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Amazon Prime USA Cheap Item to Make up My Order

Hi, I am $0.77 short of the $49 I need for free shipping from Amazon Prime USA. Any suggestions? Maybe a cheap snack item? Appreciate any thoughts.

Data Transfer to New Mobile Phone

Hi, I'm trying to help out a friend who has bought a Nokia 6.2 to replace his old Samsung S7. Clearly the easiest thing to do would be buy another Samsung & he could then just use the …

Bali Travel Insurance - Volcano

Hi, does anyone know of a travel insurance provider that will cover issues that might occur with Mt Agung in Bali? I have contacted Allianz & Citibank & they both say there is an embargo on …


Kmart - Do They Have Specials Any More?

Hi all, Its been ages since I bought anything from Kmart, but they have some clothes I am after. Looking at the catalog they only seem to have "everyday low prices" which implies the price …


Qantas Lounge Passes - Paper Vs Electronic

Hi, I understand St George (and probably other banks too) will change from issuing the paper version of the complimentary lounge pass from 1st July & future Qantas lounge passes will be attached …

Recommendations for Fitbit-Type Device

Hi, Would appreciate peoples suggestions & comments on a fitbit device (I guess something like the Alta). I see lots of alternatives (include many Chinese ones) - for example the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 …

Cheapest/Best Data SIM for Low Usage (<2GB)

Hi, I would appreciate everyones thoughts on a data SIM for low usage (<2GB per month). Currently using the Vodafone prepaid 12GB $60 for 12 months & found this …

Phone to Replace My Samsung S2

Hi, I'm looking for a phone to replace my Samsung Galaxy S2 (yes, I know it's really old!!) without too much hassle or expense. The Samsung Galaxy J3 seems a good deal at the moment @ $188 …

Credit Card without International Transaction Fees

I have a large overseas US$ purchase coming up & wondered if there are any credit cards that have benefits (eg frequent flyer points) but don't have overseas transaction fees?

Basic Phone for Use with ALDI Mobile

Hi, I would appreciate any suggestions for a cheap basic phone (candy bar or flip) for a relative that will be used for emergency use only. Will a Telstra prepaid work or does it have to be …

Alternatives to AliExpress & eBay

Hi, I've regularly used Aliexpress & Ebay for buying various stuff, but wondered if there are any alternatives that people find better (mainly for tech stuff from China)? Cheers, Gary.

YouTube on a Dumb TV

Hi, I'm trying to help out an old guy that has an old large-screen TV & would like to get youtube onto it. He has really basic technical ability (never used a PC) & has an old HP tablet …

Password Protected Word Document

Hi, I need to open a password protected word document but have no idea what the password could be. I've done some searching & it seems older versions of Word are easy to get around, but in …

Accor Hotels

Accor 40-50% off super sale

Hi, Has anyone any idea on when the next Accor super sale might be? They seem to have them regularly (the website now says twice a year), but I wondered if anyone had a heads-up or perhaps has …

Community Fair in Ballajura (WA) This Sunday

The Rotary Club of Ballajura-Malaga and Lions Club of Ballajura is holding its Annual Ballajura Community Fair on Sunday 21st August 2016 The Fair is designed to give enjoyment to the whole family …

Hotel in Singapore for family

Hi, just interested in suggestions & recommendations for a nice hotel in Singapore for a family (2 adults & 2 teenage kids) for 6 nights. Most of the hotel & web search sites dont really …

Recommendations for very low volume plan

Hi, I'm interesting in thoughts for a very low volume mobile sim. Say 10 calls per month & 100M data.

Memory usage

Hi, I usually leave the Ozbargain website open & just refresh it from time to time during the day.


Gotalk - "Aussie Extra" plan cancelled. Best options?

Just heard that Gotalk have cancelled their "Aussie Extra" plan & will move all existing customers to the "Anytime" plan (with higher call rate & flagfall)!

BIGW Online Spend $100 Get $10 off

expired BIGW Online Spend $100 Get $10 off

What is the equivalent of OzBargain in UK?

Hi, Carrying on from the questions about USA, does anyone have suggestions for good bargain sites that would help on our trip to the UK?

Target Australia

Thoughts on Kambrook KBV450 2000w Vacuum $99 at Target

Hi, I notice that Target has the Kambrook KBV450 2000w Vacuum on special for $99 at the moment - any thoughts on this one?