Another Year of OzBargain!

Hey All,

as we're in the last few weeks of 2010, i thought i'd throw a question out there.

What was your best ozbargain purchase?

It's been a huge year, a bunch of records were broken too.

The top deals were pushed down this year, with 3 fresh new records.


Obviously there have been alot of rules changing - particularly surrounding negative voting.

There will be future development towards automation of procedures, removing new and old spammers

The wiki has exploded with new pages including amusements/epic threads, student deals, and a list of birthday deals!


Just wanted to thank the ozbargain community for posting awesome deals.

Also thanks to scotty (for keeping this site open) and the other mods (for putting up with me haha)

My favourite deals this year (most of which resulted in obesity! haha

If you're bored, have a look through Amusements and the urban dictionary definitions


Scotty has done some awesome work to help remove the spammers. I dont think you'll see many for a while :)


  • My best purchase was the Sony eReader for 25% off, apparently an A&R website mistake. :D

  • Best Purchased:Cadbury Choc Bars!!!
    Best Free: Snowglobe, Mug, credit, too many to mention
    Most Hassle: 50% eBay Cashback, Mwave Greatest Sale

  • Best Purchase: $199 Garmin A50, unlocked prepaid phone from Optus

    2nd Best: $189 24 inch BenQ screen from PricesEngine with free shipping.

    3rd Best: Logitech UE 220 earbuds

    Most controversial deal posted: $49 Samsung Spinpoint F3 drive from Pricesengine.

  • So many too choose from, My top ones

    1. $20 Bonus to Signup ING Orange Everyday, on Top of The $60 for Each Account - $140 free!

    2. Free $20 eVoucher for Rebel Sports (No Minimum Spend) - Got 2 packs of tennis balls

    3. Free T-Shirt with Pepsi Purchase (Must Buy 10x 1.25l) - More free T-shirts, got 2 so far a few more to go

    4. Get $15 off Your Home Delivery or Takeaway Order This Saturday Melb Only - Got free dinner from local pizza place

    5. Premier's Active Families Challenge VIC - 15 Free passes to YMCA, 15% off Rebel Sport & more! - Free membership to my gym for a month (saved $42)

    6. Free Meal from Easy Meals - No effort dinner

    7. Free Globe T-Shirt! Free Postage - Free T-shirt

    8. Free entry to the Melbourne Museum on Sunday 24th October - Love the museum

    9. Bike Helmet @ Inner City 7 Eleven Stores for $5 Bucks. (Melbourne Only) Only took 5 visits to 7/11 to get the a normal size helmet

    10. 50% Back on Purchases on eBay (Max Refund $50) - Registration: Closed Purchase Hour: 24/9/2010 - 12PM

    11. [Soldout] COTD: Free Candies if Socceroos Beats Serbia! Free Candies + Free Shipping! - Some consolation to staying up all night.

    12. 225 Free SMS at SMS Global - Still using the free sms

    Failed Bargains (Bargains which should save you money but you screw up and it ends up costing you more. Or bargains that hinder your life):

    Free Tasmanian Heritage Blue Cheese Via Cashback, Incl Postage - Didn't like the cheese and when I opened it I threw the wrapper away. I forgot that the redemption code was on the wrapper. -$8 for me

    FREE Key Finder! Free Shipping! Limited Stock. No Pickup, One Per Member ONLY Sold out - Still have it at work, any noise sets it off. Had to hide it in the bottom of my filing cabinet

    My favourite deals of all time had to be:

    Hotelclub - $80 USD free credit 2008 -> Updated - thanks Mastablasta :)- Got to spend a free one night stay in a central Sydney hotel complete with breakfast. I think I combined it with another $20 voucher. This was when the USD was weaker.

    $1 Standby Cars and Campervans One Way - This one is still active. Drove down the east coast with a friend in a luxiorous campervan complete with shower, toilet, tv, stove, dvd player, etc for next to nothing.

    Got to mention, this was the year of the group buy site. 17 servicing the Melbourne area. Finally, eating out can be affordable.

  • $20 Bonus to Signup ING Orange Everyday, on Top of The $60 for Each Account - $140 free!


    Free Globe T-Shirt! Free Postage - Free T-shirt


  • My top ones:
    $20 Bonus to Signup ING Orange Everyday, on Top of The $60 for Each Account - $140 free! (ING became my Spendings, Savings and Mortgage bank in 2010, still need to get around to closing old accounts at other institutions though!)
    $199 Garmin A50, unlocked prepaid phone from DSE (actually paid $189 shipped with the 10% DSE discount operating at the time. It's in the cupboard as Dad's Chrissy Present)
    Free Snapfish Mug - only just ordered it as a Christmas Pressie for my future Father-in-law

    My best submitted deal:
    Virginmobile Galaxy S free on the $39 Easycap with first 3 months free… It's still an awesome deal!

    Failed Bargains (Bargains that hindered my life):
    I dodged all the failed deals this year
    But I wasted the most time trying to get my account activated for the 50% rebate eBay Mobile deal

    My favourite deals of all time are:

    $80 Samsung 8Gb mp3 player from early 2008.. I bought 4 of them, they're all still going strong and 2 years later there still hasn't been a better value mp3 player deal! (Closest this year was for a Sony 8Gb at about $90)

    $1 Standby Cars and Campervans One Way - I haven't used it yet, but I still plan to and I know where I need to go to get it.

  • I'd also like to express my thanks to the people running this site, it is well moderated and kept pretty much spam free. Though part of me hates this site as there are too many good bargains to pass up and now I have no monies. :)

    My best deal for this year was the Dell Vostro 3500 Laptop for $660.

  • love the freebies, wouldn't have known many of them if not for ozbargainers!

    Best deal for the year
    NRMA Vodafone deal
    got the N97 on 12months with 3months free and 10% discount
    sold the phone and have more then enough phone credit to use for the year!

  • Well I cant be bothered finding the links but here are miy top ones.

    Telstra Naked adsl2 trial - yep Telstra ADSL!! I'm on a Telstra only ADSL2 exchange. So i get ADSL2 for $60 a month with incoming phone line (I have used mynetfone for 3 years) AND they have just upped the download limit to 200GB at no charge.

    The Accor 2000 point deal for new members - During this year they allowed the 2000 points to be redeeemed for a $US60 voucher for Motel6 in the US. With a recent trip I used mine, my wifes my sons and my departed mothers vouchers for $US240 for nix. Just a matter of timing as the were to expire 20 days before I redeemed the vouchers

    And a midnight special Dell 22in monitor for $89 that Dell upgraded to latest model as they had run out. Sometimes Dell does deliver.


    The NRMA 10% off Vodafone deal. Great price, but Vodafone network is frankly a dud at the moment. And its a two year contract - got what I didn't pay for on this one.

    • telstra have done really well imo making better value plans and being overall more 'competitive'

    • I didn't quite have as many Accor vouchers as you - just the 1… which we managed to use on the last day of our honeymoon, before the voucher expired (the next day!) :)

  • Best deal for me would've been the one that I stare at everyday.
    Dell 27" Ultrasharp U2711 for $680ish. Thanks OzBargain.

  • I've also had some good experience with the group buy sites… so that has been the highlight of my ozbargain year.

  • My top deals for the year:

    Dell 22' for $89 - coincidentally, my monitor died a week after I got the Dell. Lasted 3 years and 7 days to be exact after warranty expired at 3.

    GHD styler for < $130 - won't be labelled as a cheapskate on x'mas from the missus.

    Garmin-Asus Prepaid for $199 - a really good smart phone for the price. Dad's gonna be a happy man, upgrading from Nokia 8850.

    Prescription glasses for ~$10 - I can see clearly now.

    Logitech MetroFi 220 - $40 for 2 - Got suckered in by member recommendations, but didn't regret one bit.

    DViCo TVIX 2230 for < $100 - Still running strong and average prices have increased by more than 50% in less than a year.

    Also worth mentioning are all the awesome dominos deal all year round, cheap movie tickets, cheap airfares, cheap phone calls, and of course the freebies (despite the increased spam in my physical mailbox)!

    So far, I've only been robbed once since becoming a member: (ok, maybe a bit over a year)

    The watch never arrived. $5 gone.

    A good year of bargain overall, and many thanks to everyone that have shared excellent bargains which I had the privilege to be part of. :)

  • Totally lost count of the number of great deals I got this year, I reckon would be at least two or three times a month I bought stuff thanks to deal posted on this site.

    Although def bought stuff I prob never wanted before!

  • very offtopic - but you would be very suprised how many overseas spammers post in talk with mods telling us about sports shoes etc. Probably the worst section of the forum to post in. :/

  • offtopic - was ozbargain "dead" for a minute a little while back
    i refreshed a screen and got words to the efeect that the site was down…
    did anyone else get that?

  • I'd like to tender my nomination for the "2010 OzBargain Unconscionable Seller Award"

    1st Place :'s Mini Mag Light debacle….

    What a shamozzle!

    To recap, the promo promised 5 mini mag lights for just a $3 shipping charge. The company's inability to keep track of their inventory levels meant they could ultimately only deliver only 1 mini mag light for $3 (one fifth of what was promised for the same price). OzBargain members were justifiably ropeable.

    Anymore nominations for this category?

  • Most awesome for me wouldda been the Canon IXUS camera (at about $100 off at the time), with a free ipod, and I then sold the ipod to essentially get the camera for free.

    The other brilliant one for me was the 13" Acer Timeline with win7 64-bit, 4GB DDR3 and 8+ hour battery. Awesome at $499 and it goes great, and is very light and portable. I still can't get over that it only had 17 votes. Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough, but the only netbook/notebooks I've seen that came close to that kind of value would be the inferior 10" versions :-S.

    On the other hand I did get sucked in to the COTD 1tb portable hard dive deal. It was 'fat' and the price wasn't really that great… maybe that was when they were 'sockpuppeting'?

  • best free and best deal is the volkswagen driving day. who ever posted that cheers so much. i really had a blast. if you hear of any more post away.


  • Best deals for me were the Sony ereader from A&R and $30 free fuel from Coles Express/AMEX
    Also any of the free movie posts
    Merry Xmas All :)

  • My favourite was the $20 keg of Heineken from Dan Murphy's. I was a long time lurker before that, and finally made an account just so I could give a positive rating for this deal! :D

  • I was out of the country and missed out the chocolate giveaway!! :( But I did get the free mug though :) Another good one would probably be the free Optislim starter pack-

  • is that all? free chocolate? how lame!

    probably the 50% off city beach sales.