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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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Coles Prepaid Cards
Coles Prepaid Cards

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  • Please help.
    First comment.

    My girlfriend and I bought 10 of them successfully .we have RAC membership account and we bought discounted Woolworths wish gift cards with using this Coles prepaid MasterCard online.
    Yesterday i bought 5 of them successfully. But this morning 2 of them didn’t go through. The card has 0 balance.

    Woolworths informed me that they have been auto reversed to my account and i will have to wait 2 weeks to have the money in my coles prepaid master card.

    Am I scammed? How can i get rid off these cards. It is just too much headace. What did i do wrong? Bought too many Woolworths wish card?

    • Using different credit card numbers for multiple gift card purchases within a short period of time on a single Woolworths account? That is not suspicious at all.

      I don't think Woolworths is the scammer type so I would tend to believe them when they say that they will refund the money back to your Mastercards.

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      Priority is to prepay council rates, energy accounts wherever possible. ATO is also an option.

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      First comment.

      Welcome to OzBargain.

      My girlfriend and I bought 10 of them successfully

      I’m glad you two were able to find stock.

      Yesterday i bought 5 of them successfully. But this morning 2 of them didn’t go through. The card has 0 balance.

      It sounds like what has happened is that you bought too many gift cards too quickly, and the Woolworths Group system has flagged some of your purchases as suspicious (i.e. potentially fraudulent). From my experience, Woolworths Group won’t actually send you any gift cards until you receive a tax invoice; if you receive the order confirmation and then the tax invoice, then it means your purchase has been processed and you should receive the gift card.

      One time, I purchased five low-value gift cards across three separate transactions using the same card within about three minutes. Money was taken from my card for all three transactions and the Woolworths Group system automatically processed the first two transactions and sent me the gift cards within ten minutes, but I only received an order confirmation for the third transaction (i.e. no tax invoice) that day, and I didn’t receive a tax invoice (and then the gift card) until the next business day; I suspect someone had to manually review my third transaction.

      Woolworths informed me that they have been auto reversed to my account and i will have to wait 2 weeks to have the money in my coles prepaid master card.

      I suspect in your case that due to the transactions probably being of higher value, the system automatically rejected the last two transactions and the money should be back in your cards within about two weeks. The two week timeframe sounds reasonably consistent with how long it takes for funds to be loaded back on these cards.

      Am I scammed?

      No, that is unfortunately how Woolworths Group has set up their system to reduce the likelihood of scammers and fraudsters using their systems to launder money or use their system for fraudulent transactions. Unfortunately, your transaction patterns probably triggered enough flags on the Woolworths Group system to cause it to stop the last two transactions.

      How can i get rid off these cards. It is just too much headace. What did i do wrong? Bought too many Woolworths wish card?

      My advice is to avoid placing many purchases using many different cards within a short period of time, as that will raise suspicions. if you only placed a maximum of two purchases each week, I don’t think the system would flag it.

      • These prepaid MasterCard does not support top-ups. Can the refund go through? Anyone has tried?

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          I’ve had pending charges (e.g. pre-authorisation charges) refunded to my card within about two or three weeks, but I haven’t tried to see whether any other kinds of refunds can be processed back onto the card.

          If you read the terms and conditions of the card, it says on page 5:

          Returning goods to the merchant
          You may be entitled to refunds for purchases made using your Gift Card. This may involve a credit back onto the value of the Gift Card, depending on a merchant’s policy.

          It sounds like to me that it you can get refunds processed back onto the card.

          These prepaid MasterCard does not support top-ups.

          I think the reason for this statement was to differentiate these cards from the reloadable Mastercards Coles used to sell many moons ago.

        • They are MasterCard, they have to support top-ups via credit/refund channels.

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          I had refunds (Amaysim and Katie) back to my prepaid MC before. Payments were made via Paypal linked to the prepaid MC. If you have Paypal account, I would suggest to use Paypal for payment which is more secured and flexible.

  • +2

    30x $250 in Coles Forest Lakes as of now

    • None left :(

      • Youre joking 😂 I didnt even take any

      • I bought the last four @ 4.13 pm.
        Thanks nakhe.

        • Where did you find them? I was there and none on the shelf

          • @hoyanikon: The cards were next to the $50 master cards

            • @wc: No wayyyy I didn't see any. Were they behind the 50s?

              • @hoyanikon: Next to the $50 cards not behind, you went to Coles earlier than me, perhaps someone was holding these cards & decided not to buy and put them back to the shelf. I was so excited when I saw the cards as this is my first purchase.

                • @wc: Lucky you unlucky me :(

  • How do you make payments with this card?
    I am trying to pay my registration $723. But it doesn’t let me use three cards ?

    By the way if anyone wants 2 of them, i can give it for the cost price. Location is Perth

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      if it has option to pay at AUS POST you can split the payment I assume

    • can you pay at a post office?

    • -2

      I am at the post office. Presented my registration invoice $ 740.

      Presented 3 cards and none of them worked

      • +4

        Forgot to pay for the cards at coles?

    • No split payment for rego unfortunately…(online)
      Not sure if they let you split payment when in store
      But Rates, water or other fee will let you do so

  • +2

    Today I grabbed 5 cards from my local Coles (Croydon North VIC), still plenty left in store. Seems not a lot of ozbargainers in my area ;)

    • Went there yesterday heaps of $100 but none of$250

      • +1

        They took more $250 out today I believe.

        • Thanks for your info I may go and have a look later today.

  • Hornsby display shelf was empty, but they just plucked about 6-8 boxes out and are at the service counter now. Unclear what mix of $250's and $100's (but at least one opened box of the larger)

  • I assume that you can't pay for these Coles Gift MasterCards with a Coles gift card. I know that Woolworths does not allow you to purchase a gift card with a gift card.

    Can anyone confirm if Coles does or does not allow you to purchase a gift card with a gift card?

    • +1

      The system allows you to. Your only obstacle is the cashier/attendant who may or may not refuse to allow you to do it.

    • If you do it at the self check out your GC must cover the total purchase price. If you read through this thread you will see a lot more detail on how to do it.

      • Highest denomination for gift cards is $200 so it’ll only work for $100 MasterCard purchases.

    • confirm you can use egift card to pay for these

    • Can be easily done. Use self service and don't tell the person authorising transaction what kind of card you will be using for payment.
      Can even buy Coles master cards paying by Coles master cards.

  • Who is the OzB legend?

    How many $250 cards did you score?

    • Today I ran into a pawn ( bought 5 X $250 ) working for someone who couldn't even answer the scam ? if he is buying the cards for somebody else .
      I did the same behind him but must admit I was concerned he was going to bring heat to the cashier .
      That group the winner probably with the higher end of 100's of cards .
      I guess I don't blame them with how the powered milk market is going diversifying . :)

      • Isn't it limited to 5 per customer?

    • +1

      14 so far

      • +2

        I'm sure there are lurkers here who managed to score 50+.

        • +1

          definitely. I could have got more but didnt need

    • 4

    • 15 this time. 10 at one checkout and 5 at another Coles.

      • Now 20, got 5 more at Berwick, VIC. Watched staff restocking, the person had no idea why they were "so popular".

    • 30 so far but got my parents buying for me whenever they see

  • Mount Druitt has table setup at front of entrance. Heaps of $100 stacks.

    • Any 250s?

  • -1

    Anyone know if these cards can be used with suncorp to buy giftcards?

    • Big no on desktop .
      Appears I snuck 1 through last deal with a Prepaid MC just stuck there .

    • No they cannot. Suncorp sends a code which can't be read in the portal

      • What if you register your card first?

        • To register your card you need the code.

      • +1

        in fact you can call colesprepaid card team to ask them to read the code (they can see full lengh of detail

  • +4
    • Many people just head to the giftcard rack and find nothing. Loiter around somewhere else and possibly find them.

  • none in coles in south east melb

    • none in marion sa tonight (thursday)

    • South East melbourne is the most competitive area, you have low chance in South East Melbourne…lol

  • About 100x$100 in box hill yesterday morning. Gone by lunch time
    Another 100x$100 this morning, gone by afternoon

    • Next promo they will have 1000x $250 cards, maybe will also gone before evening.

  • +2

    Strata fees - paid
    Internet - paid
    Gas - paid
    Wish e-gift card - acquired
    $200 left

    Can I pay the ATO with these? I'm expecting a tax bill when I submit my return.

    • +1

      Yes, 0.15% fee.

    • how do you pay if the billl amount is over the $100/$250 denomination, if you pay over the internet?

      • +1

        Normally you can't. My gas and internet providers (AGL and Exetel) allow me to pay/prepay any amount I like. For the strata fees, I went in and paid in person; I could have done it over the phone, but that would have been even more annoying for them.

      • +1

        I find it useful to have a bill and fire all your leftover small denominations at it to clear them out of the road .

  • Can you buy wish gift cards or Coles/Myer group GCs using these cards?

    • Sure can

  • Only $100 left in the store that have any at all otherwise no $250 anywhere i could find

  • Has anyone used zip to pay for this and received 2% cashback?

    • +1

      coles is not eligible.

  • Still lots of 100 at Kellyville. Do we get zippay 2% on top?

    • Coles is not eligible.

  • +3

    I CANNOT use them to buy giftcards on Aami Lucky Club / Sun Corp Benefits - it just says: "this card is not eligible try a different card"

  • Is there any way to consolidate multiple cards into one card (without paying any fees)?

    • -1


      • Not going to be fun keeping track of and utilising small residual balances on each card :(

  • +2

    Endeavour Hills $250 = 0 $100 = 2
    Berwick Park Junction $250 = 0 $100 20+
    Narre Warren $250 = 0 $100 5
    Eden Rise $250 = 0 $100 = 3 (someone had hidden $250 here as cashier said 1 man keeps coming back and finding them haha)
    Clyde $250 = 0 $100 = 5
    Pakenham Heritage $250 = 0 $100 = 2
    Pakenham Lakeside $250 = 0 $100 = 0
    Pakenham Centeral $250 = 0 $100 = 0
    Pakenham Cardina Lakes $250 = 0 $100 10+

  • +2

    You can pay electricity bills using auspost self serve with this. Also unrelated but odd to see how people are now upvoting the buying of $100 cards with $250 cards and even people hiding the cards. I mentioned this in the last promotion and got downvoted heavily - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603167?page=7#comment-1008...

    • +1

      checking my maths here..
      so lets say you have 1 x $250, which you purchased for $231.3
      then, as per your suggestion above, you use 2 x $250 card to buy 5 x $100 cards, which will cost $472.5 in total.
      this means you have $27.5 remaining balance in one of the two $250 cards used (500 - 472.5)

      At the end, you have $527.5 worth but only pays $462.2 (2x $231.3).
      Hence, the total discount is (527.5 - 462.2) / 527.5 = 12.3% (?!)

      • +1

        Yep! I have $1776.85 in gift card credit at a cost of $939.90.

        • eh? how?

          • @OzFrugie: Keep buying cards with the existing cards.

            • @MrrMagic: how many times did you have to do it?? was it with 100 or 250 ones?
              thats like almost 50% off!

              • +1

                @OzFrugie: If i get $250 cards, that's 93.50 profit per store.

      • I'm too lazy to check the maths but I'm pretty sure the gc has to cover the whole amount of the purchase so buying a $250 card with a $250 card or two $100 card with a $250 card is pretty much the best you can do unless you're willing to make multiple trips to the self-serve machines to maximise profits which I imagine would irritate and look suspicious to the Coles staff.

    • Yeah, it doesn't make any sense how some posts are down voted; perhaps it's because the person doesn't really understand the value of your post. I've seen it lots, guess some people are just slow, therefore, ignore the errant down votes, they don't mean much in this kind of environment EVEN if your post should be super helpful.

  • -2

    Also I found gift card balance to be a very good app for managing the cards especially when you want to spend the remaining balance which is a PITA with these cards. But it's full of annoying ads so I recommend paying for the premium

    • Have you tried Stocard?

      • huh? you can add giftcard and show its balance in Stocard? how?

      • I think Stockard only has normal Coles gc and there is no way to check the balance easily.

        • +1

          I just send myself emails with the ID and code for each card as well as the link to do the check; none of that is useful to anybody without the card. In any case, I do host my own email so I don't have to worry about 3rd parties scanning them for whatever reason, particularly Microsoft or Google (and never, ever trust a Yahoo email for that matter).

  • Shame these won't work with either Suncorp or RACQ for gift card purchase.

  • Perth's North is bleak: Coles Benara, Morley and North Perh have only $50 cards left.

    • +1

      Belmont forum has heaps

      • None left right now, at least in the gift card end.

        Managed to snag my five and left a handful. By the time I'd finished a quick shop, there were none left.

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