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50% off All Pirelli Tyres + $100 off Your Next Logbook Service @ mycar Tyre & Auto


Same as last year’s deal and the year before that

My sister went and sent her car for servicing and the dude at Braddon, ACT has confirmed that there will be a 50% off Pirelli on Black Friday. Unsure about the $100 off your next logbook promo but if it’s like the last 2 years, I’m sure it will be the same

On Friday 24 November 2023 book (a) online or by telephone with mycar between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT or (b) in store with mycar between 8.00am AEDT and 5.30pm AEDT for the purchase and fitment of any in stock Pirelli tyres and receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price of those tyres (Offer Tyres), and the Bonus Offer in paragraph 5 below, subject to these Terms and Conditions.
Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Monday 4 December and Tuesday 19 December 2023 or between Wednesday 3 January and Wednesday 31 January 2024. If Offer Tyres are fitted outside of these fitment periods, the full cost of all the tyres in the transaction will be payable.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Prepare for online queue and website outage, same as last year and the year before.

    • Can you do it in store?

      • Yes you can.
        I had no luck online last year so just went to the store as soon as they opened. Was quick and painless as I didn't need the tyres immediately.

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          Can you delay the fitting if you buy in store ?

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            @buderim11: Yes, I think from memory I had till the end of January.

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          What if they don't have the tyres you want in stock on the day?

          • @jv: As is the case for me, older car, less common tyre size.

            • @Click_It: I got my order through last night.

              • @jv: Was that for a tyre size/type not listed on their site?

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                  @Click_It: The Pirellis were listed as alternative options further down the list of the recommended ones.

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          Was quick and painless as I didn't need the tyres immediately

      • According to head office yes, but my local store had no clue last year and wouldn't make the booking. So maybe best to go in store before the sale and confirm the store people know what is going on

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      Hard to believe it's been a whole year! I remember trying to price match w Bob Jane and they told me they dont have stock and I'd never get my tyres… I should have dropped by after they were put on lol.

      • Possibly telling the truth, I got them to price match Costco (who were actually out of stock) and get a slight discount.

        I had a feeling this deal would come around but needed new tyres urgently.

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      Yep, don’t bother trying to call them. Jusy go into one of their stores to avoid any delays.

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      Prepare for "oh….. that Pirelli, no…sorry…we don't have those"

    • +1

      I've never had any issues with website buying these the last 2 years in a row. Will see how this year goes

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        You change tyres yearly?

        • +22

          He gets tyred of them….

        • +4

          I drive a Tesla. Very hard on the tyres

          • @Assclown: I was considering some Pirellis for our Model Y myself. What model tyre are you on at the moment?

            • +1

              @JownehFixIT: PZ4 XL's

              • +1

                @Assclown: I went to Hackett's near work and they can do the oem Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 EV T2 tyres for $406 ea all fitted! I've got a balance issue from never rotating the original tyres like a bad person, so I'm just getting two for now. Jax had them for $539 ea 😲

              • @Assclown: Name checks out

          • @Assclown: why are they hard on the tyres?

            • @George Washington: Various reasons. Weight of vehicle, Driving style etc.

              • @Assclown: what pressure do you run? My Advans are over 2 years old and 34,000kms, still heaps of tread, and it's on H&R springs so running slightly more camber on the rear. I try to keep them around 40psi.

                My i20N on the other hand, very different story…..

            • @George Washington: Heavy and drives like he stole it. It's one of the hidden costs of EVs along with insurance premiums. Their maintenance costs are the same as ICE over 10 years for example.

          • +1

            @Assclown: Makes no sense. I've seen plenty of people getting upto 50,000kms on the stock tyres.
            I myself have done 22,000kms on the current tyres and they still have a lot of life left on them.

    • Has anyone done the price calculator though?

      Mine were $259 after the 50% off, 4 tyres would make it $1036

      Normally I get mine for $320, and if you buy 3, get 1 free, makes it $960

      Edit*** Hmmm well you don't actually need to buy 4 on this one. I just had one changed, so only need 3.

      If I buy 4, will they let me refund the 4th if I don't want it?

    • I rang and the guy who answered said their computer systems were down and to try ringing back after 2pm or to use the website instead.

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    Nice, been waiting for this one

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    just go to a store in person.. bought last year … bargain!

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      Wrong place to ask.
      Ozbargainers own BMW M3 high yield investments

    • +36

      As a Westpac Investment banking grad i can confirm that my C63 AMG only wears Pirelli P Zeros (Mercedes spec).
      My condoms are also made of the same.

      • +7

        Do you also have skid marks on your condoms?

        • +1

          Isn't that the norm?

          There's an alternative?

          • +1


            There's an alternative?

            Yes, burn marks.

        • +1

          Got friction burns on mine….I go like a hamster.

          • +4

            @alidli: Might have to change out the All terrains for slicks.

            • +1

              @Drakesy: Yes, fast and gentle all the way 🕳️

      • How many kilometres do they last?

      • I purchased once but not going back. Just too short of a life vs performance.

        • +2

          My car came with Pzero and performance wise not that great, life span not great either….may be price is ok. Swap them with PS4s and smile on my face every time I drive.

    • +1

      Must be nice having that type of money… One day I hope for my hard work to pay off and be in the same boat lol

      • +14

        That's not a boat

      • +3

        I had a little help from my tenants…
        IDK all the negs, every year I give my tenants a pannetone.

        • +1

          Just your typical anti-landlord sentiment

        • Too much flex mate. Too much flex.

    • +3

      I would go for PS4S over any Pirelli

      • +5

        Even PS5 would be better

        • +2

          Even Pspspsps would be better

        • PS5 Slim?

        • Why stop there? The Pilot Sport 6s should be at least two above the PS4s.

      • I agree. PS4S are usually twice the price of a PZERO though.

        • Depends which PZERO. The Corsa looks obscenely expensive.

  • -2

    Tyres: Michelin
    Brunette-Redhead: French
    and stay away from anything that is French (in particular cars), except these two.

  • These guys any good for service? VF Commodore.

    • Pretty sure a 12 yo could change the oil on a Commo. Be more worried about your car falling apart like all the others hitting 10 years old.

      • It's rock solid still although i've only done 60k on it. You saying that oil change is all that is done for a service?

        • +3

          You saying that oil change is all that is done for a service?

          Check you service manual it will tell you. Most of it is fluff, changing oil is the most important one, other things like check washer fluid etc not so much.
          Major service will probably also change spark plugs, but the great thing about the Commodore is it was a low tech engine so most DIYers could maintain it themselves.

          • @1st-Amendment: Cheers. Just youtubed it. Looks simple enough although I don't have anything to lift the car or hold it up. Might be worth investing.

            • +1

              @Pete Gabitas:

              although I don't have anything to lift the car or hold it up.

              Checked under the panel in your boot?

              • +1

                @zeggie: Sorry yeah I do have a jack. No stands though. Might just look into literally getting just oil changed done at a garage. Do the other bits (air filter etc) myself.

    • +2

      Just go to a dealer man. Cannot get a lower price than $245. Always go to dealer for value service

      • Great. I'm going to do this. Thanks.

  • +1

    Up to 15000 points with flybuys. Might be targeted

  • +5

    Wish they did motorcycle tyres!

    • Yea, same.
      It's annoying. I came here looking for the same thing.

    • I know for Bridgestone at least MC tyres is a whole other distributor, same for their industrial tyres.

    • Damn, was excited before I saw this

  • I just went in store last year to order, pretty straight forward and didn't wait that long too

  • +2

    If you can get website to load easier to get Jax Tyres to price match

      • +7

        No, it's quite convoluted and takes an entire afternoon. Both of Jax and MyCar select a Champion who will compare prices. Then the Champions will Roshambo for first choice from an array of blunt weapons. Then entails a cage match to the death where the victor wins your patronage and tyre order. Most of the time you can collect your vehicle before close of business.

  • +4

    You know it’s that time of year on OzBargain.

  • +3

    do they give rainchecks?

    also it seems pirelli does not have sizes in shitty non performance cars ie. camry corollas

    i've used pirelli in the past

    amazing grip all weather but they dont last which is expected

    • Only 1 option for 2019 Kia Sportage

    • +1

      Agreed with the longevity.

      Had a 2010 sportage, about 20,000k's on them and they were pretty much dead.
      Grippy as hell though.

    • +2

      "shitty non performance cars"
      Got a set for my Mazda Metro two years ago, then again it is a red rocket

    • pirelli does not have sizes in shitty non performance cars ie. camry corollas

      Savage. Lol

      • +7

        tbf i drive a shitty jappo npc suv now - you know xtrail crv rav4 outlander outback bleh

        but in the old days it was turbo falcons commodore v8s and the usual skyline supra silvias

        and burning up pirellli rear tyres in 10,000km… every service

        front tyres would do 30,000 though, dunno why

        • NPC SUV I like that

        • NPC!! LMAO….

    • +1

      I have a set of Cinturato P7 on my Mazda 3. After 20,000km they're done. My mechanic told me they were done at my last service recently and I thought he was joking but no, they're 1mm off the wear bars after exactly 20,000km. I run them at 36psi so not underinflated. Good tires but about half the life I was expecting.

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