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Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Console $749 + Delivery @ Big W (Online Only)


Looks like Big W online have stock of the PS5 Disc Console.

Get in quick as I'm sure stock will sell out fast.

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    Don't forget 5% cashback from Shopback today even on gaming.

    • Managed to get one. Shopback tracked amount was $14.13. Should be $37.45. Hmm

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    Good luck to those who have been trying to get one for a while now !

  • Thanks OP

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    Got one. No time to waste with cashback

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      Same. Waste 10s and you might regret it lol.

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        Spot on, i was logged in, has a credit card saved and address updated waiting for this one

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      Yep was in the same boat. Then I saw it was still available 10 mins after I bought it and spewing it didn't use shop back…. But all in hindsight. Happy I got one.

  • got one

  • Got one, thanks

  • FINALLY!!!!! Thanks for the post!

  • Got one finally.

  • Finally I got one!!! You're a legend thanks so much mate

  • HN Cancelled my order and in loading Big W to see if they had any, it went live.

    Fingers crossed Big W don't cancel too.

    • +1

      they havent canceled mine, hoping they dont…

  • Yay I got one! :)

  • Finally got one!!

  • Cheers, grabbed, when are these actually being sent?

    • Delivered between Jan 28 - Feb 1

  • Thanks OP :)

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    No time wasting here to save a few bucks.. Cheers OP. Now to tell wifey i blew our fancy dinner money for a month…

  • holy hell.. i think.. i GOT ONE ?

    thanks ! finally!

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    Hmm, got a preorder/priority list at JB.. maybe I should get this aswell just incase I'm low on the list at JB

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    Got one finally and also didn't bother with cash back as they sell out in the blink of an eye

  • Got one at last!

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    Next drop Amazon

    • Lol you called it.

  • Got mine when do you think they will have the next shipment ps5s?

  • Items Qty Total
    Playstation 5 Console
    1 $749.00
    Item Sub total: $749.00
    Spend $200 - Save $25 -$0.00
    Delivery: $7.90
    Total: $756.90

    Paid with gift cards :)

    • I missed $25 but very happy to get one now

      • The $25 off doesn't apply to game consoles so you didn't miss any thing.

    • The $25 off coupon you used doesn't apply to game consoles as you got $0 off. It did nothing. Total is still $756.90 delivered ($749 + $7.90 delivery). You still paid full price. Not to worry. :)

    • This is funny lol

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    Haven't got an email confirmation yet. Anyone experiencing same thing?

    • +1

      Got email in 2 seconds

  • Yep, stock is out there.

    Got a disc version, then came to check it has been posted here, selfish really

  • Got one, finally! Order placed at 8:53am.

    I missed on out all the other drops this week..

  • Finally after months of trying i got one!

  • Got him yes.
    Would have preferred to get it from JB considering I got a bunch of gift cards on Christmas for them but I'll take it from here. Might as well use those ones to get a game or controller from there or something.

  • got one!!!

    • I'm up to my duck need 1 .

  • missed it

    • Looks still in stock for me

  • Wow , lot of stock today ! Few different stores

  • +4

    I feel like Big W is going to cancel some orders.

    • I agree. Available for a suspiciously long time.

    • Looks like it, all other PS5 deals have sold out within minutes - this one is still going

  • Finally got one after missing so many times.
    Are there currently any deals on a second controller?

    • will need a secondary controller and charger as well.. Stoked i got the console but..

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    No hurry. The only game I’d like to play is demons souls. Either wait until it is on pc or ps5 sold at $400.

    • +1

      No way I'll pay RRP!

    • +1

      on the same boat as well lol
      Xbox One X still going strong at the moment - only want it got Ghost of Tsushima

  • Got one. Thanks

  • Wasn‘t expecting I could get my order in. Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Got my order in and received the acknowledgment of order email. In the description of the item it says “Error, message not found”. I think I was too quick and got the order in before they finished updating the listing so hopefully it has all gone through ok!!

    • +1

      Mine said 'error, message not found' too and I bought mine as soon as this was posted here. Hopefully it doesn't mean anything.

  • Still in stock, dont forget shopback 5%

  • Digital Edition sold out

  • Not even bothered

  • And it's gone!

    • nvm. saw wrong

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    I just bought one PlayStation 5 dice version and my order got cancelled ?

    • +1


  • -3

    Looks like Sony is doing their job. Soon we should see "deals" coming. Good luck ps fans .

  • must be different stock for shipping address. just ordered one

  • Just ordered one myself. I'll wait till it's shipped before I am too confident of getting it.

  • Just got my order through. Fingers crossed there is no cancellations

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    Got one. Geez finally. Now I have to explain to the boss (wife). Wish me luck

    • +1

      File a divorce. Why need to explain.

    • +1

      Me too….. have to sell a few other hobbies.

    • +1

      You are the man, like me!!

  • its 2000 clicks and somehow they still have stock, I feel cancelling email is coming

  • Ill just wait a while when there is a flood of PS5's for sale on gumtree to grab myself a bargain.

    • With more drops the resellers may get desperate and have to drop prices to rrp

  • Ok everyone now has got a PS5, can Sony now release the PS5 "Kuro" edition.

  • Yay…. Finally got one!!!!

  • Is this really the disk version? It doesn‘t say for me and I was just rushing to get my order in.

    • Yeah the other one wouldn't be priced $750.

  • I hope this is not a staff mistake and my order won't be cancelled.

  • got one, thanks. mate!

  • Got a tasty one!

  • cancellation coming through now !

  • Wow there’s still stock at this moment…

  • Got one finally

  • +3


  • On Amazon as well now with free delivery

    • No 5% cashback unfortuntely.

  • I got an order acknowledgement even though it still says under the ps5 error message not found

    • +2

      Bought one from Goodguys. then they cancelled… this morning miss out on Harvey and BigW, was devastated. Luckily with your link I now finally managed to get one, Tks heaps!!

      • +1

        Glad I could help :)

  • +5



    OMG. I got one from Amazon too! Very likely BigW will f* up and cancel my order, so Amazon is now Plan A :)

    • and the shipping estimate from Amazon is tomorrow. Is there a way to cancel my order from Big W? Amazon seems more reliable to fulfil the order.

      • … or keep the BigW order in case it actually turns up.

        I'm sure you could find someone nearby who wants a PS5 :)

  • Feels like another Good Guys moment incoming….. dont have stock

    • I think BIGW orders will be fine. They are the only store that did not do to many preorders in Nov

  • Got one, finally..

    I checked bigw this morning at around 8:15am and there was nothing, then 20mins later i saw the HN post here and missed out getting one.

    So glad the bigw post came on here so i could grab one,

    Thanks Poster for sharing 😀👍

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