Annual OzBargain Members Meet up (2021)

from memory of 2018 or 2019 a time before COVID, that we had annual meet ups about this time in the year..

Scotty, could it happen this year…?

my 5 year old ozbargain t shirt is getting a bit weathered after daily wears in lock down


  • Meant to post something about it, and I am keeping this comment at the top of the comments. Here is the reference for our meetup events 2 years ago.

    Short answer: YES, there should hopefully be OzBargain community meetup events this year.

    As usual, I would like the community to volunteer organising these events.

    • Organise a birthday party for OzBargain in your city, on any day in November or December 2021.
    • Post a thread in Site Discussions to get started, titled it "[OzBargain 15th Birthday] <City> Meetup".
    • OzBargain will sponsor towards venue or catering.
    • I (or neil) can send the organiser some T-shirts, depending on the availability and how many people are turning up.


    • We need to be sensible to state regulations. Now both NSW and VIC have released their roadmap in coming out of lockdown, the organisers need to make sure the events are abiding the state law.
    • Vaccination requirement can be sensitive. For example in NSW, event venues are only accessible by fully vaccinated individuals prior to 15 Dec. Therefore a more inclusive meetup in NSW would need to be in late Dec. However I'll assume that most OzBargain would have got their free 2-shoots of vaccine already.
    • It's also a good idea to have more smaller meetups than a large one where over hundred people turn up, i.e. Melbourne ones in previous years. Let's say set the number at 15-30 people, and have more people volunteering organising, i.e. more smaller events.
    • Please have the meetup confirmed by 1 December if the organiser would like to get some OzBargain t-shirts.

    Let's share some ideas in this post first.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q: How does sponsorship work?

    Basically it would be a reimbursement from OzBargain. So if you are an organiser of an event,

    • One person has to pay for the food / venue first
    • Make sure you keep all the receipts, and email them to me
    • We'll reimburse the total amount to your bank account

    Q: What's the budget for the sponsorship?

    The budget would be around $25 per person. It's not a hard limit so no stress if going over a little bit.

    Current Meetups

    Date Time State Location Organiser
    Sat 27 Nov 6PM NSW Bar Luca, Sydney Cancelled Levity
    Wed 1 Dec 6:30PM NSW Baby Rey's Burgers, Marrickville cerealsmok3r
    Thu 2 Dec 6PM NSW Pamana, Chatswood dust
    Sun 5 Dec 12PM NSW Sultan's Table Turkish Restaurant, Newtown cerealsmok3r
    Mon 6 Dec 5:30PM QLD Seasons Buffet, Gold Coast Cancelled eman resu
    Thu 9 Dec 6PM NSW Red Cow Hotel, Penrith 11
    Thu 9 Dec 6PM VIC Fortress Melbourne neil
    Thu 9 Dec 6PM QLD Auckland House, Gladstone PrinceHarry
    Sat 11 Dec 12PM QLD Big Roddy's Rippin' Rib Shack, Fortitude Valley stickyfingers
    Sat 11 Dec TBA WA TBA, Perth Cancelled Dungeon Master
    Fri 17 Dec 6PM SA TBA, Adelaide clearview
    Sun 19 Dec 1PM WA Chimek, Northbridge mmd
    TBA TBA TAS TBA, Northern Tasmania Chazzozz
    • Yes, it would be great to hand out T shirt's people were asking me in 2019.
      Can you put me down to organise a meetup this year?

      What is the date for these events now?
      Previously: It can be on any day in November 2018
      I'm assuming now it will be any day in November or December?

      • +3

        Yes any day in Nov or Dec. Do note that for NSW, venues are fully-vaxxed only in November.

        • Is the cap on sponsorship $25 per attendee same as last time? Can we make a thread now for Dec 1st?

          • +1

            @Levity: $25pp is the soft limit, but I also realise that hospitality venues have got a bit expensive over the last 2 years. Keep the receipt.

            For anyone who is interested in organising one, just create a new post titled "[OzBargain 15th Birthday] <City> Meetup". For Sydney/Melbourne it would probably be a good idea to be more specific in terms of location, for example Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Chatswood, etc.

            • +4


              @Levity: $25pp is the soft limit, but I also realise that hospitality venues have got a bit expensive over the last 2 years. Keep the receipt.

              Possibly controversial comment but if you can't find a venue to cater for 10-30+ people for $25 or less are you really an OzBargain-er?

    • Are there new t-shirt designs? Which shirts do you have available Scotty?

      • Mainly the one from T-shirt comp from last year, which we gave out some for the EoFY treasure hunt.

        • Was it just the winning design that got made? And also, the facemask competition was never designed to made into a real mask right?

        • Have those treasure hunt shirts and hoodies been sent out? I haven't received anything. I think I had a t-shirt and hoodie, but can't find the page now…

          • @NigelTufnel: Yes those were sent out at the end of June. You asked for the T-shirt to be sent to someone else and you should have received the hoodie.

            • @scotty: hmm.. okay. Never got the hoodie (hopefully I didn't mess up my address somehow), but glad the t-shirt got sent to the other member.

  • Would it be fully-vaxxed only?

    • +2

      to me, i dont mind, if you are going about your daily life already, most likely you are already mixing and encountering with vaxed and unvaxed people, children and people that are asymptomatic anyway. but that's my opinion.

      • +4

        Nah, I am actively avoiding anyone I don't know. And I'll probably keep doing that for a few months.

    • It will be if Restaurants are only allowing vaccinated in

      • pretty much equal privileges by the time December rolls around

        • Not in Victoria apparently; reported in The Age earlier today:
          "…the Premier said Victorians who were unvaccinated would be denied the freedoms enjoyed by vaccinated people well into next year…This will be well into 2022. Then we’re going to get into booster issues. That won’t be [about] your first and second dose, it will be, have you had your third? Then the other issue will be, well, who knows what [other] variant is coming?…"

          • +1

            @GG57: Good.

            Sick and tired of pretending that these people aren't morons. These idiots have caused our whole team huge amounts of extra work by being giant babies.

            We've all been getting vaccines our whole lives and noone bats an eye. I have bad reactions to them and lots of medicines, I still bloody take them because severe illness is worse than a swollen arm or nausea.

            Why should everyone else have to put up with these idiots and pretend like they aren't idiots.

    • +2

      What does Dan Andrews say? :)

      For Vic, even after Phase C (80% of double dose), the indoor venues are opening to fully vaccinated people only.

  • +1

    Haha you beat me to making a post, I hosted Small Lemongrass in 2019 Sydney. I'm happy to run one again in November or December.

  • +11

    here we get to see all the ozbargainers who claim to earn 400k+ turn up in their Ferraris

    or will they conveniently catch public transport?

    • +5

      turn up in their Ferraris

      We're not going to be putting unnecessary kms on our Ferrari's. We'll be taking the Camry for this event, wearing our $2 Slazenger outfit.

      • HEY I love my Slazenger trackies. I have had them for 16 years. Still going albeit with a few holez.

    • +4

      Nah we drive a Camry and have $1m+ in VDHG.

    • Dunno about Ferraris mate, but I'll be showing up in my high-yield 80k Mercedes

    • due to the price increase on 2nd hand Ferraris, Fellow Ozb has sold them for instant Gain.
      so it is public transport for the moment…

  • +2

    We have informal meetups in Tas regularly. All 5 of us 😂😂 No restrictions thankfully.

    • from memory you had some prizes last time in sydney

      • Yeah GeekBuying gave me a heap of Tronsmart speakers and earphones (my checked baggage was literally batteries lol). I could certainly do the same again from many Chinese brands if there was to be another official meetup. I wouldn't be completely comfortable travelling so far this time around with COVID. I went to Melbourne several times earlier in the year and even that was risky.

        I remember everyone thought I was scotty when I had the bag of prizes. I really should have taken advantage of that ;)

    • If you'd like to organise something I be happy to travel to Hobart to meet up. I'll post in another thread to see if I can get some interest in the North of the island.

      • Have some ideas on some people who would attend? I could potentially host something depending on availability.

        • Let's see if my other post generates some interest and then we'll know. Otherwise it would be a pretty small meetup! (Although, it would save Scotty a lot of postage if he only needed to send 2 T-shirts…)

  • +1

    What exactly does one do at an OzBargain meetup? Share deals in person?

    • I know a guy who knows a guy who can "share deals in person", if you are interested.

    • +3

      Talk about Amex statement credits with the guys I met back at the Sydney 2019 one.

      I hope there's more females at the next one; I had a great time, but it was definitely a sausage fest. Any other females reading this, please come along to this year's ones! :)

      • Ah yes like in previous years. People bringing their parents/kids for free food and all the girls being bombarded by flirting from all the guys.

        • No one hit on or flirted with me when I was there 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nor did I see any kids. This was the same one you were at at the Malaysian place on Hunter Street.

          Guess the person who negged me is a man 🙃

          • +3

            @kerfuffle: Definitely was more a problem in previous years than 2019.

            A man downvoting you who probably thinks you're a man.

            • +1

              @Clear: I don't know why people think I'm a man (although someone whose username starts with Z and ends in Y definitely thought so and sent me torrid abuse via PM accusing me of being a perverted man).

              • +2

                @kerfuffle: It's the internet. Assume everyone is a man. If they say they're a woman assume they're lying.

                Now I need to find who Z…Y is haha

                • +10

                  @Clear: PSA to men reading this: there are women on the internet who also use OzBargain :P

                • +5

                  @Clear: To be fair, from previous meetups, the average OzBargain user is an Asian male who works in IT.

        • People brought their parents and kids? I don't suppose you'll be able to fly up this year Clear?

          • @dust: I'd probably go as far as Melbourne. Gotta make it up to neil for ditching Melb for Syd back in 2018.

        • Ah yes like in previous years. People bringing their parents/kids for free food…

          Heh. That's like the one I attended in Brisbane, where an entire family showed up and I found they weren't even OzB members! Kudos to them for simply being lurkers and showing up for a free feed. That's the true OzB way.

          • @Chazzozz: Similar things happened to other meetups as well. People bringing their whole family over for a feed.

            Seems crazy you ditched Brisbane for Tassie though.

      • +1

        Mia03 organised a women preferred meetup two years ago. Maybe someone can organise a similar one this year?

        • +1

          Yeah, but that was just women only (and I believe one man who showed up; I couldn't go to that one as I had another commitment). Just be nicer if there was more women at the next one. Like I said, I had a great time at the one on Hunter Street and I'd definitely be up for another one!

  • There is a 'meet up'?
    Do we have an app to swipe right and left on before the event? :)

  • I'd be keen for one in Melb

  • Can always have a Zoom meetup with the $25pp used towards Uber Eats!

    • Or Nissin Ramen from all those Amazon deals. I feel it might turn into a Mukbang :P

      • first one finishes gets the prize

        • Nong Shim Shin spicy it is then.

        • Plus they need to prove it was the cheapest.

  • awesome! these events were great fun. went to the eastwood one at moku last year (or the year before?)

  • +6

    So in terms of Melbourne. Last weekend I attended a large wedding and also a presentation night for my sporting club. My sense is that things are going back to somewhat normality in terms of get togethers so I'm happy to arrange some meetups.

    I've contacted a few of the popular rep posted stores to gauge their interest and following up with them. Ideally it would be good to do a handful of smaller meetups with a cap on attendance rather than the usual pack as many people in a tight space where everyone is handling food. :)

    I've contacted 2 other reps and have another couple in mind. Will update when I know more.

    • +2

      cool cool cool. I'd be happy to organise another Melbourne meetup if there's interest. Something central

      • +1

        Maybe chat with @harryozz as he had some ideas, see here.

        • I'll pm @DarkProject with the idea that i sent to you he might be able to expand upon it and provide a better location.
          Sorry i haven't followed up with you this week ive been a bit unwell and waiting on some better weather to come around on the forecast.

      • CBD would be great. There's probably enough interest given how quickly Neil's meetup sold out and the amount of people at the 2019 meetup in the CBD. And the t-shirt design this year is so good, I'm so keen for this year's t-shirt!

  • -1

    Ozbargain meetups at the Mos Eisley Spaceport.

    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    We must be cautious.

  • +1

    Really want to meet @tightarse xd

  • An Ozb meetup, maybe this will be the final straw that makes me get vaxed

    (Needle phobia, not anti-vax before you neg away)

    • +2

      It’s quick and painless, especially if you look away.

      • +3

        And just keep chatting to them about random nice things, like IDK, how good OZB is.

    • +1

      I used to be scared of needles when I was a kid, nowdays I have no issue with them. I realised it was because the needles nowdays are so thin you barely feel it. go get vaxed

    • Yeah I will have to get it done at some point, just dreading the usual vomiting and passing out after

  • +1

    Is it possible to reschedule the Bar Luca event? Happy to help with organising it. Alternatively happy to organise a smaller event in the inner west if anyone is keen to meet there or have places they would like to try there!

    • Bar Luca has been cancelled …

      • yeah i mean make another event unless the place no longer exists?

        • Feel free to start organising like you said in your previous comment.

  • I was made aware of a post last night attempting to "organise" a meetup at Strathfield NSW, and within the first hour of posting 15 people voted "Coming". Upon investigation, other than the original poster and another member, all other 13 accounts who voted "Coming" were created right after OP made the post.

    Please. OzBargain Birthday Meetup is not a way to get OzBargain to pay for the buffet lunch for you and your friends who have never been a member on OzBargain. Trying to defraud OzBargain will get your account banned, and worse, we might not even offer these sponsored events in the future years.

    • +3

      I was thinking why it was unusual that so many people were going to that one, considering it was in the middle of a day when most people would have work!

    • +2

      Wow, that is indeed a low act!

      A quick google makes me wonder whether it could was be folks from Harvey Norman Shopfitters trying to exact their revenge on our professional community?

      • +4

        Wow, that is indeed a low act!

        Yeah its kinda sad that people would take advantage of the community spirit but there are a small minority of people on this site and in real life who don't have any "boundaries" beyond the law in terms of saving money. I've never been and but may one day I will stop being shy and go to a meet up. It seems like a fair few people have enjoyed the meet ups in the past so would be sad to see it go

    • Haha that's pretty funny! Good pick-up Scotty and mod team!

      • +2

        The irony is that there are probably ozbargainers who justify use of multiple emails in order to reuse coupons that are intended to be used once per person.

  • +17

    Rather than making a post can anyone who would be keen for BNE meet in December +1 this comment and I'll start looking around for a venue if we start to get a few?

    • +1

      I'd definitely come to a BNE meetup this year if I was free on the day

    • +1

      Yes please!!! ☺☺

  • +12

    Melbourne is locked in for Fortress Melbourne on Thursday December 9, 6pm. Free food, unlimited drinks, t-shirts and celebrity guest Scotty. Deal posted on Monday.

    • Borders reopen on the 15th… bugger could have made it.

      • I am still located in QLD however my vic license still valid, Am i considered as Vic resident ? Really wanna meet Scotty in real life loll

        • Scotty is in Sydney.

          • +1

            @Clear: I think he meant for the December 9 event which Scotty appears to be flying in for

    • Keeeeeeen

      • +3

        You're going to need 6 upvotes now.

  • need a hot link on the front page for meetups as not all are reading this forum
    maybe like. a ticket scrolling for events and other news flash

    • probably not on front page to avoid

    • I agree ay. I missed a bday one at one time cause it was burried, but the one in th3 front page that year run by @clear at Parramatta was epic. Heaps of fun and so well run.

      The venue choice was great as well as it was stand up or sit down which meant people werent locked into wherever they sat.

      Scotty any chance there will be another hectic event at PJs mate?!?! <3 hope you've been well as well.

      • I didn't host the Parramatta one.

        • But you probably brought prizes and gave them away. That gets more attention and credit than anything else :)

        • Maybe it was @Scotty himself!?11 I thought it was an amalgamation of OzBargaineers =/

      • The Parramatta event 3 years ago was hosted by Mobileciti, Wireless 1& JW Computers. Merchants are free to organise one and we will pay the sponsorship as well. However merchants still won't get special treatment on OzBargain by the mod team.

  • +2

    I'll assume that most OzBargain would have got their free 2-shoots of vaccine already.

    I've been busy.. Maybe someone should have posted the 2 free vaccine shots on oz-bargain and it might have ended up on the front page.

    • Its not too late to post the Free Booster shot!

    • I think the free Shots (including 3rd) should be a sticky deal on the front page YO!

    • Please don't assume that. I haven't and I'm not anti-vax (I loathe that inaccurate term as pretty much every single person in Australia has been vaccinated multiple times), and I've probably had twice as many as most people. But it's medically unsafe for me to have one, and we get persecuted enough from the media, the public, the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers and the shop keepers who don't know the rules. I also can't wear a mask but I have an exemption for that - as long as people honour it. But I'll assume the event is too far for me anyway.

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