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Win $500 / $300 / $100 of Gift Cards or Via PayPal from OzBargainers in The Wild Competition



Closing Date 30/06/2014


Description 1 x $500, 2 x $300, 4 x $100 Gift Cards or via Paypal
No. of Prizes 7
Total Prize Pool $1,500.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Limited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a



Username Score Prize
keanedog 113.20 $500
rawm 99.20 $300
benjamin 73.50 $300
JayM 61.10 $100
treeman 53.00 $100
samlor 32.30 $100
wolfenator87 27.10 $100


1st prize: $500 gift cards or Paypal
2x Runner ups: $300 gift cards or Paypal
4x Honourable mentions: $100 gift cards or Paypal

$1,500 total prize pool

"OzBargainers In The Wild!"

Take a photo of yourself or an OzBargainer in the wild.

This OzBargainer can be pricematching something in Officeworks, ordering a McFlurry, standing next to a famous landmark or whatever else you want.

Each user will receive points for their photos.


  • A photo must be an OzBargainer in the wild. OzBargainer can be identified with either an OzBargain T-shirt (if you have one), or the print-out page (covering the head for example).
  • Each user is allowed to submit multiple entries, and the final score will be the sum of top 3 entries from that user.
  • Score for each photo will be judged by creativity, originality, photo quality, as well as bonus points from a list.
  • Definitely no photo-shopping.
  • Photos only. No video or drawings.
  • Contest ends June 30.


  • Total score = sum of scores of top 3 entries of each user.
  • Entry score = Base points (0-10) + Bonus points
  • Base points are determined by the originality, creativity, photo quality, etc.

Bonus Points:

  • Bonus points are scored when you include one or more of these features in your photo.
  • Each bonus point (denoted by a letter) can be claimed only once per entry. (e.g. Max score from popular product, denoted by A is +5)
  • Each entry is permitted to claim a bonus point for each letter.
  • When any +5 point item has been claimed, no one else will be able to claim the bonus using that item. E.G. If someone claims an Eneloop for their entry, no one else will be able to use an Eneloop for their entry.
  • The famous person needs to be them in real life. No cut outs, posters, impersonators, or people with the same name.


  • A) next to famous landmark (e.g. has a wikipedia entry)
  • B) eating in fast food restaurant (e.g. KFC, Hungry Jack's, McDonald's)
  • C) with hacked deals (e.g. hacked McFlurry )
  • D) holding popular products in the public (e.g. Nokia 3310, Eneloop, Woodworm umbrella, flashlights, etc)
  • E) inside the cabin of a budget airline flight


  • F) media appearance (broadcast TV (e.g. FTA, Foxtel) or in newspaper with a circulation over 1,000)
  • G) with famous people (federal politicians, TV personalities, professional sport stars, etc.)


  • H) with Gerry Harvey
  • I) with Joe Hockey

New Bonus Points (24/6):

  • J) +5 points with a uniformed employee/rep from a store with a deal posted on OzBargain (e.g. Officeworks employee)
  • K)+10 points While skydiving, hang gliding or scuba diving.
  • L)+10 getting together an OzBargain mob. 10 people with an OzBargain sign or t-shirt each.
  • M)+15 point with a Socceroo who played in a World Cup.

When I refer to 10 people, I mean 10 alive human beings (e.g. no mannikins or goats). A Socceroo meaning an adult male professional soccer player who has played for Australia in a FIFA world cup. Same rules as before in terms entry details.

These bonus points applicable to all entries made after 24/6 11:19PM EST.

How to Enter:

Upload your photo to OzBargain (go to My Account - Files - Upload new file) or an image hosting site such as Dropbox, imgur, Facebook etc. Link the picture in a comment below.

More bonus point items will be added next week (~23/6). We will be updating the competition results to let everyone know who is leading in points.

Products already entered and can not be used:

Products: Eneloop batteries, Harvey Norman Big Buys Socks, Asus Memopad, Brave Soul Hoodie, Hard Yakka Bomber Jacket, Mars Bar, Sunbeam Coffee Maker, Wordworm Umbrella, Nikon Lens, Chang Beer, Adidas Perfume, Dominos Pizza, ING Card, BMW Amex, Qantas Frequent Flyer Card, MeBank, Citibank Plus, Seinfeld Box Set, 7" portable Phillips DVD player, "No Fear" energy drink, Sandisk Blade, Nokia Lumia 610, Samsung Galaxy S3, Havaianas, Banggood USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Micro SD Card Reader, Tiger Airlines Infrequent Flyer, Lindt Blocks, Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream, Magnetic Whiteboard, Cree Flashlight, Rebel Gift Card, RC Helicopter, Eveready Gold Battery, ASUS NEXUS 7, Kirks mambo shorts, Weis Ice Cream Bar, ghibli, Sony Micro Speaker, GoPro, Baby Wipes, $1 7/11 coffee, Oral-B Electric Toothbrush, Red Rock Deli Chips, Men United badge, VistaPrint Cards, Slazenger Jumper

Hacked Item: McFlurry, Double Cheeseburger, Hacked McChicken, McDonalds Vegetarian Burger, Dominos Chicken and Prawn Pizza, Newspaper (SMH, Heralds Sun, etc.) Incognito Mode, Ozzy Battler Burger, isubscribe Hack, Book Depository Hack, McDonalds Fish & Chips hack,

Famous Landmarks: Water World Sea Life Aquarium, Lake Tuggeranong, Australia Zoo, Southern Expressway, Sunshine Plaza, Highpoint Shopping Centre, True Value Solar Centre (Essendon Football Club High Performance Centre), Q1, Surfers Paradise (Gateway), Soul Building, Bolte Bridge, Siding Spring Observatory, Australia Telescope Compact Array, Point Lookout, New England National Park , Punt Road Oval, St. Pauls Cathedral, Maslins Beach, Canberra Glassworks

Fast Food locations: KFC, McDonalds, Ali Babas, Subway, Hungry Jacks, Nandos, Salsas, Mos Burger, Krispy Kreme, Brodburger,

Uniformed Employee: Salsas, Mos Burgers

Leaderboard (Final Scores):

User Points
keanedog 113.20
rawm 99.2
benjamin 73.50
Jaym 61.10
treeman 53.00
samlor 32.3
wolfenator87 27.1
100 27.00
dbadcock 11.6
cheezal 9.8
silverrat23 7.20

Entries so far:


18/6: Edited the bonus points rule for clarity.
19/6: Added famous person clarification. No video or drawings to clarify rules. Added leaderboard, entries so far.
20/6: Scored treeman. Excluded products. Added entries, excluded more products. Clarified bonus points (again)
22/6: Added entries, excluded more things, added scores.
23/6: Added excluded things. Added scores. Added more bonuses.
26/6: Added excluded things. Added scores.
27/6: Updated scores.
28/6: Updated scores.
29/6: Updated scores. Updated excluded item list.
30/6: Updated scores, excluded list.
1/7: Finalized scores.

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closed Comments

    • well done benjamin.

      maybe sort the entries table by score.

    • Benny boy is untouchable. Gotta find a way to get Hockey and Harvey in the same room with me to win. Hmmmm…..

      • +4

        Get a piece of string attach to a $20 note….

        • or glue 5c to the ground in front of one of the entrances to parliament. Hockey, being the thrift that he is, will be there all afternoon trying to pick it up.

  • anyone have a list of all the hacked deals on ozbargain? is there any that are have not been mentioned.

    edit: searching for '[HACK]' is good enough.
    or even the tag

    • I searched for 'Hack' and then manually went through all the threads to get the ones I used, although I remembered most of them from when they were first posted. Focused on the word 'hack' in the food category.

      As a side, that Aussie Battler Burger was probably the best thing I have ever eaten at hungry jacks! Will definately be getting again!

  • +2

    Well, since my first rulebending entry wasn't shot down in flames, here's another to see how far I can push it :)
    Entry 2

    This is my Ozbargaining dog.
    In his mouth is this incredibly popular thing (+5 popular product).
    In the background is MS Office 2013 HUP obtained with the hotmail hack (+5 hack).
    He's standing in front of the famous Eiffel tower, which has a real wikipedia page this time (+5 famous landmark), (the rules say a famous person has to be the real deal, but a landmark doesn't have to be :P).
    He's in the cabin of the most budget-est airline of them all; Paper Plane Air (+5 budget airline).


    • AHHH the hotmail hack! Good thinking! Love the originality.

      • yeah, it was a nice little loophole for those without a govt/edu email address (and MS office is probably my most used ozbargain item).

  • Admins, are more bonus point items coming up as it states?

    • Not today, will see if I can get some up tomorrow.

  • +10

    Ok here is my attempt #1


    I have included all of the following bargains (I spent hours going through all the deals, all of my cupboards, wallet - you name it!)

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/130049 (my favourite!)

    • Took the photo at Nandos (with an unsuspecting Nando's worker involved! - She was happy to be a part of it!)

    All legit, I promise - and all deals were well over 100+ except for the Lindt deal which got 64+
    So tallying these up I get approx. 12 x 5 = 60pts - Can you please confirm Scotty/neil?

    my attempt #2 is here also:


    I had more fun with this pic than the last - I got a free park at the landmark (Melbourne Airport) with a friend and tried to pick out the best spot possible for a shot. I thought what better place to show the Tiger Airways 'Infrequent Flyers' coupon and membership offer?! see:


    I included the free printable membership cards and the actual coupon for proof I scored the deal!

    Once again, all legit!
    This was a total of 10pts (please confirm again Scotty/neil :)

    Boy, this was exhaustive.

    • I'm fairly sure you don't get more than 5 points per deal in each pic. Might be wrong?

      • +3

        yeah, top effort rawm, but you can only claim each bonus category once per entry.
        12 things from the 'popular product' category will still only get 1x +5

        • You will definately get high base points though for all the effort!

        • yes, definitely deserves 9 or 10 base points for the effort.

    • Nice photos rawm.

      Each bonus point (denoted by a letter) can be claimed only once per entry. (e.g. Max score from popular product, denoted by A is +5)

      So yes, +5 point max for popular products.

  • Great effort rawm, I had a similar photo planned but have nightshift tonight!! Surely each popular item is worth 5 points?? Otherwise Joe Hockey and Gerry Harvey are the only mugs who can win it from here. :(

    • It is a competition of skill. You have to get in quick to be able to post your deals before someone else. However, (mostly) each photo is getting better with time as they are going along, so by holding back you have more time to come up with a more original and planned idea (and you can more readily 'borrow' the ideas of others). Second and Third place are still very reachable. Even first if you are really clever.

      • I would say you are fairly safe to win first place.

        all the hacks are gone, as well as all the fast food places.

        • You need to think outside the square. I have ideas for a 30 pointer and possibly a 35 pointer. It will take a bit of effort but there are still opportunities out there. If I dont end up posting them I will let you know what they were after the competition!

  • Ok got it, will spend tonight planning and hopefully upload some photos tomorrow. Wonder where I can find Gerry and Joe at short notice?

  • +1

    New bonuses:

    +5 points with a uniformed employee/rep from a store with a deal posted on OzBargain (e.g. Officeworks employee)
    +10 points While skydiving, hang gliding or scuba diving.
    +10 getting together an OzBargain mob. 10 people with an OzBargain sign or t-shirt each.
    +15 point with a Socceroo who played in a World Cup.

    When I refer to 10 people, I mean 10 alive human beings (e.g. no mannikins or goats). A Socceroo meaning an adult male professional soccer player who has played for Australia in a FIFA world cup.

    These bonus points applicable to all entries made after 24/6 11:19PM EST.

    • no goats? dammit, there goes my idea… :P

  • +5

    OK, so here is Scott and Neil's joint entry.


    The premise was that we were going with Breaking Bargains or Breaking Batteries as opposed to Breaking Bad. Well, obviously it didn't come out like that, just a guy in a raincoat. In hindsight, we should have shifted over a few metres to the Nandos for extra bonus points.

    Popular product:

    Eneloop from Masters
    Raincoat from Target

    Famous Landmark:

    Coops Shot Tower

    Note: This isn't an official entry

  • Does "Contest ends 30th June" mean last submission Sunday 11:59pm or does it include the Monday as well?

    • June 30 11:59:59 PM EST

  • Nice work everyone. Scores have been updated.

    Just a couple things to note.

    • You can enter as many photos as you want. We will count the best 3.
    • This is a contest about OzBargainers in the wild. E.G. Photos with you (an OzBargainer) in public.
  • +1

    Anyone considered camping outside Channel 7 morning show in Martin Place?

    • Haha it crossed my mind that would be the only way to get a tv appearance but I live in adelaide

      • The flight costs wouldn't outweigh the $500 prize ;)

  • +14

    Ok here is my attempt #3


    This was pretty intense. Headed to the True Value Solar Centre (Essendon Football Club High Performance Centre).



    Stood in 10 degrees for 75mins waiting to strike.
    Saw the one and only Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson coach of the Essendon Football Club and like a tiger/OzBargainer in the wild, I attacked!!!!


    professional sports star

    I asked him if he could be a part of an online competition called OzBargainers in the wild. Despite some ASADA news http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-06-26/essendon-hird-asada-di… causing an earlier fiery press conference on SEN, he was happy to take part, said "OzBargain eh?" Like he knew about it and proceeded to take a sheet from me.

    I then passed the OzBargain pages to the awaiting crowd who happily took a page. The man in the back RHS was also holding a sheet but it's difficult to see and for whatever reason he started backing away before the photo was taken (maybe he’s on the run, maybe it’s Stephen Dank dressed up like a civilian, I don’t know). The man holding the boy also had a sheet but it was stuck behind the other piece. Hand on heart, I did not know ANY of these people, but i have a feeling some knew about OzBargain and if not, they certainly do now!

    OzBargain Mob

    If you look closely I have a pair of the Kirks mambo shorts as per 18mths ago (anyone remember this!!!!!?) in my Right Hand!

    popular item


    • +4

      awesome entry… trying to do the math in my head
      I think thats +30 (plus a decent amount of base points i'd think)
      So its the highest scoring entry so far!

      as a tip from me (mr dodgy)
      i'd use mark thompsons sneakers for popular product (plenty of adidas deals have been posted on OzB)
      I would then use the kirks mambo shorts as a hack item (since most people hacked the offer by not actually buying the kirks drinks)

      • +1

        Thanks mate! haha yeah I was thinking of using the Kirks shorts as the hack item as I actually didn't buy the drinks per se' but ill leave it up to neil and Scotty to decide. Cheers!

    • I think thats the pic of the competition so far!

      My only hope lies in its not really a famous landmark (doesnt have a unique wikipedia entry either) and theres not ten people holding the Ozbargain sign.

      If you do manage to get 40 points, props to you though!

      • +2

        Thanks benjamin!

        I looked into the place being a landmark and while it doesnt have it's own wiki page, it is referenced in numerous pages and is a 'landmark' in its own right around Melbourne; the place is amazing (my first time there) and with it also being the headquarters of the Australian Paralympic Committee, I think it's pretty prominent.

        It was tough to get all 10 in my photo - as mentioned, I passed 10 around personally - the old guy at the back (you can see his head) has one, as to the little boy and the father who had one each but they kind of stuck together - I only had '1 take' and this was the best that could be done!

    • +1

      Awesome entry!

      @Neil/Scotty: Does this mean the 10 people thing is crossed out or just for this location?

      • +1

        No anyone can have 10 in their photo. Its just that if you had 20 or 500 - the 10 thing only counts once. Thats all the help i'm giving, anyone, ever!

        Good luck JayM!

        • Cheers and good luck to you KD :).

          I was waiting for a monster photo like this to arrive…..

      • Correct. Bonus L can be claimed once per entry.

    • +1

      Well done rawm, great effort to get all those people together holding up ozB signs (including a very prickly Bomber Thompson) who has most sports journalists/commentators quaking in their boots. You've definitely gone above and beyond and I think you'll be rewarded for your efforts.

      I'm still planning my first photo, i'm in the process of finding and gatecrashing a socceroo reunion in the CBD.

      On another note good to see old mate 100 trying to help you out with the hack points (better bloke than me) and the competitive streak of benjamin (finding faults with your photo) shining through. Big prize on the line, so I expect nothing less!! I just hope everyone takes it easy on me when I finally pull my finger out and start posting some photos.

      Game on!

      • good luck, sounds like yours is gonna be impressive.
        you dont have to worry about beating me, im not gonna try for the top 3, as i dont think my rulebending is deserving of that position (although its a bit hard for me, living so far away from a town/city atm).
        anyway, i'd be stoked with a runner up prize, so im just gonna try to stay in the game for that.

      • let us know how you get on whether you get the picture or not!

    • What a bloody good entry! Top points rawn!!
      Bomber Thompson is a good bloke (despite being an opposition coach) and its great how he is staying cool through the asada cr@p. (his press conferences are also funny as!!)
      Bomber Thompson addressed players in red jocks after losing a bet

  • +9

    Here is my first photo – (a few days of planning went into this one)


    I’ve also zoomed in (the same photo) so you can clearly see what I’m holding and the friendly staff member from Salsa’s (5 points) - http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/128902/23602/close_up.j…

    I thought it would be relatively easy to find 10 other OzBargainers (10 points) who would be happy to pose for a photo with me. However after being knocked back several times I was about to call it quits when I managed to recruit two school girls (far right of photo) and a family of three (left side of photo). I ended up with 11 people in the photo holding OzBargain signs and one being a Salsa staff member (front and centre) there’s also another staff member photo bombing us!

    The location is the food court of the landmark Highpoint Shopping Centre (5 points) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highpoint_Shopping_Centre, you can see the famous fountain in the middle of the image.

    The Salsa’s staff members were more than happy to participate (five of them wanted to be in the photo) needless to say the manager was less than impressed, but once I told him what I was doing he was quickly converted to an OzB fan!!! As long as we didn’t get in the way of his customers, chat to his staff for too long or do anything detrimental to the Salsa’s brand.

    In my hands I am holding a regular size chips from Salsa’s (eating at a fast food restaurant = 5 points) and a box of Weis bars (popular product = 5 points) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/133755

    I think I have satisfied the criteria for 30 points + base points. Happy for you to all discuss and the mods/judges do their thing.

    Warning: Photo two and three are in the development stage and if I manage to pull them off, there will be no stopping me.

    Clue: All UFC fans keep a keane eye on tomorrow’s weigh in and Saturday’s fight card.

    Good luck all!!


    • +1

      Top notch.
      In my books, it also gets a +10 for Foxtel (bonus category F) and +10 for George Takei (bonus category G).

    • Nice one mate. You really know how to rally the troops!

  • +1

    Wow keanedog, just wow.

  • +2

    Great work everyone. rawm is now leading with 78.51 points. These scores are unofficial as we are awaiting a vote from 1 moderator however shouldn't change that much.

    Leaderboard (as of 27/6):

    User Points
    rawm 78.51
    benjamin 68.83
    Jaym 51.70
    keanedog 39.88
    treeman 37.68
    100 28.50
    wolfenator87 19.53
    dbadcock 11.63
    • +1

      congrats rawm, top effort.

  • http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/18801/23622/img_2014062…

    Here I am at the heart of the Surfers Paradise shopping and entertainment district, Cavill Mall (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cavill_Mall) with the beach just across the road. The whole city of Surfers Paradise is a bit of a bargain for the Queensland Tourism Industry as it isn't really a paradise for surfers, and many people just flock there due to the state changing its name from the less enticing Herston, Queensland (thats a bit of a Ozbargainish hack in itself from the government!)

    Anyway i am with my Sony music ball (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/139327) (+5 Popular Product) reading a book I got from the Book Depository Hack (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/38328) (+5 Hack) (you can see the book depository bookmark in the book). I am eating at my favourite take away restaurant Moss Burger (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/54788) (+5 Takeaway) With my ozbargain friend, a uniformed employee (+5), which is at the base of the famous landmark Soul Building (+5 Famous Location) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_(building).

    I hoped to get in this picture some of the most famous people in Surfers Paradise, the famous Meter Maids (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surfers_Paradise_Meter_Maids) who allowed people to park extended times for free after parking meters were introduced, by placing coins in expired meters before the ticket inspectors came! So thanks to these beautiful ladies, you could park for free (bargain!)

    However they weren't around!
    Here is a close up of the table

  • +1


    Here are the famous (+5) surfers paradise (+10) metre maids I just talked about in the last post. At the famous landmark the surfers paradise main beach on cavill street (use soul for the popular location of last deal) holding y a popular (+5) ghibli product (nausicaa) that was part of the popular ghibli deal I recently posted.

  • +2


    Here are the ozbargain observation team (+10) at the ozbargain control tower, scanning the skies for a bargain near you!

    We have our takeaway drinks at the skydeck takeaway restaurant (+5 takeaway) and I am wearing Popular bonds shorts and undies (close up below) (+5)


    The location is the famous Q1 tower (+5) which I got into 5% off using the orange paypass hack to get it for longer than the original 6 months! (+5)(note I have used my orange everyday as a popular product but not hacked deal yet).


    • +4

      Credit given where credit is due, the image of the Skydeck restaurant is excellent and captures the essence of the competition accurately - well done!

      I have to be totally honest though, your previous couple of posts leave a bad taste in my mouth. Multiple images and even a close up of your underwear seem like a bit of a stretch and in my view are not in the spirit of the competition.

      I just hope everyone here sticks to the true aims of the challenge - to have fun, spread the OzBargain name and above all, like those in the wild; to be adventurous.

    • Here's the link to the orange hack

  • My thoughts are as follows:

    First photo: 25 points + base points (great effort) not sure if you need to be in the photo or not. I'll leave that to the mods.

    Second photo: too bad the meter maids weren't part of the first photo, that's if you consider them to be famous people. I think the brand meter maids is famous but as for the two ladies pictured, there names may be Andrew and Steve and no one would be the wiser. Sorry Benjamin but in my eyes they are nobodies. 10 points max for this one + base points.

    Third photo: a better effort getting 10 people to hold up the ozbargain sign, I know how tough that can be. But as for the bonds shorts I have to agree with rawm, that's a stretch. I would even question whether the skydeck takeaway shop constitutes a fast food restaurant but again I'll leave that to the mods. For this photo I can only see a maximum of 20 points + base points.

    Good luck with it though, I think it's going to be a busy weekend for all involved (especially the mods)!!

    May the best man/woman win!!!

    • +1

      Yeah don't expect anything from the Meter maids. It's more like a bonus photo since I finally found them. My aim was for them to be in the first photo but it wasn't to be

    • In reply to the first photo, the rules say that the ozbargainer can be identified by a shirt or someone holding the page: it doesn't say it actually has to be you. In this case, the Mos employee is the ozbargainer in the wild as they are holding the sign!

  • +1

    Third and final entry…
    I couldn't capture the essence of my idea in one photograph, as I was rushed for time, so I'm having to submit 2 pics.

    This photo implies vertigo and movement of the world around me. All these insane bargains are constantly happening out in the world(wild), therefore I need $1 7-11 coffee as a cheap source of caffeine to keep my energy levels up. Oh, and that's a rubber lamb's butt in the background. Paddle pop stick in the mouth is the new cool toothpick prop; eat your heart out Joel Madden.

    Me being a savage beast 'cause I'm obviously in Da Wild! Just look at all those 'dead' 'animals' around me…Um, it wasn't me :P That doesn't mean this man beast can't drink 7-11 lattes like the rest of the poshy populace.

  • +5

    Here is a submission of 5 photos taken on holiday. I now wish I'd worn the OzBargain T-shirt everyday :-)
    I've also include links to the captions, location & other such photo details.

    Yours truly with details here.
    Him & Her + Radio Telescopes with details here.
    Inside Optical Telescope up close with details here.
    With a real-life Astronomer friend with details here.
    Observatory domes with details here.

    And, for the idle curious, the whole Holiday Road Trip to Country NSW Album.

    • +2

      Nice photos. It takes a brave man to wear an ozbargain t-shirt in public. I'm fairly secretive about our little cult(although I have recently exposed my actual identity through this competition).

      • Agreed - the looks on people's faces when you say OzBargain is like 0_0 most times, but in order for OzBargain to become even bigger we have to go to great lengths to spread the 'Good News'. The more people posting bargains the more deals we all get access to!

        • +1

          I think the website is very popular and well known already as an e-commerce deal posting website. Most large companies actively talk about it in their marketing strategy e.g. when I was working at Woolies the online marketers often made brief reference to their products and promos on Ozb. However, you have to be a regular member to understand all the funny lingo and cultural aspects of ozbargain that makes this a truly unique community that I'm happy to be a part of(even if I secretly swear my allegiance).
          Bigger does not necessarily mean better, and quality over quantity any day. I've seen ozbargain delivering more commercial agent/spam/junk deals now than ever before and products often sell out extremely quickly before I get a chance to buy(because the ghost of Broden is still around), or really because there are thousands of unregistered users that lurk on this site without contributing anything.

      • An OZBargain shirt would need to be worn under a suit and said suit ripped open to reveal OZBargain shirt whilst shopping to confound and shock any onlookers into running away, leaving all bargains to you.

    • Great work Sam - thanks for sharing!

  • Wow. would love some feedback from mods on my last two main pics (the soul tower and the Q1). Was not getting the bonds bonus due to not not being able to see the shorts clear enough in the picture or is there another reason? Is there a reason why the hacks werent credited? I did spend about an hour looking through Ozbargain for those hacks and two hours driving to get to the Gold Coast, so if possible some mod feedback would be appreciated to know where I went wrong!

  • +6

    So the plan for the second photo I had a UFC special planned, Jake Matthews (http://mmajunkie.com/2014/06/ufc-fight-night-43-results-rele…) the youngest fighter on the UFC roster had his first UFC bout tonight in New Zealand (which he won by trianglle choke in the 3rd round). Although I sent a number of signed Keanedog OzBargain A4 sheets across the Tasman with his cornerman unfortunately I couldn't pull off a photo with a famous person. I was sent this http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/128902/23660/ufc.jpg with a text saying that UFC regulations are extremely strict!! Obviously the last thing I want to do is jeopardize his career!! His fight wasn't even televised as it was on the undercard, however I may be able to broker a sponsorship deal for OzBagrain in the future if the mods would like to contact me privately!!

    Anyhow I headed off to the football today (Rich vs StK) with a bag of props in tow. I was on the hunt for a famous person. I was looking for maximum points!! I was hoping to see someone famous (sports star or celebrity) or a socceroo, but it was to no avail.

    I eventually ran into a group of people who were leaving a wedding at docklands. I tried very hard to get the bride and groom involved but I had to settle for two groomsmen and a bunch of other randoms. In this photo which a stranger took I am visible on the far right in my green hoodie (http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/128902/23659/image-2.jp…), however it turned out to be way too blurry and dark because the flash wasn't on. So this second photo is the same crew (but i swapped places with the photographer, so I could take a clear picture http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/128902/23658/image_fina… but this time I had a much steadier hand (less intoxicated) and I had the flash on.

    I believe the following bonus points are present in this photo:

    Please let me know if you have any feedback.

    • Hows the Isubscribe App Hack (which was granted) different to the Book Depository Hack (which wasnt granted)?

      • +1

        I guess it's an actual physical proof item, whereas, the book could have been any old book that was lying around and not necessarily from the hack itself? I guess that's what the mods may have been thinking.

        My newspaper incognito hack wasn't counted so you're not the only one that had points denied for a hack. Probably had to have been one that is ordered, rather than an easy one I could just use my phone for.

        • Are you sure your hack wasnt credited? It's listed in the 'used hacked deals' section, where they list what I thought has been accepted. I believe you didnt get the credit for 'hyperdome', since its not in the 'used famous landmarks' section….

        • +1

          Not sure. I'm not really all that fussed either way. Free stuff is still free stuff no matter which prize it is and I thank Neil and Scotty for holding a comp like this in the first place.

  • +1

    Just for fun ;)


    Picture with ozbargain t-shirt & a mcflurry, taken with a GoPro bought through dick smith sales posted on here.

    • For clarity, is that an entry?

      • yeah, why not!

  • +1

    Third photo and woweeeee, was it an effort and a half!!!

    I left home today with the aim of taking a photo of someone famous along with my props. I thought what better place to find an ozbargainer in the wild, than the home of the Tiger (Punt Rd)!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punt_Road_Oval

    On the way I drove past Kade Simpson and another Carlton footballer (not sure who?!) on High St, Northcote - by the time I doubled back and looked for them they had vanished - I checked a few cafes on the strip but then reverted back to my original plan.

    When arriving at Punt Rd, I entered the museum and spoke to a bloke named Roland who has been managing the museum for 28 years. I told him my story and what being an ozbargainer meant, I also mentioned I was hoping to catch one of the players before or after training. Before I knew it he was on the phone to the marketing team and I had the one and only Dale Weightman (10 points) before my very eyes. See links below of the great man!


    I explained to Dale how the OzB competition worked and what was involved and before I knew it he had gathered the whole marketing and communications team (10 points) for a photo on the balcony overlooking Punt Rd Oval (5 points). Everyone I met at Richmond was so accommodating and more than happy to be part of a photo with the great man (so Dale said - I told him they were there for me!) Clearly they are all ozbargainers at heart. Also in the photo I am holding my Oral B toothbrush which I scored for half price from this deal at Big W (5 points) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/141402


    I've also zoomed in the same photo here, so you can see the toothbrush and get a better look at Dale "Flea" Weightman. http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/128902/23690/zoomed_in.… - there is one person standing behind the lady in pink and white. You can see his shoulder sticking out with the ozbargain sign over his face.

    What a great way to finish up the competition, however i've got a feeling there'll be a few photos posted before the 12am cut off, hopefully none of them involve soccer's, Joe Hockey or Gerry Harvey. :)

    Cheers Keanedog

    • +1

      Well played!

      • Thanks benjamin!!! I was up against it trying to find someone famous, but the crew at Richmond Football Club made my day!!!

    • +3

      -9 points for ninthmond oriented photo!

      Awesome work!

      • I'm coming over in two weeks for Port v Richmond at the Dome! nice entry BTW!

    • +1

      I give it an extra +5 for pink hotpants.

    • brilliant - that's dedication!

  • +2

    Update 6:30PM:

    Leaderboard (as of 30/6):

    User Points
    rawm 78.40
    keanedog 73.30
    benjamin 72.5
    Jaym 53.3
    treeman 37.6
    samlor 32.3
    100 28.50
    wolfenator87 27.1
    dbadcock 11.6
    cheezal 9.8

    keandogs last entry hasn't be voted on yet but its probably a good assumption that he will be leading this comp.

    The mods have gone back a reassessed bonuses in 2 entries. We were all agreeing on the same bonus points but have now decided to choose how much out of a +5 bonus we believe the entry deserves. Again voting is at the discretion of the judges, so we can't get into individual conversations in regards to your entry (sorry I've been ignoring some PMs).

    To reiterate, it's the best scores of 3 photos so submit your photos now. Competition will close at midnight tonight.

    I expect some last minute entries so we'll try and update this as fast as we can.

    • Thanks Neil, sounds like the half day I invested into that photo was totally worth it.

      The midnight cut off has got me a little worried though!! Especially with a rumored socceroo's homecoming party hosted by Gerry Harvey at an undisclosed location. ;)

      I think there'll be plenty of points rolling in, in the next 5 hours, you may need to dust off your calculator - hopefully I can hang on.

  • +5

    Damn keanedog that's ridiculous!!! - looks like 1st place is out of the question…but anyways…

    Attempt #4


    This was by far the most difficult thing I've done in a long time! I needed an OzBargain mob, a landmark, a hack, a popular deal and a fast food restaurant! I headed into the city of Melbourne (minus a jacket!) and visited Krispy Kreme Donuts on Swanston Street, Melbourne - across the road from St Paul's Cathdral. When I saw just how small the store was I wondered if I could get a mob together!
    landmark and eating in fast food restaurant

    Luckily there was a busker with a Cockatoo next door. I purchased a dozen original glazed donuts, started eating one, then offered the busker (and his cockatoo) a donut if they'd be in the shot. Before you knew it I had a small crowd around me! I had 10 customers hold up the poster and each of them got a donut for their troubles!
    OzBargain mob

    I had another member of the public take a panoramic pic (lovely lady) and held in my hands were - The infamous 'McDonald's Fish and Chip Hack' with 2 pieces of fish and medium chips.
    OzBargain hack?

    Also if you see under the chips, Im holding a bag of Red Rock Deli 1/2 price chips from the recent Woolworths popular deal :) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/150332
    popular deal

    Phew. Ive never had a bird on my shoulders as well, but thought I needed to go the extra distance and keep with the 'OzBargainers in the WILD' theme! I look like im happy, but that Cockatoo scared the &^%& out of me!!

    Thats all folks!

    • Extra points for the cockatoo.

      Well done rawm - this is going to be a tight finish!

    • Can you upload the original image? It's a bit difficult to see.

      • Sorry neil - refer below.

    • +1

      Sorry! the image I uploaded was a bit blurry - Here's the original!

    • +2

      +10 for famous celeb (Patrick Stewart, on your left)

      • He was the busker with the Cockatoo - awesome guy!

        • +1

          Really? He's busking now? I'd have thought he would have made some serious $$ from all his movies, especially X-men.

        • The boy on the right looks kinda scary….

    • Even though you are the competition I think even I would have given in and been in your mob with the offer of a Krispy Kreme (that I assume you bought using the recent Ozbargain dozen deal!)

  • +1

    If it wasn't 8 degrees and this was Summer, then the outdoor area behind me would have been filled with diners and I was going to use them as my +10 and gotten a staffer for another +5. Alas, it was too cold and inside was literally too packed for me to do anything. ~20 minute wait for a seat + ~20 minute wait for food. Takeaway chips usually get done quicker, which is what I bought before deciding that some bonus points were out of the question.

    Those familiar with Canberra will recognise Brodburger behind me (Best.burgers.ever) and next to Broddy is the Glassworks. In my hands is the second McChicken hack (2 McChicken Pattys for $3.20, 6 Nuggets for $5+ and it's made of the same stuff). I'm wearing my Slazenger jumper from the previous Slazenger sale.

    +5 Broddy restaurant (http://www.brodburger.com.au/)
    +5 Glassworks (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canberra_Glassworks)
    +5 McChicken patties (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/139441)
    +5 Slazenger jumper (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/140789)


    …..what could have been if only it was warmer…..
    +10 for diners
    +5 for staff

    • Competition is on! I think you need to be eating at the fast food restaurant though, not simply standing in front of one with no food from the restaurant! Thanks for enlightening me to the existance of Brodburger; will definately need to try it next time I am in Canberra.

      edit: Also noticed on the Brodburger website Menu Page this:
      "Please note That We Are Not A Fast Food Outlet And Wait Times May Vary"

      Agree its pretty hard to find a mob. I think Rawe has the best idea of mob through donut bribary!

      • +1

        I'm surprised you're picking on entries this far in to the competition even though mathematically the odds of me overtaking you are very low anyway.

        Google Maps says it's fast food so that's good enough for me.

        You don't actually have Subway in your Subway photo either. :P

        • ….. Good Point!

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