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Best Bank for an Incorporated Association

Hi just started an incorporated association and was wondering what banks people would recommend? The incorporated association is for a sporting club. Thanks

Best Cloud Storage Options

Hi guys just looking at getting Cloud storage plans for our business as we want to store our videos online so it can be access by our team for editing. Can you please recommend iCloud plans. Thanks

Average Liquidated Damages Per Day

I am currently looking at the building contract for a new home and land package. The builder stated $20/day in liquidated damages. My solicitor has asked them to increase it to $1000/day. …

SMS about Unknown Payment

Hi, I was contacted by some random number saying "Hi there, I have just checked my bank statement and it seems there has been a payment to this phone number under the name of R TRAM with the …

Travel Insurance for Japan

Travelling to Japan from the 25th of March til the 10th of April. Just needed advice on what travel insurance you guys would recommend with the current situation of Coronavirus. Any advice would be …

First Home Buyers Deposit Scheme

Any thoughts on the First Home Buyers Deposit Scheme that just came available on the 1/01/2020? Just trying to get an idea of the pros and cons of this scheme. I'm currently sitting on exactly …

Upgrading Graphics Cards under $300

I am currently running a sapphire Toxic R9 270X 3gb. Motherboard Z97 asrock i7 - 4790 @ 3.60GHz 16gb Ram 750W PSU Just playing Dota 2/ Overwatch / World of Warcraft. What GPU should i get?

Skyscanner Australia

Thoughts on Booking off via Skyscanner

Just needed to see what everyones experience was booking through via skyscanner? Any issues?

Screen Protector for Note 9 that doesn't come off...

Can someone recommend a note 9 screen protector that will stay on please… I've tried so many and they fall off within a few days..

Budget Printer for Education Business

I am looking to buy a laser printer to be used for my tutoring business. Features I require Color or Mono Double sided printing Scanning Wireless Cheap to reink Thanks, :)

Billy Guyatts

Anyone Bought from Billy Guyatts before?

Can anyone give me your experiences with billyguyatts? How's their return and warranty? I am looking to buy the Sharp - KCA50JW - Air Purifier as it is a saving of $200 plus. Thanks

2nd Hand Microsoft Surface Pro 5 i5 256GB

Friend is offering to sell me his 1 year old Surface Pro 5 for $800. Or should I just buy the Surface Pro 6 brand new? I am going to try ask for $700 if it is worth at this price. 2nd Hand Microsoft …

Best area to stay in Tokyo then Osaka and Sapporo?

I was just wondering what location in these parts of japan would be the most convenient for transport? other factors I would consider Night life Thanks

[NSW] What ISP Are You Currently Using in Cabramatta/Fairfield Area?

Hi, Looking to be on a new plan that has fast internet for a good price. I am currently on TPG and am 4km away from the closest exchange point. My download speed maxes at 1.08Mbps (equivalent to …

Which is better, to rent a pocket WiFi or to buy a data sim when travelling to Japan?

I have looked at both options but still wonder what people would get. 4 travelers who heavily use data travelling from the 3rd Dec to the 20th Dec So far I have looked …

VIOFO A119 suddenly frozen on VIOFO loadup screen.

As title suggests my VIOFO A119 suddenly stopped working and is not stuck on the loading screen. Only the power button works to turn on and off but does not load into the camera. Anyone experiencing …

Porting number from TPG to OPTUS but number is under dads name.

I recently got a call from OPTUS saying that they can't find my number to port out as it is under my dads name. On the TPG account right now there are 3 mobile numbers connected. Any suggest on …

TPG Internet

What to Do When Porting out from TPG?

What are the must things to do when I port out from TPG to the new optus plan? Thanks

What 3rd party site do you use when purchasing tickets from iwantthatflight?

what 3rd party site do people buy the tickets from after IWTF? byojet, auntbetty, bestjet, fly365,sta travel, ifly, budgetair or flyfar?


Anyone have issues with PC Byte and their delivery on SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SD from ebay?

I've been waiting over 10 working days and it was estimated to deliver 5 days ago for the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SD. Wondering if anyone has similar issues when buying from PC Byte and how …

Can someone recommend a LG G4 charging cable and portable charger

Been looking around for over a year but never really got the go to cable and portable charger. Can anyone suggest one I can use for my LG G4?

Got placed at work from a scholarship but place too far. What to do?

Recently got called as my degree is coming to an end about my job offer at a High School which 12 and a half hours away from home. I am under a scholarship and when I was 18, I lodged in this …

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Japan Sale

You guys think the japan sale will come again in a few days just like last year on the 17/09/2015? Hope it comes up soon since the AirAsia ones are going on sale …

Groupon Australia

Are The Apple Earpods on Groupon Genuine?

Just curious to know if the earpods by apple are genuine on groupon as they are way cheaper. Thanks

Fridge Rebates

Anyone know of a rebate scheme for old fridges around sydney? Thanks

Laptop under $1500

Just wondering is it worth the extra money for a macbook pro or should I just buy a lenovo or dell xps? Just using it for university work, teaching and light gaming (dota 2 & overwatch). What …

Where to Grab Cheap 2DS Games for The Recent 20th Anniversary Pokemon Yellow?

Anyone know where to grab cheap games I can play on a new 2DS i just bought from the recent 20th Anniversary of Pokemon? Thanks

Deluxe Products

Anyone Deal with Deluxe Products before?

Just need to know if this site/company is trust worthy. They have a showroom in Seven Hills. Wanted to but a poker table but overall everyone has positive …

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 or LG G2?

Which one is the better one? I currently have a LG G2 and its getting quite laggy and just want a new phone. Would the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 be an upgrade or a downgrade? Thanks

Momentum Bikes Website Good?

Been looking at this website for bikes but not sure if the bikes are trustworthy and there is just positive reviews which is limited to 4 reviews per bike. Anyone buy from this site before? Would be …

Where to get a good volleyball set?

Was recently looking at this volleyball set but they suddenly ran out of stock. Wondering if anyone could suggest a good volleyball set that is sturdy for both grass and beach. Did see some …

First time cruise what's it like?

Never been on a cruise before and was wondering about the expenses on the boat. Do we pay for extra activities like mini golf, movies, and other stuff. What about dining? Mainly royal Carrabian …

What SD card to buy for the GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

I've been looking for a sd card to use with the recent GoPro I bought but am unsure what the difference between sandisk extreme plus - SDSDQX-064G-A46A and SDSDQX-064G-AA4A are. There is just a …

Fishery Fine. How would I dispute?

I was issues an infringement notice for not complying with signage at a wharf. Is it worth disputing the $250 fine? I already lodged in a claim and it was rejected. I proved images and my claim …

Where is the best place to get a Xiaomi Yi?

New to ozbargain and was wondering where the best trustworthy site would be to get a xiaomi yi. Just wanted to get it kinda quick so thoughts on what the sites average delivery time? I saw the …

Decent Laptop for a Teacher under $700

Technology is growing so fast that im behind on whats the go with laptops :/ Can someone possibily point to places i will be able to get a laptop for around $700. Just want to be able to do work on …

Mobile Plan under $25 with at Least 1GB Data?

Just looking for a new provider ass my tpg coverage has gotten really bad and they suddenly reduced their data down to 1gb from 1.5gb when i have been a loyal customer for atleast 3 years. Any good …