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Buying cars that have done 200,000 km and above

If the price is much cheaper by 2000 to 3000 dollars than a comparable same model and year car. Is it a good idea to : -Buy cars that have done 200,000 km and above

Best Credit Card for Online Shopping

What is currently the Best credit card with the most benefits for: online shopping amazon ebay paypal etc

Which Super Is Recommended?

What is the Best Performing Super for 2016 What are their fees? Also how hard is it to create your own Self manage fund? And is there any fees or cost with doing this? And can u invest it in a …

Best fitness trackers

Which are consider the best fitness trackers and why? in terms of price value for money? Software features battery life? Which tracker can prompt/alert you to move every 1 hr etc? Also do u …

Site Improvement - Change Favourite/Starred/ Subscribe Icon to The Following Layout

Move subscription icon to the left side underneath the -ve voting icon and the icon should be in colored to show that that page is starred/favourite or subscribed to.. If page not subscribe then …


Do You Work for UberX?

Do You Work for uberX? If you do, can you state… Roughly how much do you make net and gross per week per hr per year And how much days, hrs do u work per week? How much is your take home …

Did You Choose The Wrong Career and What Did You Do about It?

Did You Choose The Wrong Career and What Did You do about It? How did you eventually realized it is the wrong career? How did you end up in your current job and is it your true love/passion? How …

Chicken Coop Cost/Benefit Cheaper than Store Bought Eggs?

Anyone who has their own backyard chicken coop. How much it cost to buy feed, medicine etc.. per week/month and how much eggs and chickens do you have? Is it cost effective ie cheaper than buying …

What Is Your Career/Job and How Much Do You Earn?

What Is Your Career/Job and How Much Do You Earn? -Earnings - you don't have to give exact figures… -Pro and cons of the job? Optional information -Do love the job? or planning to …

eBay Australia

ebay - consequence of not paying for an item

hi if we did not pay for an item (cos we bought it by mistake or whatever reason) What would happen? I know that ebay would issue you a strike..if matter is not resolved with the seller privately …

Vote Again (1 Time) after Revoking a Vote or Change Vote

I would like to be able to -Vote Again (1 Time) after Revoking a Vote or be able to change my vote. e.g. I voted +ve but now after revoke my vote and want to vote negative. This should be …

Free Random Lucky Prizes Draw

Since it is the usual suspects/people that win for that other awards…. ==== I have a suggestion… How about giving free random lucky prizes draw to members each month. 3 awards: First, …

eBay Australia

ebay seller strategies - 0.99c eBay Listings

Hi What is the best way to sell old items quickly and at a good price on Ebay? Should I list it at 0.99c? Seems like those listings gets alot of bidders… If list price is too high then it …

Show Voted Page under "My Account" Dropdown List

It would be good to easily go to the my voted bargains The current method is a lot more cumbersome. It should be easily accessible under My Accounts. Please add feature : add Voted menu item …


Alternative to PayPal Currency Conversion Rate

Hi how can I get a better currency rate than paypal? I bought some item on ebay which ended up costing me more than what was calculated on ebay because paypal rate is approx 2-3 cents less than …

eBay Australia

Dodgy eBay Sale, ACCC All Stores Involved

Hi Anyone think we have a case to report to ACCC, about the dodge ebay sale.. or rather the dodgy price increases by stores like Dicksmith This has happen with all ebay sales this past year..and I …


Viber call rate?

anyone know what is the cost to use viber ie rate per minute.. is it cheaper to use viber or to call using my mobile plan I use aldi mobile 365 day plan https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans -12c …

Dick Smith / Kogan

DickSmith's dirty trick during promotions

Hi I was wondering if we can complain to accc or do something about dicksmith's pricing inflation during the ebay sale? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-60-152cm-Full-High-Defini... I …

Amazon AU

Amazon ask to move digital content to .COM.AU

Hi I was recently ask to move -my amazon digital content to .COM.AU from .com. Is there any benefit to this? From my quick search, there is no benefit! prices are higher on AU store for kindle …

My account drop down menu should show "Voted"

Suggestion My account drop down menu should show "Voted" link.

Save search preference

Hi Can the mod please update the search function so it remembers our search preferences.. So if we like it to be sorted by newest and has no expiry date etc..

Will TV prices go up? (due to decreasing dollar)

As the dollar keep dropping...... Anyone know if the LED TVs might go up in prices from now on to Christmas?

(Expired) Ridiculous eBay prices for some items

Was searching for some motherboard standoff and found this.. Can't believe someone would list it for this much..

Deals news ticker on top of site

I was wondering if u can put a news ticker for new deals that auto updates. And on the new deal section, put the new deals in the news ticker.

Are Blu-Ray burners worth getting?

Hi Are blu-ray burners worth getting? Considering the BDR is still quite expensive. I think they have to reach the price point of 20 to 30 cents per disk to be of value.

Apple App Store

[iOS] IQ pro (FREEmium)

IQ testing app ===== Note: Application is fully localized to German, Spanish, English and Russian Languages Would you like to know your IQ level?

Shark Navigator vacuum

Anyone know if the Shark Navigator vacuum any good or is there a better vaccum cleaner I know there are Dyson, but it is too expensive

[Suggestion] Show checkbox (date, relevancy) under search bar or show refine search list

Hi Often times we want to search by date or relevancy or some other factors But when we do a search, the first results maybe be expired already.

[Suggestion] Make it easier to neg deals on tablets and mobile phones

I have a suggestion of showing dropdown/scroll list of common neg reasons when you click the neg button. You're given an a scroll list, when you click the neg button.

OzBargain geared towards positive votes

Hi Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this issue. On Ozbargain, you can give a + vote easily but require a comment before you can give a negative vote.

Apple App Store

Medibank Energy Balancer [IOS] App (includes Android version)

Moved to Forum: [Original Link](http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/medibank-energy-balancer/id483499380?mt=8) Great app as seen on the news

App Toolkit - 100 in 1 [iOS] Free App

expired App Toolkit - 100 in 1 [iOS] Free App