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Using 4K TV as a PC Monitor

Hi All Needed some feedback from users who are using a 4K TV as a monitor. how do they find it compared to a monitor. I need to get one for my new pc (dell desktop 8930 bought in recent deal). …

Are They for Real - Is This where 7 People Actually Paid AU $2,034.00 for an N150 USB Wireless Adaptor Makes me think actual numbers sold shown are gimmicky.If the seller has not made a blatant mistake this is a damn ripoff!

To Hold Back or Give in to The Force?

Hi All Need your advice, my daughters birthday is late Feb and her dream gift of an iPhone 7 Plus I have already saved, sourced and in possession off. My own impatience says to give it to her now, …

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Who Is Still Using Theirs despite The Recall

Hi There, Any users still using their Note 7, Just been updated by Samsung that the new phone will be available from 21/09 to replace the defective ones.

Locky Malware/Virus - How Many Have Been Affected in The Recent Wave of Attacks

Curious to know how many people or especially companies that you work for have been hit by The Locky Malware. Heard a lot of Small/Medium business especially have been hit and a few have had to cough …

Lawn Tennis - Where to Be Good Tennis Rackets Cheaper. Online Is Ok

Hi Guys, Please can you advise where you could be good graphite tennis rackets that are cheaper than going to a store.Thanks

Costco Wholesale

Costco - Is It Really Cheap for Groceries or Just Good for One off Electronic Purchases. Your Thoughts

Hi ALl - Just wondering over the long run is Costco better for weekly grocery shopping.

Amazon US

Buying A/V Receivers from Amazon US - Your Experience

Would appreciate some feedback and experience of buying A/V receivers from Amazon US. They have some great pricing that are literally half of what it cost here shipped but just worried for warranty …