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Google Home $65 + Delivery (Grey Import) @ Kogan

out of stock Google Home $65 + Delivery (Grey Import) @ Kogan

Do International Flights Get 'Cheaper' Closer to The Date?

Hey all - novice traveller. Is the best time to get an international flight ASAP e.g. 'flash sale' to fill up seats? Thinking of travelling in December 2019 but it seems too late to get …

Outdoor Home Security Camera Recommendations?

Looking to get security cameras for the home - something I can just leave out front and in the garden long term. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with particular products/any …

Anyone with experience using weighted blankets?

Have been reading about them and am interested. Wondering if anyone has had experience using them / any recommended shops?

iHerb 9% Cashback (from 5%) @ Shopback

expired iHerb 9% Cashback (from 5%) @ Shopback

$10 off Next Order @ Uber Eats

expired $10 off Next Order @ Uber Eats

Buying Engine Oil Sydney CBD - Is 'homebrand' and Valvoline from Woolworths Still Quality?

Topping up a 2000 model vehicle, but I am quite far from any Autobarn, Repco and SCA. What other options do I have if I'm in the Sydney CBD? Is the stuff you get at a Shell petrol station …

Buying Macbook Battery - Tips?

Looking to buy a replacement battery for my MBA. Anyone have experience? Or know someone in the laptop repair business. Not sure which sellers to trust e.g. eBay has many ~$30 ones. …

Signup Deals That Require a New/Unique Mobile Number?

What are the best deals you can capitalise on (again) when you get a new mobile number? E.g. Uber/UberEats.

Posting a Phone Case

Haven't sold much on eBay before, but sold a phone case. I originally thought I could just chuck it in an envelope and whack on some stamps. Is this the case? Or do I have to get a parcel or box …

[Request] Guide to porting times between specific carriers?

I recall seeing several comments in the past where people have outlined which carrier porting combinations are easy and which take longer. Anyone happen to have this info stored in their brains? …

Best Go-to for Buying Computer Parts

Hey all. Trying to get my computer to a stable state, and will need to be spending a few hundred to get a CPU, Mobo, and RAM. Is there a particular shop that is your go-to, should I buy …

Suitable RAM for my PC

Hi all. Been having a lot of issues on my desktop and think it might be RAM related. Was wondering what type of RAM do I have to get to suit my system, and go-to place to get it? e.g. does it have …