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TP-Link RE450 AC1750 or Mesh

Hi Wifi or Network experts out there, I'm deciding to either purchase TP-Link RE450 AC1750 or a Mesh like TP-Link Deco M5. I know there is a price difference. I have pretty bad wifi reception …


How to Get Code from GearBest?

Hi, I got the KZ ZS6 earphones from this deal; https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/357794 But missed out on the Bluetooth cord, does anyone know how to get a code from Gearbest?

iMac to Boot from External SSD Setup

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can provide some advice or share their own experience in setting up an external SSD boot drive for IMAC. I'm planning to purchase the Samsung 850 EVO (250GB) or …

Furniture Upholstery - Melbourne

Hi, I have a few antique sofas and dining chairs I want to re-upholstery, but quotes I got from some people cost more than buying new ones. Can someone please recommend anyone in Melbourne who …

Carpet Steam Clean (Melbourne)

Hi, I'm looking for a carpet steam clean company in Melbourne, wondering if anyone here can recommend anyone whose done a good job at reasonable price. Thanks

Los Angeles & New York hotel recommendations

Hi, Looking for some recommendations on hotels in Los Angeles & NY in march next yr. it'd be our first trip to US so don't know anything, would be helpful if someone can share their …

PS3 Downgrade to 3.55

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has downgraded there PS3 to 3.55 themselves and can share some info. Cheers

Gutter Guard Installation

Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there has installed there gutter guards and can recommend anything, just got a quote of $2000 to install some at my house. But I don't think that stuff actually …

Rangehood Recommendation

Hi, I need some recommendations on a new rangehood as my current rangehood is one of those with filters and air that goes back inside the house. I find it rubbish and I don't wanna waste money …

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

Has anyone replaced there iphone 6 screen in Melbourne, can anyone recommend someone at a reasonable price.

Wide angle GU10 LED Bulb

Hi, I'm looking for a warm white wide angle GU10 LED bulb. Require a bright one coz the room only has 3 lights. The current bulbs are not bright enough or too focused on the single area below …

Cost to Paint Exterior House (Melbourne)

Hi, I'm looking to paint the exterior of my house (weather board) come spring, size of my house is roughly 16-18 squares 2 storeys. I'm still deciding weather to do this myself or get …

Laptop under $800 recommendation

Hi, looking for a windows laptop instead of forking over over $1200 for a MacBook Air. Can anyone recommend any, needs to be thin and screen over 13". Thanks

Driveway Steel Plates

Hi, I have a problem on my driveway as its a bit too high and scratches my lower bumper as times if I'm not careful. Does anyway know where to get the steel plates to put on the driveways at a …

Recommendation for Garage Door installation in Melbourne

Hi, I'm looking to install a garage door on to my carport, can anyone recommend someone who was good that they used and reasonable priced. Thanks

Recommendation for Panelbeater in Melbourne

Hi, Got a few dents in my car, just wants some recommendation for panelbeaters who don't over kill on price.

Recommended Steam Mop

Hi, Looking for a steam mop, budget around $100-$150. Any deals or recommendations?

Suggestions on Singpore Hotel

Hi, I need some advice on hotel accommodation in Singapore, we're just staying for 4 nights, but need something handy and reasonable priced (that's the hard part), looking at 4 star hotels …

Split System Installation - Melbourne

Hi, Has anyone had a Split System installation done in Melbourne and recommend anyone. Also price will need to be less than $500 including electricity wiring. Thanks


Sony Bravia TV & Plex

For those who bought a Sony Bravia at the end of last year or beginning of this year from one of the deals here. Has anyone been able to get the Plex app to work on the tv. When I open the app, it …

Sony Bravia TV with Universal Media Server

Has anyone out there got there Universal Media Server working with there Sony Bravia TV, I have a kdl50w700b. The TV can see the UMS and the UMS application on my windows can see the TV. But when I …

Can anyone recommend a decent reverse camera?

Hi, I need a reverse camera on my CT200h, can anyone recommend anything decent out there. I saw plenty on ebay, but not sure if any of them are any good or if they'll break in 6 months. Thanks

Installing Universal Media Server on Ubuntu 15.04

Hi, I'm a newbie on the Media servers and Linux, I'm trying to install UMS on Ubuntu to stream contents to my PS3. Has anyone done this recently as I'm having major difficulty with my …

Recommendation for Central Heating Cleaner

Hi, Just wondering if someone can recommend me a central heating cleaner in the Melbourne ares, competitive price and reliable works-man please. Thanks

Groupon Australia

Do Not Buy Groupon Gift Cards

Don't buy these people, they take ages to get sent out to you and when they arrived the code didn't work. then I have to call them and they ask you for a security code for the voucher, but …

Looking for 2 front & a center speaker

Any good deals around, $300 budget. Second hand is ok, as long as it's good quality.

Anyone Know Freight Company to Pick up Item from Sydney

Hi, I want go purchase some speakers on eBay but seller will only allow pickup from Sydney but I'm in Melbourne. Anyone know a good and cheap freight company to pick up items from Sydney?

Looking for Cheap 24" Monitor

Under $150 or there about's if possible, any suggestions would be good? Thanks

Recommendation on Subwoofer

HI, I have a pair of Kef satellite speakers and want to use it as computer speakers, So I'm looking for a sub that can hook up speakers. I don't really want to buy an amp as I have limited …

Recommendation for Desktop Speaker with Kef HTS3001.se

I purchased a pair of kef HTS3001.Se and want to use it as desktop speaker coz they look good. Anyone out there have any suggestion on how I can do this without spending too much on an amp and sub. …

Recommendation for Speakers

Hi, I'm searching for a pair of computer speakers for about $200-$300, I like the B&W brand but it's too pricey so wondering if anyone out there have any suggestions, I like bass so …

Creating an image for SSD

Hi, I just purchased an SSD, so I have to image my windows on my current hard drive and put it on the SDD. For those people who have done this, can you please give me some instructions as I …

New Modem - Recommendation

Hi, I currently have the Huawei modem supplied by TPG, but the modem wifi signal drops off when I'm a little further from it. Not really that far, justthe 2nd room down or upstairs the wifi …

Advice on purchasing NAS

Hi, I'm a newbie to the whole NAS setup and I need some advice on what to purchase. Basically I just need it for media streaming to my Smart TV that I recently bought. Maybe a little file …