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eBay Australia

eBay Toolboxes Worth It?

Hi all, Looking for a cheap toolbox for the garage, and came across ones like this that are part of the current 20% sale on ebay. Anyone here owns one of these (or similar), and care to comment on …

EB Games Australia

Discounted EB Games Gift Cards?

Hello fellow OZBs, I want to get this XBox bundle for my nephew for his birthday on Thursday, and was wondering if there's a way to get discounts on EB gift cards? He's a big fan of Halo …

PC Power Supply Warranty Advice

Hi all, Just wanted to get your opinion before I go into warranty claims about my PSU that died for the second time. I bought a Cooler Master V1000 PSU from a local bricks and motar computer parts …

CashRewards - Bonus 1% (Total 3%) Cashback at eBay

expired CashRewards - Bonus 1% (Total 3%) Cashback at eBay

Recommendations for an Electric BBQ

Hi Guys, looking to get a BBQ for dad for fathers day, and was looking at these 3 models in particular: Sheffield electric BBQ (no model as such, but looks similar to the others) Sunbeam Kettle BBQ …