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Amazon AU

Sick of Amazon AU Showing US and UK Deals on Today’s Deals

Just a rant to complain about Amazon trying to shove their US and UK deals down our throats. A bunch of useless crap like electronics with overseas plugs. They are double dipping on shipping costs …


Amazon AU Wishlists Not Working on CamelCamelCamel Australia?

Only just noticed the Wishlist tracking not working on CamelCamelCamel AU. Gives a warning: We are currently unable to update wishlists in this country. Please view a different country's …

Amazon AU

Amazon AU Stocking Pepsi Max! (and Also Other Pepsi & Schweppes Range)

Discuss how Pepsi Max is superior to Coca Cola. I've been bugging Amazon for months to add Pepsi Max. Well looks like I single handidly wrangled a global company to my will yet again. Looks …


expired Nintendo Switch Console $369 Delivered @ Amazon AU


expired 9 Free Kindle eBooks - World Book Day @ Amazon AU