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July Security Update for Note9 Seems to Fix Screen Problem

My note9 had a screen problem where it has lines through it and colour goes funny. If I power turn the screen off repeatedly, it reverts to normal. After the latest security update, the screen …

need help with a PC case selection

Disclaimer: my skill level with computer parts is probably 4/10. I need suggestions for pc cases. My first pick was the Lian-li PC-011 dynamic. Looks like a nice airy case that I can fit a lot of …

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Possible Battery Problem

Update 14/09: They put in 3 more other batteries and I asked them to get batteries from a different supplier. FInally, it seems to be working fine. (been using for 3 days. End result, a bad batch of …

Extending laptop screen across 2 monitor

HI guys, I have been doing internet searches for this without much success. I have a laptop, no USB-c, one HDMI. Is there a way to extend the display across 2 monitors? (either 3 including the …

Australia Post

Question about Processing Insurance for Auspost Parcel Lost

**** 27/04 Update **** YEAH!!!! good news they decided to process my claim! I requested someone from the claims department call me and someone finally did. She was really helpful. Firstly, she …

Laptop not detecting a touchpad

I have a Spectre 13 that I cannot get the touchpad to work. clean reinstall windows, got HP support people to remote access. Got nowhere. I think the operating system is not detecting that there is …

Active Pen for HP Spectre X360 G2 Convertable

Hi guys, Is anyone using that laptop with an active pen? I just got a HP Pro Tablet 408 pen second hand that doesnt work and I suspect that it need a new battery. I just cannot figure out how to …

Claiming TRS When Flying International with Scoots (from Melbourne) and Travel Sim for China

Hi OZbers, I have googles but no cannot find a direct answer. The TRS counter is located in terminal 2, so I am leaving via terminal 4 I wont be able to use the TRS counter. If that is the case, are …

Free Talisman Lite for iOS

expired Free Talisman Lite for iOS


[Solved] Optus Unmetered Netflix Using VPN

Will netflix be metered if I use a VPN to stream netflix on optus 4G?

eBay Australia

Question about using "CLAP10" on eBay accepting a counter

Halp!! I made an offer for an item on ebay and the seller counter offer. If I accept the counter offer can I still use clap10? I had a quick look in the various post but there is too much chat …


Galaxy Note 4 for $15/month + $50 up front on 24 months contract with Telstra Friends & Family plan

For people on already on Telstra Friends and Family plan currently on a month to month, you can get the Galaxy Note 4 for $15/mth if you go on a 24 month contract. There is also a $50 up front fee. …

Good vaccum cleaner for $250

Hi guys, need help with a decent vaccum cleaner. Had a Toshiba for 7 years that had great suction, but small bag. The cats shed so much hair it is like they are leaking. Is this any good? …

Vaya 4G, Kogan or Aldi still not sure who to go for

My contract is up. I have been looking at a new plans over the last 4 months. I am still not sure which one to go for. Current on a Telstra S plan which is adequate for me. I am a light user.


Brushed off by Dive Plus and Scoopon * RESOLVED*

Well, I should have know better with Scooupon. Scooupons clearly do not care about customer's concern.


[Telstra] if you do not have NextG device, you cannot get 3G starting Aug 31

I received a sms from Telstra saying that i cannot get 3g unless i have a NextG device starting 31 Aug. I use a iphone4 from telstra and i am sure it is not nextg compatible.

Bruce Lee style jumpsuit with

Can someone point me to a place where i can find a bruce lee style jump suit from a store in Melbourne?

HTC Desire HD for $563.95 from inc shipping

As the title said. Tempted to get one though I do want an iphone4 so that I dont have to buy all my apps again.

Feedback on 1 Day Sale

I purchased a heart rate monitor from 1 day sale and when I received it i thought the transmitter (the part that gets sweaty) looked used, so I contacted them and they told me to send then photos, …

Camping equipment bargains

Anyone has a recommendation for a place to buy hiking tents and backpacks at discounted prices?

Portable Thermal Cooker 6L $79

expired Portable Thermal Cooker 6L $79

$1 Gourmet Pizzas! at Lucky Coq or Bimbos Melbourne

expired $1 Gourmet Pizzas! at Lucky Coq or Bimbos Melbourne