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Amazon Scam SMS and Accurate Data

Two days ago, I was checking deals for a new Macbook Pro, something that I haven't done in the last years… I was in a hotel using the public (password protected) Wi-Fi network. I often …

Pre-Settlement Inspection (Apartment off The Plan, in Melbourne, during COVID-19 Restrictions)

Hi guys. I am finally becoming a homeowner in Australia (only after I pay the mortgage LOL). Partner and I bought an apartment off the plan and settlement is happening first week of November. …

$20 off @ My Muscle Chef

expired $20 off @ My Muscle Chef

I'm Moving Because of Leaking and Mould but The Owner Is Already Booking Inspections to New Tenants

Hi guys. I'm renting a house in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We moved in about 20 months ago and since then every time there is rain in Melbourne, there is a leak in the kitchen's …