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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro QHD 16" AMD Ryzen 5600H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $998 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Officeworks


Too good to be true! Grab it while it is in stock!

16" QHD anti-glare display with 2560 x 1600 resolution.

AMD Ryzen 5600H Processor.

16 GB RAM.

512 GB SSD storage capacity.

Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics processor.

Connections via WiFi, USB 3.2, USB-C, and HDMI.

12 month warranty.

Up to 16 hours battery life.

Windows 11 operating system.

Includes infrared camera with facial recognition for zero-touch login.

3D audio via Dolby Atmos Speaker System.

Soft-landing switches via keyboard precisely engineered for tactile control

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  • +1

    Is this good? Need a new laptop

    • +3

      Depends on what you are looking for.

      Productivity: yes

      Gaming: no

      • +13

        It's fine for gaming e-sports titles and older generation games. The CPU is a beast and is normally used in gaming laptops. Please refer to the YouTube video I linked to below regarding the 20 games played on the iGPU alone. Lenovo sells this laptop with 8gb for $1549, so it's a great deal for such a good spec. I personally believe it's a big pricing error. Buying anyway. Lets see what Officeworks comes back with. I got a pick up date of the 24th.

        Please refer to Passmark for the performance of the 5600H CPU


        • Agree it's likely a price error but worth the effort just in case…

      • I know it might depend what I am looking for.
        But ThiS VS https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670211

        Which would be better for non-school , everyday daily use?

        • Definitely this deal mate, this deal has better specs

          • @Krad3r: Thanks mate.
            Do you think touch screen and Build quality matter?

            • @alakar: Build quality yes, touch screen not so much unless you are used to it already in day to day work.

              I would like to mention that with this deal, you get a much better screen quality.

              I'm quite a lenovo fan myself so I may be a bit biased, but comparatively I feel like lenovo has a better build quality than HP. Would be good if you can go to a store and feel it for yourself so you can decide better.

              • @Krad3r: My local jbhifi only has ideapad slim 3.
                Hp envy has a bit more compact build quality (IMHO).

    • +2

      Great deal. I’d jump on it if I needed one and had the cash

      • +1

        in not normally a ryzen fan but the screen at this price makes it a sweet office productivity laptop …and it’s ips , nice at this res ……

    • +4

      Very good for the price. RAM is soldered so not upgradeable unfortunately but 16GB is not bad.

      • +2

        Grabs 500 watt soldering iron

  • Over 1.6k via lenovo

    • And only 8GB ram.

  • +10

    Buy first ask questions later. Thanks OP

    • Got notification it may be ready for pick up Xmas eve!. Yikes.

    • Thanks, bought 5

      • Which have duly been refunded.

  • Touché screen???

    • +3


  • I have the 5800 with the 3050. Very nice laptop

  • Does anyone know what this would be like for light gaming? Can somebody point me to some GPU benchmarks for the 5600H?

    • +7

      Please refer to the 5600H iGPU performance in 20 games, You can play e-sports titles at 1080p.


    • I'm sure you could play monkey island on this ;)

    • I have the 5600H with a dGPU, turned off the dGPU to test the iGPU & it's great tbh, it won't be up to scratch for 2020+ AAA, but it runs most games 900p.

      Tomb Raider 2013 900p was 90fps, Dishonoured was 45fps.

  • +5

    Just wish they put a better Cams on notebooks. 720p in this day and age is silly and very average quality when using with Zoom, Skype etc.

    • +4

      Microsoft has now placed a requirement that all future webcams must be 1080p for windows. So this is the last generation of these crappy cameras.

    • -2

      Not many people's internet is good enough to stream 1080p for online meetings. And from my experience I'm glad not many laptops do it, when I'm on a call with 20 other people, if half of them did 1080p, my laptop and internet would be screwed. :)

      For streamers and content creators that's a different story but for online meetings I think 720p works pretty well.

      • +3

        More about the quality of the Cams I mean. The higher res usually means better quality pic regardless of whether you can stream at that res (in my experience at least).

      • @nfusion: it makes no difference on what res other people use. You only get what is avail to your speed. In fact the better the cam they use chances are you will see them clearer even at lower res.

        • +1

          Someone more knowledgeable on video compression can school me on this but I fully expect that a person with a crap internet on a 720p camera will appear clearer to me than someone with a fancy as 1080p camera with same crap internet because of more compression/loss on the higher res to fit in the same bandwidth. Max bitrate,on the streamer side will determine the resulting Max quality of the video recipients can get. So even if you have a nice camera but crap internet, you're still gonna look crap. But if you steam lower red on crap internet then you should save on bw and look better no?
          It's been a while since I did signal processing all I'm happy to be taught why a higher res would be better on same crap internet.
          Oh and then on the down load / me as a recipient of all these streams, if my download is crap, you will look crap on my screen no matter how good your upload. And if I'm downloading streams from 20 other people with a screen share. Bitrate of each person stream wouldn't be too great since you would have to all fit in my bandwidth right?

          • +1

            @nfusion: tl;dr

          • +1

            @nfusion: And then?

          • @nfusion: @nfusion Not an expert here. I think for the same codec at the same bitrate for low motion scenes like video-conferencing you won't notice much between the two resolutions, at least until there is some major change to the image (someone moves into/out of view) then you will likely see artifacting until the motion settles down. If using different codecs then that's another story again. H265 can do the same quality and bitrate as H264 but at half the stream size so I think it can retain a higher qualtiy even with some motion.
            A quick thing I found from googling… https://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/h265vsh264.html

          • @nfusion: my stab at it:

            • as the latency increases, the messaging platforms generally scale down the quality or the frame rate, but controlled within the software & processed by the local hardware …
            • a 1080p image scaled down to 720i will be a better quality image (due to smoothing and other video tweaking tricks)

            generally speaking, you're right, but the software scaling uses the local pc's processor to reduce the image quality, leading to a better image …

    • +3

      Never have I ever wished that my face was absolutely crystal clear on zoom/skype call. Speaking to my family or friends, perhaps yes but even then its not biggie.

  • +1

    Excellent deal.

  • +3

    How's Warzone on this vs a PS5?

    This is tempting, I need a new laptop mainly as a workstation but wouldn't mind being able to play some games.

    Still using my Samsung Ultrabook which is i7, 8gb ram and 10 years old.
    My cat took a shit on the keyboard, and O lt half of it works now.

    Otherwise it does the job for work, internet quite easily.

    Any CB or quick way to save?

    • +1

      Unfortunately the 5600H is normally paired with a dGPU in a gaming laptop, so benchmarks of Warzone with iGPU are hard to find. You can check how the desktop 5600g with a 65w TDP plays Warzone to get an idea of performance in the YouTube video link below. The 45w TDP CPU in this laptop will be slower though due to thermal constraints.


      • It's still better than a PS5 I guess, plus it's not amazing ON A 65" TV LOL

        I don't really game, but I guess who doesn't want the best bang for buck.

        I'm so out of touch with laptops, I assume the AMD is fast?

        • +1

          Well the CPU/Graphics in the PS5/Xbox is made by AMD and is based on the previous generation of the CPU in this laptop.

          • @shellshocked: Thanks

            I could sell my ps5 for 750 or so, paid 608 for it.

            All I play is warzone, but it's nice to own a PS5 I guess.

            • +1

              @Adelv: The PS5 will play Warzone better, because the game is optimised for that platform. You would treat the laptop as a jack of all trades where gaming is mainly optimised on e-sports titles, in addition to productivity.

              • @shellshocked: To be honest, it's be nice to try it with keyboard and mouse

                Looks like this would be good for music production too! So win win for that! Gaming is probably it's weak spot.

    • +2

      Quickest way to save is get rid of the cat.

      • 🤣🤣🤣
        Pain the ass, because it does everything I need…tho starting to slow down.
        120gb ssd doesn't help!

        • +5

          Are we still talking about the cat? :/…

          • @nfusion: might want to go m2, less claws when installing

  • +3

    Is there any option with touch screen?

  • Tried with 2 cards and paypal, all had "problems" with processing the order. Its with an existing OW account with a purchase history, if somewhat brief, for click and collect.

    • Turns out its because I didn't have my middle name in OW whereas I have it on Paypal.

  • +5

    Is this the best I'll get for the 1k?


    I ordered it, apparently will arrive Monday the 20th?

    Took the risk, could be a price error and be refunded anyways.

    Huge spend for me, rarely buy big ticket items lol

    New account, and PayPal worked for me

    • +3

      This is an excellent deal, I would rate the screen, CPU and overall build quality as very good. The dGPU version only comes with an Nvidia mx450 which so weak its useless.

  • Hey guys does it support usbc docks?

    • +1


      • +1

        How about 4k60 on the USB-C with or without a dock?

        • +2

          It supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 so no issues if the dock supports 4k60

  • +3

    Cheers OP, snagged one for the parental units.

  • Great laptop. I am using the 5800h version with RTX 3050. Got for $1200. Very smooth. Battery is great. Display is great SRGB 100%. Good bang for buck.

    • where did you find the 5800h version? Would the battery life be dramatically less due to the GPU?

      • I bought it from Lenovo Education store and asked for a bargain from chat rep. He did 1400 then used cash rewards for another 14% off. So all up 1,220

        • Where? Can't see any model like that on the edu store

        • +2

          Don't think you can get cashback via edu store.

          • +5

            @LurvinOZB: That’s what everyone says. You go to Cashrewards site. Open Lenovo store, go to the bottom of the page, education, login, buy. Took about 3 weeks and cashback was cleared 😊

    • Yours sounds like a great deal, where did you get it?

      • +1

        Lenovo Edu store mate.

      • +1

        It's still 25-40% more, which is substantial.

        Purchases made through Lenovo's student store, staff discounts, corporate deals, and negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback

        Real price $1400, thus $430 more than current deal. It's still a good deal, but the better GPU is costing you $430 more, if all other specs are equal. On the website, they've all got 8GB ram standard, not 16GB.

        Also, op didn't post the deal or no one else has mentioned.
        Otherwise anyone can simply ask for a bargain

        • +4

          Absolutely agree with you. 40% more is substantial. Unless you need a dGpu, can’t justify the increase. Depends on your need. But there is one more difference, 5600h vs 5800h processor.

          Yup anyone can ask for a bargain. I just said I got at this price and I mentioned how. I am not saying it was a deal everyone missed.

          • @ashftc: Yeah, $1200 is a great price if CB cleared but t&c say it shouldn't.

            If it doesn't, it's $1400 which is still a solid price.

            I don't game personally, that's why it doesn't bother me too much. My understanding is my PS5 is better than half these GPUs in laptops so I don't see the point for myself.

            • @Adelv: Yeah I don’t game either. Just got it for basic video editing purpose 😊

    • How much battery life do you get for normal use?

      • +1

        6-8 hours depending on usage.

  • +1

    Sigh - didn't need one, but ordered one… can't argue with that price for a 15.6" with those specs. Ordered 5x IdeaPad 5 Ryzen 7 5700U 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) for work a few months ago for $1200-ish from memory and was very impressed by them (in terms of both look, build, style etc), so looking forward to this as a Christmas present to myself.

    Although it had an estimated delivery date of the 20th December, once I progressed through the cart it showed as being on backorder with an ETA of January 4th.

    • Just ordered one a few minutes ago, and it had a delivery date of 15th December to 16th December (Brisbane north)

      • Doh - maybe it's just for SA then :(

        • Mine said 20th, tho now says 4th of January.

          It gives you time to shop around lol

  • How would anyone compare this to hp envy x360? Buying for my soon-to-be grade 7 daughter

    • +2

      Lots of different specs in the x360 line so depends what you're comparing it to.

      This does look cheaper than all of them though and would be more than enough for a grade 7 (just won't be able to handle heavy gaming, Minecraft etc. will be fine though).

      • Got the x360 for around $900 from jb few days ago. Haven't opened it so thinking of returning and getting the above instead but it seemed like the x360 is already a good deal so maybe I'll keep it. She does roblox and use procreate a lot so it would be okay

        • +4

          1.3kg for the HP and 1.9kg for this one. With other school stuffs, 600g really makes difference. But you can always order and choose a bit later.

          • @vihand: That's what I did haha. Bought this one in the morning. Will just compare and return/cancel later

          • +1

            @vihand: That's a really important factor too!

          • +1

            @vihand: I have a hp envy x360 and love it. The pen is sooo useful for school

            • @YahooChess: I know it might depend what I am looking for.
              But ThiS VS hp envy 360 , that deal a few days ago, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670211

              Which would be better for non-school , everyday daily use?

              • @alakar: Do you need to travel with it a lot? Also keep in mind that the HP only has 8g RAM so multi tasks would be a bit concern. Finally do you care about the looks, personally I would prefer the HP one as full metal dark case looks great.

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