app and on the website you can see how many devices have been registered - I removed all of them and no change for the Foxtel box. I might keep the subscription for at least one month so will see if there's any difference when it's no longer a trial subscription…..

  • Tried signing up for the free trial but it gets stuck on a white screen at the card details part, I tried different web browsers and computers but still same issue. Oh well, don't really need it anyway.

    • Use your mobile web browser you might have better luck

  • Mine just arrived today.. Is it me or I just can't find the Netflix app on this device?

    I tried searching it on the inbuilt playstore, still i get no results for Netflix..

    Can someone pls help me :(

    • Check for system updates

      • Did check for system updates but still no luck :(

        Do you have the inbuilt Netflix button on your remote? Because I don't have the Netflix button on my remote as well..

        • We are all getting the older version without the Netflix remote but I haven't checked mine yet ill maybe get lucky 👍😁

      • Champion, thanks. had to do twice. Netflix works like a charm now:)

  • +1

    Still waiting for mine 🙈

  • +2

    Mine came a couple of days ago, finally plugged it in today. Gonna throw it in the kiddo's room as an upgrade from the Fire TV Stick she's got at the moment from thsi deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563982, plugged in a cheap pair of rabbit ears and the TV tuner is better than any I had lying around, but not as good as a Foxtel box itself. Picked up ABC, SBS, 9, and 10 no problems in her room where previously we'd be lucky to get any 2 channels on the same scan. I've long since dropped broadcast TV all together, but nothing beats ABC Kids for entertaining your kid without worrying about internet speeds, what they're able to watch (ie if you leave your kid with YouTube and shit), etc.

    Contrary to most of the comments here (though to be fair, I'm comparing it to the aforementioned Amazon stick, my NVIDIA Shield TV from years ago is a different story) the UI is quite snappy and so far the UX is pleasant. Absolutely love that there's volume buttons on the remote though, that's the main bummer about the Fire Stick for the kiddo, we leave it on an old tele that the remote died on, it's stuck on HDMI 1 and we have no way to change the volume without getting up, so this is honestly, because of the FTA and volume buttons, a really good upgrade for her, thanks again, OP.

    • Do you received tracking for delivery or just arrived? 'am still waiting

      • Yeah, got a text on the morning the day of delivery with a heads up and tracking link.

    • Also FYI, Kodi and Stan are still up on the Google Play Store on the box. Kayo is defo gone though :'(

  • +2

    No confirmation SMS yet. Ordered 9/6 5.49pm

    • Same here just before 2 pm order

    • Same I got the email confirmation for the order but no SMS to say item has been shipped :(

  • Same. Ordered on the 9th between 2-3. Nudda , nothing

  • Ordered 10/6 confirmation email but nothing more

  • ordered 09/06 - 3:31pm, no sms yet, just the confirmation mail

    • yeah same.. feel like we were the unlucky ones and it's not going to come

      • +2

        I believe it's the 1pm order cut off line mentioned in the mail(this thread has many people waiting for sms who ordered after 1pm), hopefully today/soon🤞

        • +1

          i ordered on 9th, 2:46pm, and got my tracking SMS on 11th.
          my friend ordered on 10th (dont know about the time), no SMS so far

    • Ordered 09/06 5:30pm in VIC, also no sms yet

  • +5

    Just FYI:
    1. Some may be lucky but the Foxtel Now box most people seem to be getting is the older version that does not have the dedicated Foxtel button on the remote
    2. It is possible that these have been sitting in a warehouse for some time - in my case the two AAA batteries that came with it had leaked, so it is probably a good idea to use fresh batteries even if the ones you get look ok. At the very least, check the expiration date on them.
    3. Some of the boxes may be returns/refurb boxes. Although they will still work, if you try to log on with a trial account you might get an "AS4042" error stating that you've "exceeded the allowable number of devices for a free trial". This is not actually the case - what has happened is the Foxtel Now box has been used on a free trial before, and Foxtel prevent that specific device from being used on another trial. You need to contact support to have them remove this block if you want to use it with a free trial. If you log on with a normal account it should work. The one I got looked brand new, the box was fully sealed, but it turned out it had been used. Rather than bothering with contacting support, I just setup a second account using the current $39/month (https://www.foxtel.com.au/now/offer/foxtel/39-sports-movies-...) deal and used that
    4. Netflix, Disney+, and Plex were all available to install straight from the play store. Amazon Prime is not there so if you want that you'll need to either sideload or use chromecast.
    5. After all updates, my box ended up running Android TV 7.0, security patch 1 August 2019

  • Mine arrived yesterday.

    • When did your order confirmation email come through. I ordered on 09/06 and still waitning for my sms.

      • 9/6 - 2pm. SMS 11/6

  • Well still no sms. I clicked on the link again for the free box and used my account that i used before for the trial to order the box. It allowed me to do it again. so now i have 2 emails with an order. My trial ends in a few days. hopefully one of them will be sent.

    • You will get 2 I would say.