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Any Deals on TCL Movetime Family Watch?

Cheapest I can find is $174.04 https://www.ebay.com.au/i/163956414499?chn=ps&norover=1&mkev... I wonder if I can get it for cheaper cheaper? Or any other suggestions?

Energy Australia

EnergyAustralia Total Plan Plus

Got an email from EnergyAustralia Total Plan Plus that says the following. I wonder what's the catch with that. What are the features of Total Plan Plus? Lower usage and supply charges A …

Looking for $5 casual gym

I found that atomic gym has $5 casual gym visit. http://atomicgym.com.au/ But they are too far from me (Epping). Any similar offer in Melbourne eastern suburb?

FX DocuPrint Cp115w Toners - Inkstation or eBay?

My FX DocuPrint CP115w Toners are low. The genuine is about $385 for 4 toners at Officeworks. 4 Inkstation compatible toners is …

Recommended Wireless 802.11 AC Adapter?

I have a Xiaomi Miwifi 3G router which is rated at 867Mbps for AC 5G connection. I am using Edimax EW-7822ULC adapter which is also rated at 867Mbps for 5G AC connection. But when I am transferring …


Brand New Dishwasher with Mould Growth

I bought a new Bosch 60cm Series 2 Freestanding Dishwasher SMS40E08AU on eBay from Powerland Sydney. The dishwasher was delivered yesterday. When I opened the new dishwasher I found that there is …

Cheap Bosch SMS40E08AU Dishwasher?

Hi, I am after a Bosch SMS40E08AU. I saw that we had this deal before. Anything since then? Shopbot seems to indicate it was $412 a few days before, but it is too late now. Appreciate if anyone …

Cash Back Mortgage Broker

Hi, Any recommendation for a good cashback (trailing commission) mortgage broker? I dealt with HomeLoancashback and that guy was very arrogant. Matesrates on the other hand asked me to provide all …

Cheap Periodontist?

My wife has periodontitis and has lost 1 tooth because of that, now second tooth is about to be lost. She got the following quotes from the periodontist. non-surgical subgingival debridement - …

Xiaomi Mitu Watch 2C

Anyone knows any Chinese online store selling the latest Xiaomi mitu 2C watch? Official Xiaomi web site does not ship internationally.

MI Box 4 Works in Australia?

HI, I am thinking of buying Chinese version of Mi Box 4 to watch Chinese tv shows in Australia. Has anyone tried it? Does it works? Do I need VPN?


Samsonite Warehouse Sale?

I have not seen any Samsonite Warehouse sale lately, aren't they usually biannual?



Amazon US

US Cyber Monday SCAM?

I have been having my eyes on the Neato XV-21 and iRobot Roomba 630 from Amazon US. But what I found is that prices actually went up during the period between US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber …

Best time of the year to buy TV?

Hi I saw on Ozbargain in January 2012 that Panasonic P50ST50A costs $870, but now it costs like $1300. From my observation generally after Christmas until Easter sale is the best time to buy TV.

Shopping Express

ShoppingExpress.com.au - Beware

Bought a HP N40L from them during last month's sale. The server arrived with 2nd and 3rd front USB ports not working, I opened the box and found that the USB connector wire is broken.

Best time of the year to install a split unit?

What is the best time of the year to install a reverse cycle air conditioner split unit? As in when is the off peak period that I can get the best deal? Is winter a good time? Or more autumn?

Split Unit?

Hi, I am looking at getting an air conditioner (split unit) installed. I understand that their prices go through the roof during the hotter months and come down during the cooler months.


Hyundai i30 Auto $17,990 Driveaway Metallic Paint

Usually advertised as $19,990 (charge extra for metallic paint). Cheapest advertised price I have seen so far since last year, must be due to new i30 coming out in July.