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Is There a Way to Extend The End Date of Notice to Leave Rental Property?

Renting in Qld. Lease is expiring and we have been given a notice to leave (without grounds). We want to move to a different suburb for various reasons. At the moment we found that there are not …

Lending Money to Someone

As an individual, is there any safest and best way to lend money to someone (be it your family, friend, or stranger), in which you have legal protections and can expect to get your money back (to the …

Recommended Used Car under $10K

I am looking to buy a second hand car, with a budget around $10k. Can anyone help me finding the right make and model? The only requirements are: It should be big enough to fit most furniture, for …

Recycling Ideas for Formula Milk Cans

Hi, I am just wondering what everybody else does with a lot of empty formula milk cans? Do you just chuck them into the bin? Recycling bin? Used it in a DIY project to make something? Update 1: …

Where to Buy Palm Oil?

Palm oil is supposedly cheap and better for deep frying. Where can I buy it in Brisbane or online? Is there some sort of import ban on palm oil? EDIT 1: As this is OzB, I expected to get some …

Where to post ads for room accommodation?

I have a spare room that I want to rent out. What are the best websites for these kind of classifieds besides gumtree?

USB-C to Multiple USB-C (3.1/3.2/Thunderbolt) Hub

I have a laptop that has two thunderbolt/USB-C port. Is there a USB hub that provides multiple USB Type C, essentially giving you more USB-C ports? All hubs I can find only are from USB-C to multiple …

Samsung Galaxy S10e broken screen

I just dropped my new S10e and the screen cracked badly. Is there a place in Brisbane that can repair it on the spot cheaper or at least the same price with Samsung official ones?

Samsung Galaxy S10e Case and Screen Protector

Can anyone recommend the best deal for both a case and a screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S10e? I bought a flip case from ebay and it makes a lot of small scratches to the original screen …

Curtain Rods (or any types of plain straight rods, poles, sticks, etc)

Does anyone know where to find a cheap telescopic rods with home delivery? The cheapest one I can find is $6 up to 3 m length from IKEA (https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/80217152/). …

Banned Nintendo Switch second hand market

Does anyone know if the second hand market for banned switch exist? And what the market price would be for the banned consoles?

eBay Australia

Misleading eBay Product Page

I just found a few of product pages that says 2x some items, but when you add it to your cart, it does not actually show 2x anywhere. For …

Great Barrier Reef Adventure from Cairns

I think everyone should visit Great Barrier Reef at least once in their life time. However, the sail/cruise trips to the reef are not cheap and can be more expensive than the flights to Cairns …

Gundam Kits

Does anyone know where to look for bargain for Gundam Master Grade Kits?

Adapter for separated or joined mic and speaker plugs in headset or earphone

Hi all, I need help in looking for the right term for this (or even better the right item from ebay or other stores). Some laptops have a combined (single) mic and speakers jack/port similar to the …

Hoyts Kiosk

Hoyts Kiosk free rental promo code

I just finished a Hoyts kiosk customer survey and there is a link at the end of the survey to register for a free promo code: http://pages.email.hoytskiosk.com.au/lcsjanuary2014/ It seems that the …

MK802 Mini PC

Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy the MK802? Amazon has this for $36, but does not ship to AU.

Cheap Phone/ADSL splitter

Does anyone know where to find a cheap ADSL splitter for use with TPG? It is ridiculously expensive in Big W at $30.

Tips and suggestion on selecting private health insurance

Considering the current (and upcoming) surcharge and rebate policy, and the introduction of Lifetime Health Cover, how do people with income less than $84,000 get the most value and benefits from the

Looking for headphone+mic splitter

I found that the Thinkpad E520 only has one combined port for connecting the headphone and microphone (just like the iPhone's headset).

[Ask] Golden Boronia Nougat in Brisbane

Does anyone know Golden Boronia Nougat and the shops that sells them cheap in Brisbane? (Sample picture like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/shimmertje/2631656276/) I also appreciate any other …

Hidden post: $20 worth of home delivery for only $10 at Menulog online (free if 1st time cudo user)

I just noticed that someone's post about menulog deal was taken off. After googling, I found that this deal is from cudo. eg: …

13" laptop with dedicated graphic

I am looking for a light weight laptop such as ASUS U35 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220811 It has a price mark around $880 from newegg. Is there anyway I can get a laptop …

Hertz car rental

Does anyone know any CDP / coupon code that gives biggest discount for Hertz?

Cheapest laptop power adaptor / charger replacement

I've just got a problem with my laptop power adaptor. Any suggestion on where to get the cheapest one (besides DX)? I've found some options from focalprice and ebay.

Cheapest Com/Org/Net Top Level Domain

Hi, anyone knows which domain providers have the cheapest renewal price (normal price) for international TLDs? Someone recommends me resell.biz, their price for .com is US$8.27. Crazydomain currently …

Ekka: Royal Queensland Show

Ekka @ Brisbane

Hi, anyone has some tips or experiences about how to get the most out of Ekka? Like, for example, the most valued show bag?

Anolon from COTD

Hi all, Currently COTD has several Anolon deals. Do you think it is a bargain? Specifically I am thinking of the 26 cm pan and knife bundle for $78 delivered: …

Sheets and quilt covers, which brand?

I just want to know some opinions, which brand of manchester is considered as best value? How many % off the RRP for a well known brands such as Sheridan before you considered as a bargain? How about …

Looking for air-hardening modelling clay

Hi folks, Anyone knows which shops that sell air-hardening clay?


Deal #23418: Repeated Infractions by The Store Rep despite Discussions with Mods (Deal Republished See First Post)

MOD UPDATE - DEAL is now republished with any voter comment edited out - just to play safe. Mods will discuss this privately and advise affected parties if any further action needed. All comments by …

3 Referrals (or Any Other Services)

Hi folks, do you think it is a good idea to have a wiki page where the users that is willing to give some referrals can put their name on that page? So someone looking for a referral can just go to …

Best Value Beds and Mattresses?

Does anyone knows any bargain for quality beds and mattresses? or any recommended stores that have good price?