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Will Car Insurance Claim for Vandalism Be Effected by Non Disclosure of Demerit Points?

Hey all, I have comprehensive insurance on my vehicle. I now realise that I may have left off oldish demerit points for texting in my car when I purchased insurance. My car was keyed in a public …

Paris with a young teen - best neighbourhoods for atmosphere, safety and convenience

I'm thinking about adding a segment onto my Europe trip and showing Paris to my teen. It's been 15 years since I've been. I'm at a really early stage but my number one concern is …

expiredWTB Virgin Credit Approx $400

Best shoulder season for Italy, France or Greece in early/ mid October

I'm going to have a week or so free in Europe at the beginning of October. I'd like to look at some places that offer extraordinary value during this time, compared to their peak summer …

Where to stay a few days in Beijing

I'm taking a cruise that terminates in Tianjin and might as well spend a few days in Beijing. I've been to Shanghai and was fairly overwhelmed by the scale. I'm looking to find a …

expiredVirgin travel bank wanted

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Spend time in Sydney, from 7am until about 3pm on a Saturday.

Happy new year everyone. I no longer have a base in Sydney and am flying out there for a cruise. I arrive in around 6am on a Saturday and have to be checked in by about 4pm at circular …

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Leads for bargains in Las Vegas, esp hotel 30/5/18-4/6/18

A friend of mine is going to the USA and is looking at her Vegas accommodation now. Are there specialist sites or leads for bargains in Vegas? Thank you!

FoundWanted - Lounge Access at Singapore Changi 12 Nov and 21 Nib

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Singapore Airport Staff Canteen Open to Everyone

I flew Cathay Pacific out of Singapore a couple of days ago. I asked the information attendant at terminal 1 if the only food court/ hawker centre was in the basement of terminal 3 public area. She …


Vodafone Roaming in China

Hey all, I'm going to china for the first time and will just spending two nights in Shanghai pre cruise. I'm with virgin, but have borrowed an extra iPhone. If I get a postpaid Vodafone …

expiredWanted- One Place on Spotify Australian Plan please pm me

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Bank Account for New Born with Infrequent Deposits

A friend of mine has just become a grandfather. He thinks he'd like to start out a modest bank account for the baby. He anticipates that future cash gifts from others will be deposited over the …

144 hour visa for China

I'm in Perth. I want to go to shanghai, cruise to Singapore and return to Perth via air. The 144 hour exemption requires a person to depart china to a third country. I have options to fly. …

Good Food and Wine Show

Good Food and Wine Show. Printed Ticket Needed or Can They Scan Your Phone QR Code

I'm heading to the good food show, free thanks to a generous OzB member. Do I need to print tickets or can they scan my phone QR code? Thanks!!

FoundWanted free good food and wine show Perth


Priceline Skincare Goodie Bag GWP Coming out Thursday 22 June

Moved to Forum: Original Link I was at a smaller Priceline this afternoon and they had their newest gift with purchase bag on display. It's not available until Thursday and I can't find …

Islamic State Urging Members to Use eBay and Gumtree to Lure People and Kill as Many as Possible

I wonder if they took puts out on eBay shares prior to this directive. Just a reminder to always be safe when buying privately. This has always been the …

expiredAmEx Virgin Flights 1 Wanted

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Touring Kuala Lumpur In A Private Car For Five Hours - Any Ideas?

KL is a hole. I hate it. My teen and I are flying in late Monday and flying out Tuesday evening. I have a private car for six hours. The rate includes pick up at our hotel in Bukit Bintang and drop …

Hot chips recipe similar to air fryer outcome

I saw this recipe and thought I'd share in case someone wanted to try low fat hot chips, but did not want to buy an air fryer.

SoldWANTED. Qantas Amex redemption

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Article on Travelling Cheap Pretty obvious stuff but there are always newbies on here.

Tours in HCM, Hoi An and Hanoi

I'm wondering if any ozbargainers have booked day tours either in Vietnam and can give me a website, or if you've booked online and used the service. I'm looking for a website of a …


Air Asia to Honolulu?

I just read they've been approved, but don't recall seeing any deals. Is this old news or is it new?

SoldSetting up a Spotify group. $36 pa.

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My experience selling my old car.

I recently replaced my car and had to dispose if the old one. I thought I'd get maybe $2500 for it - 2001 bmw executive 235,000 km. The dealer where I bought my new used car checked with their …


Selling an Unopened Air Conditioner on Gumtree

It's funny that these gumtree issues have come up because I am now considering selling some items on gumtree. The big one is a huge ducted sir con system. My ex husband and I bought it about …

Searching club rooms only on aggregator sites

I quite like staying in club rooms, and sometimes the incremental cost is not that great. Digging through individual listings on hotels combined and trivago is time consuming. Is there any way to …