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Selling A RTX 3060 GPU in VIC Lockdown - Should I Trust PayPal?

Hi all, looking to sell my 3060 to upgrade to a 3080/ti. If the buyer pays via PayPal G&S, will they be able to reverse the transfer if I have proof of sending the item? If the buyer pays via …

Looking for a Motherboard with Spaced out PCIe x16 Slots

Hello, I am in need of a motherboard with 3 or more pcie x16 slots. I have found many options, however there is only 1 pcie x1 in between them. I need at least 2 pcie x1 distance or 2 M2 slots. This …

Australian Warehouses

Australian Warehouses. Any advice?

Hi ozbargainers of the world, I am looking to get a GTX 1660 Super and stumble upon this website, checking their ABN number, it seems to be a sole trader in the correct business name, they offer …

Gaming Headset under $100

Long story short, my took my mic out of my Razer headset and the cable ripped, the actual mic works but flops when you wear the actual headset, and is unusable. I was wondering if anyone from the …

Looking for Cheap Graphics Cards

Hi all, im just looking for some graphics cards for various online retailers. Im specifically looking for: GTX 1050TI GTX 1650 GTX 1650 Super GTX 1660 Thanks In Advance

Ways to Make Money Passively Online?

Hi all, just looking for ways to make money passively on the side, can be a phone app or desktop website/application. Cheers

What to Buy Online for $0.44

I have an virtual visa card that has 43c left on it, wondering what to buy with it, I have access to Amazon prime and eBay plus, cheers TL;DR what to buy for 43c got eBay plus and prime

How to Get The 12 Pack of Copic Ciao Basics for Cheap

Hi all, just looking at getting a starter set of Copics, in particular the 12 set of Ciao markers. The cheapest I can find them is $60 incl shipping or pick up. Thanks for your help

Alcohol Markers Budget

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for a budget alcohol marker set, first time trying so don't want to spend heaps on these just yet, looking for a basic set around $25-35. …

Best RC Car Battery Charger for under $35

Hi all, I recently got into the RC car hobby, and the charger that came with my car seems to be really slow, takes about 2-3 hours for a 1500mah Battery. I was looking into the RC smart chargers but …


Experience with AliExpress Shipping Vs Epacket

Hi all, I recently started purchasing things on AliExpress a few days ago. I noticed the seller offered ePacket for $5 extra. I have used it once and it only took 8 days however with Covid I was …

Cheap Burner Phones

Just wondering if their are any burner phones for about $30-35. Something like the $20 Boost Reo from Target about a month ago. Thanks in advance! Preferred Specs Android 5/ no iOS 1GB Ram 16GB …


Fastway (Slowway) Couriers- HELP!

Recently ordered something of eBay seller used Fastway. Had experiences a few years ago and from Sydney to Melbourne it took 1 business day. Now people say they never received their package. Quite …

WLtoys A959 RC car

Hey guys. Just looking for the cheapest WLtoys a959 or a959b. Cheapest I’ve found so far is $115 for the b and $86 for the non b. Thanks in advance 🙏

Things to Mine with CPU

Just wondering what crypto would be most profitable to mine with a CPU. My bills is 20c per kWh Thanks for all your help in advance!

David Jones

David Jones, Purchased Damaged Watch (Solved)

Hey all, Basically by the fossil sport being only $119. I bought the last one at my local store (Click and collect) bag was wrapped. Opened it when I got home and box watch and charger was scratched …

Cheap Google Pay Enabled Smartwatch

Hi all, after missing out on the Fossil sport deal from DJ, I was wondering if there was any NFC enabled smartwatch around the $150 mark,thanks all.


AliExpress Shipments from Mainland China

Hi all, I recently ordered some stuff from AliExpress and was wondering how long shipping was impacted. My order was shipped 5 days ago. It has left China. Cheers

Raspberry Pi 3 or 4

Hi all, during this time I just wanted to find the cheapest Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 Budget for RB3+ is $52 RB4 2GB is $60-65 Thanks

Noctua NF-A4x10-5V 40mm 4500RPM Fan

Hi all, I recently started hearing rattling from my 40mm fan on my 3D Printer, I’ve heard very good things about it but can’t justify the $28 for it at CPL. If the Ozbargain community can find a …

Capricorn PTFE Tubing

Hi all, I was just wondering where to get the Capricorn PTFE tubing, preferably shipped for Australia and under $20 per metre, would like the XS low friction hope not the transparent type Thanks

Methylated Spirits Where To Buy

Hi, Over the recent covid-19 outbreak, there was a shortage of methylated Spirits and I was wondering where in Victoria still had stock Bunnings or Officeworks would be fine, thanks

Cocoon Model Maker 3D Printer

Hi, I was just looking at a deal for the cocoon create model maker best price so far is $149 happy to buy a opened but never used unit from u guys for $149 or lower thanks

3D Printers and Consumables - Where to Buy?

Hi all. I had bought a 3D printer and wondering where everyone purchases their consumables from? Thanks

Suggestions Wanted for New Smartphone under $250

Hey there. Just looking at some options for a new phone because my current phones battery lasts about 2 hours, any Xiaomi or similar brand phone would be enough. Min specs- SD 660 or similar 3 or …


Sendle Delivery Times from Sydney to Melbourne

Hi all, I just wanted to find out ozbargainers experience on Sendle It says 1-2 Business days but find it hardly believable Please vote or comment in the poll below thanks in advance THIS ROUTE IS …

Easythreed 3D Printer

Easythreed 3D printer Best price so far $199 Preferably on eBay cheapest so far: Thanks in advance

Xiaomi Mi A3! Cheap As Possible

Hi fellow ozbargainers I was just curious to see what the cheapest Mi A3 with 64GB storage is The cheapest I have found so far is around $235 Should I try price matching JB? Price match site is …

Cheap Japanese Online Stationery Store (Aussie Based)

the title explains it all Don’t really think I need to elaborate Basically I’ve been getting into Japanese Stationery and wanted cheap eraser refills for my Tombow Mono Graph Pencil and the …


Experience with Epacket from AliExpress

Hi all, Just wondering on the shipping time using ePacket from Aliexpress. The official website says 1-2 weeks but Aliexpress says 2-3 weeks so not sure who to believe, that’s why asking for some …

Decent Gaming PC under $350-$400

Hi fellow Ozbargainers I was just out to look for a gaming pc for myself as a treat My budget is around $400 Hoping to find Intel I3 8Th Gen Or RYZEN 3 2200 A320M Motherboard 240GB SSD No …

Australia Post

Experience with Aus Post Delivery Time

Hi guys, I recently just bought a 3D printing pen shipped by Aus Post from Heidelberg West to Melbourne and the tracking clearly says expected on the 17th which is today and it hasn’t even been …


Joybuy Shipping Time to Australia (Preferably Melbourne)

Hi guys, just recently bought some goods from Joybuy and was wondering if that 30-40 business day delivery is true because it seems outrageous IMO. Just checking with some fellow Ozbargainers for …

Looking for a Cheap Mi Band 4

Hi everyone, I would be looking for a cheap Xiaomi Mi Band 4, hopefully priced around $40-45. Thanks in advance BTW I’m looking for Chinese Version

Are The Speed Limits of Australian Freeways Absurd?

Do you think Australian Speed Limits Are to slow? EG 100KM/H On Au Freeways 70MPH/113KM/H On UK Motorways All of these limits will be for Metropolitan Freeway Could change because of variable speed …