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Amazon AU: Up to 7% Cashback @ Shopback


Shopback have now joined Cashrewards with identical cashback rates at Amazon AU

Cashback Rates
Amazon Devices, Jewellery, Apparel, Shoes, Handbag & Accessories
Sports & Outdoors
Office Products
Home, Lawn & Garden
Mobile Electronics, Cell Phones & Accessories
Electronics, PC, Cameras, Home Entertainment, Video Games, DVD & Blu-Ray
Grocery, Baby, Toys, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care Appliances, Pets
Home Improvement, Tools, Kitchen, Automotive, Pets, Music & Instruments

To Ensure Cashback


  • ShopBack Extension does not work on Amazon. Be sure to clickthrough from ShopBack before adding to cart and placing an order in order for Cashback to track.
  • Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error
  • You must click through ShopBack to Amazon Australia every time you make a new purchase.
  • Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.


  • Items added to cart before clicking through ShopBack
  • Returns, exchanges & cancellations
  • The usage promo codes or voucher codes not listed on ShopBack
  • Cashback not applicable to Video Games, Toys, PC, Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Home Improvement, Baby, Grocery, Pets, Tools, Personal Care Appliances, Kitchen, Camera, Books, Home Entertainment, Automotive, DVD & Blu-Ray, Music & Instruments
  • Subscribe & Save purchases, Prime membership subscription purchases, Gift Cards, Kindle Unlimited, Mobile Apps, Audible, Echo Accessories, Kindle Accessories & Travel electronics are also not applicable for Cashback

Referral Links

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$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Give us toys to play with during lockdown, dammit!

  • In before anyone else mentions electronics…

  • Is there a easy way to see what category a particular item is in?

  • Miss the good old days when you get like 12% or 10% cashback on everything……

    • Yeah We are all waiting for sitewide ebay deals, why they not giving us

    • It’s kinda as if Amazon provided decent affiliate rates when they were trying to grow user base but now don’t need to so dropped it, leaving just the categories they are still trying to improve. Same as literally any business ever would do.

  • Does any body knows whether or not I can buy Amazon giftcard @ supermarket ?

  • So no cashback on the stuff we actually buy lol

  • Video games and electronics 0% = 👎👎👎

  • +13 votes

    After the BWS 25% cash back tracking FIASCO with ShopBack and their poor handling of it, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole!! DODGY as hell!

    Cashrewards all the way especially given they are offering the same rate.

    • Wait, is that why I haven’t seen it appear in my account? What happened??

    • What did they do exactly?

      I realised today I missed out on cashback on a 1hr deal cos it didn't track properly. Pretty disappointed with the level of service.

    • I had a tracking issue with Shopback a while ago on a First Choice Liquor deal SB were running. I missed out on approx $60 cashback. I followed their instructions to the letter, having not had any issues tracking lesser value cashback claims prior with the same method. Anyhow..their support was absolutely hopeless (sent me generic replies) and I will never use them again because of it. Really not worth it. I've never had any issues with Cashrewards however.

  • Looks like anything that is in demand Amazon have determined there is no need for further incentive. Makes sense unfortunately for us.

  • Over half of the categories are 0%…

  • High probability of purchase not being tracked and with Amazon purchases no chance of making a claim later as they wont confirm the sale.

  • No Electronics….

  • Just a reminder that with Entertainment membership you can get 3.82% (after surcharge) off Amazon Gift cards (preset amounts only) here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/530175

    Also you can get 3% off giftcards with Suncorp membership (free to sign up) for any amount of your choosing over $10 here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/503708

    While not as convenient as cashback, it should help out a little with those 0% categories.

    • Also, It's worth waiting for 5% cashback on Amazon gift-cards at AusPost shop from time-to-time.

  • Not getting stung by a Shopback promo again after the BWS "deal" thanks, these guys are a joke. Looks like loads of people got their cashback rejected from that one if you look at the dumpster fire over at the BWS post. Who are the shills downvoting @djz? that comment is on point.

    • agree totally, got stung as well. They tracked that i went on the website at the time of purchase, but somehow not the purchase, guessing they pocket the referral % and handover nothing.

    • Did you try BWS directly? If they won't honour the advertised deal the first time (they'll claim user error no doubt) respond by telling them you're filing a complaint of false advertising with the ACCC.

      Agree re ShopBack - unreliable.
      Two good reasons to use Cashrewards:
      (1) they are an Australian business. There are better references but this is a fair summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cashrewards.
      (2) They offer a cashback guarantee which covers most untracked purchases up to $30. Some conditions apply.

  • does a printer fall under office products?

  • This is just a warning after being done by these guys in the past deals, even after following their instructions to a tee.

  • Obligatory be wary when using Shopback, particularly when they have an upsized deal. See a few examples from the past few weeks:

    Dan Murphy's


    The Iconic

    Book Depository

    • Yeah, not touching Shopback again after being caught up in the Dan Murphy's debacle.

    • I am coming here to see negative warnings. Thank you very much.

    • +1 vote


    • +1 vote

      even the chemist warehouse $10 bonus for new users last year. didn't get the bonus but the cashback from CW tracked somehow. and that was only after i raised a support ticket after it didn't clear 1 week after the expected date. got all my referral credit and cashed out the entire account.

  • Cashrewards sent an email today for their 6 years. Somewhat moving and had a personal touch.

  • Serial renegers.

    Sticking with the Aussie-made co; Cash Rewards after countless voided Book Depository, Dan Murphy and other bonuses which were never paid…

  • According to gotyourback's comment there's a lot going on behind the scenes to resolve everything. Yet it's been two weeks and still waiting for it to be resolved! It seems like shopback is full of empty promises.

    • They've so far only responded to deals with the most uproar, but there's a multitude of other deals where Shopback have not given CB that have been completely ignored. And even then those deals have empty promises without anything actually happening (see Dan Murphy's deal)

    • Shopback dismissed my BWS claim with the usual "user error bs". I wrote back saying there was no error but have heard a big fat zero, nada, zilch since. Big Singapore-based company which has made millions from Australian consumer referrals and should do FAR better for its membership.

  • -2 votes

    IMHO. Shopback is better than Cashrewards.

    • Agree. I actually moved to Shopback after I started on Cashrewards. I had constant Groupons that never got tracked and had to continuously chase them. I decided if I had to email everytime it wasn't worth my time. Shopback I have never had an issue and they have much better notifications via app. So everybody has horror stories…neither reward program is flawless.

      • Same. My experience with Shopback has been positive with no hassels at all but many with Cashrewards. I think its just luck of the draw.

  • I don't often neg deals, but after being stung by the BWS debacle, I've had enough and ShopBack just aren't taking things seriously.

  • So, no books still?

  • Stung by shop back and BWS after the last deal.
    Neg Vote from me

  • Sorry, ShopBack, you have had PLENTY of opportunity to make things right for the people you "accidentally" screwed-over.

  • 5.30% Mobile Electronics, Cell Phones & Accessories is subcategory under 0.00% Electronics!? so 0% or 5.3%??!!??

    • +6 votes

      So many people can't be wrong,all with the same issue?
      Most of them here are seasoned professionals as per Gerry who took a sting once.

    • I've withdrawn almost $900 from Shopback from over 250 transactions and similar value/volume with Cashrewards - so I reckon I know the cashback process pretty well. I've had a few that haven't tracked and also got dudded for $25 from recent BWS promo.

      That combined with a few other poor experiences with Shopback has resulted in me dropping them in favour of Cashrewards and I made that decision before I started reading comments like these from other Ozbargain members. Those comments just reinforce my concerns with Shopback and I won't be using them again - at least not in the foreseeable future…. and not until they get their act together and comments like these fade into history.

  • Downvoting due to poor Shopback tracking practises and subsequent support follow up. As per my reply on djz's comment:

    I had a tracking issue with Shopback a while ago on a First Choice Liquor deal SB were running. I missed out on approx $60 cashback. I followed their instructions to the letter, having not had any issues tracking lesser value cashback claims prior with the same method. Anyhow..their support was lacking and absolutely hopeless (sent me generic replies). I will never use them again because of it.

  • Shopback offers should go in the competition tab because whether you receive anything is based on random chance

    If you have money in Shopback, pull it out before they steal that too.

    I never received my cashback on the Dan Murphy deal. Forget about all the $2 for any spend deals, about half of those never arrived.

  • Standard warning when using Shopback - YMMW. You will probably get the cash back, but there's a good chance you won't either given experience in recent ShopBack deals. Don't buy something that, if you don't get the cash back, you'll be fairly annoyed about.

  • Never again, they will reject any claim unless there is a mass protest and then they suddenly pretend all is well. Not worth the effort. Back to cashrewards

  • Hey guys,

    Just to address those who have been facing issues recently with us - thanks for reaching out to me and/or our customer care team. We're aware this is an extra step for you and super appreciative of your efforts. I wanted to again thank you for your patience and to also apologise. We take these issues very seriously and it's obvious we've let you down in this instance. Scroll down to the bottom of this comment if you just need to see the updates regarding BWS/Dan's.

    I'm hearing that there have been some conflicting messages coming from us and given how supportive OzBargainers are of ShopBack, we owe you an explanation as to what went wrong.

    For anyone that doesn't already know how your cashback is tracked - all brands on ShopBack work with a tracking tech partner which they use for all cashback sites in Australia. We get a feed from the tech partner that tracks all the transactions that come from ShopBack customers. As soon as these show up in our system we get the commission to then award you with the cashback for your transaction.

    To be fully transparent around the Dan Murphy’s offer, the issue came about after the tracking partner they used found a break in their system. This break, unfortunately, hit us/coincided during this huge Dan Murphy’s sale.

    Without going into the details, identifying the issue was not as straightforward as usual and had some unexpected effects with our missing cashback system, causing false rejections to be sent. We are manually reviewing all cases and expect this to be cleared up shortly. There’s been a few developments today where I can see that the rejections for many have been successfully appealed. Just waiting on Dan’s to sort out the rest, and then we can close this debacle off.

    You may have also seen that there was an issue with a BWS offer we ran, super unfortunate timing and no doubt, some of you were affected by this as well. Again being fully transparent, this came about due to the data not tracking correctly in their system. All issues we’ve addressed with BWS should now be resolved, and we’ve decided to also credit a bunch who genuinely aren’t eligible (clicking through other publishers, ordering through the BWS app etc).

    During our birthday week, we've seen heaps of transactions through other merchants come through fine correctly. That said, I understand both of these alcohol deals impacted quite a number of OzBargainers and we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to resolve the issue. Also, our communication to you could have been better and we’ll be making some improvements based on your feedback.

    I just wanted to let you know everyone at ShopBack cares about your experience with us and we’re truly sorry for dropping the ball. As mentioned before, we only make money if your transactions track correctly so if you ever have any issues please drop us a PM and we'll do everything we can to find a resolution.

    For those with issues regarding BWS:

    • Those who had $0 cashback track should have the adjusted amount as a new entry in their accounts (unless you redeemed a gift card).
    • The batch of orders that we had to upload manually has already come through to those affected - in other words cashback should've tracked already.
    • Those who appealed their claims earlier have now had these approved, and cashback was credited to all relevant accounts earlier yesterday afternoon.
    • If you are still pending a resolution with your BWS rejected cashback after reaching out to [email protected], feel free to PM me your registered email address and I’ll check the status.

    For those with issues regarding Dan Murphy's:

    • Please respond back to the rejection email if you haven't already. If you can't find the rejection email, you can also email [email protected] with your order ID/ticket number. The team will be escalating these claims for appeal in the meantime.
    • If you haven't received an email to acknowledge your response within 24 hours of appealing the rejection, then likely it's been put on hold and escalated, but feel free to PM me your registered email address and I'll check to confirm.
    • If you have been knocked back after appealing your claim, shoot through a PM with your email address and we can review.
    • Everyone else who’s on hold/done the above - we are very close to resolution. There’s been a few developments today where I can see that the rejections for many have been successfully appealed. Please stay tuned for the next updates.
    • What about those who likewise experienced widespread issues during your multiple Book Depository, The Iconic and other similar bonus promos? Were they also caused by a flaw with the same tracking partner?

      Are you still using the same tracking company?

      • -2 votes

        There's no widespread issues regarding those guys. THE ICONIC uses the same tracking network as Dan's, Book Depository a different network.

        Book Depository rejections on the other hand, were rejected by Book Depository themselves. I can see these are the list reasons they've given us for rejecting transactions:

        • Customer Cancelled
        • Invalid affiliate voucher code
        • Not last referrer
        • Utterly implausible.

          I - and many others - have made countless purchases through Book Depository without issue, yet in my experience, both times on their bonus cashbacks in the past six months, payment has not been made. No customer cancellation, no invalid affiliate code and no not last referrer. Just a classic renege on the promised deal.

          I can't say where the fault lies between Shopback and the Book Depository, The Iconic, Dan Murphy, BWS and other impacted retailers, but the fault doesn't occur with CashRewards, so they've been getting 90% of my click through business and will continue to.

          There remain very widespread issues. And as much as we appreciate the belated explanation and gesture, others have pre-empted the fact that nothing typically gets addressed unless there is a big enough outcry. And shy of running around chasing up unpaid clickthru's, shopping elsewhere is the biggest outcry I can offer.

          • @UncleRico: Fill out a complaint with the ACCC UR. Takes but a few minutes. That's what I would have done had Shopback not organised payment.

            As I've said a few times the ACCC won't act/enquire until they have a decent history of complaints. They may not even be aware of the cashback problems consumers are having but their interest will be piqued if sellers make offers of future refunds they don't subsequently fulfill.

            BD is owned by Amazon, well-known for tax avoidance , although Bezos denies it.

            • @Possumbly: I'll do this now. I don't mind if there are technical errors on the backend; however the customer service response both via their official support platforms as well as on OzBargain has been nothing short of appalling. Just goes to show that they don't genuinely care if there are issues; they're only trying to save face from deals that generate the biggest uproar.

    • Thanks for the detailed explanation gotyourback. I'm sure those of us who got lured by sellers' promises then dudded appreciate the belated effort by SB to do the right thing. The elephant in the room is that without significant negative PUBLIC feedback many/most users would have been left with the standard "user error" comment (which I got from both SB and BWS - at least yours was a proforma response not a smart-arse one) and no rebate. I'm a skeptic but very much doubt a handful of dudded shoppers would have got the same outcome.

      I'm prepared to give SB the benefit of the doubt but as I said above I see no reason why cash back companies don't have something in their agreements with sellers. Until someone invents an infallible system then internet click history and proof of purchase in a short timeframe afterwards ought to be adequate proof for both seller and referrer. Your Australian competitor Cashrewards has a limited guarantee which is inadequate but better than nothing, is this on the SB update list?

    • There are SO many issues with other deals as well, but you choose to only validate the ones from the deals with the most uproar (i.e. alcohol deals)?

      There are so many complaints in the ICONIC deal.

  • My issues are still not resolved from the Dan Murphy's deal:


    Do not see why you would go with shopback when Cashrewards has the same rates.

    • Hi quickling, just got the update from the team that this issue was resolved late Friday night/early Saturday morning already. Could you PM me your registered email address so I can check your account?

  • Today I just bought an armband phone holder. I think this is a mobile phone accessory.

    According to the guidelines, it attracts 5.3%. I got zero instead. Therefore, it is a neg.

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