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Please Suggest a PC Monitor

Hi All, I am looking for a decent (yet as cheap as possible) PC monitor. Due to COVID-19 the monitor supply/demand is not balanced so I wanted some suggestion from my fellow Ozbargainers …

Question about AMD Wraith Prism Coolers RGB Cable

Hi all, So I bought an used AMD Wraith Prism CPU cooler from Gumtree and it didn't come with the RGB cable. Can I buy a generic/cheap cable that will work with this cooler? If yes can anybody …


What Happened to Woolworths $30 off $60 Deal (GET30OFF)

Hello Guys Just wondering what happened to the targeted Woolworths $30 off $60 deal (GET30OFF) that was posted like a week ago? My account was eligible (I received a pop-up message but no email …

What Is The Most Honest Thing(s) You Have Ever Done?

I am curious to know What is the most honest thing(s) my fellow OZBargainers' have ever done? I'll start first with my recent experience: Couple of weeks ago the Coles checkout lady …

Please Suggest - Upgrading PC (Ryzen 2200G Build)

Hi All, My good old AMD Phenom II PC is getting slower day by day, so I have pulled the plug and ordered the Ryzen 2200G from Umart. Could you please suggest which MotherBoard, RAM and Case I …

5000 Free Pizzas @ Domino's - Today 3/10 (Facebook Login Required)

out of stock 5000 Free Pizzas @ Domino's - Today 3/10 (Facebook Login Required)

Domino's - 5000 Free Pizzas (Facebook Required)

out of stock Domino's - 5000 Free Pizzas (Facebook Required)

Nutella 750g - $5 at Woolworths (Save $3.55)

expired Nutella 750g - $5 at Woolworths (Save $3.55)

Planning to Purchase SD820 Phone - Xiaomi Mi5 or Lenovo Zuk2? Please Advice

Hi All, I am planning to purchase a decent configured SD820 device for my wife. She is currently using LG G2 I am preferring Xiaomi Mi5 64GB over the Zuk2 although Zuk2 is cheaper (I like the design …

Free Luggage Tag from KLM Australia (Royal Dutch Airlines)

out of stock Free Luggage Tag from KLM Australia (Royal Dutch Airlines)

Advice on Buying Barebone PC (Gigabyte Brix or Intel NUC)

Hi All I'm looking for either a Gigabyte Brix or Intel NUC to setup as HTPC for the TV room. It would be mainly for browsing and streaming videos, so I think the base model of Brix (Celeron …

Hungry Jacks 10 Nuggets for $2.95 (Nationwide)

expired Hungry Jacks 10 Nuggets for $2.95 (Nationwide)

Question about Upgrading CPU and Motherboard

Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading my good old AMD CPU and Motherboard which has served me well, but cannot keep up with the demands anymore (thanks specially to Chrome). Current Specs: CPU: AMD …


Looking for a 10" Tablet - please help

Hi All My Friend is looking for a decent 10" Tablet from a well reputed Chinese online stores. I'm checking Gearbest website but kinda out of touch… so not sure which one to …

Basic/Cheap Laptop for school home works (budget under $300)

Hi Guys, Looking for a cheap laptop for my niece. It will be used mainly for school homeworks (word processing, browsing) and watching movies. Budget: as cheap as possible (~ $250, max …

Setup Screensaver in Android TV Stick - to avoid Plasma TV Burn-ins

Hi Guys We just bought a Panasonic ST60 plasma TV from this deal Although this TV got a smart feature, we prefer to use our Android TV Stick/Player (MK 809II with JB 4.2) The TV stick generally …

Safe to buy TV from Amazon UK or Germany?

***Update*** OK - as there is no response against my old query (see below), I have changed this threads subject now.

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Replacement Battery

Hi Guys, I am hoping we have few Galaxy S2 users in OZB who have had replaced their Battery. Can you please recommend any good after market battery? (thats also safe to use)...

Please Advice a new Mobile Phone Carrier

Hi Guys Our Vodafone contract has expired (Thanks God) - so want to switch provider ASAP.

Restoring exact image of Windows and Installed Programs from current HDD to SSD

Hi Guys I've ordered one of the plextor SSD from MSY - want to use this as my desktop's primary disc.

Please suggest a good Whipper Snipper under $100

Hi Guys, I'm after a whipper snipper (line trimmer). Budget is $100 or less. Preferring battery powered instead of petrol (cause I can only get 2 stroke motors within my budget)

Any better deal on MK808/809 mini Android media player?

Hi Guys After the DX saga - looking for an Android HDMI Stick (MK808/809) with the Airmouse keyboard Have checked aliexpress and ebay, MK808 + remote combo seems like around $70 AUD delivered

Forty Winks

King Koil Spinal Contour (Firm) Mattress from Forty Winks - is this good deal for $439? Please help.

Hi Guys I'm looking for a new Mattress (Queen Size) - budget $400 Checked my local Forty Winks store at Aspley and tried/liked the "King Koil Spinal Contour Firm" (made by AH Beard)

Please suggest a decent Wireless video intercom solution

Hi Guys I'm looking for a video intercom solution (Wireless preferred) I have looked at few option like Uniden UWG700 or Swann (cannot find wireless variant)

Suggestion for NBN ready Wireless Router with VOIP

Hi Guys, Can you please suggest a good Wireless Router suitable for NBN and also have VOIP support? I am thinking of getting iiNet's NBN-2 (Fast) connection with Netphone2 (VOIP service)