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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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    • +1

      I received mine this morning, and originally had a delivery date of tomorrow. I received an SMS saying it was out for delivery.

      • thanks mate.

        no run for me today then lol.

    • +1

      Got the delivery around 10 mins ago. Dispatched sms received 8PM last night (ETA 4 Sept) but didn't receive any further text regarding delivery. Surprisingly, tracking status is still In Transit.
      Live in Sydney, LGA of concern.

  • +1

    Bought one last night for backorder. This was an insane deal - pricewise and the agony to get around Testra's IT issues to get one. Lucky i got one of the Boost number that enabled me to purchase. Thanks to whom first discovered that trick.

    Now we need a deal on the case to go with it. Any $1 case in Aliexpress, lol ?

  • +4

    Facebook Marketplace already started to get flooded with S21s for sale, with 256GB model listed for $900. Let the competition heat up with more deliveries that will drive the listing prices down. Heil OZBargainers 😂

  • +1

    Received my S21 today. Bought it outright, so don't know what those phone reps are going on about.

    Thanks @lukehopewell, now to teach my mum how to use her very first smartphone!

  • Ordered the Samsung Galaxy A32 at 1pm yesterday and just arrived now.

  • Can anyone let me know if they received their order around Waterloo/Zetland/Rosebery? Ive got an incorrect address on my delivery and am wondering if Star Track are calling people to pick up.

  • Anyone in WA received it?

    • +1

      I ordered galaxy s21 128gb and just received it (SOR).

    • Mine just arrived

    • Yeah received mine earlier today

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    Phone received Melb Metro. Anyone know how I can debloat this phone without root? has my Telstra and other bloatware pre-installed

    • +1

      Just uninstall the apps you don't want.

    • +1

      Embrace the bloat…

  • I got dispatched sms but tracker just says In Progress . Any one else in same boat?

  • +2

    Anyone have a line on a fan cooled wireless charger?

  • Mine just arrived this morning. I bought it at about 1:30am. Living in a locked down LGA of Sydney.

  • Looks like mine arrived just now. Ordered about 1AM ish. Regional VIC.

  • Phone just got delivered!

  • My order got refunded. Not sure why. I didn't get the plan. Perhaps thats why :(

    • +1

      What was your order?and what time did you place it?

    • +1

      Hmm I missed that deal, looked like an excellent bargain, I probably would have jumped on that! Oh well.

  • +2

    Received mine just now.
    I ordered 2 phones at 1am and 1:02am yesterday. S21 White 128gb and S21 Grey 256gb. Metro NSW.

    I'm already a telstra customer for internet and phone however i ordered both phones on one account OUTRIGHT with no plan.

    • +3

      My S21 Grey 256GB arrived this morning too; very quick!

      Also outright, no plan on new mobile.

      • Me 2, just now

  • How are people going with StarTrack deliveries? My Track and Trace shows delivered in the upper blue bar, but ‘in transit’ and ‘on board for delivery’ below. I live in an apartment building and there have been no buzzes on my intercom. What’s the bets they have just dropped it at PO 😠

    • Nah mate…most likely they will give it to random person in your apartment block

    • +3

      Stop giving yourself unnecessary anxiety. It will be delivered by the end of the day, and they won't just leave it as they need to do an ID check. YMMV depending on the driver though.

    • +1

      Happy for everyone who received their phones. As usual nothing for me from StarTrack!

      • +1

        Ends up they did deliver it after all and yes they left it with some random person in my building, no ID sighted or signature obtained. Didn’t bother with the intercom.

  • Mine has arrived… less than 24 hours.. nice

  • has anyone tried. if the S21 is unlocked?

    • It's locked and you have to ask it very nicely to open up

    • After you put the passcode in, it unlocks

  • I ordered late last night so I was not expecting it to arrive, I think that it may have been on "backorder" when I placed the order. Are people expecting deliveries on the weekend?

    • +1

      Depends where you're located I guess. I'm in metro Sydney and ordered yesterday afternoon, it's currently in transit with StarTrack and I got an SMS from them this morning to say it will be delivered by close of business today.

    • I ended up getting one late last night (buying it outright, without a sim plan and not splitting the cost across 12/24 months) and the orders being confirmed and it's showing it will be delivered by Sunday at the latest. I somehow doubt that will happen though - likely it will arrive Monday.

    • +2

      same. my order was placed 7+ pm. still in pending status, back ordered. lets see!

  • +3

    Showed StarTrack delivery guy my drivers licence from a distance, I'm isolating and I didn't want to sign, so he didn't give me the phone.

    • 😆

    • +1

      Should've given him a pair of binoculars as well.

    • +1

      Telstra ships their phones using Airlock meaning they have to verify your ID

      • What ID , he just asked my name and handed to my wife . Did not even bothered to ask for ID .

  • +1

    Ordered lunch time yesterday (displayed back order), delivered lunch time today. Impressive

  • Deal is over but why i still get the annoying "Something went wrong" when log into Telstra?

    • +3

      because something went wrong

  • +1

    Ordered at 6am and it was in my hand at about 9am today (Tasmania) originally it was listed as expected Sunday 5th. Dont think ive ever had something show up so fast

  • well f**k.. damn Telstra.

    just received this sms saying it failed to deliver.

    "Hi xxx, your Telstra parcel was returned to us because it wasn't collected. Please visit us at myservices.telstra.com.au/explore and click 'Resend' on your Order ID number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You can also update your address if you need to."

    talked to 2 agents this morning confirming my delivery address, and both says that nothing to worry as if the invoice have the correct address then it will be delivered to that.

    the difference between the delivery address and the address in invoice is that my house number is missing in the delivery address per their dispatched email.

    the if you try to resend the delivery, it will show "Sorry , you are not authorized to view this page".

  • Ordered around 10am yesterday - delivered about 30 mins ago in Brisbane. So quick!

  • Ordered yesterday at 9am and just got it delivered in Adelaide! Tracking said it came from Sydney. Great service, despite the initial teething problems putting the order in!

  • Does anyone know whether the Startrack person is likely to hand over the phone if I'm the secondary contact on my wife's Telstra account, and I show the Startrack person my wife's passport and also mine if needed, but my wife isn't at home?

    I know they're a bit variable in terms of how likely they are to hand over the device but wondering if anyone has an experience with scenarios similar to this one.

    • +1

      nope. ive got the same problem and he wouldnt hand it over. in the process of trying to work it out now as the account holder lives over an hour away from me…

    • That's what I did. Showed wife's drivers license and it was all good.

      If it does not work then you have to use the 'snatch and grab and close the door' option ha ha ha,,,

  • +2

    Ordered late afternoon ard 7+pm. Still back ordered

    • +2

      This is for the 256gb phantom grey? I have one back ordered too at around about the same time, lemme know how yours goes :)

      • +1

        yes 256gb phantom grey :)

      • +1

        me too. phantom grey 256gb. status still saying back ordered

        • +1

          I ordered the same model about 10.30pm. I think that as I purchased it there was a message saying on backorder. My status is "in progress".

  • +1

    Got mine around noon today. Placed order around 3AM yesterday. The Star Track courier asked me what it is since he's had to deliver so many today.

    Currently setting mine up. The size feels better to hold for me rather than my current Note 9 which I find slightly too big, but I'll definitely miss the S Pen.

  • Ordered 6.30am and just arrived, very impressive.

  • Anyone that got JB Hifi to price match can you please post the reciept

  • Just received in WA. Really impressed with the delivery.

    • Yeah same! ETA was Monday for me but it arrived about half an hour ago

  • +1

    The fact Telstra ignored the delivery address and defaulted to the address on the account has been a nightmare.

    Been onto both Telstra and Star Track about three times each. Each time with contradictory info (both within and with each other). Onboard for delivery but no one can change the incorrect address provided by Telstra. Even with Telstra's direction (which took pressure from me to get them to call Star Track) star track won't update the address. I pleaded that they let the driver know the address is not correct (they issued a DP lot number instead of street number) but Star Track won't allow that.

    • similar boat to you. My unit number is missing from the delivery address, star track telling me they cant add the unit number and even saying driver wont even attempt to deliver it and it will just be returned to Telstra.

      • +1

        same issue mate. telstra is useless.
        they want me to place a new order instead as they are saying they cannot change the address so they cannot redeliver.
        but they want me to order with the current price ($1300+).

  • Arrived. SUPER fast delivery!!!! White 128GB for my wife.

  • Arrived. SUPER fast delivery!!!! White 128GB for my wife. :)

    • +6

      Do you two have the same wife?

  • I know I am going to get too much flak for this… Nevertheless will post a positive experience as well.

    1. In May'19 when JBHiFi had this awesome deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/454635) got a Huawei P30 and was a Telstra customer till May'20
    2. The Telstra ID was still active when I noticed this deal yesterday morning
    3. My Phone number and address on the account needed to be updated. I did that and also changed my email address.
    4. Was able to submit the order without any glitch
    5. Phone received around 1115 AM this morning.

    Overall a very good personal experience, except that the Invoice was created with my previous address :-)

  • +3

    Created a forum thread for those having the same Delivery Issue with me. Maybe we can help each other on the next step.


  • Received both today Perth. One was on backorder but still received it. Very happy 😱🤣💯🎂😍

  • I ordered last night at about 10.30 pm, I was not expecting super fast delivery but I am still stuck on "In progress". Has anyone who ordered late last night had any sort of an update? I did hear that Startrack often update late in the day. Who knows, a miracle may happen and I could get it tomorrow lol. I would be happy if I get it by Monday but think that some people are expecting a delivery over the weekend.

    • I placed order last night around 9pm and it is still in back order.

      I was having errors through out the day, so I did it through $2 prepaid sim and telstra app on the phone with a new account.

      hopefully we get it soon.

  • Delivery issue as well where the address changed. What a shitshow telstra

  • Got my first 5G Samsung Galaxy S21 256gb version delivered today, my second purchase of the S21 is on back order

    Not bad,. delivered in 2 days from ordering/purchasing, go Telstra but still doesn't make up for your past blunders with me lolz 👀🤪🤑😜🤣

  • Bit worried about my order now. I live in an apartment block and the address on the order doesn't have the unit number. Would they leave it at the post office or take it back to the depot (and cancel the order)? Also, I used a family member's Telstra account and not sure how it will work if they ask for ID.

    Marked as "On Board for Delivery" since 8 am today.

  • +2

    Surprise, surprise, surprise…..Delivered @1600hrs even though online "Expert" said that I had to have a plan…..absolute BS dealing with these online "experts". Glad to get the iPhone for the bride, but these online individuals really need to know wtf is going on! Couldn't do it? Crap because once I finished the shut down with the "Expert", I went back online and was able to purchase it outright….wasted 1.45 hrs of my sleeping time but at least she's happy with her wedding anniversary present. Man, online support SUCKS big time! BTW….thanks to OP for giving the heads up!

    • +1

      I have accounts for both Telstra and Optus not that I haven't had issues with Optus through there online chat but certainly Telstra chat for me tops the worst ever by miles compared to Optus, sometimes best call during business hours for support then online chat and usually one end up talking to an Australian based person or certainly if from overseas during business hours mostly there switched on compared to the after hours overseas online chat, what's worse with Telstra you pay a premium for there services yet they have at times crappy online services but I'm extremely happy with this deal, maybe deal of the year so far 👍😁

      • +1

        I second that. Optus Customer Sevrvice is far superior, while Telstra has to be amongst the worst. Telstra has like a 98% miss rate for me even when doing things to boost the chances of getting someone competent.

        • I remember once with Telstra,. Text chatting on online chat to an agent, the agents written English was so poor I just couldn't believe it, it was like an agent passed the chat on to a room mate friend who doesn't work for Telstra and had no idea at all about the basics of mobile plans

          Also I'm guessing Telstra and Optus use two different countries to run there online call centres why Optus is better over Telstra

          Anyway this doesn't bother me as I've talked to both Telstra and Optus call centres so much that I know what to expect from them, certainly never take my first conversation with an agent as fact and will chat with another agent later to confirm what the first agent has told me, Ozbargain is certainly the best place to find the correct facts on a deal

          Most annoying with Telstra online chat is they don't always respond straight away like Optus with every question, one conversation can take from minutes to hours to days lolz, again I know what to expect

          After saying all above,.. bring it on Telstra with more great deals 👍😁

  • Okay, so far, my only gripe is that this is a single SIM mobile — not sure about eSIM, but the Oneplus 5 it replaces was dual SIM. A great upgrade and it's been a long time since I purchased a Samsung, but this deal was so good. The OP5 had 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, this one doubles the storage (same RAM).

  • Ordered a 256GB grey through Telstra Plus last night. Got a text at lunchtime today saying "your reward XXXXXXXXXX is proving popular. We're working hard to get more stock and will update you soon."

    I can't see anywhere in Telstra Plus to see or track my order, so no idea when (or if) it will arrive.

  • My screen is cracked! Small hairline crack, but still very annoying. The cynic in me wonders if that's why it's half price. Chatting with Telstra, no idea if they'll have any stock to replace.

    • +3

      As much as I hate Telstra I would be 99.99% sure that one of Australia's biggest companies would not be trying to rip you off over a few hundred dollars. Reach out to them and they will replace it.

  • Just found out the delivery address is totally different from my address which is on the invoice. Somehow telstra's system generated a random address for me, that's why the driver couldn't deliver.

    Now both Startrack and Telstra said they cannot change the shipping address at this point. So the phone is going back to Telstra. And since the offer is over, Telstra told me to either purchase as regular price or request a refund. That's the answer I got from live chat Friday afternoon.

    This is very Telstra… but others enjoy your phone.

    • +2

      I had a weird address created by Telstra another time as well…. it was for a prepaid service, but the address was totally random and never known to me. Weird, but sure, I expect that is Telstra.

    • Exact same thing happened to me…how ridiculous. I asked for the matter to be escalated.

    • In all seriousness, you should take your story one of the current affairs shows, or a major news outlet. Shocking practices from a huge company that should at least know how to ship stuff.

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