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Get 10% Cashback Every Saturday in December (Max $30 Back Per Transaction) Using Tap & Pay @ Zip


There seems to be a lot of confusion based on the comments so let me try and clarify how this works:

  1. Sign up to Zip Pay. Not Zip Money. You can use the 'Related Offers' at the bottom of this description for new signup options. Note that you must provide your email address or phone number if you want a referral, there’s no referral link and you can’t be referred without that info!
  2. Download the Apple or Android app and sign in with your details. You will need a smartphone with NFC.
  3. Go to the "Cards" tab within the Zip app. Click on Add to Apple Wallet (or Google Wallet if using android).
  4. Go to any store that accepts tap & go on credit/debit cards. Do not ask if they accept Zip Payment as this is a separate payment method.
  5. Purchase anything (any gift cards, services, goods, literally anything) and checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay by tapping your digital Zip card on Saturday. Do not spend more than $300 in one transaction if you want to maximise your benefit as you won't get 10% back above $300!
  6. You should see the rewards balance reflected under "Rewards" within the "Your Zip" tab of the app immediately.
  7. Once you have reached $30 in credit, click on the redeem button to apply the credit to your account.
  8. Pay off your Zip account by linking a credit card to earn points and defer payment (The screen says debit card but many have confirmed credit cards to work as well - Amex will not work). It takes 3 days for processing payments to finalise and you cannot make additional payments sooner than that.
Things to note:
  • Applying for a Zip account will trigger a credit check.
  • Redeemable once you've reached $30 in credit (I.e. Min spend $300)
  • Rewards balance will continue accruing even if you don't redeem $30.
  • There's no daily limit. The only limit is your credit limit.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay don't have a $100 tap and pay limit like normal cards. The limit is unlimited since you biometrically authenticate yourself at the time of payment.
  • You cannot prepay your zip account via BPAY so that it goes into credit. I contacted Zip and they informed me that since they’re not a bank they’re not allowed to hold deposits. If you prepay your account you will be breaching their T&Cs and your account may get blocked. It will take a few days to unblock. Do so at your own risk, some have reported success while others have confirmed they got blocked.
  • You cannot make payments online.
  • Max $30 back per transaction.
  • Excludes Westfield gift cards purchased from Westfield
  • On days other than Saturday, you can still earn 3% or 5% cash back that will accrue towards your rewards balance.
  • Within a twenty-four (24) hour period, you (a) are limited to redeeming your Reward Goal eight (8) times, and (b) will not earn any further credit back if you spend $4,000 or more.
  • 10% back on Super Saturdays will override all other cashback offers with lower % back.
  • By end of 8 January 2021, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled.
Other giftcards worth considering Store Normal discount New discount
Woolworths giftcards Woolworths ~5% 10%
Coles giftcards Coles ~4% 10%
Costco giftcards Costco 0% 10%
$100 Aldi giftcard Aldi 0% 9.5%
$100 7/11 giftcard 7/11 0% 10%
$500 EFTPOS giftcard and Only 1 Visa giftcard - Variable Load* Woolworths -1.6% 8.6%
$100 Amazon giftcard AusPost/711/BP/ United/Freedom/Newslink ~5% 10%
$100 giftcards (Only via Prezzee app paying with Apple Pay - At your own risk) Prezzee 0% 10%

*$7.95 purchase fee on activation. Benefit is maximised when you purchase a $500 giftcard + $7.95 fee (pay via split payment of $300 and then $207.95). If you purchase less than this your discount will be less.

12/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Him/Her/Teen/Google giftcards Woolworths 10% 19% $100 card for $81
$20 Netflix giftcard** Coles 25% 35% $20 Netflix card for $13
$50 Swap Celebration giftcard** Coles 10% 20% $50 Swap card for $40
$100 Her giftcard** Coles 5% 15% $100 Her card for $85
iTunes giftcard*** Big W 15% 23.5% $100 iTunes card for $76.5
Nintendo eShop Big W 10% 19% $60 card for $48.6

**Flybuys account required. Only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).
***Price beat at officeworks to get this at 27.325% off, or $72.68 for $100

19/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
$50 Netflix giftcard** Woolworths 10% 20% $50 Netflix card for $40

** Everyday rewards required. (Possibly) only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).

26/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Kogan Mobile BOGOF plans Kogan Mobile 50% 55-57% Use AmEx offer and combine with giftcards to get between 56.3% and 56.6% off. If no AmEx offer, then you can get ~54.8% off if using just giftcards (in lots of $50) provided that you can split the cost of the plan with someone else. Use classifieds if interested in sharing.
JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day sales JB Hi-Fi - - -

Related Offers:

$15 Zip Credit ($50 Min Spend, New Customer)
5% Cashback (up to $30) When you Tap and Zip (Minimum Spent for Period $600) - Targeted
3% Cashback (up to $30) When You Tap and Zip (Minimum Spend for Period $1000)
Referral Randomiser Below ($10 for referrer & referee)

Referral Links

Referral: random (543)

$30 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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            • @huey: Damn. Must be a bug? I signed up today using Paypal/Lic verifications and was there from the get go.
              Rewards $30 increments came up right away


    • “ redeemed the $30 3 times”… what else do you want? You already redeem it. With another $10 left to be redeemed when u reach $30…

  • lots of stuff up today.

    • coles checkout person didnt split the 3/4 payments. total is $1,200. 1st one is $300. 2nd one is $300 and the last one is $600.
      lost $30+3 potential zip credit.

    • was given the wrong coles myer gift card by the checkout person. have to wait for a re-issue.

    • There is only one type of Coles Group & Myer gift card, right? Now I am worried if I bought the correct ones. Didn't pay a lot of attention.

      • yes.

        • Then how did they get it wrong? Sigh. Just checked mine. Bought the right ones. This is why I prefer to do it myself.

          • @apple0604: the stuff up was that i was given the unactivated card where the activated card is there somewhere.

            • @PissLUR: Oh well. Use the self checkout next time.

              • @apple0604: is there a transaction limit for gift card on the self checkout?

                • @PissLUR: I don't think so. But I only load the Coles & Myer gift card value as $300. The staff did say you can't but I have already done it. Then she said she didn't know you could. I bought 3x$300. She didn't say anything. But this is my first time.

                • @PissLUR: Just came back from coles.

                  First tried self checkout, asked the staff what is the limit on one coles & Myer gift card and was told $500.
                  Had to grab another empty card and then found out there is no split payment option…

                  Had to go to assisted checkout and asked the old lady to load $500 each on the two cards and do split payments on 3 x $300 + 1 x $100. The old lady wasn’t sure if it is allowed and called someone to confirm.
                  Finally went smoothly without issue.

                  Got the $100 rewards almost immediately.

                  Next time may just get 3 x $300 + 1 x $100 cards in self checkout and do in 4 transactions by myself.

                  • @HappilyEverAfter: Since Coles myer is a gift card. Does the attendant need to verify the purchase like other gift cards?

                  • @HappilyEverAfter: You can split payment at self checkout too. But i prefer smaller domination gc so i did $300 each

                    • @tinx: I thought the same but somehow didn’t see the split option there.

                      When I chose other payment option it triggered staff verification and was told by staff to go to staffed checkout.

    • What are you gonna do about it?

      • have called the gift cards customer service and they have cancelled the card and going to send me a replacement.

    • What's a wrong Coles Myer gift card?

  • seems much better way than using good guys concierge to get 10 percent discount

  • New ZipPay user…. Just hit $1000 limit today.
    Was wondering how I pay off the balance ASAP to get $1000 ZipPay credit?

    I cant see the Additional Make a Payment option /Bpay etc. … too soon?

    It says Scheduled payments
    When a store fully processes your order, you can set up your repayments here.

    • Wait until they are not pending anymore in recent activities.

      Then you can make additional payment

      • Nice. Thanks!

  • Can you buy prepaid vanilla visa card from Coles/ woolworths, using zip and get 10%? Ie, maybe getting $300 value gift card?

    • They normally have $4.95 charge or something like that

    • Vanilla VISA @ Coles/Target

      Max $250 value with $7.5 card fee.

  • Well, we had fun today. ‘Earned’ $100 but the $1,090 credit limit (including the redeemed cashback) really doesn’t go very far. Will be more prepared for next Saturday - anyone knows if there’s a limit on how much we can pre-load the credit limit with bpay ? But what if zippay cancels the 10% cashback promotion after we’ve pre-reloaded the credit limit with like a couple of thousands…. (??!) 😮

    • +2

      You can not. Limit is the limit. Also you have to wait for the transaction out of pending to pay it off. Otherwise, they won't even let you pay. Do not even think about preload over the limit

      • Really ? Hmm… 🤔 you may be talking about paying the balance with credit / debit card. Yesterday night I could definitely use bpay to ‘pay’ into my zippay account whilst I still had my full $1k zippay limit unused. It just that maybe it takes a few days for bpay to go through.

  • +1

    Didn't expect there are still 800 worth of him/her at my local wws. picked up some. As an ozbargainer I can not ignore 19% off. Although I've stocked enough from the 15% coles deal.

    • Why dont you go directly for the JBHifi Gift cards ? So use your WWRewards card for points. Buy 3 x$300 JBhifi GC etc. using the ZipPay rebate?

      Just read the 10% TCN off at WW…

  • Can the new sign up bonus be stacked with referrer bonus?

    • +3

      Why you don't zip anymore. You can zip at almost everywhere, coffee shop, Asian grocery store, discount fruit and veg shop, foodcourt,….. with3% cash for non Saturday until 8 Jan. It is not that hard to reach 30 to be honest.

      on 8 Jan, do some calculations and buy a wish gift card load any value between 10-500. rounding up to 30 exactly. Again you are going to spend something at Woolies anyway.

  • Plenty of him, her & teen gift cards at North kellyville woolworths

  • Looking at the thread with all the ~# ups , it good that maybe not too much damage to Zip and we get another clear round next week :)

  • Can you only cash out the rewards in $30 increments? So if you accrued $40 you cannot cash out $40?

    • Only $30 then $10 back to your reward meter until you reach another $30

  • Not sure if I will be regretting this purchase, needing to make $300 gift card just for getting $30

    • +1

      i rationalised it that i will eventually buy $300 worth of gear on amazon anyway.
      MIght not be in this month, might not even be in Q1 of 2021 but eventually.

    • 10% off really isn't much of a discount. I normally wouldn't bother with these type of deals but this time around I actually have a big purchase to make. This deal will save me $300 from a fridge purchase!

      • Normally I wouldn’t bother but 10% is better than no % and in consistently buying random things on amazon

    • +2

      You can always buy Wish Card from Woolies, and Coles & Myer card from Coles, they covers almost every aspect of your shopping venues.

  • Really strange, purchased $200+$100 ebay gift card via prezzee with Apple pay (zip card). I got the ebay cards, but zip pay still showing my available credit as $1000 (no deduction), there is also no reward recorded.

    • mine was instant

      • that is the problem.

        • +1

          force quit the app, then re open it

        • Did you figure it out..? Did you end up getting the rebate?

    • Isn't this only for tap & pay? Or does online purchase via Google pay/Apple pay count as well?

  • I went with 400 Bunnings and 600 eBay (Entertainment Swap).

  • Cheers OP. Got approved for $500 only. Bummer. Can't increase the limit yet. Bought gift cards via Prezzee and Apple Pay. Rewards took more than 20 mins to show up.

  • -1

    What's zip and pay?
    Is it the single use card?
    Can anyone help, I don't know where to find the card for tapping on Saturday?
    Do I need to download another app because I don't have Google pay or anything else on my phone.
    Many thanks.

    • Zip and pay is the same as tap and pay, you need Google pay or Apple pay on your phone, Zip Pay app on phone will provide a card which needs to be saved into your Google pay or Apple pay wallet. So you need a phone with NFC and either Google or Apple pay to use this.

      • -1

        Do I press get started button after I click into the promotion page to set my tap and zip card? U don't know what to do😶😶😶😶

        • There is not card button to click on my app. [email protected]@???

          • @Wuwu: on the bottom of the screen in theZip Pay app are the options..'shop', 'your zip', 'in-store', 'cards', and 'settings'. Select 'Cards' which will then allow you to generate a card for google wallet. All this info can be found quickly via google and on zip pay website, it will save you time instead of waiting for a response on here.

            • @running on empty: My app doesn't have "card", and it's the newest version. 😭 I tried to watch how to set up on YouTube, but mine only have "shop""your zip""instore""setting", there is no card option…

  • +2

    Me: have to buy something today
    Also me: must… wait.. till Saturday

    • Do some calculations, you can buy today and buy on Saturday. Otherwise you are loosing the 3% during the week.

  • My question is.
    I start with 1000.
    I buy 300 dollar gift card and get the 30 dollar credit.
    I now have 730 in my account.
    When zip charges my credit card, will they charge me 270? So that it goes back to 1000?

    • +2

      Yes. They won't take those transactions still pending. Normally take 1 or 2 days out of pending. Also it depends on the amount you set to pay. For this month I set at 1000 weekly on every Friday. To make the max available for Saturday. I stop using zip on Wednesday, make sure i do not have pendings on Friday.

    • Well technically no, because their automatic monthly payments are only $40 ($80 for higher limit accounts) or whatever other value you set. So they will only automatically take $40 and then charge you the monthly fee for not paying it all off. You need to manually trigger a payoff to avoid fees.

      But the $30 credit you pay is treated as a payment off of your debt.

  • -1

    Correct me if I am wrong. I do not get it for those people want to stack. Zip pay is widely used. If Apple iTunes is 15% off, just buy iTunes at 15 % off, use zip pay to buy woollies card or Bunnings card. It does not make any sense trying to stack.

    • +4

      You're wrong.

      In order to maximise your benefit here you should get something that can be stacked. You should always be thinking in terms of opportunity cost.

      Itunes giftcards going from 10/15% off to 27% off is a far better deal than woolies going from 5% off to 10% off for those who actually need an itunes gift card.

      Even Aldi going 10% off would be a better deal than the woolies discount for those who shop at Aldi.

      • Are Aldi gift cards ever discounted, or is that just an illustration?

        • +7

          They're never discounted, which is why someone who shops both at Aldi and woolies saving 9.5% on Aldi is better than saving an additional 5% at woolies since you can regularly get woolies cards at 4-5% off.

          • +1

            @neilpatrickharris: Yep good point. I bought a $100 gift card at Aldi with my last $100 the Saturday gone by - cost $100.50 with the credit card surcharge. Love their system, when redeeming they just scan it - and tell you whatever the balance is. Much better than say Bunnings, where the cards are treated like cash (bought 3x $100 cards - spent $105, gave a $100 card for the $5, and received gift cards to the value of $90, and $5 actual cash in change!

      • Sure, I get what you are saying. But if you regularly shop iTunes, Bunnings and Aldi. Aldi does not do 5% at all. So you can just buy Aldi, no need to worry about stacking?

        • If someone wants to buy something at one of the stores HIM/HER/Teen cards are accepted or iTunes, then staking might be very beneficial. Depends on the individual.

  • Can Anyone tell me
    How Can I Get the cheapest deal for iPhone 12pro max with the discounts and gift cards please it’s All abit confusing to me
    Thank You

    • +2

      Surely a price match at JB HI FI with 19% off giftcards would be hard to beat .

      • Too late now though, Saturday is over and those 10% cards at Woolies will finish on Tuesday

    • You are late to the party. Specific TCN cards were on sale - 15% at Coles, 10% at BigW, Woolies & Target (Woolies and Target offer ends tomorrow). On Saturdays Zip pay had 10% cashback so if u buy these GCs on Saturday you are basically looking at 20% discount. Woolies and Target offer ends tomorrow but right now it's only 3% cashback via Zip pay (with some mean T&Cs which you need to be familiar with) so at most you get 13% discount.

      • +1

        New sales may begin? Haha

        I'll probably stack up on some eBay, or Amazon.

  • Cant see the promo for the 5% amazon giftcard discount.
    Is it scanned as a discount at the register?

    • The normal discount refers to discounts that you can get through here.

      Have added a link to clarify

  • Has anyone tried paying off the balance using a coles credit card? Does it come up as a normal transaction or cash advance?

    • +1

      Come up as a normal credit card purchase. No cash advance fees/issues.

  • I haven't tried it but someone's comment on here gave me an idea where after the last Saturday when the pending payments has settled you could pay off the owing balance on your cc and then possibly zippay using bpay to pay off your cc balance at Auspost to get 3% off on top of it as well although that deal has a minimum $1000 spend to redeem the $30 because it's only 3%.

    • What do you mean by zippay using bpay to pay off cc balance at austpost ? Doesn’t it have some kind of processing fees on top ?

    • +1

      You dont get any cash back when paying with directly with zip or zip bpay. Only the zip visa card in Apple Pay or Google Pay. There are also fees for paying with bpay via Zip…

      • I don't really understand what he is trying to do but this is what he posted in a similar response "BPAY by using GPAY tap at post office (like BPAY with your EFTPOS to pay for utility bill, but choose option VISA Debit)". So I thought I'd post it again because I'm curious if it's possible.

        • BPAY via credit to pay off credit is not possible or fees will be involved

  • Not sure if anyone mentioned here… but could you pay off Afterpay balance using Apple Pay on the Zip card on Saturday for potentially 10% off (and get an extra month to pay off the balance)?

    • I've not tried paying off Apple Pay with Zip, but I have tried paying off other BYPL services with virtual credit cards from other BNPL services and it always fails. I'm pretty sure they're wise to blocking the appropriate vendor codes. Worth a try though, please report the results.

  • I was given a limit of $500 and it worked well weekend just passed. Clicking on the "Increase my limit" button shows I can increase my limit (presumably after whatever approval process) to $2000 with a $25 establishment fee.

    Has anybody considered going down this path? With 2 weekends to go this month, I have $500 * 2 @ 10% = $100 benefit. If I went to $2k, then that is $2k * 2 @ 10% = $400 benefit - $25 establishment fee. Therefore a net $275 improvement.

    • +1

      Are you sure the limit increase is for zip pay, and not zip money?

      I understand the maximum zip money limit is $1500 so what you saying doesn't make sense.

      • This morning I had another look and I was given an "ineligible to increase your limit", so I'm not sure why it was visible last night - perhaps a bug in the system.

        I thought it was Zip Pay with a limit of $1500 rather than Zip money, so I was a bit surprised to see $2k. I haven't investigated Zip Money, and with the message not there anymore I can't verify one way or the other.

        Will post back if it returns.

  • +2

    Don't forget there is also ongoing 3% cashback on all purchases during Monday to Friday, and Sunday.

    Plan well as it takes couple of days for payments to be processed. Make additional payments so you have full balance available for Super Saturday to avail 10% cashback.

    • I do not use any cards but the giftcards/cash cards bought on Saturday now.

      3% cashback is redundant now.Thinking of the people who stocked up Wish eGCs before the cutoff. Really unnecessary!

      • 3% is still better than nothing (or the 2% I get from HSBC) on purchases in stores where I haven't bought a gift card for - e.g. Maccas)

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