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100k-150k Qantas FF Points @ Citi VISA Signature Qantas Credit Card, $5K Spend in 90 Days; $49 First Year Fee


Looks like Citi are offering a decent deal on their Signature QFF VISA card again.

This deal offers:

100,000 QFF points with a $5,000 minimum spend in the first 90 days. Reduced annual fee of $49 in the first year; and

50,000 QFF points upon paying the $444 annual fee for the second year (annual fees, particularly of that magnitude, are not to my tastes but each to their own).

Card also provides travel insurance, and two lounge passes p.a. via Priority Pass.

Again, that $444 annual fee in the second year is a whopper. But happily there is no obligation to stick around for the second year, so deliberate thoroughly on how badly you want those additional 50,000 QFF points.

I posit that this deal is superior to the previously posted deal on account of the reduced annual fee in the first year. But perhaps comparable to this earlier deal.

Earn Rates

1.00 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants)
0.75 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, retailers)
0.50 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (All Other)
1.00 Qantas Point per $ International Spend

With the economy slowing down and abounding speculation of an imminent recession, there's never been a better time to accumulate personal debt. Onwards!

Those who do not have a Qantas Frequent Flyer account can get free membership from one of the free membership deals here.

NOTE: The random referral system is for a different card - Citi Rewards Platinum. Please don't use the referral link if you're applying for the card in this deal, which is the Citi VISA Signature Qantas Credit Card.

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  • Would current Qantas credit cardholders be eligible? I believe Qantas use Citi as their bank

  • This is probably better than the ANZ offer now with the lower fee of $49 compared to $225 (after cash back) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/448095

    • Literally got approved for this anz card yesterday. Dang it!

      • Doesnt hurt to get a second card.

      • I have applied for the following 3 cards in 2 days (yesterday and today)

        • Citi VISA Signature (this one),
        • ANZ Black, and
        • AMEX Qantas Ultimate

          • Amex is already approved (got a text message today), they didn't requested a single document.
          • ANZ asked for some additional docs.
          • Applied to Citi just right now, let's see how it goes.

        If all gets approved, then need some planning to spend $12K in 3 months (lots of expenses coming up anyway, foreign travel plus renovating a home) and finally getting 300K Qantas points.

        I haven't applied for any credit card in last 3 years, so hopefully all gets approved.

        • Damn .. You must have credit scores in the high 800 or something.

          The next time you get a credit score you’ll be down in the dumps. Hope you’re not planning for mortgage or anything??

          • @iamarvram: Yeah - that's cramming a lot of applications into a short period of time. Good luck dude.

            • +12 votes

              @AlanHB: I think cramming a lot of applications in a short time-frame has its benefits.

              First, I don't think any of the 3 lenders will see a credit inquiry for any other if all credit checks are done within a 1-2 day time-frame.

              Second, you can safely mention in the application to all lenders that you don't hold a credit card from any other you are concurrently applying for.

              Third (from past experience), do not apply for maximum allowed credit limit, I always choose between $5-7K credit limit. Lenders are generally happy to approve if you request in the application to be put in lower end of credit limit.

              I think all this helps.

          • @iamarvram: Yes, its in mid 800's, Mortgage was taken 6 months ago.

            • @paul11: “always choose between $5-7K credit limit. Lenders are generally happy to approve if you asked to be put in lower end of credit limit.”

              Many premium/black cards these days have a minimum credit limit of $15k which you can only adjust down after your card approval. But other than that, I agree with what you’re saying.

              • @bozbargain: Yes, agree, I think this offer has minimum $15K limit, so you can't do anything with that.

                What I meant is that do not blindly tick the "give me maximum allowed credit limit" checkbox on your application. As a general rule, I mostly ask to put near the lowest allowed credit limit.

                I have a feeling that this gives a signal to the bank that you have your spending limits strictly set and you are financially disciplined.

              • @bozbargain: Do they adjust the minimum credit limit after you get the card? Why would they allow that?
                I cancelled a card that I had for almost 10 years solely on that purpose…before going for a home loan

                • @Nav2k: Most do, but they only let you lower the limit to the minimum they had set.

                  For example, I had Coles credit card, with a credit limit of $5K. When I applied for the mortgage, I lowered the limit to $2K.

                  Most banks normally set the minimum credit limit at $5K. For Black/Platinum/Signature cards the minimum credit limit may be higher.

                  All you to have do is ask.

    • Not sure if I agree. For one thing this card doesn't give you a free return domestic flight. If you're purely chasing QFF points then this card looks decent but you also need to spend $2500 more over the 3 month period (i.e. the ANZ card only requires a $2500 spend over 3 months but you do earn 25,000 less points and they are Velocity FF points).

      Horses for courses really.

  • 100k for $49. I’ll take that any day of the week.

    • $5,000 in 90 days excluding government transactions.

      • I think governmennt transactions are included

        Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, refunds, chargebacks, Special Promotions and spend on a Linked Diners Club Card do not contribute to the spend threshold.

        • For the May/June deal it was 4K, I made that in the first month but only because I paid my Vic roads car rego and paid my first Council rates payment early.

          I got the bonus points. Therefore Gov spend does seem to count.

        • +2 votes

          I asked online and they called back telling me that explicitly government spends are not included in the calculation.

        • +1 vote

          Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, refunds, chargebacks, Special Promotions BPAY payments and government related transactions do not contribute to the spend threshold.

      • Not sure why you were downvoted. $49 first year annual fee is great, but that min spend is somewhat high.

        Comparing it to the AMEX Qantas Ultimate card which has 100,000 bonus points for a $3000 min spend over 3 months, you're spending $1599 more to get the same amount of points with this card (if you cancel after first year). You also don't get the $450 travel credit (maybe 2-3 flights with Qantas I guess if you get tickets on sale?).

        You also earn the same amount of Qantas points for the $3000 min spend on the AMEX ($3000 x 1.25 = 3750, $5000 x 0.75 = 3750) surprisingly.

  • Citibank doe.

  • One of he best deals around but…..I have the fee free Signature.

    • same…

      however.. considering to just cancel the card, as existing customers don't get the benefit of these deals

      • I have a fee free for life Citibank Signature credit card and I messaged them recently asking about if I applied for the 150k Qantas signature card would I be eligible for the bonus points and I got this reply, so take it for what its worth, maybe contact them yourself and confirm:

        Our records indicate that as your existing Citi Signature card has been
        opened for more than nine months, you may submit an application for
        another Citi credit card.

        Please be advised that you will be eligible to receive bonus points if
        the card you will be approved for has this offer.

    • I cancelled mine a while back, they used to give me 0% for 12-24 months, then it became 3 months and then they stopped offering it. I would rather churn cards then have a 'fee free' card because essentially all cards are fee free when you churn.

    • I agree - the 2 x lounge passes each year just for holding the card has been a sweet deal. While quality of the lounges vary, coverage by the Priority Pass program has been excellent.

      • Yep, the only reason I hold onto mine, too. Having two lounge visits up your sleeve pretty much whenever you're travelling overseas is pretty great.

    • I am also thinking to apply for a CC. What are the advantages of credit card?

      One reason I want a Visa CC is when booking airline tickets using edreams, gotogate, budgetair, etc online using credit VISA card there is $0 fee but for debit/other cards the fees is around $18-20 per ticket.

      Do you have this card?

      P.S. - I don't have any debt and I have controlled spending habits.

    • How did you get fee free signatue card?

  • Citibank have just rejected me left right and center and I have no idea why. Is it worth calling them to discuss/apply over the phone?

    • you're dreaming

    • They rejected me too, I have a perfect credit rating and a high credit score!


    • Not sure if it's the same but having worked at a lending company, we didn't discuss reasons as to why an applicant was declined as it can reveal details about the credit policy, which in turn could lead to people putting dodgy details in applications. So as @itslittfam said, you are indeed dreaming. Might be worthwhile to check your credit file if you haven't already.

      • JustCitiThings

        Have already checked my credit file since previously applying and nothing in there - not even queries from citibank, it's like it fell over at their end before they even got to that point?

      • A few years ago I got approved then rejected a day later by Westpac, and called them to ask why. They told me the reason (no super amount on payslips, so they assumed incorrectly that I was a casual), I sent through payslips with the super amount, and got it approved.

        So certainly can't hurt to ask for the rejection reason IMO.

    • I also got rejected even though I met the requirement, a Platinum card was offered instead.
      What to do……

      • Any benefit? If you don't need it and there is no benefit turn them down as more credit doesn't help your chances applying elsewhere.

    • Thank you for not whining about it and negging the deal

    • They are notorious for rejecting strong applicants. Look up previous deals for examples.

    • No harm in trying.

      I got rejected for my Altitude Black Amex card last year when I applied but my Westpac Altitude went through. At the time, I had an existing Amex card already and never had a late payment. I called up and inquired, they said they'll investigate and in a few days they approved it. Weird

  • Does anybody know what the travel insurance is like with these guys?

  • could i use this credit card to pay my PAYG taxes to meet the $5000k spend in 90days

    • You shouldnt be worrying if you gotta pay $5000k Frydenberg will facilitate you by all means. Jokes apart I think it'd be good idea to call them and confirm.

    • Not sure their credit limit goes up to $5 million…

    • +1 vote

      "Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, refunds, chargebacks, Special Promotions and spend on a Linked Diners Club Card do not contribute to the spend threshold"
      Doesn't say anything specific about bills or ATO. May not incur points, but should contribute to $5000 spend I would guess.

    • Looks like no:

      "…and government related transactions. Government related transactions include transactions with government or semi-government entities, or relating to services provided by or in connection with government (for example but not limited to transactions made at Australia Post, payments to the Australian Taxation Office…"

      • Where are you quoting that text from?

        I can't see it on the Terms and Conditions..

        • https://www1.citibank.com.au/credit-cards/eligible-transacti...

          Government related transactions include transactions with government or semi-government entities, or relating to services provided by or in connection with government (for example but not limited to transactions made at Australia Post, payments to the Australian Taxation Office, council rates, motor registries, tolls, parking stations and meters, fares on public transport, fines and court related costs).

          Also council rates etc.
          Not really a surprise, these are similar restrictions to the Virgin cards.. which is also citibank.

          • @bohn: I pay my council rates by using Only1 pre paid gift cards I buy through Woolies when they have bonus offers, used to buy them with my Amex when you got 3 MR points per $1… Not as good a deal now obviously, but you can find ways around paying for things like council rates directly with your credit card…

      • Please confirm this- IE where you found this info.

        No point in getting the card for many of us if it can't be used for the ATO

          • @bohn: This defines "Eligible Transactions" which are only mentioned in relation to earning QFF points (footnote #2), i.e. can't earn points for ATO payments.
            There is no mention of only "Eligible Transactions" counting towards the $5k spend. The $5k spend part (footnote #1) only says what giu has quoted above.

            Footnotes: I am reading the "Important Information" section at the bottom of the page. The full T&C documents seem to be generic, i.e. don't mention specific promotional requirements.

            Feel like you'd want this in writing from Citi to be 100% confident that gov transactions would count towards the $5k spend…

        • +1 vote

          Got this from Citibank directly: "Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, refunds, chargebacks, Special Promotions BPAY payments and government related
          transactions do not contribute to the spend threshold."

  • I've got nothing but problems with Citi. Got a signature card for almost 3 months now, still no QFF points.
    They had a "glitch" were new cards were enrolled without QFF number, that seems to be fixed. Only took two emails and 30 minutes on the phone.

    After spending the minimum $4000 within 90 days they told me I didn't meet the requirements but (after 5 emails) they never provided any details. I didn't pay council rates, energy bills, ATO or something. Just shopping, petrol, groceries etc. I've spent another $1000 on the card to be sure, still nothing.

    The latest joke is, they can't transfer my points because my Citi account name doesn't exactly match my QFF account name (QFF doesn't have my middle name). That's not a problem for any other bank or card, but for Citi it is. In the morning they told me I have to change my Citi account name to match QFF, in the arvo they can fix it without a name change, next day they sent a form to change my name (which I didn't sign and submit) and now my account name is changed…..

    • Just to play devil's advocate for the sake of anyone considering the offer, I applied for probably the same offer 4ish months ago and recently got my bonus points at the end of the statement period after I'd ticked over the $4K spend. Citibank also lets you cancel the card through online banking which I did today but have yet to know if that will go through without a call from their sales team. Anyway, sounds like you had sh!t go, buddy, good luck

    • Totally echo this - it's not a bad offer but brings back painful memories of hours of wasted time dealing with the Citi call centre and having to chase up the bonus points for every card I've had with them. They don't exactly have the best reputation in the points chasing community.

    • I had the same missing QFF account issue on the previous deal. Got it fixed in one email. Bonus points credited automatically with the 3rd month statement.

      • Who did you email to fix this? I've tried calling and they've told me to use the Message centre in my banking login but I haven't heard anything back from them.

        • I would send it again through the message centre. Say you are unhappy the previous message went unanswered.

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