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WTB - Cheap Laptop Deal - max $400

Hello All Looking for a cheap laptop for my in-laws. Any brand is OK except Lenovo (their last notebook was Lenovo which gave them enough pain to boycott the brand)

Micro Sim Card adaptor

Hi Guys, I want to use my Micro Sim card (currently used in my iPhone 4) to another phone (Nexus S) Is there any adaptor in market? (same like Micro SD card adaptor) Or any other option?

ASOS promo code

Hi Guys Is there any ASOS (active) promo code currently available? Thanks in advance

Need a Laptop - Maroon Color Lid!

Hi Guys, My in laws are looking for a new laptop - the lid gotta be Maroon in color!!! (please don't ask why) Max budget is $900 I had a quick look in the current market - no chance of getting a Mac …

Optus My Tab (ZTE V9) $99 at Optus Online + Free Delivery

Same deal as the BigW ( but from online (free delivery) and stocks are currently available. (Mod's please delete if it breaches the duplicate policy) Direct …

Cheap iPhone repair shop in Brisbane, QLD

Hi Guys, I'm looking for a cheap iPhone repair shop in Brisbane - to fix my 3GS's power button (+ general servicing) I have checked in Whirlpool forum, most of them are outdated info... So google'd - …

Vodafone RACQ Deal

Hi Guys I'm a RACQ member Planning (READ: Risking) to get 2 vodafone plans, 1 for myself and 1 for my wife Wondering if Vodafone will verify if she is really a RACQ member Or Can I buy her plan under …

Budget Touchup Paint Job (Brisbane)

Hi Guys Can you please recommend a place where I can do touchup paints cheaply? My Car (Toyota Camry 2007) requires some minor paintjob I live in Brisbane, QLD Thanks in Advance


[StartHere] Vodafone RACQ/MoneyBackCo offer

Hi Steve @MBC I found similar topic in But not sure if this is valid or not (your answer on that thread is not clear to me) Can you please advise if its legit …

[RESOLVED] Unsubscribe from thread is not working?

Hi Mods' Not sure if this is due to high volume I cannot unsubscribe from a thread (the popular I haven't checked my user settings for a while...previously …

Free Sticky Date Pudding from Dominos

expired Free Sticky Date Pudding from Dominos