What Have Been The Top 5 Best Genuine Deals Ever Posted on OzBargain?

I’ve been on Ozbargain for many years and been wondering what have been the top 5 genuine deals ever posted on Ozbargain?

When I mean genuine, I’m excluding price errors, deals where you need paid membership, competitions, limited supply freebies and severely limited supply items (e.g. only valid for the first 3 people). I’m just interested in the best pure deal that has ever been posted.

Legitimate price matching or price beating counts as a genuine deal, as well as discounted gift voucher purchases which stacked with other discounts too.

If you could link the bargain too for reference, that would be great!


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      I'm still on $10 /month… signed up originally with an iPhone 5 for $380 all up in monthly payments… so cheap back then :)

      • I only recently gave it up after years. I figured Belong $10 (+$5 for international calls and sms) was better for me now.

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    $10 buckets of KFC Popcorn Chicken

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    BEST DEAL EVER was when I stayed off OZB for month. SAVED ME THOUSANDS!!!

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      Can you share the promo codes?

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  • 65' 4k smart TV for $65 from DSE when they were closing down.

    Xbox one bundle from big w for $150. Just after the Xbox was released.

    $50 Vodafone starter packs for $1.

    Those were the days.

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      Waa that when they were kicked out of David Jones ("DJ") or the actual Dick Smith clearance?

      The deals when they left DJ were the most incredible times, it was like a national treasure hunt. I couldn't find the link, but it would make a good read. Your $65 TV is up there with some of the best deals ever surely.

      I scored a brand new, top of the line Panasonic plasma 55" for $129 (approx 90% off) which is by far my number one OZB deal.

      Unfortunately,no other deals since can really compare and there was a strange period where I got no joy from comparatively worse "bargains", actually decreased my spending afterwards.

      Has anyone else experienced this strange phenomenon?

      • Yeah I agree, I think the first year or so is always the best. These days Ozb is just a habit, don't spend anywhere near as much anymore.

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      65' 4k smart TV for $65 from DSE when they were closing down.

      Got a link for this or exact brand model number sold.. I am in the market for one of this.

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    Best one I think I managed to get from OzBargain was back in 2012

    Pink Floyd Discovery Remastered Box Set - 14 Albums for $16.50 (BigPond Music 320k MP3 Download)

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    Free Domino's Traditional Pizza for Signing up to Microsoft Rewards

    A year ago, you could use throw away emails, then when you went to order you could double or triple down on the codes by submitting multiple orders with the same codes.

    Bill Gates provided my household and friends with about 50 free pizzas.

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      Oh was that the mogul launch ?. I actually created a few decent tasting pizzas.

      • Yeah baby.. Mogul deal was awesome.

  • There was a Dominos offer on here a few years ago but I don't remember the details but the code was for a free traditional pizza and garlic bread delivered with no minimum order to get it delivered.

    I ended up with around 18 by creating a heap of dominos1 dominos2 dominos3 etc etc emails, and in the end I was so hated that I had to get Dominos head office to intervene each time I ordered, because after a couple of orders the store manager/owner rang me up furious each time calling me a scumbag and a scam artist and then refusing to deliver the order and telling me I had to come pick them up if I wanted them (I only lived two streets away). I got in touch with Dominos each time and then about 10 minutes later another employee would ring me confirming they were going to deliver it to me. Always had to carefully pour over it to make sure there were no foreign fluids or objects hidden in or around it but I had the time of my life for about a month.

    • Pretty silly move imo.. as if you'd know what they'd done to your pizza by looking at it.

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        I'm pretty sure the herpes battle I've had ever since that month is completely unrelated.

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        Yep that was it! I also recall I got a free tap king dispenser not long before they shut down, and when they did I got a $30 visa gift card for returning my free dispenser too.

        Did quite well out of Tap King now that I think about it

        • those tap king dispenser swere a gold mine. my local BWS had half a dozen that they were clearing out for $2 each. I bought them all and claimed a visa gift card for each of them.

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    The Qantas points offer for buying life insurance which could be cancelled after one payment (less than $10). That was a great way to get lots of cheap points.

  • 9 for 9 kfc tuesdays

  • 50% off on ebay categories, man I got my ps4 for $150 from someone on OZB (he got $300 as ebay paid another 150 to him). I guess that was best deal so far for me.

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    I've only been an active ozbargainer for a year or so, but my favourite bargains I've ever purchased were-

    Nintendo switch for $304 (ebay plus free trial, + 10% discounted eBay vouchers)

    PS VR + Camera set- was $499 - down to $199.

    Youfoodz did a $50 off coupon for new customers last year so I ended up getting like 10 meals delivered for about $10. $1 per meal! Crazy.

    Kogan mobile prepaid -BOGOF - yearly large pack x 2 for $400.
    I used one for myself.. I used to spend $60 per month on Optus prepaid, and now that was just $16 per month, so I saved about $500 for the year.. then with the other voucher, I ended up selling it on gumtree when the sale was over, for $300, and pocketed a quick $100 profit.
    So all up, I saved $600 from Kogan.

    I recently bought a 40" TV from JB HIFI ebay store for 20% off. It came down to $199 and is a great little TV for the bedroom, especially paired with a $20 google chrome dongle I got from eBay, and a $20 wall mount. Entire smart TV set up in the bedroom for $239. Not bad at all.

    Ebay 10, 15, and 18% off coupons have been great too.
    As well as the free eBay listings that don't charge a final value fee. I've saved a ton of money through them too

    Oh, and most recently, return tickets to Japan for $350!

    I love ozbargain so much!

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    1) unlimited supply of Cadbury bars


    2) PS3 $194.94 from toys r us, the birth of “Broden”


    3) Portable speakers from Woolies for 1c each.

    I remember picking up 12 for 10c.


    4) The free Air wick candles from woolies but got taken down after a few days


    5) This deal from Game was under the radar - trade in any 2 games and get 1 game for $1

    I would make sure the purchased games are not on the JB Hi-Fi exclusion list and would go to JB and trade 2/3 games for a brand new release title.

  • No love for free big macs for a month?

  • And the free 6 pack of shandies from bws. Pretty much unlimited

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    Kenwood chef mixer attachments for $10 each. They still sell them now for about $200. I have a cupboard full of unused pasta rollers! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/282607

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    Amex velocity card. Ends up with about 500,000 velocity points
    I did my first one off a referral link so I got 105k. Then did referral links for wife, brother and father. Each one netted me 115k. Then I had another 6 people at work sign up on my referral link.

    I’m so used to travelling business, I refuse to go to work sponsored conferences unless I’d fly business. I think even my daughter is too used to flying business.

    Can’t wait to finish my home loan refinance and I can start over again.

  • My personal favorite: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/253630

    Had at least a hundred invited before it was moved to the forums, shame really

  • Did anyone mention 50% eBay BBQ deal and the good guys gift cards at post office?

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    I think objectively that cash upon bank sign-up (e.g. $100 from ING) would be the benchmark, since most people could benefit and whether true or not my tax agent said that most of those were tax-free gifts. Even the $100 Coles voucher from ANZ would benefit most people in metro areas. Of course many people would argue that verifying ID turns it into a job (albeit a well-paid one), and real-world experience outside OzBargain suggests people value free time over money (which sounds kinda sweet, until you see how those same people spend their time).

    Of course I've saved way more on flights (my only big ticket spend) but most full-time employed people wouldn't care for those.

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    I got a printer delivered for $7 once , good stuff

    • Am in the market for one now damn you

  • free condoms

  • The Dick Smith pricing error on the G27 back in 2014.

    Some insufferably lucky bastards actually scored a racing wheel for $20 that retailed for $399 at the time.

    Yes I know you said no pricing errors but this is still a shining example of the kind of bizarro-world/alternate dimension antics that can happen, through the power of OzBargain.

  • PSVR for $190

  • Half price weber BBQ with ebay.
    Chromebook for about $100 US from amazon
    Cans of Coke using multiple woolworths coupons online
    Oral B electric Toothbrush with cashback which turned out to cost $0 as paid $50 half price then $50 cashback. Having said that I now buy electric toothbrushes so in a way that has cost me more money.

  • The no spend free 6 pack of beer from Liquorland promotional code that wasn't unique, I think the deal got pulled in the end due to a request.

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      Was that Pacific Radler? If so, I also went nuts on that promo!

      Was nice to be asked for ID most of the time (I don't do nightclubs/casinos/etc.)

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    Citibank signature card no annual fee ever.

    • Yep same here and i am still using the signature card till this day.
      Amex travel explorer too with the bonus rewards point but cancelled it after one year . ($400 annual free thereafter yikes)

  • $250 webjet giftcard for referring someone to ING. I referred both of my parents - a $500 discount on flights was pretty sweet.


    EDIT: looking back on it, I referred my dad which got a $250 coupon for him and $250 for me. So it was still a $500 discount on flights lol

  • Is there a post discussing the best deal you found but never posted?

  • Free Netflix when buying optus products. I had like 2 years worth of Netflix for free (well a couple of bucks profit) after buying all those prepaid phones/modems and selling them to Cex.

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    I am long time lurker and this is my 2nd post and i thank ozbargain from the bottom of my heart lol ..
    Had so many good deals from free cases of beers wines free burgers this free that free lol but one thats memorable to me is applying for new Amex credit card deal (no Fee) and receive nespresso coffee machine worth $200 for FREEE. Thats around 2012. Geez i was single and now married with kids. Ozbargain 4evaa.

  • What comes to mind was the great deal on kindle paper white when subscribed to free trial of amazon prime.

    Also hey you app and their 5 free coffees

  • That Woolies voucher that got you a free pack of Be Natural bars. I would scan the voucher, eat the bars, come back in an hour, scan the voucher, eat the bars. I think I would have had probably eighteen packets in a single weekend.

  • The refurbished 1070 laptop deals going for under $1100


    I still have nnightmares on missing that sale.

    There was also a tower going for around that price with even better specs but really wanted a portable laptop at the time.. still do.

  • When if you bought six bottles of a certain wine, they'd give you a code to get a free Domino's traditional pizza, but someone looked at the HTML of the website or something and found all the free pizza codes. This was in 2012, I think. My husband and I ate free pizza for a month.

  • Man Utd pricing error back in 2016 where the official online store was selling current EPL shirts for AUD $30. Good for a couple of XMas presents for the kids. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/243461

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    Who remembers the Pinchme Free Samples?

  • The $350 delivered PS4 Pro 1TB Fortnight bundle.

    People immediately selling it for $600 - $650. Hell, they are still $560ish to buy. Even today's deal of a refurb is $450.

    Free $60 cheese platter every Sunday for a month delivered through Foodora I think it was? Or Menulog?

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    Lots of deals over the years, but the one that stands out in my memory was the great Dell printer cock-up of 2012.


    1. $9 printers, delivered.
    2. Dell runs out of printers, but graciously honours the deal by substituting higher models
    3. Dell becomes so overwhelmed with Ozbargain orders that they end up shipping multiple printers (the Dell 525W was worth ~$140 each at the time)
    4. I received 3 x 525W models for $9, likewise my parents did from their order
    5. Contacted Dell and offered to send the printers back, and was told to keep them (but no warranty on the extras that we didn't pay for X-D)

    Good times.

  • Merged from Single Most Beneficial OzBargain Post

    What has been Ozbargain's single most beneficial post for you and how much money you saved due to that?
    For me it was the deal by crazycs which helped me save $399 on the latest samsung galaxy s10e.

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      I saved more from that same s10 post by NOT buying :)

      • I knew at least one miser would comment on my post.

      • The above comment is followed by X Files theme song.

    • This one back in the days before I knew about craft beers - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/31324

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        wow thats like one day of your salary ….. amazing

    • I may or may not have Ozbargained the crap out of this deal.. I may or may not have accumulated $1200 worth of free flights…


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      Every eneloop post. I didn't know I needed so many AA and AAA batteries.

    • the one I found when internet searching for a hard drive price - I found ozbargain as a result.

  • Probably all the gaming gear when dicksmith closed down, logitech steering wheel etc

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    $250 voucher from Bunnings drone price error.

    EFTPOS gift cards for 12% off face value using eBay UK site wide code that worked on Officeworks eBay store.

    $15 off $15.01 minimum spend at Menulog - whole family used their accounts and we had an $79 dinner for $4 delivered.

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