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eBay $20 off Sitewide with $100 Spend (2PM to 4PM)


Hi again. As promised, here’s the second of the eBay flash sales for the day. This time take $20 off when you spend $100 or more. One transaction per person. As stated previously, short expiry window so be quick. Enjoy :)

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    wait what, $20 off $100 sitewide?

    • +4

      Even with that discount, Aliexpress is still cheaper on a lot of items

    • Mate if you wait long enough, I hear you'll get 100% off voucher!!!

  • +5

    Faints from all the price jacking

  • +37

    "You get a voucher! You get a voucher! Everybody gets a voucher!" - Oprah

    • I never got a voucher.

      • That's the point. This time everyone gets a voucher! In fact, they are even better than the targeted vouchers!

  • +2

    Ebay getting desperate approaching financial year end

    • +12

      It's because Amazon is due in Australia very soon

      • +3

        What have you heard?
        They haven't bought any property for a warehouse afaik. Considering everything involved (geo/environmental site tests, plans, council approvals, tenders, contruction, etc etc), the first warehouse is at least 18 months away.

    • +4

      or getting ready for the impending doom that is Amazon

    • +1

      And the last nail to the coffin - Netflix tax

      • Just got that email in from Ebay yesterday advising of that UGH

      • Shouldn't make any difference to large sellers.
        Only make a difference to small sellers that aren't registered for GST. Not collecting GST on sales, so can't claim back GST on fees.

  • +1

    Dammit would've come in handy instead of the 10% off sitewide for me.

  • +2

    f##k, just bought something using 10% site wide but this would have made it cheaper.

    • You can buy another one and cancel the previous order. Or keep both ;)

      • How do you cancel order? Never done that before

        • Assume ask seller. Seller can select cancel and the option buyer requested, then after you accept, sale is cancelled and they get a refund on fees.

        • @rhangman: Thanks for that, it might take more than 2 hours though… sigh… can't win everything…

        • @67Gateway:

          Yeah, or you also get stuck with buying the item twice.

    • same as me :(

    • f##k, held off from using 10% off site wide but would have been cheaper than this.

  • +4

    Hi TA, did you know about this deal before the 10% off deal?

    • +12

      The only sale I had full details on was the 10% off sale. For this, and all subsequent deals I'm being told 10 minutes before they are live.

        • How does getting the deal early give you any significant benefit? It's not like having 130 minutes instead of 120 minutes helps you in any significant way, and more importantly, it neither does it disadvantage anyone else.

        • @mattythecapybara:
          It gives you more time to add things into your cart that total $100, and make sure you can't buy any of them elsewhere for cheaper.

        • @damion: You already can watch stuff ahead of time if you like.

          But I guess a better point is it's like saying that giving people employee discounts is like insider trading. They're allowed to give people preferential treatment if they like.

          Insider trading is a problem because it screws mum & pop. This doesn't do that at all.

        • -1

          Oh, oops. I didn't notice that was the actual core topic of this thread.

  • +1

    Glad i didnt use the $15 voucher last night, not sure if i should wait and see if a better one is coming along though..

    • +2

      I did, only $5 at the end of the day though so I won't loose any sleep over it.

      • Same :(

      • Hand back your Ozbargain licence now.

    • +1

      Wish I had waited :(

  • This is decent

  • Not sure how this rose to front page being posted just 8 mins ago and only a couple hundred clicks

    • At the algorithms most basics… you need 25 votes for front page.

  • +7

    imagine if they did $30 off sitewide with $100 spend after this.

    • +3

      I'm thinking $50 off $200/$250 is next.

      • +1 vote = +1 hope

    • +4

      lol, expecting more than 20% off is like expecting unicorn

      • CDARKER was $20 off $50 or 40% only a few months ago

  • +1

    Nice, picked up a Kindle at OW for $154 pickup

  • +8

    Dammit just saved $13 on a $130 purchase.

    This backup deal would have been $7 better.

    eBay is making me look like a rookie

  • Damn missed the 10% off deadline to get a new bike would have been cheaper. I am hoping for another % off sale I will take 15% off :)

  • Cool thanks

  • Well done ol' chap golf claps

  • +1

    I'm not prepared for this.

  • Helppp, what to buy guys!?!

  • +2

    I doubt whether this marketing campaign would work. Now everyone is waiting for "a better discount" and put their planned purchase on hold. What if the upcoming discounts are not as tempting as the potential buyers expect?

  • Can you create a separate ebay account but pay with the same paypal account?

    • +1

      Yep, but if it's to use the code more than once, I think it works the other way, the code use is tied to the paypal account.
      Create another paypal account and you should be able to use the code again.

      • Hmm so you could probably just log out out of your paypal account and pay as a guest with CC?

        • You have to pay though Paypal to use code.

        • @drose01:

          Yes but can't you pay without logging in?

        • @LoopyLou:

          oh can you? I didn't know.

        • @LoopyLou:

          I can pay without blinking or moving.

    • yep

  • +5

    I'm going to back slowly away from my PC, phone and tablet now, so I'm not tempted by the current offers. I'm expecting the best deals to hit after 5pm, when people are getting home from work.

    • +1

      a true ozbargainer check these deals through the day

      • That's what my laptop is for :D

      • A true ozbargainer repeatedly hits refresh in the task bar watching for the next best comment and deal to come along all while cursing those price increases.

  • I've been trying to buy second hand phone via auction for the past few days, and all these deals are making people over bid! First world problems.

    • What sort of phone are you after?

      • Pixel XL

  • -1

    Can you mix with CRACKA20?

    • Different promos - this one runs 1400-1600hrs, CRACKA20 is 1600hrs onwards.

      • What's that

        • What's what?

        • +1

          20%promo for selected retailer,starting at 4

        • @Eg51: cheers

        • +1

          @Sir Casm: It's a missing question mark, that's what it is.

      • So use both at 16:00:00 👍

  • anything worth purchasing?

  • I just missed out the 10% off, when i check out at 2pm its says code cigbang expired. This is evan a better deal for me.

  • But my watchlist is bare. sigh

  • -5

    This is bullshit. Placed an order over an hour ago and can't request cancellation. eBay can go suck a fat one.

    • +3

      I hope your cancellation gets approved after all these promotions finish. Wouldn't that be funny.

      • -3

        Couldn't be bothered requesting one. I just think it's poor form to play with buyers like this.

        • Maybe buy a bag of sugar in the next promotion to counter your salt lol

        • @jas0nt: lolololololol

    • Yeah seems unfair to have an offer released within hours on top of another offer.

  • I really can't think of anything I want!

    • Wanting world peace would be a good start.

    • Ended up getting Project cars: GOTY and some Canidae dog food.

  • +3

    Found a Netgear 16 ports POE Switch for $129 before any code from sydneytec. Model number JGS516PE…
    MSY has it for $189.
    Only 3 available, so not worth to post as a deal.
    Grab it now with $20 off, or wait for the 4pm 20% off.

    I got the one with 10% off just now.

    • Just find a second hand one. I recently sold my old Avaya 24 port Gig POE switch for $50.. Seriously, no one wants 2nd hand network hardware…

  • Suggest something good which can be bought with this deal

  • -1

    2:00 PM - This voucher honey. Ohh.. that voucher would save $2 more. Ohh wait…Did u hear about the voucher valid for next 30 mins ….


    4:00 PM - "Voucher expired". Damn

    Me - ^o^

    Honey - v v
    ……….. ~

    • +9

      Did you smoke a bad batch?

  • +1

    Hm, what to buy?

    • EOFY. Buy something you can claim back at tax time. You need a fitness tracker, new laptop, new inflated price qc35s to do ur trolley collection job. Work expenses….

  • Sweet picked up a new desk chair happy days

  • Got two things in my cart totalling over $100au, but one is from the USA (through, but it won't let me purchase at same time. And because it breaks it up into 2 payments, code doesn't work. Any ideas?

    • +2

      you can only checkout with 1 currency at a time

      • So if I want the USA thing, I'd have to add another US item? (The Aus item was something I regularly need to buy, just to get it over the $100 mark. But the same thing gets destroyed by shipping from the states)

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