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Internet Boost at Home

I need internet access on the other side of the house and the TPG NBN modem is pretty crappy and not getting much WiFi signal at the other end. What is everyone using these days to boost …

Spider ID needed. What is it?

Anyone able to ID this spider for me? Seemed to appear (and others) after a pest spray was done. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak0AW_BE5lh7jLFbh6kgiovayK4RFg Thanks

Project management courses

Looking for project management courses in IT for a friend and I to do to be officially certified rather than being purely theoretical. There seems to be a few out there, and looking for any advice or …

Parking in NSW

my understanding of parking in NSW is that there must me two signs, start and end. For example, a no stopping sign must have one "No stopping" at one end arrow pointing (say right) and the …

Recommendations for night vision goggles

The other day I was exercising and as I ran past this apartment block, I saw this guy at his window staring at me in way that I perceived as…. Well let's just say I'm taken. What do …

Multiple Battery Chargers - Recommendations

Looking for a battery charger that can hold multiples of AA and AAA so I can charge more than 4 at a time. What does anyone recommend? Thanks

Buying a Kitten and This Happens!

So I'm arranging to buy a kitten from Facebook marketplace and then I get this… WTF?? https://m.imgur.com/a/S9lr6Xh Edit: Picked up two kittens from the cat lady this morning. Happy days …

Shares Trading Brokers

Hello Am looking to trade shares through buying/selling in cash. So…. Apart from CommSec I don't know anyone else that offers the service. Looking to see what the broader community uses, …

Charities Not Passing Full Donations Immediately

This has been doing the rounds this morning, and if true, this is appalling! While it's great to help in the future, the financial need is immediate to get people to their feet and …

Uncollected Goods with Me

I have been keeping some things at home for someone who hasn't come around to collect them. I need them out of my place. Where do I stand legally to chuck them out? Anyone advise? Edit: NSW

TPG Internet

TPG Sending SMS to Upgrade from ADSL+ to NBN

I am constantly being bombarded with SMSs from TPG to "upgrade" my home internet from ADSL+ to NBN. I am not thinking of not having internet at home anymore at all and use my mobile …

Bose QC35ii Volume Is Too Low

So bought those a couple of weeks ago and even though the volume is max on my phone and noise cancelling is set to high, what I hear sounds like medium and I'd like the volume up a little …


Kogan Emails - Keep Getting Emails despite Unsubscribing

Some time ago I unsubscribed from Kogan emails and I am still receiving emails in all sorts of formats..The latest is below. The email body is EMPTY. HYDRA Smart Bottle …

Work Email Monitoring - Legal or Not?

Asking for a friend in NSW. Background - Friend away on "Personal leave" due to sickness and workplace stress. During that period, their work email has been forwarded to the manager …

Aquarium Fish Forums

Am after some local aquarium fish forums that also trade/sell fish privately. Gumtree is now filled with petshops advertising their livestock. Thanks

Cleaning zeee pool ad

So years ago there was this ad where a guy comes to a house and says im here to clean zeee poool in a very sleazy tone. Anyone remember it? Link me? What was it for? Love to see it again

Raw Cat Food Diet

Keen to hear what everyone else does and thoughts… I passed a butcher today and ask them if i bought a whole different mix of chicken/giblets etc.. whether they would mince it all for me or …

They Don't Make Them Like They Used to! (Or better than before!)

Hi all As the years go by, I've been finding that things (consumables and non) are not like what they used to be. e.g - The elastic around the bonds underwear wears a lot quicker than its …

Car Chargers

Just wondering what everyone uses in their car for charging. I'm after QC so am looking at this but not sure if best value $$. http://www.4cabling.com.au/rapid-car-charger-3p-quick-charge...

Roads and Maritime Services

Driving Test Routes at Rockdale Sydney

Hi all Curious to know if anyone knows of the routes that driving assessors take in Rockdale. I have a friend who is pretty nervous at the moment and he would like to practise the area. I didnt do …

3D Movie Hires Places - What Is Recommended?

Looking to hire 3D movie but unsure where to go. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!

4G Network Speeds

So I'm keen to know for those on Vodafone, what 4G speeds they are getting. Their coverage site states "speeds ranging between 2Mbps to 40Mbps when using a compatible device on this …

iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7

So am looking for either one of those phones and undecided as both are entirely different. What's everyone experience out there and especially those who made the switch from one to …

Ladder for Domestic Use

So am looking for a ladder and there are way too many out there. Only need to get to one story equivalent on top of the granny flat to clean out the gutters. Looking for thoughts and recommendations? …

What Is This Palm?

Hi I have this palm in the from yard. Can anyone ID it please? http://1drv.ms/1U9gBxI Thanks

Electricity Usage Meter

Hi all What do you recommend to measure electricity usage? Curious to know what various equipment usages when idle Thanks

What Are You Planting in The Garden?

Curious to hear what everyone is planting in the garden. Vegies, fruit, herbs, or just flowers etc… I have: Sweet …

Pet Parrots

Hmm couldnt find a pet section, so here it goes for now unless i can be pointed to the right forum? Am looking to get a parrot or at least a smart bird that you can teach to talk. Certainly will …

Shed Ventilation

Hi all, I have a shed that doesn't have any ventilation at all and smells like my lawn mower most of the time. Opening door doesn't help. What can I install to freshen it up a little? …

Kids Educational Posters

Not sure where to post this… Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for kids educational posters like abcd, animals… and the like. I've looked in a number of places in …

Jaycar Electronics

Home Wireless Alarm from Jaycar

Hi there, Has anyone used this type of alarm from Jaycar? Looks promising, but unsure. Other options instead? http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=LA5145

Pest Control - What Does Everyone Use for DIY?

Just curious.. What does everyone here use for DIY pest control at home for ants, spiders, cockroaches etc… And how effective is it? :)

What Are Those Wriggly Things?

hi everyone! http://1drv.ms/14HBgTc Can anyone tell me what those little wrigglers are? I have chopped seaweed sitting in water tubs and use to water the vegies with. Recently, i found those …

Show us your hozelock

Set mine up today and took a couple of photos. Will share once I can link them. Keen to see everyone else's setup! :) Edit: here is mine http://1drv.ms/1wwYuC2

What Is This Tree? Can Someone Identify Please?

Can anyone identify this please? Its pretty annoying shedding dead flowers all the …

Using used ground coffee on lawn

Question out there.. Curious to know if anyone has used used ground coffee beans on their sir Walter lawn.. I'm thinking of just throwing it all over and working it into the grass. Thoughts?

Where can I buy fruit trees?

hi all, Can anyone recommend a nice decent place that I can buy some fruit trees from? I am looking to buy plum, lemon, orange and others (Not sure what). Thanks

Compost bins

Hi all, I do a fair bit of gardening at home and am looking at a compost bin for its benefits. Does anyone have any recommendations for any certain bins? Pros vs cons? Thanks!

eBay Australia

Alternatives to eBay as fees are ridiculous

hi all, just curious where does everyone sell their stuff? eBay is great for buying, but no longer awesome for selling. I sold a $202.50 item the other day and got flogged $22.03 in fees and then on …

Taronga Zoo Tickets

Hi all, Can anyone point me to some cheaper discounted tickets to the zoo at Mosman. After 3 tickets. Thanks!!

Heater and house heating

Hi all Looking for some advice for a reasonable decent good efficient heater. There is no gas at my place. What would be recommended? Thanks :)

Sick car syndrome

hi all, I recently bought a car and when i switch the aircon on, it stinks and then goes away. Does anyone know why? Research on the internets tells me that its a sick car syndrome, but nothing to …

LED downlights

Anyone suggest any cheap MR16 dimmable lights.. I'd be after 27 to replace all at home. Then again, is it worth the investment?? Thanks

Things to do in Melbourne

Was hoping someone in Melbourne could give me recommendations as to what to do. Coming down with the Mrs and was hoping for some local guidance. Will have a car and staying for a week. at the moment …