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Any Naked DSL Options or Similar in Frankston Vic?

How do I find the best adsl without having to connect with a phone? Was on Optus cable at $60 + $10 for local and international calls. Are speeds bad on adsl? No NBN yet. Am looking for the best …


Kinguin Hidden Charges Add to The Advertised Price

I bought software from kinguin. They added a payment charge from paypal. Paypal told me they thought this was dishonest but they don't do anything about it. When I queried it the charge was …

Danger of Medical Tourism in The Best Clinic 2015 in Sunny Malaysia

Malaysia is touted as a retirement haven with international standards. This clinic went on to win best clinic 2015! Be careful. I lived 2 years and found standards variable and the hidden dangers …

Melbourne Public Transport

Melbourne daily travel is fixed with a myki card. Cost ranges from $4 a weekday for concession or $8 a day for adults over 4 hours. Half that is your trips are less than 2 hours. you get multiple …

Desktop PC for Home and Light Business Use

I retired before I could become a tech savvy guy. came back from Malaysia. It seems better to buy tech from here unless you know exactly what quality and product you are getting. I need to buy a …

Best Time to Buy Mobile and Laptop?

I am here till jan 16. when would be the best time to wait for the best bargains after xmas/new year and with intl warranty? is there a review and comparison of best buys for lower spec smartphones …

i3 Samsung Cuts out and Shuts down

I have an older i3 samsung laptop which tends to shut down - overheated? not sure if worth repairing. or upgrading? who is best to look at this and what would it cost? am in sydney and need to …

Better to Buy Mobile Phone in Malaysia or Sydney?

dear friends I am returning to sydney on feb 4 2016 after 9 mnths in malaysia. it seems the prices of mobiles might be cheaper in malaysia with full warranty locally as well. …

Subscribed Threads

i note i hve many obsolete threads which i cannot seem to delete. could you pl advise me how to? thank you.

In Malaysia Considering Best of 3 Laptops

Lenovo G40-45 A8-6410 for rm 1239 for local warranty 1 year + 2 years extra for rm 55 2. acer aspire e5-471-339M for rm 1239 local warranty with no extension 3 HP 15-G207AX for rm1239 1 year …

Cheap Flight Syd to KL [kuala lumpur]

i wish to find cheap flights from Dec to mar 2015. 2 Going I like more baggage so a normal flight with say MAS which gives 30kg may be good; returning I am happy with less so air asia/scoot may be …

Amazon US

Best Way to Join Amazon US and Other Ways to Buy for Cheap Shipping

not sure how to join amazon to get their deals from oz 2 for ad hoc purchases I find the US shipping sites including auspost now are too expensive to make it worthwhile. 3 I buy vitacost and pay …

Samsung NP -R530 Notebook Adapter/Connectoer/Battery Problem

this laptop is not new. Just replaced the adapter this year with a generic from china model PA -1700-02 inut 100-240v & 1.8A & 50/60Hz; output 19V = 3.16A. It is lighting but the laptop does …

Onix $50 at Aldi this Saturday 4/10/14

have a 2g phone like to have a simple cheap smartphone on 3g can't see the specs of this anywhere related reviews of aldi phones were poor. don't want to spend too much money while I learn …

Kathmandu Clearance Ad saw this katmandu ad claiming to give thermals at $10 the link on ozB took me …

Samsung laptop suddenly expired - best place for service and repairs? now fixed than you.

now fixed. no further posts please out of warranty an 13 i think i bought a new china battery left it on all night then the laptop expired. not sure why. where is the best place I can go to for …

How good is for unlocking; ad on OB

Old Lenovo ThinkPad X61 with Vista needs Win 7 installed

bought an old laptop privately; it has non genuine windows; I need to get a win7 in it as the win update gave me a win7 activation for 30 days only before it corrupts my whole disk. 3 options:

Best value for money 300Mbps modem/router combo? is there a better offer than this?


Do not use iiNet webmail a/c

email to iinet FYI: i have duplicate emails from this a/c as well as my iinet a/c is this iinet customer spam? or just an incompetent webmail which is not worth the name of iinet?

Best value for money smartphone which is 3G and Next G compatible

I want a smartphone which has a big screen [old] and is across 3G and Telstra so that when the 4g comes In I can still use it. specs seem not to allow this?


Cudo Case Study see the anonysubscribe posts on my experience

polti steam cleaner 690 $849 at better homes and gardens [BHG] or $999RRP or polti 715 $1299 at BHG or $1499 RRP

my partner wants a steam cleaner she thinks it might clean our carpets better is there a better value for money vacuum/steamer out there is this product good??????????

My partner wants a wireless TV Headphone

she bought a readers digest franklin [china] tv sound device with 2 headsets. I told her about real headphones. will have to get our money back and return this to RD

Aldi Modem Router 300 Mbps $50

expired Aldi Modem Router 300 Mbps $50

What Is a Good Modem Router (with VoIP)?

need the best value for money. some iinet support claim they can only service those they sell. i found some knew even less than me and needed frequent calls for support just for advice on this.

acceptable n speed modem router VOIP gateway [not g] for iinet naked dsl

netgear wndr3700 costs $160 on static ice. Best reviewed on,com_wireless/Itemid,200 Q1:- should I just buy from their supplier or can I get better …

Motor Mouth Motorpass Super Saver+ Price: $99.95 Only Visa/ MasterCard accepted View Details claims many benefits worth $1000 for a consumer!! could …

Great Indian Buffet in Rockdale, Sydney

Mandap at 434-6 Rockdale offers a great buffet at $12.90. I spoke to the owner and he has taken authenticity to a fine art. All furnishings were from India from the carpet up to the ceiling fabric. I …

Australian Museum Open Day Free Entry

expired Australian Museum Open Day Free Entry